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Where is Casey’s General Stores Corporate office Headquarters

Caseys Headquarters Address and Contact

Caseys General Stores logo
  • Address: 1 SE Convenience Blvd, Ankeny, IA 50021, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: customersupport@caseys.com

  • Number of Employees: 40,000

  • Established: 1959

  • Founder: Donald F. Lamberti

  • Key People: Terry W. Handley (President, CEO & Director)

Casey’s Headquarters Location & Directions

Casey’s Headquarters Executive Team



Terry W. Handley

President, CEO & Director

William J. Walljasper

Senior VP & CFO

John C. Soupene

Senior Vice President of Operations

About Casey’s, History and Headquarters Information

Casey’s General Stores, Inc. owns and manages convenience stores in the Midwest.

The Company provides a line of products that include food, beverages, tobacco products, health and beauty aids, automotive supplies, and other non-food items, as well as sells gasoline.

Casey was launched as a public corporation in 1983,

Currently, it has more than 2,146 stores in 16 states.

In 1959, Founder Don Lamberti leased a store from his father on East 14th and Broadway in Des Moines, Iowa. After nine years of operating this old country store, which he remodeled into a convenience store, Don’s gas supplier and friend, Kurvin C. Fish, suggested that Don buy the Square Deal Oil Company.

Don followed his advice and purchased the service station with a three-bay garage in Boone, Iowa. Using the knowledge from his store in Des Moines, Don converted the gas station into a convenience store. The Boone store was named “Casey’s” by using Kurvin C. Fish’s initials.

The third store was built in another small community with a population of only 1,500 – Waukee, Iowa. This was the first Casey’s built totally from scratch and proved to be the best store yet. At this point, Don realized he was on to something and decided to establish the stores in communities with a population of 5,000 or less.

Through the years, Casey’s success has been attributed to our clean stores and friendly employees who pride themselves in customer service. Casey’s customers have come to know us for our helpful employees, clean stores and wide selection of freshly prepared food items.

With over 2,000 locations (and counting), your local Casey’s is always just around the corner.

Casey’s Headquarters Photos

  • Carol says:

    O was in the store at south town blvd. and the two CSR’s that where working in the kitchen refused to make any pepperoni pizza because they were being bought to fast they stated that they had made 4 pepperoni pizzas in like the last couple of hours so it was going to be awhile before they would make any more. I said well that is the reason why you need ti make more not why you would not! People just work harder at not working than just doing their job.

  • Tenea Hughes says:

    The Casey’s in Hiawatha located at 915 South 1st St. currently has a plumbing issue and are still having orders made in the kitchen that is flooded. They literally can’t even use the water to do dishes. The floor has standing sewer water that is soaking through the shoes and socks of the employees. The toilets won’t flush and the fact that they are making them work in these deplorable conditions is ungodly. They don’t even have a squeegee to try to guide the water elsewhere. They have to use a dust mop for sewer water. It is my understanding that when you call corporate or send a message there is little to no resolve. I would appreciate it if I could get an answer or if someone could at the very least check on, care about and/or get something done for these team members. This is not now nor will it ever be okay. Please, please check on them, someone has to care about these people because after all, they are PEOPLE with families that love and care about them even if Casey’s does not. Help them please.

  • Bob says:

    It’s sad that the Casey’s in foley Mn let’s their workers smoke weed right in front of the store their workers are disrespectful and use racial slurs the store manager smokes weed with the workers and the store manager don’t care how the employees treats the customers I will never go back ever

  • Annie Johnston says:

    This is the second time I ve contacted headquarters to see if something can’t be done in Glidden iowa. The pumps were covered again today. Must go inside for receipt. Nothing to wash windshields with. Come on let’s put a little work into the place

  • Bill Watt says:

    Purchased gas at store
    #1093 yesterday in Buckner Missouri. Sign out front said
    $2.69. My receipt read $2.99.
    Went inside and talked to manager. She said they just had not had time to change the sign outside and
    said there was nothing she could do. Another customer behind me was in for same complaint.
    I told her I would be calling Corporate office and her reply response was “Lots of Luck”.
    Buckner Mo. Is a small town but, we have 2 other choices to purchase gas and other
    convenience items.
    Caseys is not the only game in town.
    Step up boys this is no way to run a business.
    I’ll have to drive a little farther but, there are 3 different QuikTrips around the town where we live.
    You will NEVER find a rude employee at one of there stores.
    It starts at the TOP.
    Think about it!!!!!

  • Justin says:

    On Christmas Day of 2022 for a SPECIAL treat. Pizza was ordered from Casey’s. The first issue is that the pizza was NOT cooked it was raw. It was NOT the pizza that was ordered. (1)
    2 orders of cheesy breadsticks that were bites NOT sticks. There was NO manager on shift Christmas Day or on Monday. Was told to call back an speak to either Kim or Melissa. Which took till Wednesday to be able to get in touch with a manager. Was told that a refund would be issued. Which the total for the 2 pizzas an the 2 orders of cheesy breadsticks came to $64.01. That is just the food order! Not the tip, service fee an delivery fee. Here again why is they a service fee and a delivery fee? Are they not the same? Instead of receiving a refund there is 3 large pizzas with a 30 expiration free of charge. Really how does this make up for the mess that was ordered on Christmas Day. This was the first and last time that we will be ordering a pizza from Casey’s. I expect to hear from someone in charge that can fix this issue by Wednesday Jan 4,2023. A VERY disappointed customer.

  • R says:

    At the store in Cassville, Missouri at pump #5 please remove the very offensive political stickers.

  • Allen fuller says:

    Your south pekin Illinois Casey’s is the most piss poor ran store I have ever seen. Rude employees your waiting in line while there on there phones hardly ever a thank you always out of stuff runs out of gas quite often broken down equipment. Only one register 99 percent of the time the other broke all the time.. I will make sure I get my gas in pekin somewhere and avoid south pekin Casey’s from now on..

  • Robert E Gerdis says:

    Why did I lose my reward money.

  • Craig Miller says:

    Can someone at Casey’s explain to me my the gas price in Edina MO is $3.39 per gal and 15 mins East in Lewistown MO it’s $2.84?? Come on Casey’s, you are better than this!! It’s been like this for over 6 months

  • Ann says:

    Yes, I live in Kennett, mo. And I visit the Casey’s store on independence Ave. No matter what time in the morning that I go into that store there is only one person working in the morning. And it is usually the same person. From around 7am in the morning to about 8:30am. What is going on in that store. Also, your assistant manager has some mouth on her. If you would, PLEASE get it fix asap. Thank you!!

  • Disappointed Customer says:

    The Kincaid Casey’s has gotten way out of hand! I have went in several times in the evenings and they do not have any food prepared while the manager Sarah us on duty!! I asked the kitchen worker if she had anything in the oven she said NO while she was texting on the phone!! As I started to leave another stepped outside an asked what they didn’t have and I explained she just walked back inside! Another time I walk in an adult employee was sitting on the counter where you pay and the manager Sarah was standing there doing nothing! This women has a terrible attitude and treats people so poorly and something needs to be done this place is going down hill!!

  • bobbi says:

    I ordered 2 pizzas and I called 1 in and I did 1 on my app. My daughter went to get it and my app wasnt updating so we paid for both. The cashier didnt offer to give me the BOGO, then she brought it home and there was a hair in the supreme. I called the store and they offered to make a new one and my husband said he was out, he lost appetite. I go to Casey’s all the time and just not happy with this service tonight.

  • Steve Spence says:

    Remove diet coke from your drink choice and add diet caffeine free coke.

  • Dave says:

    Are you closing the Casey’s on ranchor rd in waterloo if not are you planning on taking care of the outside and stocking things inside

  • Guess says:

    Dugger indiana Casey’s general store manager and some staff are ridiculously rude and hateful they don’t follow health regulations and sell expired food

  • Linda says:

    There are 3 Casey’s stores on Meridian Ave. in Oklahoma City that close whenever they want to. The doors will be locked with employees in the store that refuse to serve customers. We never had this problem when they were Circle K stores. Thankfully we have an On Cue that is happy to keep the doors open.

  • Elaine says:

    It is getting annoying when you have to pay at the pump and then have to go in to get your receipt. They need to rename as Casey’s inconvenience store. It really angers so I refuse to buy anything more until they get it together

  • Bonnie Phillips says:

    I need to report that I fell at the Dyersville store, but I can’t get them to answer the phone. How do I report this….it happened Tuesday and I didn’t go in as I broke my wrist and went directly to the hospital ER. The next day, relatives picked me up and drove me home to Storm Lake. I’ve been trying to reach them by phone to report it – recommendation from Dr. – and there’s no answer. Can you help me?

  • Harry holmes says:

    Trued to summit a complete. Would not take it.

  • jeff thompson says:

    Now, to buy a lottery ticket I must remove my license and hand it to the clerk to be scanned. This is ridiculous! What is the reason for this waste of my time?

    • Jayd says:

      It’s always been like that. If you attempt to buy age restricted items and you are under 40 we are REQUIRED to scan identification. No matter if it’s smokes, booze or lotto we gotta scan it otherwise we can say no sale. Cause it’s our job too.

  • Darice Recker says:

    The Casey store in Cascade Iowa has been out of cappuccino for about 2 month. The machine is broken. I love the cappuccino there but am getting very discussed that the machine has not been working. Plus the revenue you are losing is not good. A donut and cappuccino, what a treat, no cappuccino no donut !

  • Karen dolin says:

    The worst stores around!! I been in a number of Casey’s they are dirty dusty never make enough products. Items in colder rolled underneath. It’s like the people don’t care. Was in the hampshire il and sycamore il. Seems like they get worst and worst. Manager said they won’t higher. Well the things that they make there they don’t ! I mean snacks donuts sandwich etc they say they are too busy. So the shelves are empty. White hen 7/11 is steadily going to best them.

  • dk1110 says:

    A few months ago I had an ugly encounter with a girl about how she piled the ingredients of my pizza in the center so that the center crust wasn’t baked and there was about a 4″ of the outer rim that had no ingredients at all. I complained about her attitude, and I didn’t even get a reply from the Store Manager. Last week I ordered from another Casey’s, and although the pizza was properly assembled and baked, you all have cut back your ingredients so drastically that the pizza is NOTHING like what you used to sell. There isn’t even enough cheese to hide the crust; I could see the crust right through the ingredients and missing cheese. Considering the argument and attitude of the first girl, the lack of interest on the part of the Store Manager, and disappointing results of your corporate decision about ingredients; I’m done. There are too many other places to buy pizza!

  • K.B says:

    They got mad cause I said I felt uncomfortable pumping someone’s gas. They said my job is to go above and beyond. Yet, only time I called off was when I caught pink eye from cleaning They nasty toilets. Two managers fucking each other and starting drama through out the store. They called me racist cause of the gas situation and still was picking trying to write me up for everything because of it. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 They need help.💯

  • Joseph green says:

    I ordered pizza and cheese bread. When I arrived to pick up order there was pizza and no cheese bread, I had to wait 30 min for cheese bread. Last week I ordered 2 taco pizzas, when I’m arrived at giving time there was no pizzas, this is the second strike in my opinion. Last night I ordered 2 Hawaiian pizzas and when I arrived at giving time there were no pizzas again. I waited 30 min and received my pizzas.when I got home to feed my family the pizza doe was raw, so raw it stuck to the box, both pizzas. So that’s 3 separate trips totalling $100 dollars of ruined food. You would think Casey’s cared. Well I bet the board of health will when I give them the raw pizzas !

  • K says:

    Who can I talk to who can help. I have a complaint about the stores in iowa

    • Kerry Elmore says:

      Hi, I was in Grinnell Iowa this morning and my bill rang up to seven dollars and some change.
      When I looked at my phone a few minutes later it showed up as my purchase was twenty-four dollars and change on bank account. I called the store but the manager said if I don’t have my receipt even though she remembered me that I was going to have to go ba k to her store. I live an hour away and that was not going to happen. She was nice about it but I was ripped off by some form of computer error from what I see between Casey’s and my bank. I was very disappointed this happened. What could make this so it doesn’t happen again.
      Signed Kerry Elmore

  • Jonathon Powell says:

    New Glarus Wisconsin’s Casey’s is ran by complete morons that will not accept legal tender unless they want to I will not shop there ever again the guy with a beard name logan is a f****** prick

  • Jay says:

    Why is there a 53 cent difference in the price per gallon of the ethanol blend unleaded gas between two stores roughly 8 miles apart?

  • David Dority says:

    Very nice of you to make your email address N/A. Can’t directly reach you so I’ll put it right here. You have a store in Camden TN that has a manager named kim that tells her employees no overtime. If you’ve not completed your task at the end of your shift you’re to clock out then finish the task off the clock. She is also removing hours from time already worked IE: removing overtime hours from employees. We both know this is illegal behavior.

  • Betty says:

    Where can I take Casey’s pop bottles for my 5 cents?

  • Donna Grabs says:

    Please fix the Caseys app where it shows rewards history. Mine has not changed since june 22 2022. I have reached out multiple times to the app support. I get a messege stating we will address this issue. To date nothing has changed. I have probably 11 receipts where i show what i purchased and i dont believe i have gotten bonus points either.

  • Doug Barnes says:

    What an insult Casey’s,
    12.00 per hour.
    We went to Kwik Star for 15.00
    I live by a Casey’s and wanted to save on gas
    The 3 dollars more makes up for.it !!!
    Hmm no wonder your employees never stay.

  • Belinda says:

    We have a brand new Casey’s store in Topeka Ks. It’s not open today, they don’t have enough manpower to operate a store. I WISH you could increase competitive wages so that Casey’s Stores all around could function like they’re suppose too. I like Casey’s & so do many others. But you need to do something about the workers wages if you want to have a working, commited,honest hard working crew!! Please up the wages !

  • Melissa says:

    I am a employee trying to contact somebody that is over my team about a issue I have been having

  • Vick Hale says:

    My name is Vic Hale and I’m on 3rd avenue with Marshalltown and your sign says you’re super unleaded is 444 and I started pumping and noticed on the pump it’s 4:59 so I want the difference back that is false advertisement

  • Tammy Phillips says:

    Hello! I run a small library in Dixon Mo. In past years Casey’s has always helped with the rewards. There was a management change and the new manager doesn’t know if headquarters was contacted. If you can help I would appreciate it.

  • Melissa says:

    Was “suspended” indefinitely aka terminated but no right to file unemployment. Due to customer complaints. First I heard of it was you’re suspended. My manager says ha fought for only suspended not terminated but the paper work said terminated.
    Due to being rude to customers.
    I don’t know if my manager passed it up the ladder but I had a stroke in September and have had lack of emotional response or crying that’s pretty much my range. So when I get yelled at, called names or cussed at I tend to shut down. I had talked to my manager many times about customers in our small town being jerks to me constantly and his response was to call the cops. The jerks got worse. End result of me bing fired not fired.

  • John Espe says:

    I purchase fuel at the Casey’s on Marshall Drive in St. Robert Mo. None of their pumps give a receipt, so I have to go inside every time to get one. I have talked to employees about it and they just say they don’t work. Would you please check into this?

  • Glen brown says:

    Can’t get app to work have changed password and still not working

  • Bill West says:

    I am a member of a volunteer fire department and was wondering if you would donate one of you old coffee makers to our department.
    Our department is in St.David Illinois my name is Bill West

  • Bill says:

    I was in a store today and used the men’s restroom and I must say it was pretty disappointing to see how dirty it was, I dont believe it was just a one day use. The store is in Marshall Missouri on College street. I know it’s not something that people look forward cleaning but it is there job! If you need pictures I do have them.

  • William williams says:

    I was sleeping 12:16 am my phone goes off it woke me up I get up at 4am I checked it when I got up Casey’s emailed me advertising a special well needless to say they are loosing a customer I don’t need to receive specials at that time in the morning it’s not that important to me,who ever in charge of sending text to phone hope your happy driving customers away from the store

  • Molly Goodyear says:

    Manager Sherrill Linen is a liar. She stated on my corrective action report that I didn’t show up for work on January 4, 18, 21, 29 and February 8. Yes I was late but I came to work and worked the whole day. Yes it’s my fault I was terminated but I hate when people lie about the whole story. Thanks again Sherrill.

  • Susannah Card says:

    On January 31, 2022, I fell in the car wash located at 102nd and Maple Street, in Omaha, NE. On February 2, 2022, I contacted the manager of said Casey’s General Store and asked to be compensated for my medical bills and loss of income from my job. Alisha (mngr) said, “I will get your information and turn it into corporate today. You will hear from someone tomorrow.” It is now February 10, 2022 and NO one has contacted me. After x-rays and a MRI, it was determined I broke my leg. Please contact me.

  • Mary Gilliland says:

    I got hired in at Casey’s in Carey Ohio about 2 months ago. My daughter got murdered on December 23 2018 and when I got the job all I asked for was the 23 of December off sure we can do that ok I worked 12 am till 7 am. They had the schedule up for 2 and a half weeks now I was scheduled off for the 23 24 and 25 Thursday Friday and Saturday I go in Weds day at 12 am for my shift. I look and see if the next week’s schedule was up since our week starts at 12am Sunday because I knew I had the next 3 days off well I happen to look at the schedule that’s been up for a week and a half mind you and it’s a total different schedule all together and my name was up there to come in on the 23 no one called me or text me or even asked me to work knowing that’s the night my daughter was murdered around 130 230 am well I was mad hurt angry very upset so one of the girls that was getting ready to leave called Charmen the store manager and handed the phone to me to talk to her well she processed to tell me she’s sick I told her that that was dirty out of her to just put my name there without saying anything at all to me she said she was allowed to do that well after we hung up I was still very upset I went and smoked a cigarette calmed down and proceeded to do what I normally do the girl calls Charmen again and she tells me to go ahead and go home to calm down and I said I’m calm I’m suspose to work tonight but I won’t be here tomorrow night you promised me that day off and I was scheduled that day off she then again told the girl to tell me to go home and she’ll call me later to discuss it. This was Wednesday night I went in Friday evening and asked if the schedule was up for next week yet and they said my name was not on it she never called me or anything so I decided to text her Sunday morning and asked her when she was going to talk to me no answer so on Monday I texted her and asked will you please let me know what’s going on am I fired I need to know so I can look for work or whatnot a few hours later she finally text me back saying to bring the key in by 6pm that night that was all she said and I texted her saying I was sorry she was sick and for the last 3 year’s on the 23 of December my daughter’s murder we all get together her friends and family and lite candles and let pink balloons off hoping one day there will be justice for Erica Lynne forever 27. How can some people be so heartless and cruel to do a thing like that to another human being who’s been struggling with this. I’m just so ready to sue

  • Tabitha Lynn Norval says:

    I just got fired today for conflict argument with store manager Steven Riggs of El Dorado springs MO casyes I was doing what another manager told me to do because we were almost out of eggs and Steven riggs cridisised me as I was doing what I was told yes he and I exchanged words and he caused at me after I caused at him and did not right it in my turmanation paper I came to work in alot of pain because I have a case of hamertow that needs to be fixed and because he was threatening my job if I called in agen weather I had a drs note or not I came in in pain watting on boliver sergen to call me limping hindering me to do my job fast like I am saposto do now I am out of a job. But Steven Riggs comes in laght all the time and has been caught sleeping in his office by employees and customers

  • Jason S. says:

    I ordered a pizza from the Branson, MO Casey’s located on main street. I paid for the pizza and was waiting for it to get done and when I went in to pick it up 10 minutes later they already cut my pizza and put it in there warmer and people had already took slices. Of of it and then they tried to give me an old pizza that had been sitting in the warmer. Then when I asked for a refund the tried denying me and the started yelling at me and cussing me out. And I also observed the same guy that yelled at me pocket the change a customer a customer accidentally left after paying for his gas. He didn’t try to stop the guy or anything something needs to be done about this

  • Michael says:

    Casey’s in Jefferson, WI now opens at 6 am instead of 5 am. Casey’s here has great food, fantastic breakfasts and the best coffee. Now those of us that go to work at 6 am have to get that bad coffee at Quik Trip. Help us, let them open at 5 am please.

  • Rita White says:

    Hoe to ask for donations for a school?

  • Michael says:

    Hi this is Michael Arnold I was supposed to go into work at warren, Illinoi Casey’s at 8.00 Tonight but they told me I didn’t have to come in because they where closing the store at 9.00 and I was pretty disappointed

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    If you guys would employ decent managers, you’d be able to hire/employ decent workers!!!! Brooklyn, Ia Caseys has HORRIBLE management which is causing employees to quit, not want to work, those that are there are rude and lazy. Now the store has cut back its hours of operation due to the staffing as employees hate the manager and won’t work!!! Time for CHANGE

  • Jessica says:

    Worse place I have ever dealt with so many unprofessional people!!! My daughter slipped and fell and broke her pinky back in June and no did a accident report or anything until the next day the store manager did it and lied and lied some more all the whole thing!!!!!!!!! They were asked to send the video to their attorney and to mine and have yet to do it!!!! They keep using the excuse they don’t know how to record it and send it to them so the store manager did a play by play of a bunch of lies that DIDNT happen and said that is the best they can do!!!!!!!! They refuse to return any of my phone calls I have left several messages for mr. terry and he has yet to call me back!!!! Well what could of been a simple fix is going to be a big problem!!!!!! Melissa of the Trenton store in ohio needs to be FIRED for not properly training her employees and be a big fat LIAR!!!!! How can someone who wasn’t even there give a freaking statement telling what happened??????? I wouldn’t recommend any one going into any of these stores!!!!!!! I know I will never give these pieces of crap any more of my money!!!!!

  • Bill Zerbst says:

    Yes i live in west Kentucky my question is why do you continue to make your employees wear masks the governor of Kentucky has lifted all mask and distancing requirements your employees are very disgruntled. Free them

  • EX Casey's patron says:

    The manager at the Casey’s store in Independence, KS has to be the biggest A$$hole I have ever encountered. This store has gone down hill since he took over. I used to frequent Casey’s a lot. I no longer go there unless I absolutely have too! If the Independence store is the way you want people to see your business you are in trouble! If al Casey’s were as bad as this one I wouldn’t step foot in any of them and I am not alone!

  • Jan says:

    There needs to be changes in the Casey’s in Blue Mound, IL.. Most of the employees are a mess – they are on their phone or talking to a friend and totally ignore the customer waiting in line. The whole place is filthy, no one must ever clean. The drink fountain has been broken for over a month, I went to the donut case and there were 6 donuts and no paper to pick up a donut, no napkins, no sacks and the case had icing all over the glass doors. Today I drove to the next town (Stonington) to get a fountain drink and I saw 4 people from Blue Mound in that store and I asked why they were there and they said that they drive to the other store all the time because the Blue Mound store was a filthy mess and the most of the people that worked there act like it makes them mad to have to wait on you. The drive usually has all kind of trash on it and usually there is nothing to wash you car windows with and hardly ever any towels

  • Jan S says:

    Someone needs to come check out Superior NE store. Service is terrible. Never have sandwich, pizza slices, hamburgers made & they know school kids come in morning for breakfast roll & again after school & nothing made up for purchase. They definitely need more help. Please check it out.

  • Slath says:

    Can they stop a person from working in another type station if they quit caseys? I was told you cannot work for another place such as holiday, kwik trip, etc for at least 6.months

  • Willie James Washington says:

    Boo Whoo’s hot-sauce wants to join your vendor list. My phone # (918)704-0092 email Willie at jwsfishrestaurant@gmail.com

  • Ada says:

    There is a lady Brenda Davis in the altamont Illinois store that is always high on meth. She has been rude to her employees. She has sores on her and picks them. I know what she is doing cause I have seen all the signs before. They need to get rid of her. The employees are quitting because of her

  • Abigail hummell says:

    I was in fort Madison ia Casey’s closest to hospital and the lady at checkout had funny bugs crawling all over her yuck! Will never return there

  • Becky says:

    Have you ever thought about building a store in or around Quasqueton Iowa.
    We need a dependable gas station the one here in town is hardly open.and the hours are terrible.Please consider we have city water now.I should say we go through a rural water.
    Please help a small town out.

  • Debbie Wise says:

    I ordered 2 pizza from the Altoona Casey by Menards and they both were doughy when I took them back and complained the manager put her hand all over in the pizza playing in them told us they were done and they weren’t going to do anything about it and to get out of her store. I usually order 4 to 6 pizzas a week so I guess I have to find a new place.

  • Jessica Hazelton says:

    Casey’s has lost a life long supporter. To put it plainly the food absolutely sucks anymore. There is hardly ever food in the warmers and what is in there is old. I used to work for Casey’s, I know what old pizza looks like! Hot sausage sandwiches are gone….what? Made too much money on them? And PLEASE explain to me why the “Buffalo wings” are dry as hell? Sure they are the color of Buffalo wings but that is it. Unless Casey’s pulls their heads out and brings back good food I will no longer support their business.

  • Jason says:

    I would like to apologize to Cathy M. Of Green Valley, Illinois I wrote on a comment page that she was mean to my children in the store. I lied made the comment up. I have no excuse. At work she is professional and willing to the extra mile to help the customer.

  • Jerry C. says:

    I was parked next to the Casey’s store in Athens Illinois (at the Dollar General) waiting for my wife to pick up a few things. In a ten minute period I saw no less than a dozen people enter and leave Casey’s without wearing masks. Imagine how many people visit the Casey’s in a full day! It is my understanding that Casey’s corporate is requiring masks at all stores. What happened at the Casey’s in Athens Illinois?

  • Donita says:

    If you’re going to have to pay at the pump make sure you can get your receipt at the pump. I shouldn’t have to go inside to get my receipt because the store discovered it lost money because people pay for their gas and don’t go inside the store.

  • Cindy says:

    I live right by a store in Earlville and the clerk Jennifer Slaughter told me she has the right to refuse service to anyone even if they are quiet or not causing prob I go in all the time and she is constantly spreading peoples business and lies about a lot she is constantly in the bathroom doing whatever I’m guessing u can figure that out but its rediculas. I now have to go to bp which is even further from my house its a huge inconvinence.

  • Customer says:

    They have been advertising 50 cents off per pack of Marlboro cigarettes if you buy two packs. This has been advertised for many months. The carton price is higher. If you ask for 10 packs, you are handed a carton. You are then charged the carton price (-$8.50). Today, I asked for 10 packs. I again was billed for a carton. The manager told me she HAD to bill me the carton price. I told her I asked for ten packs, NOT a carton. She then became rude. She stated that she would have to “ring up 10 packs, then.” I said “so?” She rudely stated she would do it this time, but not again. THIS IS FRAUD. Difference w/tax is $1.90 per carton in their favor. How many “cartons” have you bought lately? I’m calling the FTC.

  • Vonda Rhodes says:

    I would like to say I like Casey’s pizza very much. Best around. But I went into the Windsor MO. Casey’s on May 2nd, 2019 to pickup my pizza’s. I order a Large Pepperoni and Large Hamburger and 2 orders of bread sticks. I checked the pizza and bread sticks. The one box of bread sticks was throwed in the box and looked like a big blob. so i had it remade while we waited on our second pizza totaling an hour and 20 minutes before i got our pizza. when i got them home the pepperoni pizza was cold after waiting so long for the hamburger pizza and the bread sticks was burnt. I took them back and asked them to redo them and told them I would like it in 20 minutes and please not another hour. I got the pizza a bread sticks and they were better. The girl that was doing the cutting them her hair was up but was falling down towards the pizza. When she cut the pizza’s she cut a large pizza into 6 pieces instead of 12. I know what they have to be cut into as i use to work for Casey’s 6 years ago as an assistant manager. I now there was several other people that brought their pizza’s back also. When i was standing there waiting I seen a small pizza and it was totally burnt”black on top”. I feel people like that should not be in the food business. I hope this will be taken care of. Thank you

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