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  • Address: 755 W Big Beaver Rd #1000, Troy, MI 48084, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 248-273-4278

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 6,500

  • Established: 1953

  • Founder: Walter W. Clark & Henry E. George

  • Key People: Keith A. Anderson (CEO)

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Champion Homes Headquarters Executive Team



Keith A. Anderson

Chief Executive Officer and President

Mark J. Yost

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Edward L. Mitzel

Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President

About Champion Homes, History and Headquarters Information

Champion Homes was incorporated by Walter W. Clark and Henry E. George in 1953. It was launched as a public corporation in 1995 and then was listed on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol SKY. Champion Homes is headquartered in Michigan. By 2005, Champion got famous among people as it was the first manufacturer to build \ modular housing for the military and government agencies.

Champion Homes, or Champion Home Builders, is a company that manufactures modular and mobile home. It is a subsidiary of the Skyline Champion Corporation. It is well known as one of the largest modular home builders in North America. They also make factory-built houses for their clients in the United States and western Canada. In addition to homes, they have also constructed RVs, travel trailers, commercial buses, and campers. Currently, they have over 5,000 people working for them who operate more than 32 manufacturing facilities spread all over the United States and Europe.

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  • Don says:

    It would be a nice page it the ads didn’t cover the information on the page.

  • Carolyn Paravia says:

    OMG! Reading the comments here I now realize how likely futile it will be to obtain the help I need. I bought my single wide brand new, cash a few months ago. The red carpet inspection was a joke. Residing in my home for the short time I’ve had it, I realize how poorly built and how low Champions standard of quality is…Too many small things to mention here, could fill a small book with them, but the main issue I have now is a roof leak. The roof I bought with a 15yr guarantee that started leaking two months after purchase. I have been seeking remedy for over a month now from Champion and given a run around you wouldn’t believe. I am at my wits end trying to get Champion to honor their contractual obligation to me with no success and why I’m here looking for someone in corporate that may give a damn… Obviously by the commentary here there is no one in this company who does. I’m at a loss at how to proceed. An attorney, or like someone else mentioned here, a class action lawsuit may be the only way to hold this company accountable.

  • Venita Platt says:

    Please anyone, has anyone hired an attorney or thinking of doing a class action lawsuit with all of us on here. I am having same issues and the so called trim out crew left my home in shambles with paint spill on floors, caulk and grout everywhere, shotty work and Leveling laminate tape peeling off cabinets, trash left in closets, like the ac/heat closet. All of my pot light covers have fell out and will not snap back in. There is over 300 pictures of stuff that needs to be fixed and cleaned up. Ac duct work is smashed and messed up. I’ve had it.

    • Carolyn Paravia says:

      I feel your frustration. I am in the same predicament. Read my comment. A class action lawsuit may be the only way to hold Champion accountable.



  • Gary Hoffman says:

    Bought the house on 12th February this yr. The trim around the inside of the door, has rotted out twice. Water leak!! They said you need a storm door. The one I looked at from the factory had one. When home was delivered, no storm door. The guy that fixed it first, he would bring me a storm door the next time he comes back. NO DOOR !!

    • Carolyn Paravia says:

      I feel you. I bought my home about 5 months ago. The leak in the roof became noticeable after month two. A roof that I purchased a 15yr guarantee for. I’ve been ran around in circles by the dealership for over a month and the roof has yet to be fixed. Have you read all the comments here? We are in the same boat. Maybe a class action lawsuit might help remind Champion of their contractual obligations, but only an extensive housecleaning and dismissal of the people tasked with representing the company will do anything to repair the moral obligations to their customers.

  • Donna lasalle says:

    Need to get in contact with someone on the condition of my new mobile home.

    • Carolyn Paravia says:

      Good luck on that. Have you read the comments here? I thought coming here to corporate would get me the help and attention I haven’t been able to get from the dealership I bought the home from. After reading the commentary here it’s obvious no one in this company gives two shits about their unsuspecting customers. An attorney may be the only way to hold Champion accountable to their contractual obligations.

  • Chester L. Dixon says:

    I own a Champion home, purchased in Early, Texas in March 2022 and have been trying to get warranty work completed on both exterior doors. Neither door can be secured properly and I am concerned that peope can just walk in the front door. I have tried to contact Jessica Morales at 817-768-5035, name and number given by salesman, and no one returns my calls. Can you assist with the warranty work?

    • Carolyn Paravia says:

      Hey Chester, good luck on that. Have you read the comments here? I thought coming here to corporate would get me the desperate help and attention I need for the roof leak that became noticeable two months after purchasing the home. I have been given the run around from the dealership for over a month. After reading the commentary here it’s obvious no one in this company gives two shits about their unsuspecting customers. An attorney or a class action lawsuit may be the only way to hold Champion accountable to their contractual obligations.

  • John B.Ogden says:

    I am a very concerned home builed buyer need assistance from Keith A.Anderson President if he is no longer with Champion.i need to speak to Executive Vice President Mark J.Yost this is John B.Ogden

  • Kevin miller says:

    Just to let everyone know at champion. Your skyline division in arkcity Kansas is full of dirtbags. We ve bought two houses from there. Great houses. The salesman Wayde Clark tried contacting my wife at 3:00am 3:53am and text her. When I confronted him he apologized saying he didn’t know she was married and that he was drunk. I contacted his boss bob mulligan and he just said that was after hours. I had my wife call Wayde to tell him she was married and he said it’s ok he was married too. Nothing but dirtbags working at skyline.

  • Paul Madrid says:

    I need an attorney!! I am having the same issues with no response and no results… any recommendations on an attorney
    Please help frustrated in NM..

    • Nicole johnson says:

      Did you ever find an atttorney? I’m dealing with major issues also and need one asap !

    • Carolyn Paravia says:

      I know how you feel, and apparently many of us are in the same boat. Look at the rest of the comments. I came here to corporate thinking I might find the desperate help I can’t seem to find from the dealership for the roof leak in my home which became noticeable two months after purchasing it. I was sold a 15yr guarantee on the roof and have spent a month going in circles with the dealership and it’s still not been fixed. An attorney or a class action lawsuit may be the only way to hold Champion accountable for their contractual obligations.

  • Ed D. says:

    I need to also file a complaint about a local cooperate employee here in Florida, I am ready to go to the Attorney General and file a complaint.

  • WAITING IN WY says:


  • Rhonda briggs says:

    I bought one of your homes at the end of last year and my so-called go to representative for Champion Homes Brandon Fireball has been totally AWOL the last six months through dozens of phone messages and emails has yet to call me back another six months my years up what the heck I would like a new representative take care of me this is totally unacceptable I feel like I’ve just totally been kicked to the curb that y’all don’t care and there’s plenty of Yelp and Yahoo and different comments that I can leave places that I’d rather not do so very much appreciate you contacting me and giving me a new a new representative here in Texas my name is Rhonda Briggs my phone number is 713-906-7496 in your employee Brandon Fireball is a joke he seems to not care about his job at all

    • Carolyn Paravia says:

      Read the comments here, we are all in the same boat. I came here to corporate thinking I might find the help I desperately need for the leak in my roof that became noticeable two months after purchasing the home. A roof with the fifteen year guarantee I purchased but have been given a month long run around at the dealership and it’s not fixed yet. A class action lawsuit may be the only way to get Champion to live up to their contractual obligations.
      Count me in for sure.

  • M Tack says:

    Our home is paid in full. Been waiting for months for champion to deliver the home. Seriously considering legal action.

  • Randy Sheets says:

    So I called Champion Corporate to inquire what they do with the problems I am having with the builder in Pennsylvania. The woman was rude, she told me “if you let me finish” before I could finish my question. The only way to put in a complaint is A. Hire a lawyer and go though Corporate, or B. Go through the company that built my house. Are you Kidding me?????? They wont help me now and the way Corporate sets it up you must have a lawyer??? So who do i go against??? A builder that wont respond or through Corporate that wont help out there customers. I will go through my Congressman, it worked before when i had a problem with another company that had to do with cars.

  • Randy Sheets says:

    I paid for my house in full in October of 2020, it arrived at my property just after Thanksgiving with the wrong color siding to start. It sat there until February before a set up crew came and I was the Champion representative per the company that sold me the house to make sure things were done to standards. I am in no way qualified for this job. The contractor that poured the pad and put in waste lines had water gotten into an elbow and froze solid. Again this delayed me and my Family getting in. They then by passed the existing system and then it worked. This had to do with the seller but never did Champion even call me to see how things were doing. Then when it came time to hook up the well, i was there to make sure it was done right. When it came time to hook gas up, I not being HVAC qualified had to change over the orfices in the oven and stove top and the had to hire out to have them changed in the furnace. I was never reimbursed for that. They went to turn gas on and main pipe coming from exterior of house to inside house was broken in transit. There I was helping a under the table paid person replace gas line. Had gas company come back and what do you know no one uncapped the exhaust and intake on the roof. Another charge from gas company. Oh did I mention our house burned down July 4th, 2020. I could go on but I will stop other than a 3 page book with problems with the house. Nothing has been done, wall are all scratched, molding falling off, floors shake the house worse than my 1870 house that burned down. I have only 2 windows that will latch and now being in N.Y. it is getting cold. I have sent the Champion builder in Pennsylvania 3 different list and every time I contact her I get lip service and please send another list. Really. I gave them till today and no response. I hope that corporate see this but judging by other comments a Lawyer is in my future after I call corporate. Buyers beware DO NOT BUY A CHAMPION HOME. I will also call HUD and get them involved. This company needs to 1, learn customer satisfaction, 2. screen who there dealers are and send a rep when being set, and do final inspection. Biggest waste of my insurance money. I should have stick built but I had to get my family back together after being displaced for 8 months. Believe me you will here from me. Oh one other thing. When I hooked up my washer and dryer, suds would back up on spin cycle. They blamed the new washers but would not do anything. I hired a plumber and he looked at the plumbing and laughed. Stand pipe to short and trap was 2 feet from floor. So what will you do for me??? You have my e mail.

  • James Heath says:

    Champion Homes representation by sales personnel are destroying reputation.
    Dinkins Sales in Paris, Tn. refuses to ensure my NEW Champion home is level and plumb. They claim the bottom is level, but yet repairmen from the Dresden plant are aghast at the poor set up of the home. Walls are wider at the top and not plumb.
    Even a trapezoid can be level at the bottom. The home slopes from marriage line to the exterior wall by 1.365in .
    The kitchen counter slopes from the stove opening to the exterior wall so bad, a marble runs rapidly to the corner, under the cabinet.
    As a representative for Champion, in the sales aspect of such representation your corporate department heads should be concerned.
    Initially the set up crew crushed the waterline at the marriage line during set up and some of the crossover connections were missed or poorly connected. The roof looked like an amateur did the splice. Had to have Dresden plant repairman fix it.
    The crew that performed the cement block skirting left a mess behind for me to clean up. What would you do with a 2,000lb. bag of sand? It’s still here. Dinkins stated, just use it to landscape around the house. What?
    The ultimate responsibility belongs to Dinkins and how they are representing Champion homes.
    As it stands, their lack of following up on their assigned people when a complaint is stated is lending to the negativity directed toward Champion.
    I am asking for a properly level and plumb home. If Dinkins were my sales representative, I’d fire them.
    Not one of the office personnel from Paris, TN. has set foot in this structure since it left the lot, in September 2020. Disgraceful.
    Does Champion disregard the brochures they have printed, to promote sales? Does Champion care less whether their sales representatives ensure customer satisfaction?
    All I’m asking for is what I was sold and signed for.
    Joshua Stenburg and his repairmen, at Dresden plant has been very cooperative and are aware of the magnitude of the poor set up on my home.
    I am asking for warranty extension due to lack of repair personnel shortage from the Dresden plant.
    I want my home to be welcoming, not a side show!
    If this were your new home, how would you feel?
    I’m originally from snow country and that kind of behavior didn’t wash, there.
    Please respond via email.

    James R Heath
    800 Ballard Rd
    Camden, Tennessee
    608 334 7546

  • Krissi Lynn Mccann says:

    Champions doesnt care about nobody but money in there pocket

  • James Heath says:

    Why is our Champion Home not level?
    The sales office in Paris, TN. refuses to properly level our home, internally.
    They claim they leveled it underneath. The issue is the frame tweaked during transit and placement. So, there are several skewed areas. We are still under warranty.
    If this cannot be resolved, I will being suing for satisfaction.
    Dinkins is not currently receiving emails.
    I demand corrective action.

  • TMeadows says:

    I am T Meadoes
    2940 Seneca trail S
    Peterstown WV 24963
    I am looking for a complete prefab solar home
    I was referred to you by an agency on aging
    I was at the top and fell upon hardship
    If I can please get ranch style solar plans from you please mail them to my above address I have several listed that want to donate to me however I am exploring the best options respectfully T Meadows
    I do not use email
    Must be contacted by US Postal Service

  • Freida Peterson says:

    Bought a home from these people needs extensive work they will not fix they are rude will not answer phones or emails I don’t recommend anyone ever do business with these people

    • M clark says:

      I agree product is the worst I’ve every purchased. No customer service. Home is a money pit. They do not care about the customers. Must have been designed by a man since nothing is convenient.

  • Pissed off customer says:

    Liars and cons , should be ashamed of the work coming out of the plants in all states. Biggest mistake of my life was dealing with this company. I will not go away and will do my best to get the word out what garbage cheap shit they put out.. Like I said they should be ashamed and people that are aware of this crap , get some pride and go work for a real company who takes pride

    • M clark says:

      I agree no customer service they sell the product but refuse to service what they sell. It is the worst mobile home we have ever purchased

    • Krissi Lynn Mccann says:

      My husband worked there and i can tell you now those homes are done terrible. In louisiana if they was to so a drug test on the employees they wouldnt have any workers

      • Carolyn Paravia says:

        That would explain the poor craftsmanship but the total disregard for their contractual obligations and the disrespect of their customers is inexcusable.

    • Carolyn Paravia says:

      Here it is 2023 and nothing has changed. Maybe a class action lawsuit might get them to fulfill their moral and contractual obligations to their customers.

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