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Thomas M. Rutledge

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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President and Chief Operating Officer

Thomas E. Adams

Executive Vice President, Field Operations

Bill Archer

Executive Vice President and President, Spectrum Enterprise

Michael Bair

Executive Vice President, Spectrum Networks

Cameron R. Blanchard

Senior Vice President, Communications

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Spectrum organization is a company that was started Thomas M. Rutledge who is also the current CEO of the business. Having been established in the year 2016, it has grown to about 95000 employees in total from all its operations.

For those looking for the company primary headquarters, consider checking it out on 400 Atlantic Street, Stamford, CT 06901, United States of America.

Any more details on the company can be found at its website which is or better yet you can just go ahead to call their official phone number for any communication.

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  • Lillian Laughlin says:

    These are the (Ticket Number:
    74194913) Account Number:
    Ending in 9845
    Service Address:
    WARREN, OH 44484-4959
    $106.75 credit Refund Balance
    Spectrum ticket (ID: 68387939)
    $34.99 credit Refund Balance
    And this is the total of both ticket $141.75
    That was to go back in my Bank because don’t have you mobile service they said for me to fine a new one. Please men up and put this money bank ASP. Read all the ticket, if this is the way you are with the seniors & disabled on a fix income and like to take them for a joy ride you should be a shame of yourself because in Gods eyes he is shame of you doing this. All I have is the TV house phone and internet with you know I do not what the money you on credit there so you can you take me for a joy ride there too. It for mobile and I what it back like you said it would be in my bank Thank you and God Bless you with the heart because to is the Nov the 7 and they said it would be in my bank and the bank should it was not put in.

  • Cecilia O’Connor says:

    Spectrum is a TERRIBLE company with no quality for their services. The speed is low and their technicians don’t know how to solve our low uploading speed. I have outside of the house good internet but not inside of the house. For two year I am dealing with this problem and they can’t fix it.
    Also we had a ROBBERY IN OUR BANK ACCOUNT: spectrum made 11 UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES TO MY BANK ACCOUNT IN A VALUE OF ALMOST $2000 . When our bank representative called them they didn’t care and their attitude was: too bad for you and didn’t want even to check what was going on😡😡😡😡😡😡
    The bank will reimburse us but will take time and the entire turmoil of closing and opening a new account. They take advantage of the customers who don’t have other option just to work with this miserable company.😡😡😡
    If you have an other option run away and DO NOT WORK with SPECTRUM!!!

  • Lillian Laughlin says:

    My Prayer is that the Lord Jesus we have help because none of this us on me that the came back it was on you all and that you do what is right for the senior citizens both with health problems that had no cell phone service. Please think about we could been die. Then you take the money out like you did is say you should put the $106.75 back in and the $53.10 that is what God would do.

  • Lillian Laughlin says:

    This is the case cell was in all time what it was not use, so you tell me how the case can do this to the cell phone the is under spectrum custom insurance coverage as a new custom. Then they said we stock fee if the was working it would have gone back but they said we will send two new cell two see if that will fix the problem and it did not so they did more check up the one lady I talk to give me a ticket number here it is #73768496 Spectrum And she that will take care of everything but that was not true at all like what is going on. This damage could any place in the shopping it up there or in there it does not proof read damage it. I say the company have stand by their custom and if the cell is in the survive time warranty they stand behind them as there custom and no money out of their pocket or bank that is call a go cell phone service. And they don’t change for their cell phone is free with their service very go with custom and care about them. this tell you about the cell phone case EEE kit Nylon Cell Phone Holster Case, Belt Clip Phone Pouch with Card Holder for Men, Black.

  • Lillian Laughlin says:

    AUGUST 8 – SEPTEMBER 7, 2023
    AMOUNT DUE53.10
    Your Auto Pay is scheduled for September 28.

    SEPTEMBER 8 – OCTOBER 7, 2023
    AMOUNT DUE53.10

    This was paid on Oct 10, 2023 this has not been with your company that long it is very sad play 60 year old customers with health problems and on small income.
    Oct 27,23 POS DEBIT SPECTRUM 855-707-7328 MO 0NN0 5669 (…6470) Card -$106.75

  • Lillian Laughlin says:

    Made cell from Oct the 13 to Oct 22 and my bill was payed on Oct the 10 of 2023. Payed for no cell phone service on to cell phone before they came back and said we need to find a new cell phone service because Verizon don’t service down here anymore. Then had nerve to take money out my bank account for a scratch and we stuck fee. For cell that would don’t have gone back if they did their job what the first time. So this is way I would not have any person come to your service because all you care about is yourself and money in your hand and I have a heart problems and stoke that is was the DR had us get the cell too but we see how your company is with their customer and use them. To fix this you need to man up and put the money back in my bank as a true company that about their customer. As it is we are check around for other TV phone and internet to because we not trust you any more when we first came to in Aug I said you were the best I can’t say that now after this. And the cell phone booth was under warranty this is very sad the way this in up because I had family was coming your way not now. And I did make a copy of the letter so you cannot say it was bad. Please Spectrum corporate offices get back to me. my money back in my back $106.75 and and month Oct 10 and no service from Oct 13 – to and I get a new service company that care about people not money. if talk call me on my land line 330-369-5577

  • Lisa says:

    My Spectrum service is being hacked. I live in La Habra Heights, California and all the commercials are derogatory. I will be writing the Trade Committee

  • Michelle Dukes says:

    The associates in a store nearest me have cost me $110 for services they told me they had cancelled or services they say they set up the kiosk to pay for and caused me to be without cell service for almost a week because they applied my payment to a bill that wasn’t even due yet and of course they had no way to refund me once they took my money …. How awful is it to be a new customer and go to a local store for help yet end up getting screwed over and left with suspended service because they are totally clueless about their job …… Yet they get paid to do that job????? I mean what type of training do your associates go thru and where did you get them from …… Imbecile Land ?????? I’ve been screwed out of $110 in the last 2 months because I relied on your store employees that get paid to lie it appears …… Just about tired of this service and haven’t even had it that long …… Combine your companies so that one knows what the other is doing …..because it makes them all look like idiots …..
    Seems All of you corporate people don’t struggle for your dollars like us blue collar workers who don’t live in the mansions with fancy cars ….. Just use our hard earned money to be able to have all of that while we are the ones breaking our backs to make it convenient for you

  • Carol says:

    New modem burned out and spectrum set a appt. To one of the stores to get another modem and the store refused to give another modem. I called back told rep. what the store said and rep said thats not right, that she will have one of the tech to come over and install me a modem lastnight and I didn’t hear from that tech, but spoke to anotger rep and she said that she will set a appt for someone to come and install tomorrow. Next day is here and no modem and no install. I’m
    Now into the third day without internet connection and a burned out modem, but still have to pay for internet service though. Someone please tell me if spectrum is a trusted company.

  • Sandra says:

    Canceled TV service but am still being charged for it. Sit on hold for “customer service” on 2 different days for a total if at least 2 hours. Spectrum sucks.

  • Dave says:

    Complain to the FTC: The people demand click to cancel

  • Brendan McCarthy says:

    I hope this finds someone that can make a decision. I am on my last legs with your company. I have been trying to get a line buried since the end of May. My request has been escalated by your leadership team more than 10 times, I have made more than 30 phone calls, I have been sent a team twice to my house (once without the correct equipment and once they said it was too hard and left). The team sent also did not speak a lick of English and we had to try to use a translator on a phone to translate English and Portuguese. To say that this has been a horrific experience is an understatement. I am not sure why I keep trying (maybe faith?). When people ask about Spectrum, I tell them to run away fast. If you value your customer base at all, please contact me ASAP.

    • Any silver says:

      Well I signed up 2 lines October 2022 they couldn’t figure out how to port. So my other line went to Metro they had no problem porting. So I lost that money. But I couldn’t go because I finance my device and i called to return it because it got hot and didn’t last but a few hours they wouldn’t let me to they straighten my account out and they messed up by attaching it to aBYOD line. It had to do a build that took hours of phone calls and me not getting any of my calls..(part of my contract thru work is having a phone)I I was locked out of my account had to get a new online bank Cause I have had my number for almost 20 years Everthing was verified through it. January I get a call they can port my number but still it not working right..March rolls around they say we have to give you an all be new account numberbecause I have never been able to access it online it never worked then all of a sudden I gotta pay a whole bunch of money. I Try again to device claim now or says they don’t have it as being under protection but I paid for it when I signed up and I had a claim that I had started.. so it was in there.. June I get a call from tier3 about the device protection I call back he says he had to look in another system they attached my protective plan and financing to a bogus number in order to keep the financing.. ok then he says he will help me with my claim
      .I was told it was spectrum from Samsung Samsung from spectrum neither one says assurant ececeecxexcece to I told them it had damage was not new anymore.. he says but they will find the internal damage so it will be OK. I send in phone they send it back saying it was not in new condition now pay 800 before the 1st or we will shut it off.i make that a month..I take care of my uncle and have minimal income. They take responsibility for nothing they messed up my life and they charging me for it

  • Phyllis Robinson says:

    I think about all the bad comments about Spectrum that they should be trying to improve their service. But they are getting worse and I think if we all get to together and file a lawsuit against them. I think we would win our case.

  • Phyllis Robinson says:

    Spectrum sales fault advertising. They say no taxes and fees. But he keeps going up on my bill 🙄. They have more fees, taxes and hints fees. I don’t understand why people that lives in our area all say the same thing. I want to leave them but they know that our area doesn’t have anything else. So they overcharged us they even stop some of our channel. All I can say is BUT GOD KNOWS WHY.

  • Shalonda Jones says:

    This company serves are awful I was charged after calling 3times to disconnect my service they kept saying it’s noted I work from home and my internet and phone was disconnected today in the middle of the day lost time and money I had to pay because I needed the internet to get back to work I’ll called them they said I needed to call back 3times in a month wasn’t good enough I want my money back because I’m calling our local tv station because if this how spectrum doing this I’m sure I’m not the 1st hope to have them correct it

  • Rick says:

    I was quoted the price of $180 to purchase a Samsung Galaxy A54 5G smartphone the day before I placed the order. According to the app I still owe $425.01 for the device.
    I have tried to rectify the situation with Spectrum Mobile but no one responds to telephone calls and letters to the corporate office

    I love in a nursing home and have a fixed income as I receive disability benefits. The state where I reside allows $62 per month for personal expenses.

    If you have the financial ability purchase an unlocked phone from an electronics company or e___ as you will not be locked into a contract
    I will not be a target of predatory business practices. If they want their damn phone, let them come get it.

    I need a box sent to me to return their modem and router as they lock you into subscribing to their internet service as a condition of providing mobile service

    I am getting wireless internet with V and have a much improved speed.

  • None ya says:

    Biggest liars on Earth these people make Joe Biden look like a Saint! Nothing but lies they don’t give 2 shits about their customers they only care about money. The right hand has no clue what the left hand is doing with this company. That is exactly why you get lied to constantly! Well I am declaring war on these A holes! It’s on you tried to rip off the wrong one. The storm too your fiber out because of Karma! I hope the storms keep your lines on the ground! You deserve it. Go broke so we can get a real communication company in here instead of the crap we have! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SPECTRUM STORE THEY WILL SCREW YOU IF YOU JUST SO HAPPEN TO BUY A BAD DEVICE! THE S23 ULTRA HAS A 48% RETUN RATE AND THESE CROOKS KNOW IT! DUCK YOU RECTRUM!

  • Kenneth McKnight says:

    Service is still not working and tired of paying for some thing I am not receiving! Have had numerous techs and supervisors out here and the service still does not work. Tired of all the lies. Has not worked a single day since Jan 28th when I got your service!

  • Kimberly says:

    Good Morning,
    My name is Kimberly Covington I am calling regarding my account and the dissatisfaction that I have had with customer service. I have had to make continuous calls to customer service regarding my intermittent internet service with no consistency from customer service on how this issue can be rectified. I am now in a position that there is a internet service that is offered in my area and I am inclined to entertain this other company, because I’m in a position to lose my job. I work for Christ Hospital on the “Stat” team for imaging. My job consist on being on the phone it is important that I have proper internet service with no interruptions and that has not happened since March of this year. I do ask that you take time to look over the history of me consistently calling and consistently being told misinformation and the problem not being settled this is very disheartening to me because I have been with spectrum for years and have worked from home and never had any problems. My dissatisfaction and my communication with family friends and strangers to be enlighten that spectrum is not providing quality service for so many people is a disturbing factor to me because I’ve never experienced that and for me to experience it now is beyond upsetting. So I hope this email lands into the hands of someone who can reach out to me reach out to their staff and be able to get this situation done sooner than later.

  • Kimberly says:

    Good Morning,
    My name is Kimberly I am calling regarding my account and the dissatisfaction that I have had with customer service. I have had to make continuous calls to customer service regarding my intermittent internet service with no consistency from customer service on how this issue can be rectified. I am now in a position that there is a internet service that is offered in my area and I am inclined to entertain this other company, because I’m in a position to lose my job. I work for Christ Hospital on the “Stat” team for imaging. My job consist on being on the phone it is important that I have proper internet service with no interruptions and that has not happened since March of this year. I do ask that you take time to look over the history of me consistently calling and consistently being told misinformation and the problem not being settled this is very disheartening to me because I have been with spectrum for years and have worked from home and never had any problems. My dissatisfaction and my communication with family friends and strangers to be enlighten that spectrum is not providing quality service for so many people is a disturbing factor to me because I’ve never experienced that and for me to experience it now is beyond upsetting. So I hope this email lands into the hands of someone who can reach out to me reach out to their staff and be able to get this situation done sooner than later.

  • Peter Costanzo says:

    I went to the Spectrum office on 64 Bradenton fl today July 10, 2023 to exchange equipment. Office opened at 10:00am. I arrived a little early and a line already existed. When the doors opened I found only two employees and the crowed filled in quickly. The first two customers were serviced until approximately 11:30am. Many people left long before that realizing the problem of no employees to help. I don’t think I have to provide any further information. This is no way to treat your customers, hire more employees.

  • James F Tierney says:

    I received an email that I would be receiving a new modem in the mail which I could install myself. I was also told that I needed to do this by 7/14/23. My initial reaction was why should, I a paying customer, have to do this but… I received the modem and proceeded to hook it up. I followed the instruction however it did not activate. I called Spectrum and spoke to a very patient representative. She (Crystal) advised me that I should have received a router in addition to the modem. Evidently my previous modem had a router in it in one self contained box. You can imagine how annoyed I became but Crystal was patient. I now have to wait for a service technician to do the job that I didn’t want to do in the first place. I also have to cancel another appointment to accommodate your error. Having customers hook up these new modems was a bad decision which you should own up to and accommodate me for the imposition. James F Tierney 4837 Mt. Vernon Dr. Bradenton Fl. 34210 Ph# 516-356-3078 please advise.

  • Dane Wrenn says:

    I read the comments here and see that denying 911 service to the disabled, who live where there is no cell service, is just par for the course for these people. Despite begging and pleading, zero help and no expedition of repairing services for 4 days. Guess the disabled just have to pray that no emergency happens. FCC has been notified for denial of 911 services.

  • Danielle Todd says:

    I will be contacting the better business bureau.

  • Danielle Todd says:


    • Diane Sanders says:

      Omg that is exactly what is happening to me!!!! Their operator made an error and every other person I talked to agrees and would feel the same way I feel if they were in my shoes, but when I’m transferred to the department to ‘correct’ things they yell at me and have attitudes with me. Unreal! You should file a complaint with the FCC and the FTC also.

  • Danielle Todd says:

    I called to add a line yesterday and was not informed of the promotion as a line and get one for free so I called today to get my 3rd line for free. The phone is transit was canceled due to the promotional requirements in order to get the free line it had to be on the same order as the line added. After an hour and ten minutes on the phone fixing the order I was then asked for another deposit…… the deposit I already paid. Listen I am not going to pay twice for your companies mistake, lack of training, or customer service, whatever. So now I have no phones coming no extra lines and a payment that hasn’t been refunded. Beings how I already paid and they spurred the phone in transit it balls me that they couldn’t send it the replacements on the new piece for a promotion that I should’ve been offered in the first place! I am so angry I have home service through spectrum phone service have been a loyal customer for years I used to pay my bill for a full year in advance. The fact that I am now out money and have no phones or extra lines due to your companies and employees mistakes I can’t say that I don’t be looking to take my business elsewhere if this error isn’t righted today!

    • Diane Sanders says:

      They have poorly trained operators. I’m dealing with an operator ‘error’ or intentional deception to get me to switch over. Bait and switch. I’m surprised they don’t honor the their employees work, but instead pass the blame for not auditing the documents they provided me. We should collaborate on some BBB, FCC, FTC complaints.

  • Christine Seibel says:

    My brother reside in Pinellas Park, Florida, during the winter months.
    My brother told me that they do not pay anything for their Spectrum internet or cable down there at all. And they even told him that when he comes back to Michigan he would not pay any of the bill up here either.
    I asked a representative for spectrum if it was available here in Michigan for free and they said no. They said the only thing that they could offer was the 30% discount off of the total bill.
    So I took that, but I definitely want to know why it is offered in Florida free, but not in Michigan.

  • Kevin Carr says:

    I need some help with Spectrum mobile and I can not reach a live person the customer service call center is a joke

    • Diane Sanders says:

      Multiple reps told me there is no corporate office, that’s why they have call centers. And most of the people I talk with have no idea what they are talking about and just try to say things to cover their butt. I don’t know why they assume I don’t know what I’m calling to complain about.

  • Not happy customer says:

    Just so you know your new employee Craig sodan (Plattsburgh)is a woman not a man and has no high school diploma. Do better on background checks. Customers have a right to know who is in their homes. She is all over internet as a woman not man.

  • Victor Price says:

    Every month the bill changes for no reason. Additionally, I know of a cable box that has no lid with cables hanging out and has been for probably a year. I have seen someone messing with the box and for a day following I had no service. It had been reported to the corporate office, photos taken and shown at the local office, phoned in numerous times, apartment notified as well. It seems they do not care about the equipment.

  • Alice Deaton says:

    Spectrum allows their employees to verbally abuse and allows them to send vulgar text messages directly to their customers. One of their employees called and sent me vulgar messages to my personal cell phone.

  • C.Stuart says:

    The email provided above is incorrect. This company charges entirely too much money for the level of service they provide. If possible find another internet provider and get the other service via streaming they are not worth it!

    • Diane says:

      All of the emails for Spectrum are incorrect. I have tried 3 I found through multiple websites and none of them work.

  • Rachel Lee says:

    To management at Spectrum Corporate,
    I’m writing on behalf of my son, Alexander Lee, who is on this account. On 11/23 we received a bill of 49.99 after having terminated our services with Spectrum on 11/10. I called on Alexander’s behalf (he is hearing impaired and has a speech impediment) to inquire about the bill and eventually spoke to Freddy (last name unknown since he refused to give it to me). I asked him why my son was being billed for a service we do not have. He said because three days had elapsed from the cancellation date and the new cycle began. I asked him why a grace period was not being applied and he said that Spectrum only has grace periods for billing, not for cancellations and that he would hate for me to not pay because then Spectrum would turn it into credit collectors. He also said that this was explained to Alexander when he started services. This is UNTRUE. Alex was not informed of this. He is severely hearing impaired and may have had trouble hearing. He only has 30% of his hearing.
    This was the first bill he took up for the household as a way for us to give him a sense of responsibility in his young adulthood. It is terrible that he is having this sort of discriminatory experience against a young man who is hearing impaired not to mention ruining his credit. This is the theft of a disabled young man who was unaware cancelling three days later would cause Spectrum to charge him for services that do not even exist in our home. I’m asking if anything can be done to waive this/ adjust it for the three days. Freddy, supervisor has told me that there is absolutely nothing that can be done and that it would be sent to collections. If you require me to send you proof of his hearing impairment I can do that. He opened up the account independently and I can assure you that he was not told of this or if he was he was not able to hear.
    I appreciate your time in reading this. I tried e-mailing but no e-mails go through therefore I’m forced to use this platform. I’ve been with Spectrum/Time warner for 30+ years and because of this act of discrimination of the hearing impaired and the lie Freddy, supervisor affirmed to me about Spectrum having informed Alex of this, I will never come back to Spectrum. Please update me at your earliest convenience.
    Rachel Lee

    • Diane says:

      File a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission and the Fed Trade Commission. They need to be held accountable for their deceptive practices.

  • Customer says:

    So apparently you dont care about customers based on the comments below. I am a customer and have been for over 20 years and about not to be due to ypur customer service and no one gives the the same answers other than this is all we can do. And when you ask why not one told you that before, well I don’t see any notes on the account. When you have talked to multiple people thru chat. Very disappointed customer.

    I have never had a problem till now. Your supervisors as well as the representatives are not customer service orientated. What a shame to lose a long time customer due to them not wanting to help witha box they gave you that wpuld not work.

  • Gary Lee says:

    Worst cable TV service I’ve ever experienced in my 79 years. Raising costs and declining services. A LIBERAL corporation that interferes with channels they don’t agree with! NO service today for NO reason. But THEIR SPECTRUM 1 channel is on today. Constant digitizing, constant picture freezing, constant loss of sound – but THEIR biased channel is ALWAYS perfect. Their repair person we call “Mr. Giggles” never fixes anything and pretty much says “There’s nothing much we can do.” So basically, take what we give you and SHUT UP. But these something WE can do. WE can get you out of this building, out of this neighborhood and out of this town. And that’s just for starters. Want to remain in this area, PROVIDE THE SERVICES WE PAY YOUR FOR. And NEVER send Mr. Giggles here again.

  • Do not use it says:

    The worst ever. Price doubled, went to cancel and was told I owed nothing as well as didn’t have to worry about equipment. Got a past due bill almost a month later with the new plan they put me down n after it was canceled. Called back and within 30 minutes I had called AGAIN 3 different times!!!
    Now getting billed as well and they say they do not prorate if you leave a week into the month.

  • DeLonda and Roger Tippens says:

    We’ve been waiting “3 weeks” for two new iPhones to be activated! This is very POOR service, if you can call it service! DeLonda and Roger Tippens 706-483-6841.
    We would appreciate someone’s help and attention.

  • Amber says:

    Stores run in a very ineffective manner. It is incomprehensible how you need 2 to 3 staff to help one client. Went to your store in Santa Ana, CA on 17th and Tustin and waited 45 min to return equipment. The machine to make payments was also not working. You need to hire someone to teach your managers how to better run your stores.

  • Mike Martin says:

    Step 1 – I receive an email sent to all who have a Spectrum account, saying to call in to get T&C docs, etc.
    Step 2 – I call to get the docs mailed to me.
    Step 3 – nobody at Spectrum know what I’m talking about, nobody wants to see the actual email, and I go through 1/2 of non-helpfulness from 3 different staffers, including one manager, all of whom proved useless.

    Now I’m writing to corporate HQ to see if anybody there has a brain and might be willing to help.
    Wish me luck.

  • John pickett says:

    What is spectrum email address please

  • John pickett says:

    Hello my name is John Pickett do you have any merchandise if so can you mail some merchandise like for John Pickett xl or l tshirt and coffee mug and hat and notebook and pen if you have any merchandise to give out for free and Allen Benjamin for him l tshirt and hat traveling coffee mug and keychain and traveling coffee mug for John Pickett my address is John Pickett 25 sky line drive apt 21 barre vt 05641 hope to here back from you please and how fast can you reply back please

  • Ann Williams says:

    I sent the following letter to the Spectrum customer service director who has not replied. I am thoroughly disgusted with the company. There is a reason cable companies are more detested than politicians!
    Spectrum lost my check and claims it was refused by my bank. NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!. And now I am supposed to pay a late fee for the company’s mistake. Ridiculous. What a poor excuse for customer service. Spectrum deserves no stars!

    Office of Spectrum Customer Service Director

    On August 12, I received an email from your company informing me that my check #1065 for my payment of 258.74 was unable to be processed for my account,
    I immediately contacted my financial institution. I spoke personally to no less than three representatives all of whom related that there was no record of that check ever being presented for payment.
    I contacted your company’s billing department and was told that the check had been reversed and then shredded. Furthermore, my account was now past-due and I would also be expected to pay a $30. fee for the supposedly returned check. My financial institution would have made a copy of any returned, reversed or refused check, a picture of which would also appear on my account statement. At my Credit Union there is NO record of my check being presented. If it had been presented it would have been paid immediately because that checking account had more than ample funds in the entire time period during which the check would have been presented.
    My account was more than adequate for the amount of the check, so your company has made a mistake and now expects me to be responsible for it. It is unfortunate that there was a problem with your billing department but why should I be at fault when I presented a perfectly good form of payment, and it was lost or shredded?
    I have no problem issuing another check for my payment, but I do not want to be tagged as “late-pay” or ”past due” nor should I be expected to pay an additional fee for something I did not do.
    I hope this matter can be resolved and my account be cleared of late charges and fees.
    Ann Williams

    • Diane says:

      Terrible service and company, I agree. File a complaint with the Federal Communication Commission. They may be able to help you more than posting on this wall that doesn’t appear to matter to Spectrum. I’m disappointed that so many people are being hustled by Spectrum but they are the only company in many areas.

  • KJacinto says:

    I am not sure why the email address says ‘Priority Escalation Team’, because apparently that’s not something your business prioritize on.

    We have been without service since Saturday morning. We’ve tried to call for help, and all they said was ‘there’s an outage in your area’. Same day, everybody else’s Spectrum service in our neighborhood is working except for ours. Technicians working in our box in front yard, without saying anything to us and running to their vans as soon as they see us coming. (Both, Saturday and Sunday August 13th, 14th)

    It’s Monday afternoon and still not internet. When I call the customer service, they tell me there was an appointment (8:15am Monday morning) that was canceled by someone (not me, nor my husband). No one even told us that appointment was made, no one told us how or if we needed to make an appointment. When they call us back to schedule this appointment, the earliest someone can come is Wednesday. Two more days without Internet, without being able to work.

    Not only the lady on the phone can’t do anything, ‘because they don’t prioritize calls’ instead they go by ‘first call first serve’—which is ridiculous because we’ve been calling since Saturday morning, but this lady hang up on my husband without even making the appointment, or without offering a solution.

    This company is certainly one of the worst out there, and we’ll make sure our friends and family know about how their customer service and any other service is—trash.

    Karen Jacinto
    Ennis, TX

  • Waste of Time says:

    Always hiring waste your time with all the loops holes. Then send email about choosing another person. apparently $20.00 a hour still cant get your issue resolve. Wonder why they only have 41 states upsell that.

  • Karen Owens says:

    I get multiple calls a day from a “person” saying they are with Spectrum and can lower my rate. Call says press 9 to be removed. Joke. I have tried pressing 9 many times from the fake numbers you are calling from to get my number removed. When you hold for a “live” person they told me they were with Spectrum, but when I pressed they said they are actually working for a third party. Spectrum needs to reign in their third party companies. I will NEVER have Spectrum after the dishonest business practices they are following. Your 3rd party contract sales division is giving you a bad name.

  • I've Mailed Spectrum and Spectrum Dept Heads a Letter alerting this concern. says:

    Spectrum have continually sent Service Tech’s and their Field Supervisors to my home and I continue to experience the App Freezing and Buffering. When I’m looking a Spectrum TV using their DVR Box, I experience Sound Loss. Spectrum have not repaired this problem for over two years now, but expect me to pay my entire bill as each problem persist. I have now began video recording each service loss throughout the day for evidence. Spectrum’s Commercials are misleading, because they do not have a secure network or App at all.

    • Lynda daskam says:

      Have you checked your bill, on the top left corner under your name, they put your Security Code number on every page, so anyone can steal your mail and get ahold of that number, and have a blast giving everyone service that you’d be paying for, I just installed for the first time, 5 days ago, and they already sent me a bill for 73.78 dollars, a bill for what I say,I’m so shocked on how this business is run, my husband talked to a regular clerk today she was so rude he asked to talk to her super supervisor both were rude.

  • Barney Pannell ( call me/don’t email) says:

    I am a new customer of spectrum wireless – the mobile service. Since Friday, I have not been able to get my Verizon phone number ported over to my spectrum SIM card. Work order number 50492619 that was set up on Sunday is still active, yet after multiple calls, no one working on this issue has bothered to call me ( on the temporary number spectrum gave me on Saturday) to update me on the status of the resolution. No customer service rep or activation team rep that I have spoken can seem to get to the service tech(s) that are working on this Work Order. I am in sales and ALL of my customers and prospects have been unable to reach me today. Please help. Temporary number / 864-436-3633.

  • Jana Wilson says:

    I’ve asked REPEATEDLY plz remove my name and address from your mailing list. Apparently someone isn’t getting that!!

    • no name says:

      stop the calls from Lisa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! up to15 a day this is harasment legal action will be the next step put my # 216-731-7313 on your do not call list ASAP.

  • >