Where is Carvana Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: 1930 West Rio Salado Parkway
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 800-333-4554
  • Fax Number: 866-221-3833
  • Email: investors@carvana.com
  • Number of Employees: 1864
  • Established: November 2013
  • Founder: Ernest Garcia III, Ryan Keeton & Ben Huston
  • Key People: Ernest Garcia III

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Carvana Headquarters Executive Team



Ernest C. Garcia III

Founder, President, CEO & Chairman

Mark Jenkins

Chief Financial Officer

Benjamin Huston

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Gill

Chief Product Officer

Ryan S. Keeton

Chief Brand Officer

About Carvana, History and Headquarters Information

Carvana was incorporated by Ernest Garcia III, Ryan Keeton and Ben Huston in 2012. It is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. It started with a purpose to change the way of purchasing cars. In 2017, the company was launched as a public corporation and started trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CVNA. In 2018, it became one of the fastest-growing automotive retailers in the country.

Carvana, LLC is an online used car retailer. The Company provides all types of new and used cars and vehicles. Customers can purchase, and sell cars using their online car dealing website. Carvana provides its services to its clients throughout the United States. Carvana delivers the purchased vehicles to the customer’s doorsteps. Customers can also choose to pick their vehicle from the company's 18 car vending machines. Carvana was also promoted in the Disney movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet. The company also sponsors the Phoenix Rising Football Club.

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  • J says:


    Let me explain…

    I recently bought my dream car, a 2014 Subaru WRX Wagon. These are incredibly hard to find, let alone in good condition as 2014 was the last year the wagon model was offered by Subaru. Imagine my surprise when I found one listed on CARVANA. “Our goal is to make sure you have peace of mind when it comes to your new ride” – Carvana. These cars are tuned and upgraded to death. I figured one on carvana should be mostly stock and in a condition meeting their standards. With the exception of not receiving any out for delivery information, the buying process and everything up to delivery went about as well as can be expected. My excitement could not be contained as I had dreamt of this car for over 7 years. This being said, immediately following my delivery day, the magic of buying my dream car was replaced by immeasurable disappointment and unexpected stress.

    What follows is a rundown of my situation.

    I was sold a Totaled / Salvaged Vehicle by Carvana.

    This car was listed at above Excellent condition KBB asking price. KBB has these in excellent condition listed at around $16,000, Carvana had it listed for $19,500. I paid $22,500 all said and done. This car in fair condition is listed by KBB at $10,600. This car can be described as poor condition which they won’t quote. Lets call it a sub $10,000 car. The only damage disclosed to me was minor chips on the hood, otherwise this was in excellent shape according to the listing and Carvana’s standard of excellence. See Below.


    1. My car was NOT inspected. I’m not saying Carvana missed a few things, I am saying they never even opened the hood. In the words of the Mechanic SilverRock sent me to (Silver Rock being Carvanas warranty repair partner), “It is not possible that Carvana could have popped the hood let alone looked under the car and not immediately noticed any of these issues”. The entire bottom of the car has completely rusted over and has to be replaced. A mere half second glance under the car is enough to see there is a serious problem. Not including the engine bay, brakes, and rotors, we are looking at over $8,000 to rebuild the ENTIRE undercarriage. I have an itemized quote listing 29 line items. Again, this is before we quote the engine bay, brakes, rotors, and any other unforeseen issues. If the car, being in poor condition, is worth less than $10,000, technically it will cost the value of the car just to fix the bottom of it. Beyond the rust, there are pins, screws, and clips missing all over the car. Again, a simple glance would have been enough to see this. Under the hood scoop is a guard that guides airflow into the turbo cooler intake thing (bear with me as I am not a mechanic). As soon as you pop the hood, it makes a noise getting caught on that intake as it lifts up. It’s falling off, this is because it is being held on by 3 clips on one side, the rest are missing. The whole thing moves around and it is impossible to miss as you lift the hood. If this blocks airflow it would produce extra stress potentially damaging the turbo through excessive heat. Then there is rust and other missing bolts in the engine bay. I have yet to receive a proper inspection and quote for any engine bay and other related problems so who knows what we are going to find there. I think it’s more than fair to say there are going to be some serious problems there as well. More to come when I receive that quote. To summarize, I was either sold a car that was not inspected or you knew about all of this and sold me the car anyway without disclosing any of it. Either way, this is beyond unacceptable and I could not be more disappointed.

    2. On Thursday May 27th at 2:50 pm, two days after taking delivery, I called into Carvana to get help as I noticed my car had rust, missing components, and was concerned about the inspection process. Allyson, the rep who took my call, assured me Silver Rock could assist with a quote. After she referred me to them, she assured me she would extend my 7 day return period to end on Wednesday June 2nd. The period was extended because we were facing a holiday weekend. Due to the Monday 5/31 holiday, I could not have the car inspected by the auto body shop until Tuesday June 1st the day it was previously set to expire.

    I took the car to Gerber Body repair on Tuesday June 1st and dropped it off at about 7 am. I then had a co-worker pick me up and give me a ride to the office. I then later took an hour off of work to Uber back to Gerber and picked up the car. The mechanic there walked me through everything he found wrong with the car in the realm of auto body. He said it was way worse than I previously thought it was. This is when he explained to me the extent of the damage. He would have to replace the entire undercarriage of the car mostly due to excessive rust. He noticed issues in other areas but would not advise as it was not in his realm of support. At this point I thought about returning the car, that’s when I realized my return period had not been extended as promised. Additionally, if I did return the car, I would be out all the money I would spend Ubering around not to mention the time and resources it would take to find another car. It had taken 3 months to find this one to begin with. Realistically, I would be out thousands of dollars in the end. I found myself beyond stressed, rightfully so.

    When I got back to work I proceeded to call Carvana. I did not notate the time of the call or who I spoke with but I recall the conversation. I explained my situation and my concerns and asked for a supervisor. I never did get to that supervisor however, the rep on the phone proceeded to help me. Basically they stated that they were sorry about the period not being extended and were willing to extend it further until 6/3 at 6pm. They Told me I would have to continue working with silver rock but could return the car if I wanted to. Being in my position, I had no idea what was best and chose to proceed to see if this quote would even be approved.

    6/2 at 10:30 Am I called Silver Rock to get an update on my Quote, spoke with Spring. They had not received it so I proceeded to email them the copy that was provided to me. I also let them know there would be future quotes for the engine bay. Silver Rock referred me to Pep Boys to obtain that quote. Turns out that was a waste of my time but more on that later.

    6/2 1:03 pm – 2:46 pm. I called Carvana and spoke with Terry who transferred me to Manager Jeff. I talked to Terry and again, explained my situation. I told him Carvana didn’t understand the gravity of this situation and that I needed to speak to a supervisor. After waiting on hold for nearly an hour I was transferred to Jeff who had no idea what was going on. Again, I explained my situation and experience with Carvana. I expressed my concerns which included but are not limited to 1. Carvana deceiving me by selling me a seemingly uninspected totaled / salvage vehicle. 2. Carvana not taking the situation seriously by pawning me off to Silver Rock as if this was a warranty claim. 3. My out of pocket expenses over the long term if I have to return a car for no fault of my own. Jeff Assured me that Carvana is all about their customer experience. He said ” If you want to keep this car, we are willing to do whatever we need to to make this right. If for whatever reason we cannot repair this vehicle or you decide you don’t want it, we will take it back. We will NOT leave you hanging with the bill for this car if you send it back. AWESOME. We went over other details and he insisted I would have to continue going through silver rock to have this fixed. I tried explaining that this was not a warranty claim but I digress. Jeff asked me to upload a copy of my auto body quote to a link he provided via email and text message. I have not done that as of today 6/4. However, if you are reading this, know that that task has been completed. One of the last things we discussed was my concern for paying for a certified used car that would be branded salvage / rebuilt. I was assured the value team(I may have the wrong name) would assess my quotes and adjust my loan accordingly. However, Jeff’s tone did not inspire confidence and it sounded like this isn’t something they usually approve of. That’s not going to be acceptable. After disconnecting the call I was advised by friends, family, and other parties that I should get something in writing just in case. After all, business is business and $22,000 is a lot of money to hedge on he said she said. Jeff had provided me with a number and sent me a text. I was told on the call that it was okay to text him if I needed anything. I sent him a text the morning of 6/3 right before 9 am. This text let him know I would update him with a quote. I also requested an email notating what we discussed over the phone and the resolution he provided. This made up the bulk of the text message. No response. Today, 6/4 around the same time, I called his line to make the same request verbally. He did not pick up and I left a voicemail. As of 5 pm Arizona time on 6/4 I have not heard from Jeff or received an email with all of this in writing. My return period has expired. This leaves me in a horribly stressful situation, I don’t know what to do at this point. Additionally, this morning I went to drop the car off at Pep Boys to have the rest of this car thoroughly inspected and quoted as instructed by Silver Rock. Turns out, they are mostly an auto body shop and could not assist me with any of this. I had taken time off of work to make this happen, again, NOT COOL. Now I am going to have to do more research and find some reputable shop that is within Silver Rocks standards. Pep Boys had a TON to say about Silver Rock and the reviews online seem to match what he was saying. I am not inspired with confidence.

    3. So here’s where we are at as of now, 6/4/21 at 5:36 pm. I am working on finding someone to inspect the rest of this car to accurately assess the issues that need to be addressed. Carvana has stated that I am safe. They are willing to cover everything and take the car back if I decide this didn’t work out, but they won’t respond to my requests asking for this in writing. As far as I know, I am stuck with a totaled car with no guarantee of this being resolved. I have taken time off of work and spent money on transportation, I am out of pocket over Caravanas mistake. I will continue to be out of pocket over Carvanas mistake as time continues. Hell, I am not sure this is even safe for me to be driving at this point. I mean if all the shocks, brakes, and literally everything under the car is rusted and needs to be replaced then I could be driving a death trap. No one has said anything about the safety and I cannot afford to uber everywhere so until someone tells me otherwise I will assume it is still safe to drive. Please note that while this is being treated as a warranty claim, this is NOT a warranty claim. Carvana wrongly deceived me and sold me this car while upcharging me based on their reputation of a safe car buying experience, including rigorous 150 point inspections. I’m confident this is illegal one way or another and I refuse to let you pawn this off as eh let’s have our warranty company handle it. I expect no less than the following:

    A refund that brings my purchase price down to the value of this car as it was sold to me.
    Any issues that present themselves to be repaired and paid for by Carvana as stated over the phone.
    A comparable rental car provided during the times I am not able to use my vehicle.
    Compensation for my time and resources spent while dealing with this situation.
    A warranty for the work done on the car.
    A reliable contact for someone at Carvana who I can reach out for future assistance with this problem.
    A signed document by an authoritative figure stating all of this will be provided and at Caravanas expense.

    Here is a list of issues I have found on my own. Keep in mind, I am not an auto expert in the slightest. These are issues an average consumer noticed in his first week.

    RUST ALL OVER EVERYTHING UNDER THE CAR. Don’t have to jack it up to see it.
    Left fog Light is out
    Battery has acid and rust on it.
    The hood scoop intercooler connector thing is falling off and blocking airflow.
    Turbo has serious rust on its connecting piece. Like, not one spec of it is silver.
    Engine components are rusted.
    Bolts are rusted.
    Bolts are missing.
    Body panel clips are missing.
    When I make sharp left turns, the loose front right wheel well pushes against my wheel making a loud grinding noise. (Terrifying when on windy mountain roads let me tell you.)
    The shifter does not feel like any other manual I have driven, grinding like feel. There may be issues there.
    Paint, the driver’s side was very recently repainted. The weather stripping was not masked properly and you can tell it was repainted as there is paint on that weather stripping where it should not be. By very recently, I mean that the masking tape covering the key hole is still there and covered in paint. It almost seems like Carvana repainted this car right before it was sold, no proof but I am sure that can be attained one way or another.
    This is what I can remember off the top of my head at the end of a very long week, you get the point. This was all before I had an expert look at it.
    I have given Carvana multiple chances but can no longer give you the benefit of the doubt. I am sharing my story and green lighting anyone who wants to run it. I expect a phone call with a satisfactory resolution offered in writing. I am done working with your customer service team and I am done working with Silver Rock. This is not a warranty claim and it will not be treated as such. It is time you take responsibility for your actions. If I do not hear back by Tuesday 6/8 by 12 noon, I will assume that this is not of concern to you. From there I will do everything I can within the confines of the law to hold you accountable for your actions. I am eagerly awaiting your response.

    Your Disappointed Customer,

    Jonathan Kreisman

    • Jim dinner says:

      Jonathan there is a lot you can accomplish with this you need to go see a lawyer. The lemon law dose exist. You will need copy of phone record for reaching out to them and the records for the inspection that you had done. And you will need the there website record showing that they do a 150 point inspection. The lawyer will take your case with out a retainer. It is a win win case

  • Ross says:

    Purchased my second car from Carvana and the first day it was in the shop the dealership said they would have noticed this problem during inspection but the company doesn’t inspect their cars at all they are bought at auction and polished up and sold they are fraudulent in their claims about inspections of their cars the car needed 3k worth of repairs to my car when I tried to swap it out they made me reapply and I still in 2 months have not seen my registration for my car what a joke buyer beware of this company you will get a polished up pos you will not be happy and you will be wasting your money

  • susan boggs says:

    I have never dealt with a company so unprofessional and lacking in customer service as I have with Carvana.

  • richard peebles says:

    Order: 6441543 2019 Infinity

    It has been TWO MONTHS and I still don’t have registration or title. Because I got no assistance from carvana to resolve these issues I attempted to self-register this vehicle. The DMV says I don’t own the car because I don’t have a title, therefor I can’t register this vehicle. They have no record of receiving documents from carvana. I am stuck with a hunk of metal sitting in my driveway that I don’t own, can’t drive and can’t sell. If I don’t get a resolution soon I will be filing a lawsuit and follow up with a social media blitz. Once they have your money you no longer exist. ZERO Customer Service.

  • Mark D says:

    Sold my car to Carvana 10 days ago and my lender still shows my loan has not been paid off. Meanwhile, my payment is now “LATE.”

    I’ve been on hold for 2.5 hours trying to get an answer and NO ADVOCATES are “available” via their texting program…except “Sebastian,” the bot.

    They say on their answer system that they “quickly pivoted” to work-from-home customer response. If so, why, 5 months later, are they not able to give a reasonable response time? Their voice system says you’re “still working through these issues” Really???

    They’re NOT in the Car Business…they’re in the Customer Service business. And they appear to be failing miserably at that business.

    I’m going to Yelp, BBB and any other consumer support site I can find to let folks know about their horrific customer support.

    Mark D

  • Allison says:

    I purchased a vehicle from your company, within the first few months the tire on the SUV blew. I took it to a tire shop and the tire shop told me that a 2017 vehicle should not have brand new tires on it from 2011. That means the tires have been sitting on a shelf for years. 2 of the tires on the vehicle were from 2011. When I wanted to replace the tires with the same make and model of tire the tire shop told me that those specific tires have been discontinued. I sent your company emails, I sent them online tire sites showing that the tires do not belong on my SUV, I sent pictures, I sent the serial numbers of the tires. I spoke with one of your specialists SEAN on the phone, he said they would reimburse me for the tire I replaced, I want all of the tires paid for and replaced by your company.  This was months ago, I have not heard back from sean, I filed a complaint with the BBB and your company said they asked for the receipt, so I emailed it all to the BBB and now the BBB has closed the file with me unsatisfied because your company has refused to respond. Your specialist has sent me 1 email and 1 phone call. It is obvious your company does not care about customer service. I bought the SUV outright, plus paid for the warranty. I paid almost $30,000 for it and your company is unwilling to fork out less than $1,000 for replacement tires. The vehicle came with issues, a broken sunroof and tires sensors were incorrect. The tire sensors were a huge safety issue. YOur inspections are obviously  inaccurate if a sun roof came broken and the tire sensors were not correct. Again, I am asking for all tires to be replaced by your company.
    2017 GMC Acadia

    • Jai says:

      OMG That sounds horrible…. I am definitely reconsidering… if there was an attempt to resolve issues, I would honestly go ahead. That is the common trend in all these reviews. Lack of follow through with an attempt as resolution. I appreciate you for posting this review. I am not rich enough to get played. I am really sorry to hear that you went through all this and paid upfront too?! Yeah, not cool at all!

  • Brittany says:

    We had everything lined up for a delivery. Financing, down payment, paperwork, everything was done. Then they rescheduled because they lost the key for the car. Then we had to sign new paperwork. Then they still couldn’t find the key a week later and rescheduled a 3rd time. We ended up cancelling our order.

  • Courtney says:

    I find it absolutely deplorable that Carvana would put into place a new policy on 3/25/20 and make it retroactive to consumers who had received an offer and accepted it prior to that date. Essentially, anything they hadn’t printed a check for was voided. This is incredibly disappointing from a company I have admired and suggested to others for quit some time. I’m currently awaiting a return call from a “team member” regarding my situation. However, it was made clear to me via chat with Tyler, that everyone has advised to deliver the same message to consumers. That message is, we won’t honor any offers that aren’t already paid out.

  • Amber says:

    I would 100% not recommend anyone to purchase a car through carvana! This is the worst car buying experience I’ve ever had! I’m stuck with a faulty car because it’s past the 7day return period! I’ve had this car about 30 days and it has been to the shop 3 TIMES and it BROKE DOWN today while on the way to taking my infant daughter to the ER! They won’t provide me a rental car or let me swap the car! They just want to keep bandaging issues until my warranty is up and it’s no longer their problem. If I’m willing to stay with carvana and I just want to swap the car out (even after all the issues I’ve had) why would that not be an option!? Worst experience ever and I’m on the way to see an attorney now about this!

  • San Antonio says:

    They have the Worst customers service. The don’t honor their warranty. The 7 days shouldn’t include holidays, weekends or how long it for the car to sits at the mechanic shop. They blam the customer for there problem they create. I bought the car on 23 December2019 with the check engine light on

    The sale person told me that Carvana mechanic couldn’t figure it out. So I trust the salesperson that I should that it to a specialty mechanic and it could be fixed.
    I took the car to a specialty mechanic they said it can only be fixed by dealership. Sliver rock wouldn’t guarantee it would be covered under warranty. Carvana said they had a special team that handles this type situations like mine.. but Carvana wouldn’t guarantee they would cove it. I could not get the car in the 7-day window to the mechanic due to closed for Christmas holidays … was told it would affect the coverage.
    I talk to the customer service manager he said I should sell the car. Never do business with a company that does not stand by their warranty and does not make exceptions because of holidays and time in the shop that the customer can’t control.


    And for the phone manager that I talked to today that told me I should sell the car, that I just bought from Carvana should be fired or reprimanded for suggesting such an outlandish statement. He is the ideal of very poor customer management service. The car has been sitting at a mechanic shop longer than I have had in my possession he should be ashamed of himself.

  • Tonio says:

    I was all set to purchase a car with carvana. They needed documents. I got all the documents ready. Banking information was sent over and even verified by the carvana people. They talked with each other while I was in the three way call. It was all set… the car was to be picked up in 2 days. I was excited to get the car and use the vending machine. Carvana shot me an e-mail saying its a no go. WHAT??? After all the time I spent on line with getting all the information lined up, they say YES everything is there… then they come back saying NO. I’m still car-less and wasted a lot of my time on this car deal. You all aren’t on the cutting edge of the car buying business – I have to tell you. Was a great idea but these problems don’t help the consumers AT ALL!! Bad Business all the way!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

  • 1 disappointed Garcia says:

    I bought a vehicle through Carvana- signed the purchase agreement- received delivery confirmation- and without even notifying me the purchase was cancelled! I logged into my account to confirm the delivery time and low and behold nothing was there….. I called Carvana (was on hold for over an hr-even though it kept saying your wait time is under 5 minutes) and they told me that the car was sold to someone else and that person is currently in possession of the vehicle!!!!! EXCUSE ME???? How does that even happen???? I was offered no replacement and told I had to speak with a supervisor- Supervisor couldn’t help after hearing from him over 24hrs later- escalated to Jeff in retention who assured me that all I needed to do was pick another car and I wouldn’t have to go through anything but scheduling and signing the new purchase contract because all he had to do was just click a button—–so that’s what I did- I picked a new vehicle let Jeff know and guess what……. Nope you cant get this car because my information cant be verified???? What?????? Now my information cant be verified- after I uploaded paycheck stubs- bank statements and ID?????? Complete BS!!!!! You guys messed up bad and don’t want to take responsibility! Get your act together and provide better service for your customers! After reading the previous posts I’m relieved that I didn’t end up with one of your lemons! I hope you have a good team of lawyers— future class action lawsuit is definitely in the cards!

  • r coston says:

    I sold a car to carvanna on 8/3 I had a payoff due on the 8/15 this payoff is still not made and now I’m looking at making a payment for something I don’t even have. This is not right. and nobody can tell me when the payoff is going out its like once the sale was done it was over. I need the payoff to go out before the 15th of the month and its already expired. bad business

  • Eugene says:

    Eugene Marble
    23324 Hyacinth Lane
    California, MD 20670

    Attn: Erinie Garcia, Jr.

    To whom it may concern:

    The car buying experience with you all was worst than dealing with a used car lot salesperson. I am having some serious issues with you all that I can no longer look over.

    First, your company delivered the vehicle over a week late due to location and operations problems on your part. I was dealing with a total loss and renting a vehicle at the time I purchased a car from your company. Your company cost me an additional $300 out of pocket cost for an extended car rental with Enterprise rent a car. Your customer serviced agreed to forward $250 to help cover the cost of the rental. I have yet to receive the $250 in any form.

    When the vehicle was delivered the vehicle had damage caused during the transit. The damage was located on both bumpers and along the passenger side on the vehicle. The Carvana delivery associate took pictures of the damage and instructed me how to get the vehicle fixed using the warranty. Here is the problem your company does not take into accountability concerning your customers. We may work and time may be an issue! With that said, I work for the government as a contractor in such; I travel at any given time, finding the time to get the vehicle estimated and fixed will require loss pay and leave from work.

    Registering my vehicle has been a nightmare, I filled out and submitted two limited power of attorneys. The first one sent to your staff was sent early Feb, and second, limited power of attorney was forward to your staff was the end of February due to an error made during the delivery of the vehicle concerning insurance state location your delivery person missed and failed to inform me. The temporary tags expired 3/7/19. My car has sat in my driveway for a month. Furthermore, your company could not process an extension for the temporary tags. Therefore, I had to result to catching rides to work and renting vehicles. Your company once again has cost me additional funds and frustration.

    I originally instructed your Carvana sales associates over the phone that wanted to put a down payment of over $6,000 towards the purchase of the vehicle which had cleared with my bank weeks prior to purchase. Only $2,000 was actually put towards the taxes and registration. Your company was supposed to move that payment to the new vehicle since I was financing through your lending arm. It didn’t happen!!!! Now I was stuck paying over $450 monthly payment for a $19,000 vehicle that should have been financed for $15,000.

    My disappointment with your service and the recurring cost that I can not totally that responsible for has caused me so much stress and frustration. This purchase DID NOT save me money and time. It cost me hundreds out of pocket, thousands of dollars via financial charges and countless days/time off work because I could not find rides to work because I can not drive the Carvana car I bought due to expired temp licensing plate.

    Very disappointed

    Eugene Marble
    240 309-0805





    Ernest C. Garcia III
    Founder, President, CEO & Chairman
    1930 West Rio Salado Parkway
    Tempe, AZ 85281

    Mark Jenkins
    Chief Financial Officer
    1930 West Rio Salado Parkway
    Tempe, AZ 85281





    Ernest C. Garcia III
    Founder, President, CEO & Chairman
    1930 West Rio Salado Parkway
    Tempe, AZ 85281

    Mark Jenkins
    Chief Financial Officer
    1930 West Rio Salado Parkway
    Tempe, AZ 85281


  • Ethel Gamez says:

    Purchased a vehicle with prior Damage, this was not disclosed and concealed. Illegal and this is fraud.

  • Terri Holland says:

    My daughter bought a car in Dec. 2016. She still has no way to obtain legal registration & tags for the car because Carvana has lost the title. She has spent hours on the phone with nothing but promises to provide the necessary title. She is a veteran with a service dog. She needs her car, which she’s making payments on. No one is doing their job. This company is not dependable. BEWARE!!!!!

    • I WILL GET JUSTICE says:


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