Where is Carrabbas Corporate office Headquarters

Carrabbas Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2202 North West Shore Boulevard
    5th Floor
    Tampa, FL 33607-5747
    United States
  • Phone Number: 904-278-1077
  • Fax Number: 904-278-9797
  • Email: homeoffice@carrabbas.com
  • Number of Employees: 3296
  • Established: December 26, 1986
  • Founder: John Charles Carrabba, III & Damian Mandola
  • Key People: Michael Kappitt

Carrabbas Headquarters Location & Directions

Carrabbas Headquarters Executive Team



Michael Kappitt


David A. Pace

Chief Resource Officer

Maria Brous

Director of Media and Community Relations

Katie Knight

Chief Marketing Officer

About Carrabbas, History and Headquarters Information

Carrabba's Italian Grill is an U.S-based restaurant chain spealizing in Italian-American cuisine.

It is owned and operated by Bloomin' Brands.

Based in Tampa, Florida.

The chain was incorporated by John Charles "Johnny" Carrabba III and his uncle Damian Mandola in 1986.

They started their first restaurant in Texas.

They expanded and renamed their restaurant to Rosie Carrabba's in honor of Damian's sister Rose.

Two years later, OSI acquired the rights to develop the Carrabba's chain nationwide

In 2008, they inaugurated the first airport location in Tampa International Airport.

Chicken Bryan is one of Carrabba's Italian Grill's best dishes.

Carrabbas Headquarters Photos

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  • A says:

    Carabbas 3rd St., Jacksonville pretty disgusting mold on the walls in ancient ceiling tiles

  • Guest says:

    Carrabas in Carlisle Pike, Mech., PA has unclean smell as soon as you walk in. Please have someone inspect this before dinner (full) hours. It really makes me concerned to eat there.

  • Nancy Corcoran says:

    Kudos to manager palm harbor FL. Ordered a to go order that was not up to Carrabba’s usual standard. Order frequently from this restaurant and always pleased. However, today had a problem with the picked up dinner. Too cold and below standard. Spoke with manager who had another meal delivered. She definitely went beyond. Thank you.

  • Tom says:

    My Family and I visited the Palm Bay, Fl. Restaurant location on 5/14/2021 for a belated “Mother’s Day” dinner. 9 of us.
    Food was excellent and Service was very good however what occurred next was a horror story. My final check was for $206.xx for which I paid with a $100 Bill, 2-$50 Gift Cards we purchased at the store on our way in, and my Visa card to pay for the $6.xx balance and Waiter’s tip.
    Waiter returned with a check with a balance of $56.xx instead. When I questioned waiter about the discrepancy, he mentioned to both my wife and I that our Gift Cards were for $25.00 each. When we showed waiter documentation that we had just purchased the Gift Cards earlier at the front desk for $50 each, he proceeded to change his story that we had only given him 1-$50 Gift card. I then asked to see the Restaurant Manager. I re-explained everything that had occurred however they were not able to come up with the missing $50 Gift Card. In the meantime I looked everywhere within my possessions, and as of now, no $50 Gift Card has been found. Manager proceeded to “Comp out” the $50 missing Gift Card. I then asked Manager for my final, unsigned check, so I could add my tip. To my amesement, Waiter had already processed my unsigned check for an amount of $140.xx when It should have been $6.xx + Tip. Additionally they could not also find my unsigned final check. Anyways I was in this Restaurant an additional 40 minutes or so trying to get to the bottom of these issues, and by then I had lost all trust and confidence in the waiter. I also then asked the Manager to remover the waiters tip from the final chack I never signed.
    The next day I called the GM of this Restaurant, and to my amasement as well, he mentioned to me that the $100 Bill I had paid with was not part of the waiter’s final tabulation as well!! He then proceeded to re-imburese my also missing $100 Bill. He agreed to follow up with his Manager and Waiter and get back with me, which he did later in the day.
    Per the GM, and as he said, “to his surprise”, Waiter in question mysteriously approached him before the beginning of his next day shift to say that he felt he did not handle my transaction well, and had a surplus of $100 at the end of the day. REALLY!!!
    I feel, based on all the missing moneys and inconsistent explanation by the Waiter, that my Family were the victims of someone trying to jack us out of moneys, when Carrabas is supposed to be such a reputable place.
    I want someone in a position of decision making to get back with me and explain if this is the way your company handle these type of issues. I feel that someone employed by Carrabas tried to rob us in plain daylight!!

  • Maria says:

    We order 2 meals to go. Chicken Marsala and a steak Marsala.
    The chicken was pink. The steak was way over cooked. He asked for medium. No dressings for the salad, bread but no oil or seasonings. This was a to go order. We ordered at the store in Clearwater on our way home to Tampa.I love Carrabbas and was extremely disappointed. We tried calling, nobody answered
    And when someone did, we got disconnected. Truly disappointed!

  • Mizphen Burger says:

    I placed my order lasagna family meal today 12/29/20 @1:51pm and picked up time @6pm..so we were already there at the curbside pick up parking @5:55pm went to the door assume that it should be ready by then..but no lady said it wasn’t ready yet, I ask how long more do I need to wait,she said couple more minutes so ok..I paid my order and wait in the car we waited for 30minutes, while other curbside customers just park and go..so I ask the the guy he probably the manager, I said we have been waiting here for 30 minutes and then he come back with our food..so okay we got home hungry and. Ready to eat..our lasagna is already half way cold,calamari saggy,cold and chewy already and no bread..and this is our second time ordering online and we have the same situation waiting for 30minutes to get our food..they have less than 4hrs to prep and cook my orders..it was probably my order is been sitting in the table for somebody to bring it out to us. Not having a good experience to this restaurant..

  • Nancy Wallis says:

    Nancy Wallis Lawrenceville Ga…My husband and I dined at your Sugar Loaf location in Duluth today 8/28/20 and had an experience like we have never had before. We were facing the area where food is cooked when the Manager who was cooking at the time exploded using profanity and the Lord’s name in vane towards the waiters who were waiting to get their orders…Not sure what this was about but he was verrrrry loud and others heard this as well. He was the Manager on duty and we were there about 5;30 or 6 pm. I have always had a good experience at Carrabbas but never want to go back if this nutcase is going to be on duty. I hope you will see that he isn’t. Thank you for your attention to this awful matter.

  • Bonnie Longaker says:

    One of your workers informed me that head office has made the decision NOT to serve pizzas anymore. Is this true.

  • Susan Wright says:

    Went to Carrabbas 10/8/19 for supper had salad with brown lettuce thru out it all. Also no sooner got home and both my husband and myself were in the bathroom. Not a pleasant night for sure! We were in Latham, NY across from Ruby Tuesday’s which is closed now. With food like we got Carrabbas will be next. Gave you a second chance we are all done with your restaurant!!!!

  • Patty says:

    Ordered meals for six for pick up for my Birthday dinner at home with family. Carrabba’s has been my favorite restaurant for years but very disappointed in the past few visits. This particular order was done on line, paid for with gift cards at the restaurant. I tried to pay with the gc on line to be told they could not acknowledge the gc numbers. I verified the gc and the balances online. When my husband got home with the meals, one meal was not as requested and his meal was not included. We did pay for his meal, we contacted the restaurant to be told “oh yeah, your meal is here, you can pick it up”. We declined picking it up as everyone was already seated and ready to eat. The mgr did ask his name and address to send a gc for the amount of his meal. Almost three weeks later and nothing. Very disappointed, we love to sit at the cooking area and watch the chefs, the past few times have not been up to their typical standards. The last time we sat there, the couple next to us got our meals after sitting a short time. One of the meals was not what they even ordered. They had a wonderful manager several years ago that was exceptional. He always visited the table, very friendly, sadly he is no longer there. I am not sure who the manager is. I truly hope that this will not be the norm for Carrabba’s as my husband only goes because I love it. It will be tough to talk him into it!

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