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CEFCO Convenience Stores Corporate office Headquarters

CEFCO Convenience Stores Headquarters Address and Contact

CEFCO Convenience Stores

CEFCO Convenience Stores Headquarters Location & Directions

CEFCO Convenience Stores Headquarters Executive Team



Ken Rowland

Chief Operating Officer

Bryan Rusty

Director, Facilities

Kevin Kennemer

Regional VP, Operations

Chris Postlewaite

Senior Director, Food and Beverage

Randy Helfer

Senior Facility Director

Andrik Hixson

Director of Supply Chain Management Operations and Marketing

CEFCO Convenience Stores, History and Headquarters Information

Cefco Convenience Store corporate was first established in the year 1998 and has remained a pioneer ever since in the grocery store industry today. It generates approximately revenue of $672,309 annually. The company also manages 6 employees throughout its organization.

The official company headquarters of the business are based in 101 Williams St Marlin, TX, 76661-3055 United States.

Customers that want to communicate to the company are allowed to do so by calling the official phone number given which is (254) 883-3006.

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  • Russell D Harris says:

    Fresh hotdog buns

  • Bain Walker says:

    Everytime I go into the store to pay for a item Ms Jill Gentry a cashier there refuses to take my money because I’m a black man when I go to the counter to check out she walks away and go out side refusing to take except my money this has been going on since she started working there I live in Gilmer TX where the CEFCO store is located I never had this problem until she started working there I don’t know what to do I love shopping there it has everything I need and more I was going to tell the manager but I was afraid he might not listen if I have to take my business somewhere else I will do so and inform everyone of the horrible things I have been going through some customers even witness Ms.Gentry use the term NIGGER this should never be allowed she is not a friendly person when it comes to dealing with with black’s or Mexicans her attitude towards other races are unexcusable she always has a frown when none white customers come to pay please excuse me for not using my name

  • Patricia Russell says:

    I stop at store today around 12:45 going to my Doctor’s Appt sent my brother in to get 15.00 dollars gas when he return he only had 80.00 should have been 85.00 sent him back to get the 5.00 they forgot to return to him, gave him a hard time finally they decided to rectify the situation after gi I g him hard time. They act as thou he was stealing when it was their mistake. Associates need some attitude adjustment. I was employed in Retail for 42 years an never seen a situation like today when I made it to Dr
    appt my blood pressure was high. I don’t know if this even matter to you but it really upset me

    • Bain Walker says:

      I live in Gilmer TX where there’s a CEFCO LOCATED and every time I go it’s a bad experience the cashier that works there is never friendly she has even to be so bold to tell me personally as I would leave the store blacks and Mexican don’t belong there and it’s made for white’s only yes she is a middle aged white woman who always has a attitude I don’t know what to do p.s.im truly sorry for your experience

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