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  • Address: 51 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019, United States
  • Phone Number: 212-975-4321
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 15,000
  • Established: 1927
  • Founder: William S. Paley & Arthur Judson
  • Key People: Leslie Moonves II (Chairman, President & CEO)

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CBS Headquarters Executive Team



Jo Ann Ross

President of Sales & Chief Advertising Revenue Officer

Adam R. Townsend

Executive VP, Corporate Finance and Investor Relations

Joseph R. Ianniello

Chief Operating Officer

About CBS, History and Headquarters Information


CBS was founded in the year 1929. The company has been operational for almost 90 years now. The founder of the company was Arthur Judson. The origins of the company go back to the year 1927 when United Independent Broadcasters Network was established. The same year, after getting investment from Columbia Phonograph Company, the name of the company was changed to Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System and was aired on the same year as well. By the year 1932, the overall gross income of the company was already raking at an amount of $4.7 million - the success which is attributed to the management under the control of William S Paley. In the year 1934, the company launched its independent news network as well. Then in the year 1941, the company started its television station.

During the end of the 1960s, 1970s and the early 1980s, CBS was indeed very much popular with their television shows, and their shows received better ratings as well. This is all due to the various types of soaps and serials that were aired during that time, including Gunsmoke, The Beverly Hillbillies, Hee Haw, etcetera. During the starting of the early 1990s, the television channel of the company came in behind of ABC and NBC. The company, in order to improve the condition of the TV channel, signed up The Winter Olympics and also Major League Baseball. But, by the early 2000s, due to the success of most of its TV shows like CSI, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, etcetera, the company returned to its previous first place. This also increased the company's rivalry with Fox Entertainment. As of the current date, CBS is planning to merge up with Viacom, in the television entertainment space. The headquarters of the company is based in 51 West 52nd Street. The name of the place is New York, while the name of the state is New York, United States. The pin code of the area is 10019.


CBS is an American media and broadcasting company that focuses on providing various types of news and information, along with entertainment shows via the television and online, to its users. The current interim president and CEO of the company are Joseph Ianniello. The picture format in which the company broadcasts most of its shows is at 1080i or HDTV. As of the year 2018, the company is ranked at 197th out of the Fortune 500 companies list, in terms of overall revenue by corporations in the USA.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a platform in order to consume content in the form of news or entertainment, via television or online, produced by the company itself. The company also has a radio network as well.

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  • Guest says:

    Programming after the seals it is not magnum pi it is the equalizer Saturday and sunday

  • Melissa says:

    Why are you allowing jared to stay on big brother 25. Zero tolerance is zero tolerance! Is it ok for a black to say a derogatory comment about a white but not the other way around? Is it because his mommy is a cbs legend? Guess he’s the one you’re making sure wins!!!! Do the right thing cbs!!!!

  • Sharon Black says:

    Stop letting the left direct your broadcast! Individuals are not guilty until they’re tried in a court of law. Like the stories you have on our past President Trump. The charges are “alleged” until he is charged and prosecuted, the way your reporters talk about it he is guilty. CBS does not know this for certain, so stop the drama, the voice changing and facial expressions as this is just the news. Also, be fair and balanced as the current President is under investigation by Congress and he has a lot of cognitive issues, but you don’t hear that on your broadcast. Lastly, why are you selling things on our local channel which is KOVR 13 in Sacramento, CA? Don’t you make a lot of revenue with all the fees charged on cable & satellite companies, plus all the ads? How could CBS raise rates when the last few years have shown re-repeats of shows we’ve already seen or syndicated shows – which in my belief should always be new. There is no more fall or summer schedules, we are paying and expecting new programs all year long! Don’t be so greedy!!!

  • Jimmy says:

    CBS sucks. Lingo. Really. Another drag queen faggot ? Go fuck yourselves

  • Samina Raza says:

    CBS news talked about all the major weather events in 2023 but DID NOT mention the MASSIVE BLIZZARD that happened in Buffalo starting December 24!!!!! What?!?!?! Where are you people living, in a cave in the middle of nowhere!???? Pathetic!

  • Elisa says:

    What is going on either CBS, this is the second day in a row that The Bold and The Beautiful has been broadcasting in Spanish.

  • Guest says:

    Recently while watching Vladimir and Anne Marie ( Georgia) 9:35 am, I saw a disturbing commercial It was for Georgia Correctional Department — seeking correction officer applicants. The commercial was blatantly racist. I will not go into details – but you watch it and see what message it sends. As a major network, I’d think that this sort of biased presentation would not be tolerated.

  • Tony Mitchell says:

    This message goes to the owner, president and general manager AND THE REST OF YOU ALL INCLUDING the anchors AND the staff AND the reporters AND the interns AND EVERYBODY at the CBS News Room. How DARE! you be the most disrespectful news Channel to ever be on the network, on the airwaves and all that. It’s sad AND pathetic that you are the most disrespectful AND disgusting AND disliked News Channel in the world. You are being such a bigot, racist, and prejudiced, that you’re not showing and have not been showing the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II since 5:30 a.m. this morning to 12:00 p.m. today.

  • Candy Gore says:

    Why wasn’t President Biden’s speech broadcast on television prime time.

  • Don says:

    Colbert does not want to entertain us?… get someone to fill the time slot.

  • Doug says:

    Why don’t y’all report on Hunter Biden’s phone and laptop ?

  • Tom J Stauder says:


  • Sandy W. says:

    Please do not cancel Magnum PI. It has good stories, a great cast, and high ratings. Why cancel this show when others with lower ratings are renewed? Please reconsider.

  • Daveena says:

    I can’t believe that you are going to cancel United State of Al or B positive. Well I guess you just lost a viewer in me.

  • Sam says:

    I was disappointed with the last episode of The Neighborhood. I don’t want to be preached to. This is a show that I enjoy and watch every week. Stick with comedy, not politics

  • Elizabeth Olive says:

    Will I get a responce for an address

  • Elizabeth Olive says:

    I would like an address to send two sun type water color paintings to the Sunday Morning show. They use pictures of suns after each story

  • Karen Kiener says:

    I am so tried of all the violent shows that you put on television for our young people to see day after day. No wonder there is so much violence in our cities and schools today . You are a major contributor to the problem. Many talk about it however, when is the American people going to take a stand!

  • CBS viewer says:

    Whoopi saying that killing Jews wasn’t racist because of there color of there skin that’s racism coming wright out her mouth that shouldn’t be aloud you fired Sharon Osborne for being friends with piers morgan and now CBS to fire her for reverse racism

  • Racist says:

    Why Does This Broadcasting Network bow to America’s number one enemy?
    Not China, not Russia, Not North Korea, not even Iran.
    The enemy that CBS fears, and broadcasts false reports on behalf of is an enemy inside our borders, not outside.
    America’s greatest threat comes from one that is clothed in weak frailty.
    He was illegally elected as your president.
    Stand for America’s freedom, if you continue to choose not to, you will find that this Great Nation will fall under the hand of a tyrant that has already began his quest to dismantle our freedoms.

  • LC says:

    Your channel aired several “Audit the Vote in PA” ads during The Equalizer. I am appalled that you would accept money from such a horrible, lying, undemocratic, evil group. You have lost all my support. As far as I am concerned, CBS is just as evil and violently undemocratic as a group that supports the domestic terrorist attack on our Capitol Building because of “The Big Lie” that has been proven untrue over and over again. Clean up you act!!!!

  • Daniel MacAlister says:

    Our local CBS affiliate, WINK in SW Florida, runs a commercial for a company called Plantation Shutters that states, “If you support President Biden and are a Liberal, don’t call.” This “hate speech”, anti-American, divisive business practice should not be condoned on a nationally supported network. Is CBS is as bad as FOX? Stop promoting ignorance!

  • Wesley a Cole says:

    To whom it may concern
    My name is Wesley a Cole of morgantown west Virginia our cable supplier is Comcast/xfinity out of
    pittsburg pa I’m notifying you
    because for 2 weeks now on tuesday evenings fbi/ FBI most wanted are repeats
    will you please investigate
    this situation and fix this
    problem… Thank you
    Sincerely yours
    Wesley a Cole of morgantown west Virginia and the nitor building

  • Thomas Hesler says:

    Good morning, my name isThomas Hesler. I’m 76 years old and battling Cancer, I’m confidence to my home. Could you find your way to bring Back Ncis New Orleans. I love the show and need the show to brighten my day. So please bring back Ncis New Orleans.

  • Karen Mackert says:

    Thank you very much for producing two amazing shows…The United States of Al and Bob ( hearts) Abishola. They are fun in the right places and, best of all, make us think. We need more shows like these.

  • Deborah says:

    Why are supporting Mike Lindell “My Pillow” stop showing his commercials he’s a disgrace to this country. By you supporting his product tells me you support him.

  • David Chambers says:

    Why on Wed night “news” was there no mention of Afghanistan? You and your competitors MUST remember to be unbiased journalist, for the good of the good of the country.

  • Sanjeev p. says:

    I am trying to be on the news but news guys listen to my story and then very easily the say I prove it paid media they can’t do nothing about that they’re not helping people they are collecting the paid program Humanity still on the paper need to apply to realty if someone want they’re capable to help me call me

  • urs says:

    “Love Island” makes a travesty of the title. It is such cheap, vile crap that we will not allow it on any of our devices until such time as you cease any refence to “love” or any other honest human emotion: this is about creating a false persona and using it to manipulate others. Tacky and fake! selling our shares in CBS this month.

  • Richard Day says:

    Sirs your guy on late night made a racist comment and I’m defending buy it. And if nothing is done about I will have over 5,000 Veterans start calling every CBS station. You call yourself far. What he said better not more white after September.

  • Robin R Mcgrath says:

    Done with CBS will not watch a program on CBS that allows Stephen Colbert to throw his political views if its the views of CBS we are all in trouble shut Colbert up

    • Christine Heffner says:

      I agree with you! He needs to be removed from the show! He is a assailed and totally obsessed with Donald Trump,

  • D.C. Price says:

    Your Jacksonville, Florida Affiliate has taken away the first half hour of the Judge Judy show to expand the news broadcast. Initially they were breaking in to give live updates and show speeches. Now they are using this time to extend the new cast, show infomercials and waste viewers time. I am sure the Judge Judy is under contract for this time slot and this station is violating that contract. Please inform them to go back to regular programming. I will be contacting the Judge Judy legal team to advise them.

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