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  • Address: 7820 S Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75703, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 903-509-9020

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 2,000

  • Established: 1965

  • Founder: James Cavender

  • Key People: Joe Cavender (President)

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About Cavenders, History and Headquarters Information

Cavender’s is a retailer that owns and manages western wear stores. It has a wide variety of products that include traditional and modern-style hats, boots, clothing and home decor. Currently, there are more than 1600 associates working for them who manage and operate around 80 stores in 11 states in the USA which covers Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Alabama, and Mississippi. The stores sell their products under the brand name “Cavender’s Western Outfitter” outside of Texas.

 Cavenders was incorporated by James R. Cavender in 1965. It has its headquarters in Tyler, Texas. In 1981 it was renamed to “Cavender’s Boot City”.

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  • Grady L. Archie Jr. says:

    I need someone to contact me. I was over charged in a store and I don’t believe that I was treated fairly.

  • Lee says:

    Something needs to be done about a certain “manager “ giving special treatment to certain ASMs down in the RGV (mcallen) cavenders store. 3 hour lunches? Ridiculous. Rather than helping they leave the store alone to fend for itself. Line wrapping towards the back of the store when cashier system was down and ASM and head cashier were left alone while the “head honcho” of that store and 2 other ASM and hat shaper were out having a nice 3 hour lunch 🙂 that manager needs to get his ass out of his office and out of that chair and give a little TLC to his own store.

  • apache says:

    well, i think cavenders used to be a decent store…..can’t recall how long ago that has been….apparently many years…..seems to me no real customer service…..ok, real bullshit over and over.
    Impossible to find any kind of regional manager, or anyone at corporate to answer the phone….in my experience. store managers are totally full of crap it seems.
    Have you people, owners, ever heard of quality control?
    No, never mind….I know the answer to that…haha
    Ok, that’s all I have…..just check out the other reviews below…..may keep you from shopping or ever working there.

  • Mary says:

    Fix the air conditioner in Corpus Christi before someone has literal heat stroke

  • mark khan says:

    The Manager at Round Rock TX Aguilar, must go through extensive customer service training or find other employment, where customers do not come first”
    Man is, extremely argumentative, accusatory, unhelpful and he thinks he is all it, all over a damn pair of Jeans, this store will never be getting my business again

  • JK says:

    Go to boot barn much easier to deal with Cavenders sucks and whoever Laura is in customer service is a dumb bit** literally retarded

  • Jennifer says:

    Just went to your Conroe location and Brandon was most helpful. Honestly, I’ve never had such great customer service anywhere. Brandon was very attentative and also very polite.



  • Linda says:

    Save yourself some time and frustration and order from somewhere else. The only thing guaranteed is that part, if not all, of your order will be cancelled. Customer service is poor, they couldn’t care less about their reputation. The same goes for corporate.

  • Current says:

    Currently work for cavenders for almost 2 years now. My boss just hired the guy who sexually harassed me earlier this year. She knew about it, and hired him as my manager anyway. She told the person who makes the schedule not to do any accommodations because she can deal with it.” I’m afraid to go to HR because I’m afraid to lose this job. Not that I want to work here anyway, they don’t pay you what you deserve, and they promise you management positions only to give it to other people who have only just started and know nothing about the store. DO NOT WORK HERE.

  • brooklyn patterson says:

    I am now a former employee and the management has been horrible. So before i even got hired i told them the dated i cant work. And when i wasnt supposed to work i get scheduled. Like before i even STARTED i told them i couldn’t couldn’t work these dates. And they still scheduled me. They obviously dont care when you can or can not work. So save your life and not apply there.

    • Current says:

      They don’t care about their employees. Even if you have cancer or badly need a surgery. They do not care. As long as they hit that bottom line, cavenders has a revolving door that people come in and walk right back out of. I’m the only person that has been there over 8 months and I get treated like shit.

  • Charlie Anderson says:

    I’m at the store in corpus Christi Texas there’s approximately three shoppers in the whole store, they paged for me three times someone to come to the hat department no one ever showed up this door definitely needs New Management what can I do to get service I need my hat worked on that I purchased here

  • Roy Benham says:

    I have tried calling but if I don’t know the first or last name of a person, you get nowhere!! Not a happy cavenders customer!!! Please have someone contact me via email.

  • Jezika says:

    Cavenders is refusing to stretch my boots I bought. I’m being given different excuses.

  • Ashley Mueller says:

    I am a former employee for 2 months I have been trying to get my last paycheck and for 2 month they had each time I worked and have yet to do anything about it. Managers are rude and think they’re better than everyone else, laughing at you for asking for help. Worst place I have ever worked! Save your time and go somewhere who actually cares about their employees

  • Phillip Silvas says:

    I can’t believe that you can’t even supply a box for a man that is giving his dad a hat as a gift. You may need to go ahead and lock your doors, you could have customer serviced a box.

  • Amy Roddriguez says:

    I ordered a pair of Women’s Ariat shoes in Nov 2021 and received a pair of men’s boots. I returned the boots immediately and have been fighting ever since to get a refund. Customer service told me they have screwed up a lot of orders and are getting so many returns and only two people give refunds to wait a couple of more weeks. I waited in line an hour to. hear this. THIS IS THEFT.

  • J Wisdom says:

    I ordered some boots for my dad for best the first pair ordered were terrible. The right boot was too big and the left boot was way too small. I also ordered my boyfriend the same style of boot and they look as if they were worn. We returned both pairs to the Cavender Store in Chesterfield, MO. We looked for another pair of boots and noticed there were several pairs of boots on the shelf which looked like they had been worn outside.
    Needless to say we decided not to purchase and pair there. I did order a pair of boots online for my dad on January 2, 2022 and paid with my credit card. I was waiting on delivery of the boots when on Jan. 5, 2022, I received an email from Cavenders the order had been cancelled. I called Cavenders to ask why the order was cancelled and had to leave a call back number which I’m still waiting to receive a call from Cavenders.I checked online to make another and noticed the price had increased. If the cancellation of my order was because the priced increased, well to me that is a bad way to do business. I made the purchase on the advertised price and Cavenders should have honored my purchase. And the boot and size was still available.  Very disappointed with Cavenders customer service.We show horses and rodeo and have made all our purchases each year for all of our riding attire either online or at the Chesterfield, MO store. We have experienced negative and unprofessional customer service our past two visits at the store along with lack of and unacceptable quality of merchandise at the store and now with the cancellation of the recent online order. I finally got in touch with a customer service representative and she said she couldn’t help us.

  • Elizabeth Oblak says:

    Very disappointed in the customer service. Bought a pair of pants online and got a notification three days later that my order had been canceled and that I could hit the order details to see why. Once I did that it just gave me the order details of when I ordered it. I contacted customer service three times and had wait times of over an hour with no one coming on so I’ve left my phone number twice and not a single phone call has been returned to answer my questions about why my order was canceled. I have spent lots of money at Cavender‘s in Stillwater Oklahoma and online and have always been satisfied with my purchases but not this time.

  • Brenda Castillo says:

    Need action taken in a cancelled order by company !!

  • James Payne says:

    Ordered a black Stetson 100X “El Presidente” used a coupon and bought the hat for $876.00. Received the hat in good time and was pleased. Then I received a second hat and a second $876.00 charge. Now it appears I have to send it back rather than take it to my local store and wait for a refund.

    • Joe murr says:

      Did you check with your local cavenders? Usually if you order something online as long as you have tags and an emailed receipt and order papers they will give u a refund but you must have receipts and tags and have everything free from odors and dirt really just needs to be in sellable condition.

  • Me says:

    Cavenders does not pay their employees !
    Been waiting on 2 payroll checks for over a month now and still have not been paid !

  • Tiff Umbrell says:

    Ordered 3 gifts for my son for Christmas just saw in my email that my order has been cancelled per my request. I never requested for it to be cancelled… called my cc company and you haven’t released the funds. I’m a full time single mom so now he gets NOTHING for Christmas! I tried calling n told to email. I email no response. BBB IS BEING CALLED. You could at least reply here to us!!!!

  • Pia says:

    I placed 2 separated orders. I’ve been tracking since your website says 24-48 to receive an updates. It’s been 6 days, and one order was canceled and my bank doesn’t show a pending refund. I have orders online many times with no problem. Thank you so much, those were my husband’s Christmas gifts. No luck threw customer service, I got blocked on email, NOW WHAT ??

  • Scheana says:

    Purchased 2 different orders through you totaling around $400 1/2 my orders have shipped the other “in-process” I’ve been trying to get in touch with customer service NO ONE RESPONDS! These are Christmas gifts and idk if I’ll even get them in time!! I called a store to ask if they could help and was told they can’t get in touch with customer service either so clearly no one from boot barn corporate cares! Will never do business with them again especially after reading the other comments listed here

  • Austin TX Dissatisfied Customer says:

    I have not been able to reach Cavender’s Customer Service department either by phone, email or on line portal. I purchased an on line order, which is still pending “in process”.

    Phone attempts: 172 calls
    before me, and then today
    “We cannot take your call.
    Email us”.

    I tried emailing and the
    email bounced back.

    If the item will not be shipped before Christmas then I want to cancel. I’m at a loss for a Texas company totally ignoring their customers. Reporting you to BBB and will find another business to spend my money.

  • Bobbootbarnbuyer says:

    You spend your money at CAVENDERs and buy online.Thinking your order will come in for CHRISTMAS,since you place your order since Dec.6 2021.When you get no email or call,that your order was canceled.I found out finally when I called and waited caller#196 to finally get a hold of a rep.2 orders cancelled with one pending,its problaly gonna get cancelled to,but email says in process.Update the truth so we can know what’s going on and replace gifts elsewhere and not have us in limbo.Never will I shop again at CAVENDERS.COMPETITOR WEB SITES AND constant update of notification are superb.Thankyou bootbarn.FOR insuring I get my family their gift wishlist when other just gave a marage.

  • Antoinette Meek says:

    This company is the worst. Customer Reps only tell you what you want to hear. I’ve spent three days and countless hours trying to find out about my order that was placed a month ago. In the end all that I wanted to do was cancel my order. Three hours later my call was dropped when I was second in cue. I will never order from Cavenders again. Absolutely Terrible.

  • Ric Coyle says:

    I spent 1 1/2 hours trying to speak a representative only to be hung up on your company is a joke I’ve requested a call back for 3 day’s and nothing.You need to rethink your system so a customer can actually get help when you have made a mistake on an order. I can be reached at 201-247-8029. If you have any decentcy please have someone from your company contact me

  • Rosendo Chavez Jr says:

    Please do not order online with these people ! Please do not go to their store period ! Me and my wife order my dad an FRC pull over hoodie, they were quick to take the money but as soon as it was “being shipped” they had it sent back to them. Never got my money back, never got my package!! Me and my wife have been calling them non stop! Waiting in 180 people lines on the phone, just to get hung up on when it’s close to our turn. EVERYTIME!! Never go to these worthless people and spend yalls hard earned money on this good for nothing company! Owners of this company should be ashamed of themselves!!

  • Henry Stine says:

    Worst customer service ever…and apparently no one in corporate cares

  • Jeremy glover says:

    Have tried getting ahold of store and online bought double h boots on 11-18-21 and they are already falling apart and I need this resolved

  • Mad Consumer says:

    Worst company I have ever dealt with! Their customer service is non-existent! I have called them 4 times to find where our order is, total wait time for these 4 calls is over 2 hours, NOT ACCEPTABLE!! Every call I got a different answer. Still NO delivery! My next call is to my bank to dispute the charge. This company is a bad joke. Beware !

  • Patricia says:

    I have tried to contact Cavender’s customer service called and emailed. I got no replies or response. The order was pending long enough for them to cancel my order and they didn’t. This is a terrible problem.

  • Anna says:

    I need someone to contact me and send my order! I’ve contacted via phone 4 times and been on hold over 30 min, left multiple voicemails, sent emails, can’t get corporate to answer either! This is insane and fraud! Taking peoples money and no product!😡

  • James Lake says:

    Can you please ship my order # 01303691 ???? No one will answer emails or calls. Customer service is terrible !!!

  • Rebecka Lynch says:

    I returned my boots bc they were too small and never received a refund. I have also called numerous times and have never been able to reach anyone. I m requesting a refund.

  • Don says:

    Disappointed. I’ve been to this store several times over the last year, yet sadly I think last night was the last. There was a young girl (I believe her name was Cali) that was very overbearing. I felt very harassed and uncomfortable. I asked her numerous times to just leave me be until I finally decided to leave and go across the street to Boot Barn. I don’t know if these kids get paid solely on commission but to be hounded and then ran out while others just stand around watching… it had to be one of the worst experiences ever.

  • Steve Van Andel says:

    Could you ship my order-SO000258670? I’ve called customer service 4 times and emailed twice.

  • Ginger says:

    I had worked in western retail for quite sometime, and if we ever treated our customers like this location did, someone would be fired. Not one person asked if we needed any help, I had to track down one of the giggling girls for help. And watched people stand at check out looking for someone to help them. Needless to say, I took my business to boot barn, spent $300, and will never go back to cavenders again. 72nd st in Omaha.

  • Angel Stout-Padovani says:

    Would Cavenders be willing to sponsor a few ladies with outfits to wear to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas? This a large venue with lots of exposure. I have several ladies who would be proud to wear the clothing and represent Cavenders in this way.

  • Laurie says:

    How do you contact the corporate office of Cavendars by phone?

  • Dalton Campbell says:

    I worked at the Cavenders in Conroe Texas, I am trying to get my W2 mailed to my new address.
    Dalton W. Campbell
    265 John Brewer Rd.
    DeRidder, Louisiana 70634
    ID 673683806
    Phone: 1-512-756-3237

  • Joe says:

    Will Cavanders be open during COVID 19 mandatory closure of non-essential businesses?

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