Where is Carl’s Jr. Corporate office Headquarters

Carl’s Jr. Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 6700 Tower Cir, Franklin, TN 37067, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 877-799-7827

  • Fax Number: 714-490-3695

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 20200

  • Established: July 17, 1941

  • Founder: Carl Karcher & Margaret Karcher

  • Key People: Jason Marker

Carl’s Jr. Headquarters Location & Directions

Carl’s Jr. Headquarters Executive Team



Jason Marker

Chief Executive Officer

E. Michael Murphy

President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Theodore Abajian

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Eric F. Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Ned Lyerly

President of International Division

Richard Buxton

Executive Vice President of Real Estate Development

Jeffrey P. Chasney

Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning

John J. Dunion

Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Management

Steve Evans

Senior Vice President of Operations – Hardees Franchise-Operated Restaurant Locations

Robert J. Starke

Executive Vice President of Operations for Hardee’s Company

About Carl’s Jr., History and Headquarters Information

Carl’s Jr. Restaurants LLC was established by Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret in 1941. It began as a hot-dog cart in Los Angeles. In 1945, they inaugrated Carl’s Drive-In Barbecue as a full-service restaurant, which was later renamed to Carl’s Jr. At that time they served limited products such as charbroiled hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and malts. It was launched as a public corporation in 1981. Following which, the menu had a lot of variety that included the Western Bacon Cheeseburger, breakfast items, a charbroiled chicken sandwich line, and self-service soda fountains. In 2016, it was featured on the Entrepreneur’s list of Top Franchise 500 list.

Carl’s Jr. Restaurants LLC is an American fast-food restaurant chain. It is owned and operated by CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc. It has its branches in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. It has its branches all over 44 states and 39 foreign countries and U.S. territories.

Carl’s Jr. Headquarters Photos

  • Felicia says:

    I can’t a hold of anyone still for my w2 this is bullshi

  • Elisa Purkiser says:

    I tried to call in a complaint and was directed here. This is ridiculous! They don’t care about our opinions. That’s why you can’t speak with someone. I guarantee that no one even reads these comments. Lucy on Washington Avenue in Murrieta, CA , was so rude to me! I will never spend another dime atCarl’s Jr. ! I’m sure she will get away with it. That’s how it goes. They don’t care about their customers. My name is Elisa and my email address is elisa41965@gmail.com. I don’t expect to ever hear a word from anyone!

  • Anita Nelson says:

    My name is Anita Nelson my phone number is 279-235-0769 I went to call Junior to August two chicken sandwich for $5 and the $5.99 order the way juicy was so rude to me I received too cold chicken sandwiches half a fry and a half of a Coca-Cola I was in the Drive-Thru I am handicapped disabled woman and I would like to have my money back her name was Christina is what the receipt says but she told me something else at the window I was at the drive-thru window on a wheelchair I could not get into the building from the side and didn’t see how I could enter the building I come there all the time and they serve me from my wheelchair mobilize scooter my complaint is I would like to have a refund for$11.95 receipt number 335-165 address 10311 Folsom boulevard rancho Cordova California 95670 phone number 916-362-3956 my address is 2348 moraine circle apartment 3 rancho Cordova California 95670 I was discriminated against by that cashier she made me wait 7 minutes until three cars pulled up behind me then when I got to the window she took my order and then asked me to go inside and I told her I’m here you had me waiting before you even answer the call at the drive-thru so can you please just refund my money I had the worst experience of my life and I felt that it was racism involved thank you and please respond to my letter please return my money I gave you the receipt number and the amount of purchase thank you

  • Allen says:

    This is ganlis. You tell me to sign up. And I did for free guacamole bacon Burger and I tried making a dollar purchase. And you guys are gonna rip me off Fake advertising This is bad business. I’m gonna delete this app. Sign out and mark everything as Spam when you email me.

  • Johnnette Powell says:

    Hi my name is johnnette Powell I went to you guys Carl’s Jr in hemet ca on San jactino and Oakland st and everything I go there they make me park when there no cars in line and I think it’s rude because they don’t want there time to go up and I still wait like 30 mins before I get my food I don’t think that’s not right for me to be a customer I feel u guys should do something about that thank u.

  • David David says:

    Hi my name is David
    I love Carl’s Jr. I have a couple of suggestions
    1. The Carl’s Jr. in Modesto California located on corner of sisk and palandale has so many over grown trees no one can see the front of the restaurant. I forget it’s there. So I imagine people pass and go to in and out instead.
    2. I noticed there are 3 stars on the building. Is it saying the restaurant is a 3 star restaurant ( avg. ) I think you should put 5 stars if any Ans make them look like the logo.

  • Stacy M Forrest says:

    On 8/27/23 i ordered a delivery through your app. When i received my order the chicken sandwich was so hard you couldn’t bite into it. The fries were over cooked and cold. I made a complaint and have been waiting for a response, but nothing. I was asking for a refund since I’m a loyal customer and this was unacceptable.

  • J.Berg says:

    While visiting our local kingman,arizona location yesterday, I tried to order my usual super star with cheese & bacon. And with large fries. Ther guy behind the counter said that front registers were out of order, & he could not use them. He had to use the register at the drive up window. He asked for my payment card. I gave it to him. Then he asked for my “PIN” number. I told him I “DID NOT” give out that information.
    He then proceeded to “THROW” the card back at me. Then just stood there like a “DUMB” ass, with a “STUPID” look on his face!!!!! After being a loyal customer since the “70’s”, I’m seriously thinking about
    not coming here anymore!!!!!!!

  • Daniel.noll says:

    I was overcharged $5.89 for an extfamous cheeseburger Try to use a coupon for buy one combination famous cheeseburger and get 1 famous cheeseburger for a dollar.

  • Wrongful terminated shift leader says:

    Why did you let a store manager who is guilty of wrongful termination and favoritism get to leave the normal way instead of termination, I guess this proves that been a female gm gets to be protected from all wrongdoing.

  • Delma Salinas #40332 says:

    I have submitted a complainton your website in since May and have not received any feedback.

  • bjennings0718@gmail.com says:

    Yes I would like to take a moment or two to give feedback to my experience at your Jacksonville Florida Commonwealth store on June 13th approximately 8:14 a.m. I drove up to your drive to Winter encountered a visit with Jasmine m i just play that I had a coupon for a sausage biscuit for $2.69 Jasmine said that I will get a better bargain if I just got a egg and cheese biscuit I explained to her I want to use my coupon and I wanted the order to be just as on my coupon I really end up paying more I feel like I got less of a value because I did not use my coupon as I initially tried to I don’t feel her job should be to change customer mind but to take the order as a customer and give it to her thank you have a blessed day

  • bjennings0718@gmail.com says:

    Yes my name is Barbara Perry I was a guest at your Commonwealth store approximately 8:14 on June 13th 2023 store number is 1501537 the address is 6680 Commonwealth avenue Jacksonville Florida 322542218 and the customer not the employee name was Jasmine m when I went to Hardee’s I had a coupon for a sausage biscuit for $2.69 . Jasmine assistant on saying that another item was cheaper like she refused to accept my coupon I really don’t like that because of a customer come in with their mindset on receiving a certain item in a particular price that is what they’re locking on so for your associate to try to change my mind and end up costing me more money than I actually came in a two spam I didn’t feel like I ended up with a value I feel like I was overcharged in the future please retrain her that when a customer says something that they want is not her job to insist upon changing their mind on what they want I really am not happy at all right now thank you I just want to give feedback

  • James Broken tooth says:

    At store # 1100356.
    Dec 23 2022 at
    5:52:36 pm
    Order # 305699
    1 Western ex bbq. 1 onion ring
    1kd water . in drive Thu.
    Broke a front tooth.
    Filled out surveys twice with full info and contact info.
    Called district manager
    Yasenia 1 909 703 0995.
    # received from a Carl’s Jr manager.
    Called her 3 times over days.
    want tooth fixed.
    Not looking to Sue. Yet so someone contact me!!!!!

  • Laurie Raiman says:

    Carls Jr is now among the ranks of scamming customers customers using ATM’S or credit cards to purchase their meals. One large burger combo $12.68 one CHX SND cup of water $6.49, Total $30.38. She charged my ATM card. As a cashier I know she knew what she was doing. Tried to pull a fast on on us! ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS PEOPLE! Scammers everywhere! CARLS ON 10TH ST WEST AND AVE L in Lancaster Ca.

  • Tracy Courtney says:

    Very upset that I walked into Brush Colorado store and a man had his dog and the dog had his his head up on the counter. They did nothing about it. Clearly you could see it was not a service dog. Staff did not care. After getting threats from him he left without eating. They called the police on me and I received a $100 for misconduct. I will be more the glad to pay. Colorado law says if a dog does anything out of control or seems like it is not a servers dog the management can ask for proof. Very disappointed in this store for not knowing the law and letting dogs in store just to run around.

  • Joseph Hum says:

    I had a very negative experience with a work leader, manager the Carl’s Jr. In Prescott AZ. I repeatedly tried to get in contact with the District manager and was ignored, rebuffed…
    I repeatedly tried to contact a Corporate representative, again was not contacted, ignored.
    I don’t know what kind of company this is but it seems Not to care an iota about its customers!

  • Elizabeth says:

    The Carl’s junior in Bennet Colorado let people people who are sick sneezing and coughing serving people making food And instead of sending them home they just make them work

  • Michelle Ouellette says:

    Hello- Can you please check your drive through services for the Carls jr branch located at 411 S. Reino Road in Newbury Park, California please??? Go incognito, check it out and you will receive terrible service. My last attempt to order food at the drive through was today, and not only was the order incorrect, but I was overcharged, and when I brought the bag of food home, I opened the boxes that I thought would have the bacon swiss chicken sandwich, actually there was 2 other types sandwiches with nothing on them like they just shoved a piece of chicken in a bun- and charged me for the other sandwich that I ordered. Truly careless. Because this has happened numerous times now, I will never go back. Last time I ordered a burger, I pulled into the Carls Jr parking lot to eat it, maybe 1 minute after they gave it to me, and the burger was ICE cold. Like they took it out of a refrigerator and forgot to heat it. It was disgusting. I just got back from taking my food back to the branch, and went inside to talk to someone. They replaced my food with the right food, not caring and unapologetic. Why does it take having to drive back to get the correct order? Why do they always overcharge to the point where you have to make double sure they are not intentionally doing this? I had to check again today, and the lady gave me back $8 dollars because once again they charged me for food I did not order! Isnt 10 times of these kinds of things happening enough? There is a language barrier here as well. They are not understanding english. Please check this out- Doesnt quality of service and providing a quality product mean anything to you? I have never complained to any food company about anything before- ever. This time Im mad. I had to drive all the way back there. Fix it for your customers sake.

  • Veronica Juarez says:

    Hi… How are you? Hopefully great… We’ll I am currently working at one of your stores (located in Westley, CA. 95387) and I am working for 3 dependents and am always working graveyard shift and I was just wondering if I am getting paid correctly or if am getting underpaid to be honest… Because I am aware of another worker getting paid more and getting more hours than myself and we are literally in the same working position… And to be honest I don’t know what the difference could be… I will admit I did get fired the first time I had applied (2009-2010) then I did get rehired a few years later and left in good terms and now working there again 🤗 but I am curious honestly about the pay… If you could please just clerify this issue with me please… Thank you… 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊😊

  • John koch says:

    Carls is Not using fresh lettuce last few orders has had very limp lettuce not good anymore why???

  • C. Litzinger says:

    Teresa the General Manager at 3816 Pacific Ave SE Lacey Washington 98503 is an asset to CKE

    I will have to admit I have had a bad experience at another Carls Jr in California so I always choose another fast food place nearby who shall remain nameless.

    But today I happened to be closer to Carls Jr and was feeling really hungry so reluctantly I chose to go to Carls Jr, when I entered I was politely greeted by a lovely young lady named Marilyn E. Who welcomed me in although it was extremely busy she politely took my order.

    The establishment was impeccably clean and my meal arrived piping hot and with a smile! I was asked if there was anything else I needed and I said no.

    As I finished my meal the General Manager (Teresa) herself walked by and asked how my meal was and greeted me with a smile!

    The service was great! I was feeling rushed thru my day and that smile and the fact she asked if I enjoyed my meal made my Day! Best service ever! 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 Bravo CKE for hiring Teresa! She is an asset to your company! Further she won back a customer to Carls Jr.

  • Debra J St.Germain says:

    I very disappointed with my chicken sandwich…
    Quality from this restaurant has went downhill. I took a pic, and would love to send it to you. The so called chicken breast sandwich was half of a half of chicken breast meat. Sad, that a 10.00 sandwich had just a lump of meat in the middle of a bun. Quartzsite, az. 85346 is the location.
    Will be spreading the word with tourist season approaching and alot of senior visitors.

  • Jared powers says:

    The store in yuba city is so poorly managed my wife went back w times for an incorrect order and still after 2 times was given the wrong order. She was treated like you should eat what you get and not what you ordered. We love the food when it is made correctly but this has been the problem the last few times we went there. The lobby was closed because we both get off work late and she went through the drive threw a totally of 3 times before giving up. This is such poor service and we won’t be going back to that location.

  • Connie says:

    Is there anyway that you can send one of your scouts out to Woodel And Cotton Lane and Surprise, Arizona 85388 I think the area code is that it’s a red zone and they’re building construction like crazy we would really love to have a Carl’s Jr. in this area it’s right next to the Walmart all the car dealers and right next to 303 would love to hear back from you thank you love your food

  • Rick Rowan says:

    I would like to send you a picture of what used to be a healthy choice in fast food for me and family.
    Never going back. Terrible

  • Desiree says:

    Waited in line 10 min only to be told they have to take a break n it’ll be 10 more minutes after that…is this 9nly in clearlake ca carls jr or do 9ther franchise l9cation do this same bss

  • Michael Udell says:

    I added the App to my phone, because I received an insert in my mail. I wanted to try the Chicken Sandwich and hand breaded Strip bogo for $1.00 offer.The App kept giving me an Oops error message, and the local Carl’s Jr. told me they didn’t understand the app or could help or would honor the offer, I went out to my car and brought in the printed offer, but was told the App “is a corporate thing and we don’t know, When I asked if they would honor, the manger asked me to leave.
    Horrible Customer Service.
    3901 Auburn St, Bakersfield, CA 93306.

  • Marsha Shelton says:

    My husband & I stopped at Carls Jr in Ely, NV on our way to Prescott, AZ. We were so impressed with Thomas, the manager, his personality, his politeness and the way he treated his employees. He said he was from Kingman, AZ and had been sent to Ely to help. We are from Boise, ID and we just were so delighted to see kindness and good business skills from this young man. He needs some recognition from headquarters or something. We have not encountered such good customer service in awhile from any restaurant. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Maria Malone says:

    I love going to Carl’s Jr it WAS my favorite place.
    I just we over there yesterday in Indio Ca, 92201…I noticed once again, the hamburger was dry and the Patty was real thin….I remember when it was real jucy it would make my mouth water. But not anymore😔..

  • Britney Cumbee says:

    Ordered through ap. One double cheese burger and hand breaded chicken sandwich sandwiches came with no buns. Manager was not helpful she said our order said low carb which is printed on the receipt. I did not order low carb. If I had wanted low carb I would not have ordered a hand breaded chicken sandwich. When i ask the manager for a corporate number she couldn’t locate one. She made no apology. I was charged full price for two very messy sandwiches. Done with Hardee’s in Livingston TN 38570.

  • Guess Guest says:

    I ordered at the store on I-10 and congress in Tucson Arizona…years ago I used to go there all the time when I worked… retired now so I’m down to coupons… I ordered with a coupon and didn’t look at the receipt nor check the bag before leaving…surprise… I had $23.00 worth of hamburgers which I don’t eat… gritty and nasty… I was supposed to have primal steak and biscuit buy one get one free… I tried to call and they don’t even answer the phone… how do you get a picture of a biscuit with meat and turn it into hamburgers with hidden meat… you don’t even have to talk to take that order…too much weed!!

  • Gregory Gallagher says:

    Hello, I knew Mr. Catcher , and did a lot of work for him, and Carle’s Jr. I worked with Frank Reigg in Anaheim for years. I am a big supporter of your company. I want to help you in franchise development. I live in south central Pennsylvania. The Hardee’s here have no Red Burrito Co Branding at all. They also don’t seem interested in listening to anything about making there locations more lucrative, or by hiring people who don’t represent the brand well at all. I mean Circus people look better. I would like to talk to a site development ceo, or franchise development person as soon as possible. I did RESAC , or site selection for Taco-Bell for years nationwide. I think Hardee’s needs to be educated on both professionalism, and expanding there menu. I am looking forward to a call back 814-515-3983 or 800-618-0483 I own EXHAUSTHOODDEPOT.COM I am a Captiveaire sales rep.
    Gregory Gallagher

  • Helen Contreras says:

    I’m a consumer on a budget on 5/15/2022 i took my family to Carls jr for lunch. Your prices are so expensive with the price of gas and every else. I order a chicken sandwich it cost 16.00 for the price i will never go to Carls Jr again and will let everyone know how expensive it is. I spent 80.00 on food. Carls jr used to be a great place to eat. if you only post the prices on the board before ordering i would have gone somewhere else.





  • Fathiyamh Okic says:

    Hello im from iowa and your clive iowa store cooked and served us outdated, rotten, fries and my husband is still sick from it and your company has not even talked to us

  • L Weaver says:

    To Jason Marker Chief Excutive Officer, & To E. Michael Murphy President Chief Legal Officer/Secretary & other members to Carl’s Jr’s Excutive team.

    Let me start by saying you have a 2 Star rating and that alone says how your restaurants are conducted.

    Therefore you have 36 posted comments & complaints not knowing how many more that have not taken the time to put one in. I could almost guarantee that none of these comments & complaints have been dealt with.

    Nevertheless here’s my complaint to the restaurant at 2342 E Thomas Rd in Phoenix, AZ.

    Which I’ll be posting this comment & complaint on Facebook,Twitter & Instagram after I finish on you sight!!

    March 5th 2022. My husband and I ordered a Chicken Sandwich & a Famous star burger.

    As we continued to order my husband specifically told the girl to please trade the bun on the Famous star burger for a bun on the $1 menu (the spicy chicken) because he was allergic to the seeds on the bun and “Not” to charge him for it, that other managers had done this for him before.

    As we got up to the drive thru window to pay for our meal my husband asked again if he was being charged for the bun.

    Girl at drive thru window: “Yes, I charge you for it”!

    My husband: Although I told you earily I’m Allergic, your still charging me for a bun I cannot have, when you can easily switch it to a (spice chicken bun) that’s on the $1 menu and you can save your company money!!

    Girl at drive thru window: Then proceeded to get her manager who was a kid know more then 18 years old barely out of High School.
    My question to that is, “How does he become a manager with No years of experience of managing”?

    Manager: Then comes to the window tells my husband are you going to pay for the meal …

    My Husband: Are you going to charge me for the traded bun that I cannot have because of an Allergy to your seeded bun?

    Manager: “Yes your being charged for it, then he again says to my husband …. Sir, are you going to pay for this meal”?

    My Husband: “No I’m not! I shouldn’t be charged for an Allergy, when I know you can easily trade the bun with a $1 menu bun and not be charged for it …!!

    Manager: He then Closes the drive thru window and continues his night.

    The Audacity of him to do that, instead of helping & pleasing the customer 😡

    If any other Customer had asked for No pickles, Cheese, Tomatoes or how about No Ketchup, Mustard or Mayo they’d honor that!!

    My husband didn’t ask for this Allergy And yet your Carl’s Jr Restaurant Employee & Manager refused to not charge him for a $1 menu bun which by the way he was down grading! We weren’t asking for your Arm, your leg or your first born, We Simply just wanted a bun changed & Not to be charged for it !!

    If this is how Carl’s Jr conducts & treats there customers among others who have complained ….

    Then it’s No Wonder your Restaurants ratings are low.
    Who do you think is making your money?

    My Suggestions are to your Carl’s Jr’s Team Excutives …. To Due dillgence by checking up more on your Restaurants, the Management, the Employees, Who is hired, how there hired and for what good reasons did they get hired for cause it’s certainly “NOT” for there customer Service!

    In closing this is one unhappy customer who’s Carl’s Jr is just around the corner & One unhappy customer that will “NOT” be going there again …

  • Timothy Garcia says:

    Why don’t you answer on the complaint site. 4 times at the same site over 6 weeks and no response

  • Rhonda L Cole says:

    I just posted a comment but I wanted to add to it that I paid $27.10 for two burgers. One was the hot honey chicken sandwich and the other one was a super star combo I don’t understand how come almost thirty bucks that’s ridiculous. What you think your burgers are made of gold or something?

  • Rhonda L Cole says:

    I just left your location on San Fernando Road in Burbank California, I used to go there all the time but man has this place changed, the bun on the burger was stale very stale and the bottom part of the bun was in two pieces which is easy to hide when you’re closing it up in the burger paper. I even took a picture of it and for your information I posted it on Yelp . you really need to put those people and check. hey, and your prices are getting ridiculous what’s going on with Carl’s Junior?

  • Larry Lynn Davis says:

    I have a couple of comments for the two locations in Kingman, Arizona. One even though on their surveys it asks if my order was read back to me, they never do that. I presume that they were never trained to do that. 2. The second comment reflects on employee’s education. I had an order that came to $15.24. I gave the person taking the order a quarter and a $20 dollar bill. I expected to get a $5 bill and a penny. I got four $1 bills and a penny. This was correct by management.

  • CP Bott says:

    Carl’s Jr.
    12165 Lioness Way
    Parker, CO 80134

    My wife and I stopped to dine-in and get lunch after church. After we finished, we went up to place a to-go order at the counter and take it to the hospital to visit our son, daughter in law and their four children, (our grands,) a deliver their meal. 

    We ordered a Star burger no ketchup and no mayonnaise. It had both on it. Ordered a Double Western Bacon burger and didn’t get it at all. Ordered 3 kids cheese burger meals plain, they all had ketchup on them. 

    I called to asked for the manager. Range 20 times before I called hung and called again. Rang a long time again and the manager answered. I explained all of this to him, he apologized, said they were busy and offered to make another Double Western Bacon Burger. 

    Two things, first that implies we got the first one, we didn’t. I have no intention of going back ever. I’m retired and my son ownes a construction company. We stop here numerous times a month because his business is located nearby and I like to buy his lunch when we’re together. 

    Second, what really set me off… he said they were busy. However, while we ate there, along with one other couple in the entire store, we witnessed the Manager kept going outside to wash the windows. Too bad he doesn’t consider helping the customers a priority over his beautiful windows! Unbelievable! To bad, because we really love your food.

  • Leonardo Ortiz says:

    I went to a Carl’s junior located at 3770 Cahuenga Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91604. The store manager is a lady by the name of Angeles, a hispanic heavyset lady with a disgusting attitude towards customer service..

    I asked to use the restroom prior to ordering my food and she treated me, as if I were a homeless individual wanting to only use the restroom. I was so offended that I dropped $50 bill on the counter top and asked for the code to enter the restroom, in which they finally gave me the code.

    After using the restroom the manager Angeles, refused to service me and told me to get the Fuck out of her store.

  • Very disgusted says:

    Your store in fresno California, phone number 559.276.0196 has a convicted their as a shift lead. I called to inform the manager Eileen, gave her the employees name and info, and she refused to listen. Maybe you will. His name is Bryon Eugene Davenport, he moved from Indiana December 9th and started working there in fresno bout the beginning if February. He’s doing drops z d night deposits and has a long arrest record for stealing. Drugs, battery etc. He was charged with stealing from orielly auto parts. Eileen seen the proof but didn’t care.

  • Pamela Oliver says:

    I am a employee at Hardee’s Carl’s Jr in Knoxville Tennessee at Western avenue store.I have previously complained about the same sadly situation and I feel like my voice and concerns are not be heard or taken seriously I am not complaining out of spite vengeful or because I dislike anyone I’ve have valid and legitimate concerns and issues that need immediate attention.Harrassment, discrimination, bullying,rudeness, making me feel incompetent when I do my job I’ve not been fully trained someone was supposed to help me for the day the general

  • Al says:

    I was treated very badly by the location in Hawthorne Ca. The customer service and the ability to be customer friendly is beyond a reality for this location.
    I was told to return to have situation corrected and then when done was berated and not helped.
    The funny thing about this is that the person who took the original order was the same person I dealt with the 2nd time around.
    I will never return to this location and I have doubts that I will enjoy a burger from Carl’s Jr. for some time.

  • Sherry L Bartkowiak says:

    So very disappointed!! Paid almost 20 bucks for 2 sandwiches had to sit and wait forever in drive thru only to get soggy sandwiches that were barely warm and soggy fries! I have managed franchises before and this one is not doing well for your business wait times customer service and quality are all sorely lacking in Longview Washington

  • me says:

    I was trying to send you a nice quiet email with pictures and you make it impossible to find your email address and this one bounces back info@carlsjr.com

    Now I’m so frustrated from spending an hour looking for one that I guess I’ll get my complaint to customer service the way they like it, on social media

  • Mike Starcher says:

    I placed an order for breakfast to be delivered on 21 November 2021 from the Carl’s Jr on South Sooner Rd in Oklahoma City. 30 minutes later I was notified that my order was cancelled with no explanation. Get it together Carl’s Jr

  • Steve Acevedo says:

    What happened to refills? I went to Monterey park Carl’s, sitting to enjoy my meal, asked for refill, told, no refills because of virus? Is that true?

  • Richard says:

    I work at Carl’s Jr. location and I have been experience really unfair treatment, sexual harassment, my manager have been doing sexual harassment to my co-workers and gave them a raise so they won’t say nothing or he uses threats. I don’t know how the company and HR authorized so easily the increment of salary to new employees, my manager Oscar Angiano when food is expired he deletes the date and he uses another label, some of my coworkers have experienced the cut off of hours; when they work 8 they get paid 6 but since their migratory situation is delicates and my manager use threats towards them they have huge fear to report.
    This is a call to action and I really need urgently someone to call me to support and put a solution to this bad situation please!🙏🏾

  • David Bundy says:

    I really enjoy eating from Carl’s jr. Every morning and occasionally lunch. For the last several times I’ve been buying breakfast there. They charged me a dollar extra for this promotional cup that says steam adult swimming on HBO max. When I didn’t really think anything of that. I got lunch there the next day. And I got the promotional cup without paying the dollar extra. I think that’s pretty scandalous. I need to know who I can contact to see what’s really going on here. David Bundy Laramie Wyoming. The manager there told the employees to charge customers a dollar extra every morning for this steam adult swimming on hbomax Carl’s jr. Large drink cup.

  • Carlos says:

    I was truly disappointed with my purchase of Carl jr philly steak hamburger, I decided to try it because I had coupon buy one get one free. saw picture thought wa-oh that might be worth paying $11.49 . boy was I disappointed when when I got home open bag and look at what I just purchased, never again, I wish I could attache picture so you can compare to what is advertised, truly disappointing!!!

  • Kevin Hitch says:

    Can you give me a contact number for the benefits department? I have an old 401k from Hardees and need to find out who administers it now.

  • Marc mccabe says:

    My wife was Carl health. Care did blood work I would stop vist him he retell my same story long Beach ship yards baschrry td Fullerton Cal those daybwe had men
    With pride of them self othere mis that simple time

  • Thomas O Crosby says:

    Ate at the calexico ca carls jr specifically asked for a specific breakfast wrap got it wasn’t what I ordered was 30 minutes from the restaurant when I figured itimest out asked for something that I wasn’t allergic to ate it 6 hours later in icu at indio California foods were mixed up after I ordered have left messages and called several times no response now I’m getting 10k in doctor bills from hospital would like to know how you would like have your food be crossed up and you end up in icu very disappointed

  • Felicia W. says:

    Please tell Eric & Jason (ceo & coo) to please bring back biscuits gravy. Idk what they are thinking. I love that!! Talk to them please!!

  • Diana Rojas says:

    I really need to get in contact t with someone that can help me.. I’m a worried mother of one of the Carl’s Jr. in Livingston ca.. my daughter is been sexually harrastment by her supervisor Fernando Martinez I want and acction to be done or I b taking this to mayor consequences.. towards the restaurant

  • Claudette Carr says:

    I’ve always liked Carls Jr ,my last experience for that hand breaded chicken sandwich was the worse I’ve seen yet I would really like to send u a picture of the 8 dollar and some change sandwich u guys should be a shame of yourselves I believe that was my last time eating at a Carl’s Jr that was enough for me to say I’d not spend another dime at 9ne!!!

  • ruby torres says:

    restaurant 1100607 Carls Jr in woodland California on the corner of main st and California st manager was very rude told me to wait right when I was ordering just to have a none related job conversation with a other employee

    • E says:

      Ruby on behalf of Carl’s Junior I’d like to apologize for the rude behavior.
      Customers should always be treated with respect and there’s no reason to be any way other than kind to each other.

  • Chandra says:

    Was treated horribly by manager & assistant manager after xo.aining about a badly put together burger that was for my kid with a brain I jury. Got shown no sympathy or offered any help

  • John Knackert says:

    I stopped by your King city California Carls jr today for lunch. I had my order taken along with many others just to be told to drive around and wait out front. Moments later a young man comes out with bags off food and begins walking from car to car asking people what they ordered and in some cases letting people look through the bag and then handing it back. when he finally approached my vehicle I asked him for my money back and explained why this method of distributing food was probably not the best suited for a pandemic.

  • Ray Espinoza says:

    My son and I visited Carls Jr on 11/11/2020 @ 3:00pm on 12358 Washington Blvd. Whittier. Ca 90606. My son urgently had to use the restroom before we order and the manager refused to give us the code to the restroom unless we said PLEASE! A few seconds after she told us to leave and my son had an accident on the way home. Im a frequent customer at that Carls Jr, but after today I will think twice. Who ever gave her that position as manager needs to rethink his or her choice. Please reply back to me cause I dont want that to happen to any one else.

  • Lisa says:

    I cannot believe that your restrooms are closed…you lost a customer!

  • Nasim Alnajar says:

    I just wanted to send a message about my ten month experience working for Carl’s Jr. in Durant, Ok. This could be an extremely long message but I’ll try to keep it short. I got hired on along with my girlfriend Aubrey Craig. Ten months ago we were just needing any job to get us on on feet. We both started this job making $8.25. She was a cashier and I was the back up cook. At first everything was going good. Just after two months we got a raise. (To $9.00) About a month after that we got another one. (To $9.50) This was great. We were able to get into our 1st house and were starting to do good. But it got better. I was doing so good I became the main opening cook and had got another raise. (To $10.00) and Aubrey was doing so good she started getting talked to about becoming a shift lead. Our Gm and other shift leads were showing her everything she needed to know. She was even given the store keys and we had to open the store the next morning. Everything went great. But a few weeks after that we found out that Aubrey was pregnant. Because of that there was no more talk about her becoming a shift lead. She was told by our Gm that it’s because she doesn’t want her becoming a shift lead and then have to go on maternity leave. Soon after all that everything started changing. We started noticing things happening that shouldn’t be going on at a food company. The store had mice. At first there wasn’t to many. But it soon got really bad. So bad that you’d see them run by in the kitchen and even out in the lobby. And yes our Gm got pest control to come set up traps but that wasn’t stopping them from getting in the bread.. They would get into almost every stack of seeded buns and eat the seeds off the top. There would even be bites taken out the bread. And also mice dropping on the top of the packages the buns came in. This made me really uncomfortable to work with. I told our Gm that I’m not using those and I put all the contaminated stacks in a stack by the biscuit table. But not all of them got thrown away. They were later used during the night shift.. That is gross and unsanitary and no one wants to share their burgers with mice. But that’s not all of it. Frozen meats that accidentally got dropped would be picked up and rinsed off then dropped on the char anyway. And there has also been blocks off cheese that accidentally got dropped and got picked up so the Gm could coupon it out and then throw it away. But instead she decided we still need to use it.. All of this seemed really unprofessional of a general manager. But after a while the pest control started controlling the mice situation and they were finally gone. But I still didn’t like everything that was going on but we had to deal with it. We have a lot of bills to pay and had to start getting our house set up for the baby to come. So I needed this job. At least until I could find a better paying job so Aubrey could stay home with the baby. So after all of that, everything was just weird at work and we didn’t like it but we needed to stay for the income. Let’s say we’re at about month 7 now. Our Gm hired on these two twins. They were 16. Both were cashiers because she said you had to be at least 18 to work in the kitchen. Everything started out fine but after about a month our Gm really started favoring one of them. He’s name is Kevin. She had got his “parents consent“ to let him work in the kitchen. Wasn’t a problem. She had me train him and he was actually doing pretty good. But soon after he learned the kitchen she had made him an “undercover shift lead”. Which was kinda messed up since Aubrey was literally being trained for that but since she’s pregnant she gave the position to him. After that everyone knew he was her favorite. She had even told one of our shift leads that it’s because he reminds her of her son that past.. That’s sad and all.. but still no reason to start favoring him. They started having a weird relationship. He was always in her office talking to her or would always follow her outside and talk while she smoked. While on the clock too. She didn’t care. I’ve even seen her come up and playfully kick him in the butt. I think that falls under the category of sexual harassment on a minor. But he gave her his consent so I guess that makes it okay? This one time I was working from 5:15am and he came in at 9am and instead of having him or someone else take over the line so I could go on break. She let him clock in and then follow her outside to talk while she smoked. Everyday got worse and more frustrating but I had to deal with it. Everything I did there was to the best of my ability. I always kept everything stocked and spotless. I never got any complaints. Only compliments. I even worked more then anyone else. I would do 5:15am to 2pm Mon-Fri and come back Friday nights for famous Friday. And would also sometimes come in on Sat. But then everything changed just yesterday. On 7/30/20 it was just another day. I came in at my regular time to open except my normal shift lead and prep were off. Instead it was our Gm Lynn, Kevin, and this new girl. Lynn was showing both of them how to make biscuits while I was setting up everything in the kitchen. Wasn’t a problem. I do this everyday but normally my prep helps me through out the day. So this was a Thursday and from the moment when we opened it was busy. None stop. I’m not sure what Kevin was doing but the new girl was making biscuits and it was just me running the kitchen. Again not a problem but normally my prep will make me more eggs, sausage, etc.. when I run low. Kevin was suppose to but didn’t. So I kept having to run across to make more then run back to get orders out. At 8am Aubrey and Kevin’s brother clock in. They are both up front so I still had no help. At around 10 o clock we started getting really busy. It was to much for just me so I had called for Kevin. He was suppose to be over doing dishes but what do you know. He was just over there talking to Lynn. So he didn’t answer me. So I called him again. And again, nothing. So I asked his brother if he would go tell him I need help. His brother came back and said that Kevin said no because he’s busy. I’m not gonna lie that did make me a little upset so I told Kevin I didn’t care I needed him to come help me. He finally walks over with some attitude and said “what”. I told him what I was needing him to make but he just stood there. So I walked over and asked him “are you not gonna help me?” And he said “I’m standing here ain’t I?” I said yeah now help me. He said something and then said “fu** you”. I said “fu** me?” I’ve been needing you’re help all day and you haven’t helped with nothing. And I’m not gonna lie I did say “so no fu** you”. He started getting loud with me and mouthing and was acting like it was gonna escalate so I did say “you better stop because I would put the hands on you little boy”. That’s when Lynn comes around the corner and just starts telling me “bye!.. bye!.. bye!..” and told me to leave. So I clocked out and was leaving and then she just randomly goes up front and pulls Aubreys drawer and tells her to leave too. She was unaware of what even happened. She was up front. But she had to leave too. Then Lynn texted us both and said that we were fired. Her reason for me was that I “threatened a minor”. That’s not how it was at all but whatever.. But she wouldn’t and couldn’t give an explanation on why she fired Aubrey. And the part that really sucks is that we were doing really good. And our baby’s due date is Aug 15th. We got fired and are having our baby really soon.. we had both filled for unemployment today “7/31/20” but we’re not for certain that we’ll even get it. But I just wanted to send this to let y’all know our ten month experience working there and what all happened during this time. I know this is a lot but thank you for taking the time to read it. And if y’all need an undercover cook exposing what really happens in the kitchen at your establishments. I’ll be available since I’m currently unemployed right now.

  • Gabriel Munoz says:

    3 or 4 ppl are sick with Cov19. People here at the store are worried that we might have it and give to are families. The manager hasn’t been in the store weeks his name is Augustine. So we can’t talk about everything that’s going on at the store. About getting tested and cleanses of the store. We need your help, if not I will look for help somewhere else. Thank you
    520 827 0597

  • Gabriel Munoz says:

    3 ppl have gone home sick at store # 1101856. Store not beening clean and the manager hasn’t even been in here in weeks 416 S Watson rd
    Buckeye Arizona

  • Guest says:

    Valley and cherry in Fontana ca. Clovis 19 employee

  • Guest says:

    A manager at the location valley & cherry the wife work’s directly with patients with Clovis 19 and he is not taking any precious with all the staff. Do something or I will post this on line for everyone to see that Carl’s don’t do nothing to take care of there employee

  • Forest Shepherd says:

    I won’t be buying any of your food. Manager at Herndon and Clovis Ave., Clovis, Ca. gave me the razeltaz – – you undersand. That’s it for me – – BY!

  • >