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  • Address: 100 Centurylink Dr, Monroe, LA 71203, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: Click here

  • Number of Employees: 60,000

  • Established: 1968

  • Founder: F. E. Hogan, Sr.

  • Key People: Jeffrey K. Storey (President, CEO & Director)

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Jeffrey K. Storey

President, CEO & Director

Sunit S. Patel

Executive VP & CFO

Vernon L. Irvin

President of LGMS

About Centurylink, History and Headquarters Information


Centurylink was founded in the year 1930. The company had been operational for almost 99 years now. The former name of the company was the Oak Ridge Telephone Company. The founder of the company was F E Hogan. Then in the year 1930, the company was sold for $500 along with 75 paid subscribers, to William Clarke and Marie Williams. Later in the year 1946, the son of William Clarke, known as Clarke McRae Williams, gained the ownership of the company. The following year, Clarke McRae Williams bought over the Marion Telephone Company. The company was mainly a family run company until it was incorporated in the year 1968. The company was incorporated as Central Telephone and Electronics. The company started to serve about three USA states with 10,000 access lines. During the year 1972 and 1975, the company had moved its headquarters to Monroe, Louisiana, United States.

Then in the year 1971, the company was named as Century Telephone Enterprises. The following year, the company had acquired La Crosse Telephone Corporation. In the year 1978, the company had become a limited public entity. In the year 1981, the company had received War Telephone, located in West Virginia, United States. The next year, the earnings of the company had raised to almost $14 million, which then declined during the year 1983 and started to rise again in 1984. As of the year 1987, the overall earnings had grown to be $2 million. In the year 1989, the company had taken over Universal Telephone, for about $90 million. Then in the year 1992, the company had acquired Central Telephone Company of Ohio, for about $135 million. By the year 1993, the earnings of the company were almost $80 million. In the year 1997, the company had taken over Delta Security Alarm Company. As of the year 1999, the company had changed its name to CenturyTel Incorporated. During the early 2000s, the company had acquired and collaborated with various kinds of companies, such as Spectra Communications, CSW Net, SkyComm International, EchoStar Communications, etcetera. In the year 2006, the company had sold off its assets in Arizona to Hopi Telecommunications, which brought down the operations to a total of just 23 states in the USA. Then in the year 2009, the company again changed its name to Century Link, which was made fully official by the year 2010. In the year 2014, the company had acquired two more companies, known as Cognilytics and DataGardens. This followed with the acquisition of Level 3 Communications for about $25 billion, in the year 2016. The company had also taken over SEAL Consulting, in the year 2017. The headquarters of the company is based in 100 CenturyLink Drive. The name of the place is Monroe, while the name of the state is Louisiana, United States. The pin code of the area is 71203.


Century Link is an American telecommunications company that focuses on providing various kinds of services like broadband, wireless services as well as voice services over the air, to its customers, clients, and also businesses as well. The current CEO of the company is Jeff Storey. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $23.4 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2018, is more than 45,000. The company is a member of the Fortune 50 companies list. It provides its services to North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and also EMEA.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customer, clients and businesses to obtain various kinds of network and communication services offered by the company itself. The company also provides cloud security, voice services over local as well as long distances, data integration, hosting, VoIP services, public and private cloud services, SaaS applications, etcetera.

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  • ellen meisse says:

    How can I get past “agents” who can’t get past standard responses and actually address a problem. Century link customer service is deplorable. How does one speak to someone who cares about how customers are treated

  • ROY ACORD says:

    impossible to talk with anyone to discuss a line wrongfully on property. very frustrating. a very impersonal company

  • FUCL says:

    Garbage company. I hope the CEO’s get cancer equivalent to that of their greed.

  • 97522 says:


    Total of 63 disconnections (1d 5h 4min 27s) registered in the past month. worst customer service ever, they can speak english but they do not understand it at all. my home phone was disconnected when I asked for a service that was put on my phone that I did not order, all asked for was to have it removed, I had to pay a connection fee because they disconnected my phone instead of removing the voicemail. Oh and hearing a rooster in the background is alway fun. It took two years to get a new modem too. I will never contact by phone or texted again. I will wait for a better company to come, and they are coming.

  • Lisa Williams says:

    Century link service is pathetic. Our phone has been out for 3.5 weeks effecting our business, my job and our communication as we live in rural WY. I call the 800 number and NEVER reach a human to help. Deplorable!! It was scheduled to be repaired TODAY. Not fixed.

  • Kim says:

    Worst customer service ever! If you’re able to actually speak to a live person AND can understand their broken English, good luck getting a service technician scheduled to come out before a week! Absolutely ridiculous when we pay so much for the service! I had to tell them there was a complete outage in my area (this was a Thursday) and NO workers on site to fix the problem as of today (Saturday). Will be so happy when there is another provider in my area. Then it’s bye bye Century Link!

  • JS says:

    CenturyLink says I owe a bill which I dispute. I called them and was verbally attacked by a jackass in their “Financial Care Group”. I guess that’s their best customer service, especially when I pointed out I didn’t live at that address. They literally yelled” It’s a legitimate bill and you owe it!.” I asked for a copy of the ever growing bill, by month, and to speak with a supervisor. Nothing happened.

  • Izzy says:

    A year ago we paid $300 for Century Link to lay a old fashioned dial up service internet line, unfortunately in our neighborhood it’s the only option we have. They buried a 1000 foot long cable 2 inches deep. The service technician that came out a month ago to repair the cut line in 2 spots ( we have new homes constructed and the building crew cut the lines while digging trenches) told us the cable is supposed to be buried 12 inches deep. In 4 weeks they never came out to burry the cable and now the line is cut again. Surprise, surprise… I work from home and depend on internet service to get a paycheck. It has now been 12 days I have not been able to work. Century link is not paying me for lost wages nor are they crediting our account for lost internet days. You are not able to talk to someone in person or via phone call. Their automated system says to submit a ticket online. Guess what, I am not able to submit a ticket online because my internet cable is cut and I have no way to connect to the internet. I am sure the CEO of Century Link sleeps well because he is still getting paid his wages and does not have to deal with these stupid policies he put into place.
    I do feel sorry for the technicians that get an earful of complaints when they do show up.
    Would not and will not recommend their service to anyone, but unfortunately until we get other options for our neighborhood we are stuck with them. My husband just filed a complaint with the Attorney General for our state and recommend anyone having issues with with Century Link to take the time and do the same.

  • Herb says:

    EVEN calling Corporate office ( 318-388-9000) you get a dysfuntional IVR:

    I have been on a CenturyLink Customer for over 40 years, 27-years+ at this current account I was calling about. The most basic expectation is to received a bill for services prior to any required charges on our credit card isn’t even happening. REALLY? That’s how centurylink thinks they are going to keep our business. AND when you call, you get an IVR that HANGS UP ON YOU, or IF your get someone, its an self-serving “Customer Service” in the wrong department who REFUSES to back up and explain the misinformation they just gave you. That person is over seas in South America, Philaphine and its’ impossible to get a supervisor.

    EVEN caling Corporate office, You just get put into the SCREWED UP IVR System that keeps you on the phone for hours and weeks without solution.

    , You just get put into the SCREWED UP IVR System that keeps you on the phone for hours and weeks without solution.


  • Darrell C says:

    I remember a time when there was real customer service and utilities like telephone/telecommunications companies received governmental oversight and if they didn’t provide service they weren’t allowed rate increases. These days the only thing that most American companies/corporations care about is profit and providing dividends to shareholders. Those that make important decisions (e.g., upper management) are more concerned with getting their inflated bonus’ than focusing on customer care and they ensure that they’re buffered from having to deal with customer complaints. It’s contemptible and disheartening. It’s especially annoying and frustrating when one is having service issues to have to listen to how wonderful a company is and seeking referrals for more customers. As soon as another decent, reasonable internet provider is available Century Link will be history. Thankfully my cell phone company (it’s NOT Century Link) and cellular plan is able to provide the backup and reliability I need when Century Link can’t provide the service they’re supposed to!

  • Deanna says:

    Terrible, Terrible, Terrible service. They have a monopoly for telephone service in the zip code areas of 65555 and 65483 that I know of. Probably other areas as well. I thought this was illegal. The fact they have a monopoly means they don’t have to provide good service and can get away with doing anything. My experience getting my elderly father’s phone service moved from his home to a nursing home was a total nightmare and I’m not sure it has been done correctly after 2 1/2 weeks of being on the phone with various “representatives”. I was cut off, given bogus customer care numbers, the “representatives” could barely speak English or understand what I was saying and couldn’t key in vital account information therefore, getting it wrong in the system time after time, and these representatives were in Jamaica, South America, and numerous other countries and didn’t have a working knowledge or addresses here in the United States. No telephone company should be allowed to have a monopoly in this country. People, we need to stand up and stand together to get this kind of thing stopped.

    • Ellen says:

      I agree completely. I have had the same horrible experience. I’m going to write to my senator today. They have been very helpful previously. Contact your senators. ASAP a senator Gets involved, people jump.

  • Mike says:

    I’ve read all of these comments So there is really no need for me to just repeat the bullshit I’m going through cause all of you have the same issues with Century Link as I do.

    I’m done trying to get my svc fixed, ( Over a year)

    Even McDonald’s has better customer service!!!!!!!

  • Bill guilday says:

    Centurylink is without a doubt has terrible customer service. After 3 hours finally talked to someone that scheduled a technician to come out between 11 am and 3 pm so I adjusted my day accordingly now they are changing it to between 3 pm and 6:30 pm. I’m now going to miss the meeting I set up. I make $40 an hour. Do you think they will adjust my bill? They are the only internet I can get because of my location. They are beyond bad I wonder what they would do if I paid my bill that way

  • Rick says:

    Phone: pops, crackles, noise, and feedback.
    Internet: slow (6-16 seconds to load a basic page), drops out.

    Waiting over 5 weeks to get upgrade speed and lower my bill. Appt after 1pm the tech showed up before 10am, said I was not home did not come back after the scheduled time when I was home, so had to reschedule twice AND they just did it again (Sat 8/13), resulting in another 2 week wait; therefore, I still do not have the 100mb speed. (Do not know how that will work if they have not found/fixed the problem.)

  • Dave Imperio says:

    Do not use this company! Worst customer service ever! with out internet for 10 days and they won’t schedule support because they think we are lying about our internet not working. We talked them into sending a tech out, that will be 2 weeks wait, next day cancelled because again they say we have internet and don’t need a technician! Century Link is getting cancelled!!! and I am going to Wave Cable Broadband! If you need better customer service Astound supported by WAVE is the way to go!!!!!

    • Deanna says:

      My experience has been awful with this company. All the “representatives” are in other countries and don’t understand English or our countries addresses so they can’t get anything right into the computer system. I tried to get land line service for my dad and they have a monopoly in that area, so there was no choice. Isn’t that illegal?

  • Kenneth Koury says:

    In need of HELP with my lack of phone service. No service for 12 days. Customer service NO HELP

  • Rick Taylor says:

    My name is Rick Taylor I live in lapel Indiana I have your CenturyLink Internet service it’s the only provider in the area we can get and it is literally off more than it’s on it blinks on and off all day long it is been off now for about four days they keep saying that I have a fix in a couple days and never gets fixed the signal is not consistent it’s always for the last year been on and off and something needs to be done I don’t know what’s happening all my neighbors and everyone around are having the same issues everyone’s complaining we need help in this area I’d appreciate anything you can do my name is Rick Taylor my number is 317-850-2522

  • Jan in Ava, MO says:

    Tried for 3 months to get a WiFi cable buried. We’re told that job is sent to a contractor… so we spend all day home, like we’re told to do, only to have no one call or show up. Time to look for another company to do business with.

  • Lisa Roam says:

    AVOID CENTURYLINK IF AT ALL POSSIBLE! I’ve been trying to get phone service through CenturyLink, the only landline provider in my area, for a month. They will not complete my order and will/can not provide an explanation as to why they won’t. I’ve spent more than 8 hours on the phone with customer service, used the “Chat” option, e-mailed, and used Twitter DM’s to try and get help – no luck. I’ve contacted the Missouri Public Service Commission, and CenturyLink can’t/won’t provide them with answers or information either.

  • Gwen says:

    Worst customer service EVER!! Had the bundled service with Directv and DirecTV is no longer with Century Link. I paid my last bill for the bundle and then cancelled DirecTV on June 28. I have gone to Dish and CenturyLink is billing me still for DirecTV. I have called 6 or 7 times and they keep saying the same thing. Line was dropped several times after being put on hold. Called Corporate Office and they transferred me back to the customer service reps. OUTRAGEOUS!! These people have no clue what they are doing. I was promised a call from a SUPERVISOR today and hope I get or I will be calling the AG in our state. This is unreal.

  • Guest says:

    This has to be the worse internet customer service ever…I’m canceling and making sure nobody else I know sign up with this dumb ass company

  • GUEST says:


  • Sad Retiree says:

    This company has lost its compass! Representatives waste time (company’s & customer’s). They make comments that reveal they Don’t Know (or Care) what they are doing! The corporate culture used to be dedicated to Service… No longer! The FCC should look into the chronic failures if the executives don’t.

  • Christian Howk says:

    Beware of this company. Service is terrible and I’ve recently had to file a complaint with AZ attorney generals office because they won’t allow me to cancel my service. I’ve called twice and was kept on hold and repeatedly passed along for over an hour each time.

    • Deanna says:

      Yep. Same experience here. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and FCC. Maybe if enough people do that it will have an effect.

  • Sheila Roberts says:

    Has to be one of the worst customer Service company ever try to get a hold of someone in the home office all they have is an operator so if you want to talk to someone about an issue you’ve had for the last five years which I have had with my home phone at least they come out 6 to 7 times a year This was my phone conversation today I dial at least and talk to at least 10 different people today to get my service order ticket so that I can get my phone fixed I’m not gonna have a phone again for five more days this month they were placed I believe it’s the port the last two times I’ve here they replaced all the lines I have no clue what they’re doing and I don’t think they do either

  • Paula Badour says:

    Let me start by saying that we are a mid to large government business. I have had nothing but bad experiences with CenturyLink. My first issue started several weeks ago when our community center’s telephone line was not working. This is the phone line that the Senior Citizens and Handicapped in our little community use for emergency services such as food, heat issues, physical assistance, etc., This line was supposed to have been repaired two weeks ago. The technician did come out but the very next day – the line did not work for incoming calls. As of today, I was told that they would be there to perform troubleshooting and repair in two more weeks. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. If Century Link Corporate is interested in getting involved in this repair – the phone number for this particular problem is 906-484-1061. My next few issues are very troublesome for me as well as our Township Supervisor. This past weekend – two phone lines for our Marinas/Harbors were disconnected and we are not sure why (it was not due to non payment). In any event – we have been losing customer and resident phone calls from people coming to our little town looking to dock their yachts, boats, etc. I spent 4.5 hours on the phone with Century Link trying to resolve this situation. I was passed from billing technicians to repair technicians, to customer care and to several other departments…..when I explained my situation – I was told “we don’t handle that…let me transfer you.” After 4.5 hours – I finally spoke with a department who claimed that one of the lines would be fixed yesterday on one of the phone lines and that a technican would have to come to the location on the other line and an appointment was set for June 22, 2022. As of today, we are still unable to use or receive calls on phone number 906-484-3917 (the line that was supposed to have been fixed yesterday. I also ordered a regular POTS line for our Township Office. It was supposed to have been setup on May 23. As of today, I still do not have a working line and have an appointment scheduled for a technician visit on June 30. So again, if CenturyLink Corporate is the least bit interested in providing proper customer service to their customers – the phone numbers that I am having issues with are as follows: 906-484-3917 (Cedarville Harbor), 906-484-1596 (Hessel Harbor), 906-484-1061 (Senior Center), 906-484-3623 (Hessel Airport), 906-484-1451 (Main Township Office). And, I am requesting that because this is a number of lines that are not in Operation – I am requesting that my account be credited accordingly. Please feel free to email me if any of this concerns you – and if not, please offer some recommendations as to additional phone carriers that you would recommend that would not have me on hold for over 4 hours trying to fix an issue.

    • Deanna says:

      I have filed a complaint with the FCC and BBB. Maybe if enough people do this it will have an effect. The area I was trying to get land line service has no choice but to use CenturyLink. They have a monopoly.

  • Michelle says:

    After 15 years of painful service and poor customer service I’m changing to Xfinity! Customers should not have to spend 2 hours of their time talking with 2 different customer service reps and be told someone is coming out on a specific day and NOT SHOW! After trying to call 3 times on hold for 30 mins each time and still no answer to find out what happened, called today which was the next day and they would not allow me to talk with a Supervisor/Manager they wanted to just start over!! Why would anyone stay with a company that offers very slow and poor internet service and awful customer service! I tried to call Corporate Headquarters and no answer with no other option of connecting with someone their. I’d like to not have to spend my time this way, I’ve switched and so much happier!

  • Theresa Brill says:

    I’ve noticed CenturyLink – Lumin is getting many complaints that are similar with BBB and even investigated by Attorney Generals in a couple of states. Why do they push it till this occurs instead of correcting the horrible issues…

  • Theresa Brill says:

    CenturyLink keeps messing up on my bill. Claiming I didn’t pay when I did. Then adding a late fee. Having to go great lengths to prove I paid, still not receiving credit for. Now this month I paid but only one months worth as I paid the month before and the month before that etc, yet being charged as if I didn’t pay. They disconnected my internet without warning today and I’m paid up, yet they make it look as if I didn’t pay a month prior. Then they erased my account so it doesn’t show my history of payments. I tried calling corporate, only to be transferred to Billing again and put a an extremely lengthy hold. All these extra charges and disruption in services is gull darn criminal.

    Theresa Brill
    Northern Wisconsin

  • Ronald Taylor says:

    For Jeffrey Storey, can you find out why I have ordered enter er device twice once myself and once with your partners at AT&T , both confirmed services are available in my area and both times your people called to cancel.wow I guess your company is too big to give accurate info and service.

  • Kristi King says:

    WORST SERVICE EVER!! My service went out over the weekend I have no clue exactly how long it has been out because I was gone. When I got home Sunday, I had NO landline and no internet, which means no alarm, no TV, no cell service. I had to drive all the way out to the main road to try and call the numbers listed on the website information, just to be rerouted over three times due to disconnected numbers — RIDICULOUS FOR A COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY!! Then, I was disconnected over five times trying to reach anyone, and OH YEAH, they have no one to help you on the weekends and they work 9-6pm M-F. Monday, I called at 0953 it was a 68-73 min wait — but you could leave your number and not lose your place in line, which I opted to do while I was at work. No call an hour later, two hours later, 3 hours later, I was still waiting for someone to pickup after being in a loop for 50 minutes. I went to the Chat they say to go to for faster service, gave all my information just to have the Shamique tell me that she could NOT help me because she was sales, but gave me the same useless number to call so that I could put in a ticket. I then spent an over an hour in the car waiting for them to pickup yet again, to have the call disconnect. I went to the Century Link office where I live, there were cars out front, trucks in the back — yet ALL DOORS WERE LOCKED! Really?! My dad found the corporate number, so I called again, finally got a live person who transferred me to a voice mail. THANKS A HEAP! I left a message, describing everything – a person calls me back to let me know they will send me an email in hopes that I can get it with my CELL PHONE, which again and I explained this, I DON’T HAVE SERVICE WITHOUT INTERNET – so NO I didn’t get your email!!
    Now it is TUESDAY, still NO landline, NO internet, NO cell, NO TV, NO alarm can be set… THANK YOU CENTURY LINK YOUR SERVICE all the way around (service in general and customer service) is just awesome! (NOT… sarcasm is dripping in case you didn’t figure that out!) I love they say that a representative will be with you shortly, I have called and called and still have yet to have anyone pick up other than one time yesterday, who again transferred me to a voice mail. UNREAL… and again this is a communications company. If I COULD go with anyone else I would… but due to zoning they have the monopoly in my area I have NO OTHER OPTIONS… even HUGHSNET doesn’t work in my area. FIX my PHONE (LANDLINE)!! FIX my INTERNET!! SEND SOMEONE TO MY HOUSE, and use my email below as you probably have my old one that was hacked. BEYOND ANNOYED AND FRUSTRATED… OH and GET SOME REAL PEOPLE TO ACTUALLY ANSWER THE PHONES, you are dealing with a legacy telephone member and this is just ridiculous. Oh.. and now I am at 100-120 min wait time on a call line.

  • Tama Willis-Lawson says:

    We have a house in Stuttgart, Arkansas which has made use of Century Link since 2020. This morning and last night, May 16, 17, 2022 the cameras are being reported as being “off line.” This has not happened since we installed additional cameras. I always monitor the cameras with particular care; hence, we are unable to monitor the activities on our property, while no one is home. This is a grievous concern; and my warranted suspicion of the cameras being “off line” may have been prompted because of a letter that I sent out two days ago concerning our not being able to access the cameras at particular times due to certain activities. I hope that this is not true, but it most certainly is a great possibility. In the past, upon trying to reach representatives to discuss our concerns, it has “literary” been like “pulling ‘hen’s teeth’.” For some reason, most business’ are of the opinion that customers have “all the time in the world” to wait for help at their convenience (business’), although they are being paid and we are not responsible for the problems being caused. We never get restitution for the time or times that we have failed to receive service because of problems generated by that business. I will be sending of copy of the letter referenced to in these comments. We do know that in the past, the wires to the internet were tampered with; hence no service. Another concern is as to whether or someone may have made use of signal interrupters. We have actually been at home, witnessed trespassers driving across our property, but the incidents were not recorded. Is this a cyber crime? Signal interrupters, Interruptions–I mean.

  • Virginia says:

    I have been trying to get money for over one year that I was suppose to get back. I have been told for over a year it would be sent to me. now I am told it was sent but I did not get it wait another month. is this another lie. It is not the amount of money it is the way I have been treaded. I droped you all because my bill keep going up and I keep loosing channels

  • Susie says:

    We still have landline service here and Century Link is no fun to call. Almost impossible to get through to online in their chat function. I am sorry some of us still want landlines and Century Link is putting all of their effort into getting customers to go with their products. On hold is no fun when every other words is try to get online with us!!!

  • Newton Lloyd Neely says:

    I haven’t had internet for a month after the storm of April 12,2022. Talk to guys in a century link van and they are driving around looking for the contractors to fix the lines. I have had two appointments for the men to come and fix it and the men of Century Link never showed up. Moving my internet to SUDDEN LINK.

  • Jax says:

    On hold for over 35 mins today. No matter which number you dial it all goes back to the same a****** message all this is doing is burning up my minutes I can’t get online to talk with you when I haven’t had any service since Thursday you’re 1-800-201 4099 is b******* right now after calling the main headquarters I’m right back on f****** hold again and yes I am pissed off this is b******* are there no humans that work for this company anymore?! I am not paying for the days I had no service Thursday night through today Monday May 9th it is so funny cuz it says contact us and yet we can’t contact you there’s nobody there main headquarters put me right back where I was so in 4 days I’ve been on hold for over 3 hours with you guys and I’m put back at the same message again

  • Jake Cohen says:

    If a water pipe bursts in my house, a plumber will arrive within 24 hours (usually less). If my furnace goes out, HVAC repair will arrive wthin 24 hours (usually less). But if my phone service (and internet) goes out, I’m at the mercy of the monopoly known as CenturyLink and it’s unknown when they will show up. Right now, possibly Friday, which means 5 days with no service. Cannot call 911 in an emergency. Cannot get any work done at home – I teach and my students need to contact me. Time for Divestiture again!

  • Stan Cannady says:


    Normally, I don’t complain about things, but I just have to say something about this. Today I received my monthly phone which included a $15.00 late fee. Been a customer since 1994 and never had a late charge. Review of my bill indicated that my previous bill $37.39, and I mistakenly paid $37.29. 10 cents short! C’mon folks, a $15 late charge for a payment being 10 cents short, and I have never been late in 28 years!! Could you have sent me a notice about it beforehand, or just added to my next statement? Do you really think I intentionally shorted the payment by 10 cents? I’m 72 and I just misread the “.39” as “.29” Wow, such great customer appreciation.

  • Charles Brett says:

    OK, Centurylink has demonstrated the absolute worse support. They have routed the corporate number to their support number. The support system is down and says to call back tomorrow. Online chat can’t help and says to call support (which you can’t do). We haven’t been able to get email for a day.
    Something is horribly wrong, but they won’t say what it is.

    • Debra says:

      In Florida panhandle. For 5 days I have not been able to log in to my centurylink email account which is @embarqmail.com. Won’t accept my password. Spent last three days trying to get help. There was a “global” update they say (those who can barely speak without an accent who are in another country!) Support provides no support. Chat can’t help. Real fun when it is bot chat. So I’m left with not being able to receive and/or send email. Banking, medical, schools etc. I am pissed and there seems to be not one human being to speak to who has a solution. CenturyLink can’t email me so guess there is no solution

  • Nan Hatten says:

    After reading all the comments below, I have decided to switch from CenturyLink internet to another provider, hopefully today. I will let all my friends and associates on twitter, facebook, instagram, telegram, clouthub, etc… how bad of service we have all been receiving.

    • sandy Lupfer says:

      Have had the same issues, ready to leave, thought everything was fixed with my bill then i started getting bills for a lot more than was discussed with me
      A customer service rep who was suppose to help me, got aggravated at me because I complained about still getting the bills, she said since you already spoke with Chadwick Woods, I am closing the case, she was mad because I contacted headquarters after dealing with so many issues in the last year and a half, I still get bills not stating what I really owe

  • Nan Hatten says:

    My CenturyLink internet hasn’t worked for two weeks. Two weeks ago a large storm rolled through East Texas and my internet cable/line landed across FM 346 in Bullard, Tx and it was also torn from the pole on my side of the road. It is still laying there while 100’s to 1000’s of cars run over it daily. I have have tried calling CenturyLink multiple times, but there is no one to speak to. I have tried the “chat” services, but they want me to restart my modem… I am at work when calling, when I get home it’s too late to call. It’s not my modem, but the internet line laying across the road, and there is no one to tell that to. I have checked other providers and would LOVE to go with Starlink, but that’s a ways off. I will be writing the President and the Board of CenturyLink asking them if they could upgrade their customer service; there are times when we need to speak with someone. Thanks!

    • Jake Cohen says:

      When you call customer service, IMMEDIATELY demand “on shore support”. The first person you talk to is not in North America (usually). Demand “on short support”.

  • William McCutcheon says:

    The worst customer service i have ever seen. I have been in the OI&T field for 25 years and i am just amazed at how poor the service is. I submitted a service ticket and it was cancelled without notification. I submitted a second ticket and it was cancelled without notification. The reason for the cancellation is they can’t figure out where the outage is. You would think with all these negative comments somebody catch on in the coorp office. But i really don’t think they care as long as we pay our bill.

  • Amy says:

    WORST !!!! ever since I “upgraded” to fiber optics my internet goes down every other month. They come and have switched my modem now 4 times.. trying to get anyone on phone to help is a joke.. gives me so much anxiety knowing I have to call them.. then I have to call 3 more times to verify if an appt has actually been set up to come fix it cs they never fully set it up and I will be waiting for no one to come… they are charging me more then what I was quoted on top of that… If I had ANY other option for internet I would switch in a heart beat…

    • Nan Hatten says:

      I heard Elon Musk has been working for five years to give everyone on the planet FREE Wi-Fi! If anyone can, Elon can. This should wake up corporate communications executives knowing their cash cow is getting ready to retire! Can’t Wait!!

  • Jackson McCorkle says:

    As a share holder I’m concerned about your infrastructure of current phone lines here in New Mexico. My current service was canceled after decades of having service. The reason I was told that the decision to cancel service is the several technicians sent to my house over a 6 month time period. While I continued to pay for service I was not getting. The technicians could not determine why I wasn’t able to get service. The decision to fix problem was apparently declined my future business with centrylink by management. The technician wanted to run a new line since they could not located the problem that apparently was before service even got to my property. This was after my family had already paid extra decades ago to have a line specially to this house. This isn’t a confidence building Situation as a share holder. Is this something I need to make public. I was told part of the reason the line failed is I had added internet service and that overwhelmed my service. That sounds like a poor excuse. With your dividend being extremely beneficial. I’m assuming like AT&T your dividend is going to be reduced soon since you can’t even afford to maintain your phone service of land lines. I’ll await your response before I start posting my concerns. I’ll take no response as confirmation that you are going to reduce your dividend in the near future. Since I’m often busy taking care of people in the emergency department please feel free to respond via text messaging.

    Thank you for your time

    Jackson McCorkle
    505-977-9934 cell number because you can’t maintain your lines.

  • David cavallo says:

    Your service is worse than Biden’s!

  • Lola says:

    Please help me 24years with your company, three techs a month, no Wi-Fi or Internet.Look for yourself. #300882039 account.

  • Peter Arnold says:

    My last comment – which was posted two days ago and was entirely factual about the frustrating day and a half I spent online trying to get help support – i.e., from your technicians in the Philippines was cancelled by your moderator. After another several hours of effort I worked out that turning off the centurylink router’s “Cyber security” feature allowed my email to connect to in motion hosting servers. There is something seriously wrong with a feature that disables customer’s access to email.

    Also a technician did come out and determined that the fiber connection had problems as well.

  • Peter Arnold says:

    Hi Century Link, just want to let you know why I am starting the process of moving my internet service provider to Xfinity (who’s support services are very poor but from my recent experience is vastly superior to Centurylink’s). I own several rental properties. Two use Centurylink and two use Xfinity.

    My Problem
    1) The C4000XG modem (or its connection to your backbone) leased from CL is not working reliably.
    a) The WAN light flashes green (I am told it should be solid green to work reliably).
    b) Sometimes RJ45 GB ports do not work, sometimes they do. Sometimes their speed is 3Mbps sometimes 900Mbps.
    c) Some devices (laptops / iphones) can only connect to the 2.4GHz wifi, others to the 5GHz wifi. The speed is often 3 Mbps as opposed to the 960 Mbps I have purchased. These devices work fine on other wifi systems (5 and 2.4GHz) and the laptop works other RJ45 GB port systems.
    d) Despite turning off all firewalls and filtering – I cannot get email to send or receive through this modem unless i use a VPN (which indicates the modem is somehow blocking it).

    My experience with Centurylink support

    A) Trying to connect to a support chat session using your website just hangs. Tried several different “chat now” buttons – but nothing happened. I had the same experience on a Mac Laptop and an iPhone13 (through your modem and via 5G connection). I had the same experience with both Safari and Chrome browsers on each device. I could not find a support chat option in your IOS app.

    B) I think a large number of your voice support personnel stationed in the Philippines are ripping you off and supplying useless support to your customers (from my experience 1 out of 3 is viable).

    B1) ) I first spoke to Rowena. She was the good one and spent 3 hours with me yesterday helping me debug the modem and its connections. We tried speedtest (Ookla and Centurylink). Neither could find a server to connect to and timed out. She eventually concluded that there was a problem with the modem. She was starting to write a ticket – then the line went dead. Although she had a callback number for me – she did not call back and when I checked in today, no ticket had been filed.

    B2) The second person (male) from the Philippines who’s name I could not understand listened to my problem. I could hear roosters crowing in the background. He then said he would be checking my connection from his end and I should wait on the line. After 15 minutes of silence he came back on the line and said he was still checking the connection. After another 45 minutes of silence I started asking if anyone was there. The line soon went dead. No callback – even though he confirmed my callback number.’

    B3) The third person (female) also had a name I could not understand. When she spoke it sounded like I was talking to her on a cell phone as she was walking down a street. I could hear lots of wind sounds so I guess she was outside. I asked her how I could get a replacement modem. She said that she could not find my account. I asked if I could talk to a supervisor and she said she did not know how I could do that and suggested I would have to call 1800 244 1111 and use option 5 to talk to someone or option 4 to talk to product support about the modem. This is effectively where I started yesterday.

    B4) I tried option 5 – but it was after 6.00 PM local time and I was asked to call back during business hours.

    I started to suspect that the last two support persons were doing something completely different from sitting in front of tools that could help them support me.

    Some useful information:
    – I am an electrical/electronics/software engineer with 40+ years of experience. I think the modem is not working correctly. It has not worked correctly since it was purchased and installed ~3 months ago.
    – I tested everything I could before calling support – including possible wifi interference – however that should not affect the RJ45 ports.
    – I just went outside and connected the modem directly to the fiber box outside the house (to eliminate faulty wiring inside the house). The modem still works just as poorly as it did inside the house. Hence the house wiring is not at fault. I just checked Ookla speed test – it could not connect to a server.
    – In the fiber box, the power and Network status are solid green, the top green led on the RJ45 connection (Eth2) to which the WAN line is connected is solid green. The bottom RJ45 connection is flashing orange. The Modem WAN led is flashing green, the Modem LAN led is always off.

    In any case this is my experience. I will try and call your HQ tomorrow and see if anyone there is at all interested in listening to my experience.

  • guest says:

    Actively looking for your replacement.

  • Rudi young says:

    I am trying to reach someone in Corp that can help with a a big issue. I am getting upset with your customer care side to retention to even billing. This needs to be resolved now not later. You can call me at +13852682870 as soon as possible

    Rudi young

  • Melvin J. Edington says:

    30 minutes getting messed around by this company when all I wanted was to pay my bill.
    A second call to disconnect phone service went nowhere when an agent named Israel either wouldn’t or couldn’t provide any quality service.
    60 minutes total wasted time between 2 phone calls just to pay my bill, which should have been a *3* minute call!!!!

  • VERY Unsatisfactory says:

    This company is TRASH! Not only do you constantly get hung up on when trying to resolve any issues, but they don’t help in any way even when they make the mistake. We signed up with the knowledge that we pay on a certain date. They continued to try and charge my card after I called and spoke with 4 different people about them charging me a week in advance. When we originally signed up it took 3 weeks to get the modem, we were not compensated for our lost time that we paid for. If you are thinking of signing up with century link please think again. To top it off the service itself sucks so badly I was fired from my job due to bad connections on a constant basis. I would not give this company the time of day ever again!

  • cp says:

    unacceptable in Arizona,
    december 23, 2021 put in a repair ticket no internet. 1st available appt Jan 2nd. called continuously to find out what is going on. finally told five days later there was an outage. Requested credit on account because problem would not be fixed until January 4, 2022. December 31, 2021 received a message on phone problem fixed should have internet, no internet, called again was told my repair ticket cancelled by CL because a line was cut and fixed in our area. called again Saturday, told my repair ticket not cancelled and tech would be there Jan 2nd between 8:15am -8:45pm. no show, no notifications, Called Janaury 3rd, over 60 minutes on phone with tech customer service, asking legitmate questions not getting answers, request another repair order – 1st available January 10, 2022, So now i call customer service billing tell Scott representative what has taken place, on hold for 54 minutes. CL OWNS 86% OF THE MARKET AND CL APPARENTLY DOESNT GIVE A **** about their on time long standing customers. TRULY DISGUSTING, DISGUSTED.

    • Melvin J. Edington says:

      Typical customer abuse by this company. It was occassional in the past, but has now become business as usual. Chronic problem with customer service, and unlike any other corporation I deal with.
      The old motto appears to be back in vogue:
      We don’t care, we don’t have to.
      We are the PHONE COMPANY!

  • Donald Mccullock says:

    Very poor service. They will not fix the neighbor phones. At 8 residents have no service. This 29 Dec 2021 they say they will fix it on 5 Jan 2022. 😡

    • Melvin J. Edington says:

      You dont have to stand still for this. Complain to the Better Business Bureau. Complain to your public utility commission.
      Complain on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social media.
      Their executive officers do not seem to care, or nonsense like this would not be standard operating procedure.

  • Ernestina Llanes says:

    This company’s internet service is lousy. Half the time it doesn’t work. When I did call for for a service man for which they are charging me 99.00 they told me he would be here between 8:00 and 5:00. Of course he never showed up when I did call their customer service the person on the other line kept interrupting me and would not let me talk when I asked to give me the number to the corporate office he gave me a bogus phone number. I don’t even know how they stay in business. I would not recommend them to anyone. Do they even look at these reviews from their customers?

  • Greg Willingham says:

    This company should not even be in business. Your so called fiber optic high speed internet is a joke. We have been with this company for almost 6 years and been plagued with nothing but slow service, outages and horrible customer service. We pay for 100 maps, and we have never had that kind of speed. We have home wifi but never can get it to be accessible in our home every where, and it’s spotty at best. Your CS representatives have no clue how to mitigate problems, and they promise credits that never happen. What kind of BS is this company that is built off the back of the American consumer think they are doing. False advertising, false claims of great customer service, etc. is not good business. High prices for “crappy at best” service is ripping off the customer for benefit of profit, and that is not going to stand for much longer.

  • Jenna Kinghorn says:

    Your company sucks. I have been waiting over a month for a refund and have been told 3 different time that it would be to me in 10 business days. I still have not received it and will be getting my lawyers involved

  • Tom Culpepper says:

    Been with this company for 24 years and the service has gone down each year, yesterday I cancelled my internet with them and they said they had to cancel the internet and my phone due to a packaged deal, said my phone would be out for 24 hours, today after 24 hours we signed on to see what the problem was and they said our account was overdue for $9.68, we checked and have a paid in full on the 4th of the month, the chat agent couldn’t find anything about our previous chats and now we have been on hold with chat for over 30 minutes. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and I am about to cancel my phone and get rid of this company. Tom Culpepper

  • Erika Barrios says:

    called to disconnect my services and moved to a temporary address. The customer Rep name Amber was very rude. I explained that I have been with Centurylink for over ten years and as a loyalty customer they could not offered me a discount promotion or offer me anything. I asked to speak to the supervisor and the Supervisor name Amber as well was not very helpful and did not help me with anything. She said I has to pay the full amount of the internet for about $45 dollars a month. I am very disappointed with the customer care and there services. I am a loyalty customer and they could of offers me a promotion. I was not told that If I move or transfer my internet that the promotion I have now I would lose it. I am currently paying $18.00 a month.

  • Oena Lujan says:

    To whom it Concerns,

    I disagree with CentryLink’s reports and findings. It took nearly 3 months for my service to be connected nearly 2 years ago. I had to call 3-4 times a week and talked to managers, engineers, customer service agents for months. I’d be told different stories of why they couldn’t connect me every time I called. When my internet was finally connected, it wasn’t connected to the high speed I had asked for causing major delays in usage. I contacted customer service and yet again went through several channels which stated they’d fix the issues; which didn’t happen. I was told that I was being given a $90 credit, 1 year later I still hadn’t received that. I was told I’d be sent gift cards; this also never happened. Clallam Bay and a lot of my co-workers here at Clallam Bay Corrections Center have had tremendous amounts of issues with CentryLink. From billing issues, errors on billing not being corrected and major connection issues. This issue doesn’t get resolved at any level, ever! I tried several times to work with CentryLink but they weren’t applying the credit to my bill. On top of this the customer service I talked to several times and Managers and even ENGINEERS; stated they’d get the problems fixed; again this didn’t happen. These issues never got resolved and I told them to pick up their equipment and disconnect me; which also didn’t happen for the equipment. I’ve made several attempts prior to this being sent to collections to get things corrected. When I talk to customer service, managers they always say they’ll have it fixed and then it NEVER HAPPENS. THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE and refuses to fix their issues at the higher level. I have no problem paying my bill from when I asked for it to be disconnected and the equipment picked up; which was nearly 6 months ago now; after all the fees have been removed and my credits have been applied.
    CentryLink has the motto “CenturyLink was built upon a set of commitments that we call our Unifying Principles – fairness, honesty and integrity, commitment to excellence, positive attitude, respect, faith and perseverance – and we use them to guide how we interact with you, with each other and with our business partners and communities.” They do not follow any of these here in Clallam Bay.
    This company continues to take advantage of the small community here and even at the manager level it never gets resolved. We get made promises without follow thru. I’ve attempted to contact corporate as well and again nothing ever changes. Here in Clallam Bay they realize that we have limited options for tv and internet and they take full advantage of this and screw people over.


    Oena J. Lujan
    81 Frontier St. Apt. 1
    Clallam Bay, WA 98326

  • >