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Where is Cash Saver Food Outlet Corporate office Headquarters

Cash Saver Food Outlet Headquarters Address and Contact

Cash Saver Food Outlet
  • Address: 5000 Kansas Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas 66106, United States

  • Phone Number:
    (913) 288-1000

  • Fax Number: (913) 288-1587

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees:  N/A

  • Established: N/A

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: N/A

Cash Saver Food Outlet Headquarters Location & Directions

Cash Saver Food Outlet Headquarters Executive Team



David Smith


Danny Lane


Jeff Pedersen


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  • Debbie Engelhardt says:

    My family &I spend 100-500 a month at your store in Harrison ar.ive have told many people about your store.now however the last few months I’m embarrassed.your produce is so bad it’s actually rotten.why would you want to loose loyal customers.ive been shopping other stores now

  • Earl says:

    Can you loook into putting cash saver store in somerset pa at the old. Bilo market. Perfect location you will get tons of business. Good location old bilo market. Somerset pa. Right in the mall by. Miller pool and electric you wont be sorry

  • Eric Price says:

    Why are tax exempt families still being charged tax when they use their Tax ID card in OK? That does not make sense. The tax was taken off and then added back on because it was the “stores fee.” That completely defeats the purpose of using a tax card.

  • Rocshell says:

    Hello, I went into the Cash Saver in Tulsa, Oklahoma last month to grab a pack of chicken wings. The same people were in line waiting to be checked after I grabbed the wings. There was a young man that worked there standing at a basket and I asked him if he could get additional cashier he ignored me and got on his phone and started talking on it and walked away. I then saw a young lady that worked there and asked her if she could get a additional cashier then the young man said I can help someone on 6. I allowed a man that had been standing in line when I arrived in the store to go first. Once he finished checking the man out four additional people appeared at the register were I was checking out. They told me that 4 people waiting in line doesn’t cause for an additional cashier that if the cashier doesn’t call for backup then they don’t see a need to get on a register. So it is okay for customers to stand in line and wait while 5 other workers walk around the store doing nothing because the one cashier that is working doesn’t call for additional cashiers. I will no longer shop at Cash Saver. The workers were rude and very young and don’t have people skills.

  • guest says:

    Went to the cash saver on South Third Southgate shopping Center went to the office window the young Lady never looked up she was on the telephone. I stood there she finally looked up I asked her was she finished .She responded and I quote “Don’t you worry about that. I asked could I get some money off my card she said we don’t have any cash. I walked away she hawolled sorry. This was about 4:30 in the afternoon she was tall brownskin hair long about shoulder length . she was the only one in the office on Thursday August 25,2022.

  • Barbara says:

    I bought some whole chicken wing at Cash Savers and I called them to let them know that it was spoiled I bought it last month I put it directly in my freezer not knowing that it was going to be spoiled take it out to cook it and it stinks so bad I threw away my receipt but I can’t get my money back

  • Geneva Taylor says:

    cash saver on 2101raymond rd Jackson ms6013739595

  • Geneva Taylor says:

    Wen l was at store on of thecasisher cust me it was one at the end like wen you walk in the door she scared me an l left in an hurry like wanted to jump on metime it happen was at12355

  • Emma jenkins says:

    I just to let you know they taken my money twice so won’t be shopping there thank you

  • Deborah says:

    The store in Harrison Arkansas needs to repaint the handicapped parking spots. They are so worn you can barely see the wheelchair emblem. And for 5 spots they only have 1 tiny sign. People without handicapped plates and placards always take those spots. Its like Cashsavers doesnt care.

  • Haywood joyner says:

    Went to store to pick up order # 42067805 … employees
    Were all around, no one paid me or other people in line for pickup orders no attention; … I waited approx. 30 min. To be waited on … cashier very ignorant , told me she was getting ready to go home … she told me my items were out of stock … couldn’t tell me anything else … I need my refund … more and more people are shopping online pickup … think about all the customers you have lost because of bad service.

  • Nic0le06 says:

    I was in one of your locations last night, and the cashier for a pack of cigarettes. She told me that the line was to long and refused to complete my purchase! I asked to speak with a supervisor she said she was the manager and she to busy to get cigarettes!

  • L kelley as a complaint says:

    Complaint Ian a retired attorney I purchased 24 pack of mountain dew he wanted the red is brought it back to exchanGE it but you did not have it so I wanted the money back they kept telling me that that is a starter checks which is not the number is over 2000 I had be writing them for over a year at that store and find it rather rude for a manger to call someone else not there so I left the 24 pack there and did not get my money back told her to write that down she died not ask for corporate number she h u in me your want have to ever worried about me retiring to that store but I do want mymoney back your people mangmnt has not people skills is told her to call them police my son us an detictive for the police department. She ask me to leave it said me to the 24 pack but I want NY money back so you can contact me at 918 360 3807 you r store suck i see why you rated a 2 that’s said soncerly mrs lkelley

  • Marlaine says:

    I would like corporate to get in touch with me through my email to address this disturbing issue @ marlonespree88@gmail.com

  • Marlaine says:

    At one of y’all locations here in Louisiana my food stamp card was picked up cuz I accidentally left it somewhere down in your store it was picked up by some customers whose but my stamp at your store when I asked if I could please going to be allowed to view the cameras I was told I was never allowed to view cameras my food stamp my money my cash allotment the government gave to me that I had to put in for and I could I could not view y’all tape of somebody spinning my food stamp in your store if I was the criminal if I am feeling mentally disturbed about it

  • Cora norwood says:

    Cash saver cashier at memphis tn 38109 south third street southgate shopping center accuse me of stealings when she look in my purse she didnot find any stolen item because I paid for every thing I bought in cashsaver I bought a hobo bag at cashsaver at south third street memphis,tn southgate shopping center the cashsaver cashier accuse me of stealing she told me I have to look in your hobo bag I was innocent she look in my hobo bag she didnot find any thing stolen because i paid for every thing I bought cashsaver cashier at south third street in memphis need to be fired because everybody don’t steal that carry a big hobo bag she treated me like a criminal after I paid I paid for my grocery cashsaver cashier didnot look into the other customer bag she only look into my bag after I paid for my grocery check all bags not just my bag cashsaver cashier and the security guard was there in the store

  • Donald says:

    Sorry the last comment I did.i didnt leave the address and that would be a Harrison Arkansas Cash Savers 870

  • Donald says:

    Your management yells at their employees in front of customers and tell them what their medical notes do not matter and they are to do the job they were hired for.

  • Larry Sizemore says:

    The Manager,Amanda Mcool,and other Employees, stand at the front Entrance Smoking cigarettes, at The Haysville,Kansas store, very unprofessional and inconsiderate of Customers!

  • Paula says:

    Very rude employees at the Ripley Tennessee store

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