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  • Address: 1 Cedar Point Dr, Sandusky, OH 44870, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 419-627-2260

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 10,000

  • Established: 1983

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Matthew A Ouimet “Matt” (Chairman)

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Richard A Zimmerman


Tim Fisher

Chief Operating Officer

Brian C Witherow


About Cedar Fairs, History and Headquarters Information

Cedar Fair was incorporated in 1983. It was launched as a public corporation in 1987. It began as a recreational area. It is headquartered in Sandusky, Ohio.

Cedar Fair, L.P. is an entertainment company that owns and operates family-oriented amusement parks situated all over the USA. The Company’s parks are managed and run under various names such as Valleyfair, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun names, Knott’s Berry Farm, and the Cedar Point. They are well-known as one of the largest regional amusement-resort operators in the world. The Company has and manages 11 amusement parks, which includes two outdoor water parks, five hotels, and one indoor water park. All of the parks are located throughout the USA like in Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Minnesota, Missouri, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Ontario, and Toronto.

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  • Joe says:

    Pretty bad you go to Cedar Point with the family to have fun and u wait in line to walk through hunt and there thick fog and u have a scare actor pushing and shoving my son in law cuz they said he touch one of the actors there was no way.. this all happen at blood on the bayou which was lame and not put together good. he was pulling a wagon for my grandson and he had his woman on his side with the actor was the only they she lick out was he was wearing a red hoodie well cedar point I pick out there was 3 or 4 red hoodies in the same area then the captain of the scare actors but his hand all ove a minor as she was trying to leave and the captain of the scare actor blow his rape whistle in my ear I told him I have a disability that I have that affects my brain and my hearing with the loud noise of the whistle my ear stared to bleed and I have videos of it all and when I told him that he came up to me amd blew is whistle again in my ear it’s on the video and even the security guard saying that she was a cop when I ask her for a badge number she goes we don’t have one but then the cop came they gave me there badge numbers and they said they are payed off by cedar point that they have to believe there scare actors over any one els and they said even though if a scare actor pushes u that is considered assault.. so they can put there hand on u and they are protected
    By cedar point law?? Sometimes has to be done it’s bull shit they take ur money have the ride don’t work right or they are not running to begin with not to mention the top fuel dragster how it fell apart and hurt a woman!! Did I mention I do have a video of it and how wrong we were treated

  • Jacquelyn Tafoya says:

    My name is Jacquelyn Tafoya and I went to Great America on 07/16/22. We had an issue occur the day we went to Great America for my son’s birthday. We were in line at Rip Roaring Rapids for a little over an hour. Myself and my friend needed to use the restroom. We were in a group and informed our group that we needed to run to the restroom as we couldn’t hold it anymore. We left for about 5-7 mins and when returning there was a young lady named Kaya. Kaya stopped us and said we couldn’t go through. I informed her we were in a group and just ran to the restroom and were just going back to our group. We were told that it didn’t matter and to go back to the line. I told her there were people that passed through our group earlier who also went to the restroom and no one stopped them. I asked her if there was a supervisor I could speak to and she said “this is my ride so you can speak with me” in a rude tone. I said I would like to speak with her manager because this was unacceptable. Several people were going in out of the line before us and just wanted to go back to our group after using the restroom. Paying customers are waiting for rides for an hour to maybe 2 hours. So there are going to be people who need to use the restroom. I personally have an overactive bladder so when I need to go I have to go. It’s a medical condition. While waiting for a manager Kaya is snickering and staring at my friend and I with a ride attendant at the Eagle ride. Mind you we haven’t been on one ride that day. The Rapid ride was our first one. My husband and our party were calling us wondering where we were and had to explain what happened. We bought 14 tickets, 2 season passes, and my sister who was with us also bought my son his season pass for his birthday. We also had 1 more person in our party that had a season pass. That’s a total of 18 people in our party alone. We were waiting by the Eagle for about 20-30 mins when she said that she will take us to where the ride attendants are to wait for her manager. While walking there my husband saw us and was extremely upset about the situation. When my husband saw us he informed me that he asked an attendant where he could use the restroom (it was his first time at Great America) and was told there were plenty of trees around. This individual’s name was Arlette. My sister heard Arlette’s response and said “what did you just say?” Arlette then repeated herself. When Arlette was asked about the situation she first denied it and said she just got there. Then the story changed and Arlette said it was just a joke. While waiting for a manager where the fast pass riders go to, the ride attendants yelled at other customers who were leaning on the fence. On top of customer’s paying their tickets or season pass, it’s an extra $99 for these people to purchase the fast pass. You would think that paying customers would be treated with a little bit more respect. At this point I had it. I stood up for those individuals that I did not know because it was the right thing to do. I told the attendants that is not the way you speak to people. You do not yell at people, you speak to them and kindly ask them not to lean on the fence. While waiting for a manager for another 40mins our party reached out to HR as did myself until David arrived. I told David how long we were waiting and I understood that he must be busy but this was not ok for the way these attendants were treating people. I know they are young kids and most likely working their first job, but it’s about being respectful towards others. David understood and also said when he was working way over he heard the attendants yell at the fast pass riders. When I was my son’s age I would go to Great America and enjoy the day with my family. I wanted our family and friends to experience the same. A couple of them came down from out of state to celebrate my son’s birthday and this was the type of experience they had at Great America. David provided us passes for 3 rides that we could go on with the fast pass for our group which we did appreciate but rallying up 18 people for 3 rides was a lot of work. We went on a total of 4 rides that day. My husband and I spent a good amount of money on the tickets and season passes. Not including drinks and food that we spent on our group to apologize for the inconvenience that the whole incident caused. This was unacceptable and I never had such a horrible experience at a place of business. My husband and I are both supervisors so we know how to keep our composure, but this was ridiculous.


    Great America is the worst customer service company

  • Gary Prandi says:

    I was working at CA Great America on June 30 when I suffered an injury. It was a puncture wound to my left inside calf. I ended up going to the hospital for it. This puncture wound took close to 2 months to heal. I tried to get workman’s compensation for it but have yet to see anything. This should have been taken care of by now. I was wondering what is taking so long.

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