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Carnival Cruise Line Corporate office Headquarters

Carnival Cruise Line Address and Contact

Carnival Cruise Line


  • Address: 1015 N America Way, Miami, FL 33132, United States
  • Phone Number: +18007647419
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 10000+
  • Established: 1972
  • Founder: Ted Arison  ,
  • Key People: Christine Duffy, President

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Carnival Cruise Line Headquarters Executive Team



Christine Duffy,


Neil Palomba,

Chief Operating Officer





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  • Jody Southard says:

    I am trying to get a hold of someone in corporate for a complaint. Every time I call I get the same run around please contact me. Your customer relations is horrendous

  • Linda T-Scungio says:

    I would like someone from Carnival Corporation to contact me. I have already sent emails and made phone calls with nobody responding.

  • Lisa Meeker says:

    I have been trying to get ahold of someone in corporate and have never gotten a reply. I have spoken many times to guest services to no avail. I want someone to contact me via email so I can discuss my problem.

  • sam reagan says:

    I had a terrible experience on the carnival breeze and their guest services department left much to be desired. I need an email or call from corporate

  • Carol Shewchuk says:

    I need the email address for Administration so I can explain my complaint. I had a call thismorning and I was driving. When I got home and turned the car off I cut the agent off that had called. I was to have an email sent to me so I could respond. That was 2 hours ago.

  • Angela Davis says:

    I’m Angela Davis I just returned from a cruise on the Carnival Vista and I slipped and fell. And was injured. I’m trying to get in contact with someone. So I can talk and no email about my condition. My # 9362343029

  • Dorothy Strange says:

    Sorry I had the date wrong it’s was 11-17-22

  • Dorothy Strange says:

    I was on carnival breeze on 11-17-21 in room 7341 we had roaches n air conditioning for not working for two days n they was ruled when u trying to tell them what on going on couldn’t get off the boat because trying to get everything fix please give me a call 346-450-3606 my name is Dorothy

  • Laurice Gall says:

    I did a Back to Back cruise on the Carnival Magic on April 9-17 then April 17-23. It’s been over 7 MONTHS and no one seems to want to help in correcting my cruise totals. They only posted April 9-17 and not the 17-23 though I’ve given them proof of payment numerous times to include my Sail and Sign card. Really? 7+months and no correction?
    All I get is the runaround or nothing but excuses. I’m so fed up with carnival at this point.


    I been over on almost 300 days at sea with carnival they lost scooter and completely treated me like shit when you call they keep transfer you to different department and no one can help you ask for a manager that can’t helps well over their head it’s a complete joke carnival will fail if they keep treating good customer bad

  • Gwendolyn Sams says:

    I have sailed on carnival cruises only for years and I have never every had an experience like I had this cruise carnival magic out of norfolk and I will never travel with carnival cruise again. The hallway on my floor 2 room 2453 the hallway smelled like shit day and night. This was for the first three days on the cruise. I called to guest service everyday they sent someone each time but the smell did not go away. Then when I want to cruise service they say they could not do anything that fucked my whole cruise up and Rhett were acting like I was lying because there was no report I had 3 techs gone to my room and housekeeping came to also clean the area to get rid of smell and to no array the hallway still stinker . They could have moved me or give me a cruise credit for my inconvenience. Something l. They did nothing. I did not want to leave my room. Please give me a call I want to file a report. 757 4197466 Gwendolyn Sams I am gold biofuels member

  • TWANA MACK says:

    my name is Twana Mack IATA 24632716
    my client is XXXXXX
    Booking Number B2FZ5

    In June I booked a 6 day cruise with Carnival on the Dream leaving Galveston Texas on November 13,2022. The cruise was booked by P. Wxxxx and E.xxxxxxx III. P.WXXXXX with no fault of her own was unable to cruise. Upon finding out about this, after E.xxxx had already pre paid his portion. I notified Carnival of the change in booking and they removed Patricia from the booking, talked to a representative and they adjusted the price , E.xxxxx paid the difference or there would have been a penalty to cancel. I was notified of the change in the booking and rate change. Today 9/28/22 I was notified unless Exxx paid 1294.21 he would not be able to cruise. I am appalled that this was not changed in June and was never notified of this change until now. He and myself have repeatedly checked the balance of the cruise and it has not changed until today. My client who is on social security scrimped and saved booked hotels and made car arrangements and other expenses for his cruise. He is now being told by no fault to him or my agency Carnival REQUIRES this to be paid in full by Wednesday. Again, I am appalled by this news. my client fully understood at the change in June his rate went up and he paid the difference. Now, again Carnival is requesting a rate change within a month of his cruise and days to come up with 1294.52. this is wrongful negligence on your part. Your representatives should have fixed this in june. Not wait till today. As of today the confirmation has been changed and the balance owed has changed from 0.00 to 1294.53. i was told my client could use Uplift as if all people can afford extra and at his age does not qualify for him to use. He is attached to a group sailing for County Judges of Texas and is part of this group for dinner and excursions; this was a planned exclusive trip for Eric . If there is anything your company can do to help rectify the mistake and hurt you have caused my client and my reputation with my client please consider. Again I called in June, talked to a representative and to my knowledge and on goccl.com under the booking confirmation number all was 100% finalized and balance 0.00. This change in rate is unfair and inhumane and my client is upset and those he was traveling with will also be upset if he is not able to go.

    Twana Mack

  • Patsy Bush says:

    I have been trying to contact group dept for 2 weeks. I have stayed on hold 2, 4 and 6hrs. Is there a problem. I couldn’t leave a phone# 469 765 5662

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