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Cellular sales management company is based in Knoxville and deals in wired and wireless form of telecommunication services. The company is estimated to manage about 500 employees in total and better yet generate revenue of $201.03 million annually.

This company was founded in 2007 and has maintained the same official address ever since then which is 9040 Executive Park Dr Knoxville, TN, 37923-4607 United.

Communication to the company is furthermore made easy thanks to the official communication number given on their main website, (865) 584-7555.

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  • JanelleL says:

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CELLULAR SALES!!! The store employees, store managers and the executive team does not protect your privacy nor do they take your privacy seriously. They totally violate your privacy and do not protect account owners even though we are the ones that have to pay the bill. This business has allowed an individual who was not authorized to make purchases on an account, add a brand new phone worth $1,200, without getting approval from the account owner. They also shared all the information on my account with a non-account owner. Careful, who knows what else that they will allow someone else to do to your account, yet you e one that will be stuck paying the bill. Why have a PIN #, security question or any passwords on your account – they will just ignore them. When you call them to discuss an issue, they dodge your calls and don’t return your calls, until backed into a corner and then they throw a tiny credit at you and think that you should be grateful and that you will just go away ~ this is all a big joke to them. I can only imagine what other shady things they do, to rip people off. No skin off of their backs ~ I guarantee if this happened to any of them it would be a whole different story.

  • Dr. Eddie L. Tiggs says:

    I was sold a Gadget Guard Black Ice screen protector (GGBISP). The representative explained that the GGBISP would protect my screen from breakage and scratches. Well, the screen broke and the representative is no longer at the store. The store manager referred me to the GGBISP company and they honored the warranty up to $250.00 but I have to pay out of my pocket to have it repaired. The U-Break it and We-Fix it cost to repair the screen is $320.00-$350.00. GGBISP request the receipt be submitted to them for payment, which will take approximately 3-6 months.

    Celluarsales gave a $100.00 accessory coupon to be used in its store of my choice. However, the store nearest my home does not have any accessories for my Galaxy S-10 phone. The stores have indicated they only stock items that are in demand so, I am out of luck. The coupon is not honored online but it does not expire. “What good is the coupon if there is not availability of accessories”? This is costing time, Gas, and energy dealing with the store and call center.

    My recommendation is to never trust a word out of Celluarsales agents mouth because they will sale you anything they can. They are their to get paid and not to do what’s ethnically correct. I will never purchase another item from Celluarsales. This matter will be turned over to my attorney, the BBB, AG, and my Congressman.

    This could have been solved on a local bases and not mushroomed to an issue of this size.

  • Robert Brodeur says:

    Dear Sirs, I will be very brief. On Aug.3,2021 I purchased 2 Samsung Aos2 for my wife and myself. I was frauded by one of your employees. The store is located Old Franklin TPKE in Rocky Mount VA. He told me they would be free, we were taking advantage of the promotion that Verizon was offering. I am sending a letter to your HQ with all the details. I will not pay for these phones, your salesman lied and willfully misled us. We are seniors and have rights. The AG of Virginia has been notified of this fraud along with Verizon HQ, my State senator and Congressman Bob Good. sincerely Robert Brodeur

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