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Thomas M. Rutledge

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

John Bickham

President and Chief Operating Officer

Thomas E. Adams

Executive Vice President, Field Operations

Bill Archer

Executive Vice President and President, Spectrum Enterprise

Michael Bair

Executive Vice President, Spectrum Networks

Cameron R. Blanchard

Senior Vice President, Communications

Charter Spectrum, History and Headquarters Information

Spectrum organization is a company that was started Thomas M. Rutledge who is also the current CEO of the business. Having been established in the year 2016, it has grown to about 95000 employees in total from all its operations.

For those looking for the company primary headquarters, consider checking it out on 400 Atlantic Street
Stamford, CT 06901, United States of America.

Any more details on the company can be found at its website which is or better yet you can just go ahead to call their official phone number for any communication.

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  • Customer says:

    So apparently you dont care about customers based on the comments below. I am a customer and have been for over 20 years and about not to be due to ypur customer service and no one gives the the same answers other than this is all we can do. And when you ask why not one told you that before, well I don’t see any notes on the account. When you have talked to multiple people thru chat. Very disappointed customer.

    I have never had a problem till now. Your supervisors as well as the representatives are not customer service orientated. What a shame to lose a long time customer due to them not wanting to help witha box they gave you that wpuld not work.

  • Gary Lee says:

    Worst cable TV service I’ve ever experienced in my 79 years. Raising costs and declining services. A LIBERAL corporation that interferes with channels they don’t agree with! NO service today for NO reason. But THEIR SPECTRUM 1 channel is on today. Constant digitizing, constant picture freezing, constant loss of sound – but THEIR biased channel is ALWAYS perfect. Their repair person we call “Mr. Giggles” never fixes anything and pretty much says “There’s nothing much we can do.” So basically, take what we give you and SHUT UP. But these something WE can do. WE can get you out of this building, out of this neighborhood and out of this town. And that’s just for starters. Want to remain in this area, PROVIDE THE SERVICES WE PAY YOUR FOR. And NEVER send Mr. Giggles here again.

  • KJacinto says:

    I am not sure why the email address says ‘Priority Escalation Team’, because apparently that’s not something your business prioritize on.

    We have been without service since Saturday morning. We’ve tried to call for help, and all they said was ‘there’s an outage in your area’. Same day, everybody else’s Spectrum service in our neighborhood is working except for ours. Technicians working in our box in front yard, without saying anything to us and running to their vans as soon as they see us coming. (Both, Saturday and Sunday August 13th, 14th)

    It’s Monday afternoon and still not internet. When I call the customer service, they tell me there was an appointment (8:15am Monday morning) that was canceled by someone (not me, nor my husband). No one even told us that appointment was made, no one told us how or if we needed to make an appointment. When they call us back to schedule this appointment, the earliest someone can come is Wednesday. Two more days without Internet, without being able to work.

    Not only the lady on the phone can’t do anything, ‘because they don’t prioritize calls’ instead they go by ‘first call first serve’—which is ridiculous because we’ve been calling since Saturday morning, but this lady hang up on my husband without even making the appointment, or without offering a solution.

    This company is certainly one of the worst out there, and we’ll make sure our friends and family know about how their customer service and any other service is—trash.

    Karen Jacinto
    Ennis, TX

  • Waste of Time says:

    Always hiring waste your time with all the loops holes. Then send email about choosing another person. apparently $20.00 a hour still cant get your issue resolve. Wonder why they only have 41 states upsell that.

  • Karen Owens says:

    I get multiple calls a day from a “person” saying they are with Spectrum and can lower my rate. Call says press 9 to be removed. Joke. I have tried pressing 9 many times from the fake numbers you are calling from to get my number removed. When you hold for a “live” person they told me they were with Spectrum, but when I pressed they said they are actually working for a third party. Spectrum needs to reign in their third party companies. I will NEVER have Spectrum after the dishonest business practices they are following. Your 3rd party contract sales division is giving you a bad name.

  • I've Mailed Spectrum and Spectrum Dept Heads a Letter alerting this concern. says:

    Spectrum have continually sent Service Tech’s and their Field Supervisors to my home and I continue to experience the App Freezing and Buffering. When I’m looking a Spectrum TV using their DVR Box, I experience Sound Loss. Spectrum have not repaired this problem for over two years now, but expect me to pay my entire bill as each problem persist. I have now began video recording each service loss throughout the day for evidence. Spectrum’s Commercials are misleading, because they do not have a secure network or App at all.

  • Barney Pannell ( call me/don’t email) says:

    I am a new customer of spectrum wireless – the mobile service. Since Friday, I have not been able to get my Verizon phone number ported over to my spectrum SIM card. Work order number 50492619 that was set up on Sunday is still active, yet after multiple calls, no one working on this issue has bothered to call me ( on the temporary number spectrum gave me on Saturday) to update me on the status of the resolution. No customer service rep or activation team rep that I have spoken can seem to get to the service tech(s) that are working on this Work Order. I am in sales and ALL of my customers and prospects have been unable to reach me today. Please help. Temporary number / 864-436-3633.

  • Jana Wilson says:

    I’ve asked REPEATEDLY plz remove my name and address from your mailing list. Apparently someone isn’t getting that!!

    • no name says:

      stop the calls from Lisa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! up to15 a day this is harasment legal action will be the next step put my # 216-731-7313 on your do not call list ASAP.

  • >