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  • Address: 8100 Denmark Rd, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 12,500

  • Established: 1946

  • Founder: Wayland Henry Cato, Wayland Henry Cato, Jr., Edgar Thomas

  • Key People: John P. Derham Cato (Chairman, President & CEO)

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Cato Fashions Headquarters Executive Team



John P. Derham Cato

Chairman, President & CEO

John R. Howe

Executive VP & CFO

George Berry

VP & Assistant Controller

About Cato Fashions, History and Headquarters Information

Cato Corporation was incorporated by Wayland Cato in 1946. The company is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company was launched as a public corporation, first in 1968, and then again in 1987.

The Cato Corporation is a retailer which runs and manages women’s fashion apparel stores. The Company provides a line of clothing products that include dresses, coats, shoes, lingerie, and sportswear, costume jewelry, handbags, men’s wear, and kid’s wear. It distributes its products under the names Cato, Cato Fashions, Cato Plus, It’s Fashion, It’s Fashion Metro and Versona Accessories. Each concept is made to focus at different customers such as Cato and Cato Plus focuses on Junior, misses and plus size; It’s Fashion targets Juniors, and Plus size; It’s Fashion Metro aims Larger, and Versona opts for “Exclusive” apparel and accessories. Currently, the company is operating around 1,372 stores and has a workforce of approximately 10,000.

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  • Stella L. Williams says:

    New Couison

  • Sandy says:

    My daughter never received her W2 from Cato’s from 2022. Because of this, she had to file an extension, to see if she could get in touch with ANYONE about it, but no one has replied, and it’s been months and months. I will not shop at Cato’s, if this is how they treat their employees.

  • Billie Cates says:

    Your store manager in Batesville Ms. Store# 00323, is the most rudest person, and very very unprofessional, that I have ever met!! Every time I go in this store, all of them are rude!! I took a return back today, the manager was nasty, and when she got thru with my return, she slapped the receipt and money in my hand and turned around and walked off into the store. I have been in this store several times, but as of today I will never go back in. I’m gonna tell you like it is! I’m not racist by any means, never have been and never will be! The people that work in this store, have always been African Americans. I am white. But it doesn’t surprise me because the whole city of batesville ms is like this. THEY are racist in your store, and they have no reason to treat me like crap just because I am white! I will never allow them to treat me as they did. I am a paying customer, along with all other customers, that keeps catos in business. Thank you and just know this store has lost a customer, and if they continue to treat people like they did me, you may lose a lot more customers

  • Maleigh Whaley says:

    I have been with Cato for years never been satisfied and til today I went in to get my layaway out from store # 470 ft worth tx I was told first that she could not find my name in the computer ok I have my receipt at home ok she told me I am looking I said you should have it on paper she look no I don’t have it I told her I will go get my receipt she let me look in the back what your name she came back and said it’s been returned and someone has put it in layaway name Glenda and she is a regular customer but I can return your money on a card

  • Kelly says:

    Horrible experience x 2… tried to return an item with receipt x 2 days in a row. I made a special drive to the store on the opposite side of city and both times the so called, unavailable manager, in person or phone, was NOT there to do my return. Employee tried to called manager but they would not answer the phone. Really bad business for my time spent trying to make a return. I now refuse to shop at any Cato store forever. All employees need to be able to make returns.

  • Brenda Clayton says:

    where would i put in a leave of absence

  • Patricia Givens says:

    I was at one of your stores today (01181) l had a few transactions to handle. I could tell the “manager” was irritated and did not want to handle the stuff I was returning but.. she gets paid to do this. Anyway, I can handle myself. The thing that got me and another customer was how she talked and rebuked an employee right in front of us! I got kids and grand kids and let me tell you, I would tell them to quit in a heart beat rather than be humiliated the way this person was. I realize it’s hard getting people to work, but I believe the manager is the problem. She was out right rude and disrespectful. Fire her!

  • Tonya says:

    I went to store number 00525 at 6:55 in Macon Ga, the cashier came to door an said they were closed in a rude manner. Awful attitude. 8/15/22

  • Tonya says:

    I went to store number 00525

  • Mary Helen Vela says:

    No one has contacted me about the store in Harlingen, TX. 78550. About not haveing bathrooms that quest can use. Every one else in that shopping center has one.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is to whoever might try to seek employment at Catos in the West Texas region, specifically Odessa, TX. First off, no I am not a disgruntled employee, never worked for the company, but I personally know someone who recently worked for Ester Brown in the Odessa mall. Her, along with her supervisor Angie, that handles the West Texas region are the absolute worst and most unprofessional management I have ever encountered. They have absolutely no morals, no values, no decency, no respect are both far from being professional in any manner. Neither one of them deserve the position they’re in, just to abuse their title and power. So fair warning to anyone who seeks employment here in Odessa Tx under Ester Brown, or in the West Texas region under Angie….. DO NOT APPLY! DO NOT SEEK EMPLOYMENT under their management. I pity them because they both need God’s healing and guidance in this already horrible world as it is, yet they’re two more individuals who add to this horrible place. May God bless them and their ugly souls.

  • Mary H. Vela says:

    I lived in Fort Worth, TX and have shooed and spent a lot money, with lots of friend s from school. I moved to Harlingen, TX and went to shop at that store. Have the urge to pee and they said no rest room to use. That is not acceptable. You have to walk to The dollar tree or Ross or Hobbies Lobby they let you use there restrooms. Please let me know why. I had 6 things to purchase and I left them because no restroom. There were 5 guest in the store guest. 1 asked what did she say I told her, I needed house the bathroom and sales lady said no restrooms.

  • Kris says:

    I’ve shopped at Cato for years. I went into the Lawrenceburg TN store tonight. My husband was holding four items I intended on purchasing, the store manager approached us and said we are closing soon would you like me to hold those for you until tomorrow and you can come back. I was stunned, I looked at my watch and then at my husband. I told her my name, knowing full well I would not be back to purchase them. I worked in retail for many years in a management position and never did I push a customer out the door and asked them to come back tomorrow. I’ve locked the door to prevent others from entering but always allowed customers to finish looking and making their purchases. There was more than sufficient time to ring up my purchases and close on time. Well, Carlotta don’t hold your breath tomorrow waiting on me to come back for the multiple items you have in my name, I went to another place of business, received exceptional customer service, and spent my money there.

  • Tayler W says:

    I am a long time shopper at Cato and I just went to your Texarkana, Tx location. I was at another location and they didn’t have the size I needed, so the Texarkana location was going to hold it for me. It was 20 minutes away, which put me there at 6:50, (10 minutes before closing). I got to the cato, and the doors were locked. I told the lady through the door that they were holding a shirt for me…she preceded to tell me that they were closed…this was then 6:53. After telling her many times that I was the lady that they were holding a shirt for, she finally begrudgingly opened the door. Both employees had a terrible attitude and I will NOT be shopping here again. If you close at 7:00…you should close at 7:00. We drove 20 miles and they weren’t going to let me in after I let them know I was coming. Absolutely ridiculous!

  • Cell says:

    The Melbourne fl location is hardly ever open

  • Guest says:

    I have been a long time shopper at the cato in Wilmington n c. On college. I walked in there last week and the manager said to the associate standing behind the counter that the very sought of me made her vomit. She then left her associate went in the back vomiting. And came back and again said the sight of me made her sick. The woman was a manager by the name Cindy. I will never go in there again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently management at Catos are absolutely horrible, disrespectful, hateful people. They’re the same horrible way in Odessa, Tx. I’m surprised how this company is still in existence with their horrible management. I’m sorry you had to deal with such an ugly, heartless, rude, disrespectful individual. It looks like Catos hires trash for management. May God bless the good ones left thigh. And May God bless you and give you the peace you need from this uncalled for incident.

  • Sue says:

    I used to love Cato located neare in Prince Fredrick, Md.Now I try to avoid shopping there.Their clothes are very Ugly .most of my lady friends are noticing it too. Someone needs to order pretty clothes not drabby e n.ugly n depressing to look at.N the clothes I bought for my last time there, don’t hold up after washings

  • Nobody says:

    Why haven’t Cato went up in pay. Most places have. This modern day slavery. Most people are well educated and have families. I bet your CEO have gotten bonus check and the people who work hard in your stores are making less than 10 dollars an hour and your store managers are not making money like Walmart , Target, etc. 15 dollars should be look at for managers and 12 dollars and hour should be giving to part time workers. Inflation has gone up but not Cato pay. Where is the cares act money. The little people is step on and the higher up are reaping all the benefits. I am asking for a change.

  • Demetrice says:

    I use to work at the Cato’s on Gray Hey in Macon, Ga a few years ago and ended up quitting because of the Manager Darlene. I heard stories about her but never wanted to pass judgement on a person because of other peoples experiences. However, I had my own experience and find the stories to be true. If you want to know why you have such a high turnover rate at that store, you may want to look at who’s running it.

    I went in to this store on yesterday, mind you Darlene never open up her mouth to greet me because she feels a certain way about me quitting. I still feel she needs to address me as she would any other customer. I went in yesterday to return some items because the sizes did not fit. She loudly tells the other associate working to damage it out. There was nothing wrong with those items but a little wrinkle due to being in my car and in the bag. And also it was linen. They were already wrinkled when I purchased them. I asked her why would they need to be damaged out and I never wore them. Tags, still attached, haven’t been ironed, haven’t been worn. She then rudely and loudly says it’s something we know and don’t worry I will be getting my money back. I stated to her I wasn’t worried, I know I will be getting my money back and I could care less if she damaged it out, but don’t imply that I have worn those items when in fact I have not. Cato’s really need to address the concerns of their customers for we are the ones that have kept your businesses going all these years.

  • Tracy says:

    OKC location air conditioning is broken. They are making the staff work. Its 100 degrees outside. It is worse in the store. Horrible working conditions plus it’s so awful customers can’t stay and shop. You’re losing business bc Corp won’t let it close.

  • Tracy says:

    This is about the fifth time that I have attempted to shop with your store in Cabot Arkansas during the week. I just got to your store at around 7:15 PM and it was already closed again. I understand that some stores are shortening hours after the pandemic, as a small business owner we have, in fact done this ourselves but when checking with Google and reviewing your store hours before attempting to shop with you everything posted says 8 PM. Very very disappointed again! Can you PLEASE clarify and stick to store hours?

  • Charlotte Durham says:

    I’m a55 year old who has shopped at your store for 20 years. In the past, your store was the only store I shopped at. I got where I hardly go in there cause you find women my age dose not matter when it comes to fashion. Yes I put on a few pounds and I don’t want skirts that flair’s out. It makes a woman look twice her size. My last visit was older woman. There where only one young person in the whole store. Young people go’s to the mall , that’s the fact. Who you got running your fashion, and making the decision on who’s your clients, or your consumers. You need to find someone has the knowledge and experience on what (your) consumer’s needs are, no matter what size they are. Everyone dose not have the same taste in fashion. Everything you sell is from the same line. If you sell denim skirts , then everyone one of them is short or long. One or another. You don’t have both but one type. Same for the blouses. Made with the same material. A person don’t have a choice. I see your business has already dropped and your clothing is the cheapest. This should not be happening. Get someone that has the know how. I use to love your clothing, and the experience of shopping there Scottsboro Alabama.Charlotte Durham

  • Susan Cannon says:

    I would love to have a Catos in Dunnellon Florida. We are a booming town in North central Florida, home of the pristine Rainbow River which merges into the Withlacoochee river, right in the middle of town!
    I am a huge fan of Catos and I feel certain it would thrive here!

  • Olivia Walker says:

    I live in Killeen TX and frequently visited the Cato store there. Recently there seems to be a lot of employee turnover because one of the best and friendliest employees is no longer there. She has been there for years because I would always hear her say welcome to Cato when you entered. When other customers would be at the counter they would tell her you are so sweet and helpful I will surely be back. Not sure what happened to her but my last visit was not as pleasant and the selections are not as desirable. I am saddened to say I do not frequent that store as much and I am sure many others feels the same. But taking time to write takes effort when it is for someone else. But please consider reviewing this store and ask what happen to Ms. Bee Ruben we miss her presence there.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s the poor, pathetic management and their higher ups that keep running the good employees off. It’s apparently several Catos that have such poor management. It happened to a dear friend of mine as well here in Odessa, TX. It’s probably best for your acquaintance there as well as mine here to be able to get out from under such horrible, poor, pathetic management. Everything happens for a reason and I feel it’s a blessing God removed them both out from under unprofessional management.

  • Robin Doyle says:

    Cato in live oak Florida denies customers a right to use their restrooms. This is against the law.

  • Marian says:

    I visited your store at 1507 garner station in Garner North Carolina . I saw a pair of shoes that I wanted someone else to look at . As I was walking across one of your female associates asked me if I was going to do anymore shopping and if so I could leave the shoes on the container. I was offended. I’m a customer I had just walked into the store . I felt as if this associate pegged me as a thief . She made me feel uncomfortable . It’s hard enough to be looked at as someone they would think would steal . I would hope this company is training its people to be more professional .

  • TERI ROBERTS says:

    I cannot get corporate to call me back I work for Cato’s over a year ago . I need a w-2 for 2021.. please contact me!!!!

  • Former Employee says:

    Let me start off by saying I never leave these type of comments but sometimes you have to take a stand not only for yourself but for others. I resigned 4/4/22 from the Cato’s location in McDonough Ga. store 305. The reason I excepted the position was because the store manager was in need of help, because the store didn’t have a staff. When I came on board it was just the store manager and a key holder, she was 19 years old and in school. She had expressed that she did not feel appropriated by the store manager, and she finally decided to quit. I worked in retail from the age of 16 to 30 years old , I started out as an associate and worked my way into management so I came with experience. While working at CATO it appears customer service is not a priority at least not at the McDonough location. I was always trained that the customer comes first, and on several occasions while working with the new key holder who also quit on 4/4/22, while servicing the customers they expressed how they had terrible experience while shopping when the store manager was on duty. And they were very pleased with how myself and the other key holder where very pleasant and helpful while they were shopping. As a store manager it is very disrespectful to talk down to your staff in front of customers, and complaining about how tired you are, the customer’s are there for an enjoyable shopping experience. Any complaints that an employee has should be discussed with upper management and not where customers can hear. The key holder had given the store manager several suggestions on how to build her team and instead of having an open mind she took offense and was being very petty. When you except the responsibility as a store manager you are responsible for that whole store, you just don’t work Junior Miss and leave the Plus side to everyone else, that includes cleaning and putting out shipments. The key holder realized what was going on and expressed concern which went on Def ears, because when last week’s shipment came in the manager worked all of the Junior Miss and left the plus side for other’s to do. As a store manager you should be on hand when receiving shipments and markdowns. Since I started the manager may have worked the markdowns maybe twice and 1 was when she was training the new key holder. The key holder suggested that the manager should have a store meeting and her response was that CATO does not want to pay employees to come in for that. Instead of talking to her staff she would leave notes. My thing is if the policy is for the associates then I’m pretty sure it applies to management. If you don’t want your staff eating or talking on the phone on the floor then you should follow that same policy. No one should have to leave their job because of the bad behavior and attitude of the store manager. The key holder spoke with Kayla who is filling in for the other DM Ashley and she was highly offended because apparently Kayla was clearly team store manager and not knowing that there was some untruth to what was said. I have a full-time job and the key holder just retired from being in a management capacity for 26 year’s, so we were there because we wanted to be there. We are of a certain age and some of the antics where disturbing and disrespectful. For the manager to be employed with CATO for 17 years and no advancement leads me to be believe that there is a problem. If she continues a manager she needs to be re-trained in customer service and how to be a team leader with her staff. I enjoyed the time I worked at CATO pretty much on the day’s I did not work with her. The McDonough store is in a great location but if it continues to be run the way it has been CATO will lose business. As stated before I have never written anything regarding a former employer, but it’s not fare for people who want to work or more so need to work to have to endure such hostility, because management is unhappy with their current situation. Now maybe this will be taken seriously or maybe it won’t but it had to be addressed. And because we are former employees we expect that are personally information will remain only in CATO’S database. And also I went to return something at another CATO location that was closer to me on way home, and the store manager noticed I had a receipt with an employee discount and asked how did I like working at that store and I informed her that I had quit yesterday, and her ammediated response was let me guess because of the manager. She then told me that another management staff also quit indicating the attitude regarding the store manager, and stated that this should be looked into as an external problem. As a corporation you should really look into why 3 different people who never knew each other prior to working at store 305 would quit within 30 days of one another.

    Best Regards

  • Regan Phillips says:

    I worked at Versona in 2021 and have not received my W-2 and am unable to get anyone in that department to return my calls. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Teresa Hall says:

    I used to work at Cato’s but I need my W-2 where can I get it online?

  • Kaylynn garcia says:

    I’m making a complaint I was in your stor located in Tomball tx whare I live on Jan 25 my mom is a diegetic we asked if she could please use the restroom the girl did not let her I think it was very rude even after we told her that she would not make an exception I don’t think I will be back in your store anytime soon

  • Brandy Rounds says:

    I buy 85% of my business casuals here. I have a pair of pants that I LOVE n want them in more colors. I’ve shopped weekly looking for another pair to no avail! HELP

  • Sandra hernandez says:

    Got my new blouse from catos the sleeves where ripped on both sides and friday was the last day the store was open in Charlottesville va.

  • Pam Chesser says:

    I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have a CATOS in the Ferncreek / Louisville, Ky area! This would be a very popular/ bust business district for your store to thrive & grow!!!
    Information below… THANK YOU!

  • Regina Swanson says:

    I love Cato!! Your stores can’t get help because of low wages you pay. Please raise their pay. The managers are struggling to keep open. I wouldn’t work for that!! 7:25 hourly…smh
    Thanks Regina Swanson

  • Wanda Fritts says:

    I would like to share something that really bothers me. Today, I visited the Cullman, Al store. I’ve bn shopping at catos for years, but really dont think I will go back becuz of the following reasons. A little blond headed girl followed me around the store like i was a thief. Every time I looked up she was there. She tried to look conspicuous, but I’ve wrked in retail before, so I pretty much knew what she was doing. And I didn’t appreciate it at all. Another thing that bothers me is if you go in that particular store @ 6:40, u r told immediately that u hve 20 min & they will be closing. To me, that is a extremely rude. I returned all the merchandise I purchased at Catos & will not be shopping there anymore. Not only that, I’m gonna tell everyone I know about my experiences at Catos. I hope someone at the corporate store sees this.

  • Debra Dvorcek says:

    Cato in Commerce Georgia,,,Outstanding Customer service,,Rhonda is a Amazing Blessing to your Company..The Store is spotless and so Beautiful,,Great prices and a Great Atmosphere..You are Blessed to have Rhonda represent your store. So Thankful to be able to have such a great personality to help me with my shopping. Rhonda is Awesome Thanks so much for a Great Store.

  • J.T says:

    I have shopped at Cato for years since they opened in Steubenville Ohio. I went in yesterday evening not realizing they closed at 7. As I was looking around the store manager said to me, “You know we close at 7, right?” I said, “oh, ok.” I proceeded to the back and asked if I could try on my few items and she said, “ I have to be out of here at 7 on the dot.” I said, “ok, I only have a few items.” Then she looked at me and said, “ you’re doing to have to be really fast, I have to be out of here at 7!!! They dressing room closes at 6:45!” After trying my items on, some of which I was going to purchase, I decided not to because of her attitude and treatment. When I walked out the doors were locked. When I got in my car, it was exactly 6:46 pm. Horribly treated! Cato has always had great team members but this new manager is awful!

    • Wanda Fritts says:

      Same thing at our local store. I won’t be shopping at Catos anymore. To me that is rude.

    • Patricia says:

      My experience in the Bowling Green Kentucky store was awful also. Cato corporation needs to train their employees on how to treat customers!!

  • Sharon L Rhea says:

    I have been looking for a good place to shop and recently visited your shop: 471 Stateline Rd., Southaven, MS. It was a great experience! So very clean and organized well stocked and the dressing rooms were open! A wonderful saleslady Chelsea helped me and she was so kind. Thank you! I’ll return!

  • Elva Brown says:

    This comment is in reference to a young lady, named Shermetria Brooks, who works at the CATO store#0902 in Ozark, Alabama…she has outstanding presentation when speaking and assisting customers…Please let her know that her work ethics are wonderful….she represents your company very well….take care of her….ElvaBrown

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