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Carvel is an U.S-based ice cream company.

It is a subsidiary of Focus Brands.

Carvel has its specialities such as, soft-serve ice cream and ice cream cakes.

 Its menu includes a variety of novelty ice cream bars and ice cream sandwiches.

Carvel was incorporated by Tom Carvel in 1929.

He bought an ice cream truck and started running it.

By 1949, he started franchising the brand, and branched out to 865 stores by 1985.

In 1989, Investcorp bought the corporation for $80 million.

 Since 2001, the corporation has been owned by Roark Capital Group and operated as part of Focus Brands. As of 2018 there were 371 Carvel franchises worldwide.

As of 2018 there were 371 Carvel franchises worldwide, with 324 in the US.

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  • Barbara says:

    Years back I used to work for Carvel and one of the top flavors was butterscotch crunch nut chip. I was wondering if there was a chance to bring that flavor back, I’m sure it would go over big once again.
    Please give it a thought.

    Thanks so much, have a wonderful day,
    Barbara Gallagher
    Bbgalla1999@ comcast.net

  • Noelle S says:

    I went to the location in Elmsford NY and ordered the buy one get one sundae. The lady charged for the large (bigger of the two) and 3 toppings, which was on the smaller of the two. It was $11, for one! When I questioned it, she pointed to the sign behind us that had DIFFERENT prices on the buy one get one Wednesday sign. The prices were $2 more for each size only for Wednesday’s. This is just completely unethical. Since they have to participate in the corporate offer that’s nationwide, they went ahead and made different prices to make up the difference. What a SCAM. I’ll continue to contact customer service about this.

  • Anne Perino says:

    I went to the Carvel at 2 Westbrook Dr, Cortlandt, NY 10567 on July 6th, 2022 and purchased a ice cream sundae (bogo) with soft vanilla ice cream and sprinkles. The vanilla ice cream was not soft and had no flavor! I asked if I could have another one made with chocolate ice cream, I was told no because I had eaten some of it. I had only eaten one or 2 spoonfuls and couldn’t eat it cause it was awful. If this is the way your employees are going to treat your customers that is not right! I could not eat the ice cream sundae and ended up throwing it in the garbage! The chocolate ice cream sundae was fine. For the price of $6.99 that I paid for it, I would like some kind of restitution in being able to get a coupon for another sundae to replace the one that I could not eat! It seriously makes me think that I would not go back there again! My name is Anne Perino and my phone number is: 914 734-9010. I would appreciate a call back to see what can be done to resolve this matter.

  • Carlos says:

    On 6/30/22 visited your establishment located on 1048 coney island Avenue in Brooklyn NY. I was abhorred how my family which included my 4 grandchildren were treated. One employee started to raise his voice at my grandchildren. This no way to treat kids. Also the ice cream started to melt almost immediately after I left the store

  • Tricia says:

    Are you still making the traditional Carvel Slice Mmms ice cream cake roll? I have looked in almost every supermarket in my area and only one I see is the Oreo one.

  • James says:

    About four or five days ago my wife and I entered your establishment in Port St. Lucie Florida. Now as you know, in South Florida Covid has started to rise again due Mainly to idiocy. However upon entering your store I was a little shocked to see that out of about five employees only one was wearing a mask. It was of great concern to see individuals who serve food, that have the food so close to their faces and to the proximity of their customers due to the close quarters of your establishment, not wearing any protection at all. I expect the idiocy to come from the uneducated,ignorant, social media minded masses not from a well established corporation.

    Store location
    1091 Southeast Port Saint Lucie Boulevard
    Port St. Lucie, Florida 34952

    I do hope you will look into the situation. Especially since I’ve seen many elders entering your establishment. I do hope you understand the severity of the situation and will help prevent the spread of the Covid virus.

    Thank you

    Sent from my iPad

  • Israel Vila says:

    I just Brought a cake in one of your store locations in Brooklyn fourth Avenue and 58th St.
    When I realize for a left the store less than anminutes that I brought the incorrect flavor of the cake.I went back right away and ask him nicely can you please Exchange my cake or give me a refund upon entering the store there’s no sign visibly that says no refund.
    It was an Asian gentleman that told me that you’re not allowed refund and we cannot take this back and exchange this cake with which seems to be impossible and rude because I literally left the store a half a minute . And upon going through ordeal and this issue the cake was expired and ice cream was spoiled. This cake cost me $26.67 which I could not good exchange or get a refund.

  • Steven Pagliaro says:

    Today 5/18/19 I bought from one of your franchise mobile Truck a small sundae and on the truck there were pictures of all the ice cream that the truck sells BUT no prices next to the pictures, so when she handed me my small sundae she told me that will be $8.00 I feel that price is exorbitant. Also in NY according to consumer affairs dept. all prices MUST be displayed for each item that is sold. This truck was on NYC Parks dept property at Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier located at Father Capodanno Blvd and Seaview Ave, Staten Island NY
    Can you please look into this matter.
    Thank You
    Steven Pagliaro

  • martin basch says:

    can stil buy a canival francies direct from carni val corp? i live in boca raton fl.33434

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