Where is Carl's Jr. Corporate office Headquarters

Carl's Jr. Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 6700 Tower Cir
    Franklin, TN 37067
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 877-799-7827
  • Fax Number: 714-490-3695
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 20200
  • Established: July 17, 1941
  • Founder: Carl Karcher & Margaret Karcher
  • Key People: Jason Marker

Carl's Jr. Headquarters Location & Directions

Carl's Jr. Headquarters Executive Team



Jason Marker

Chief Executive Officer

E. Michael Murphy

President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Theodore Abajian

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Eric F. Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Ned Lyerly

President of International Division

Richard Buxton

Executive Vice President of Real Estate Development

Jeffrey P. Chasney

Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning

John J. Dunion

Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Management

Steve Evans

Senior Vice President of Operations - Hardees Franchise-Operated Restaurant Locations

Robert J. Starke

Executive Vice President of Operations for Hardee's Company

About Carl's Jr., History and Headquarters Information

Carl's Jr. Restaurants LLC was established by Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret in 1941. It began as a hot-dog cart in Los Angeles. In 1945, they inaugrated Carl's Drive-In Barbecue as a full-service restaurant, which was later renamed to Carl's Jr. At that time they served limited products such as charbroiled hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and malts. It was launched as a public corporation in 1981. Following which, the menu had a lot of variety that included the Western Bacon Cheeseburger, breakfast items, a charbroiled chicken sandwich line, and self-service soda fountains. In 2016, it was featured on the Entrepreneur’s list of Top Franchise 500 list.

Carl's Jr. Restaurants LLC is an American fast-food restaurant chain. It is owned and operated by CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc. It has its branches in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. It has its branches all over 44 states and 39 foreign countries and U.S. territories.

Carl's Jr. Headquarters Photos

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  • ruby torres says:

    restaurant 1100607 Carls Jr in woodland California on the corner of main st and California st manager was very rude told me to wait right when I was ordering just to have a none related job conversation with a other employee

  • Chandra says:

    Was treated horribly by manager & assistant manager after xo.aining about a badly put together burger that was for my kid with a brain I jury. Got shown no sympathy or offered any help

  • John Knackert says:

    I stopped by your King city California Carls jr today for lunch. I had my order taken along with many others just to be told to drive around and wait out front. Moments later a young man comes out with bags off food and begins walking from car to car asking people what they ordered and in some cases letting people look through the bag and then handing it back. when he finally approached my vehicle I asked him for my money back and explained why this method of distributing food was probably not the best suited for a pandemic.

  • Ray Espinoza says:

    My son and I visited Carls Jr on 11/11/2020 @ 3:00pm on 12358 Washington Blvd. Whittier. Ca 90606. My son urgently had to use the restroom before we order and the manager refused to give us the code to the restroom unless we said PLEASE! A few seconds after she told us to leave and my son had an accident on the way home. Im a frequent customer at that Carls Jr, but after today I will think twice. Who ever gave her that position as manager needs to rethink his or her choice. Please reply back to me cause I dont want that to happen to any one else.

  • Lisa says:

    I cannot believe that your restrooms are closed…you lost a customer!

  • Nasim Alnajar says:

    I just wanted to send a message about my ten month experience working for Carl’s Jr. in Durant, Ok. This could be an extremely long message but I’ll try to keep it short. I got hired on along with my girlfriend Aubrey Craig. Ten months ago we were just needing any job to get us on on feet. We both started this job making $8.25. She was a cashier and I was the back up cook. At first everything was going good. Just after two months we got a raise. (To $9.00) About a month after that we got another one. (To $9.50) This was great. We were able to get into our 1st house and were starting to do good. But it got better. I was doing so good I became the main opening cook and had got another raise. (To $10.00) and Aubrey was doing so good she started getting talked to about becoming a shift lead. Our Gm and other shift leads were showing her everything she needed to know. She was even given the store keys and we had to open the store the next morning. Everything went great. But a few weeks after that we found out that Aubrey was pregnant. Because of that there was no more talk about her becoming a shift lead. She was told by our Gm that it’s because she doesn’t want her becoming a shift lead and then have to go on maternity leave. Soon after all that everything started changing. We started noticing things happening that shouldn’t be going on at a food company. The store had mice. At first there wasn’t to many. But it soon got really bad. So bad that you’d see them run by in the kitchen and even out in the lobby. And yes our Gm got pest control to come set up traps but that wasn’t stopping them from getting in the bread.. They would get into almost every stack of seeded buns and eat the seeds off the top. There would even be bites taken out the bread. And also mice dropping on the top of the packages the buns came in. This made me really uncomfortable to work with. I told our Gm that I’m not using those and I put all the contaminated stacks in a stack by the biscuit table. But not all of them got thrown away. They were later used during the night shift.. That is gross and unsanitary and no one wants to share their burgers with mice. But that’s not all of it. Frozen meats that accidentally got dropped would be picked up and rinsed off then dropped on the char anyway. And there has also been blocks off cheese that accidentally got dropped and got picked up so the Gm could coupon it out and then throw it away. But instead she decided we still need to use it.. All of this seemed really unprofessional of a general manager. But after a while the pest control started controlling the mice situation and they were finally gone. But I still didn’t like everything that was going on but we had to deal with it. We have a lot of bills to pay and had to start getting our house set up for the baby to come. So I needed this job. At least until I could find a better paying job so Aubrey could stay home with the baby. So after all of that, everything was just weird at work and we didn’t like it but we needed to stay for the income. Let’s say we’re at about month 7 now. Our Gm hired on these two twins. They were 16. Both were cashiers because she said you had to be at least 18 to work in the kitchen. Everything started out fine but after about a month our Gm really started favoring one of them. He’s name is Kevin. She had got his “parents consent“ to let him work in the kitchen. Wasn’t a problem. She had me train him and he was actually doing pretty good. But soon after he learned the kitchen she had made him an “undercover shift lead”. Which was kinda messed up since Aubrey was literally being trained for that but since she’s pregnant she gave the position to him. After that everyone knew he was her favorite. She had even told one of our shift leads that it’s because he reminds her of her son that past.. That’s sad and all.. but still no reason to start favoring him. They started having a weird relationship. He was always in her office talking to her or would always follow her outside and talk while she smoked. While on the clock too. She didn’t care. I’ve even seen her come up and playfully kick him in the butt. I think that falls under the category of sexual harassment on a minor. But he gave her his consent so I guess that makes it okay? This one time I was working from 5:15am and he came in at 9am and instead of having him or someone else take over the line so I could go on break. She let him clock in and then follow her outside to talk while she smoked. Everyday got worse and more frustrating but I had to deal with it. Everything I did there was to the best of my ability. I always kept everything stocked and spotless. I never got any complaints. Only compliments. I even worked more then anyone else. I would do 5:15am to 2pm Mon-Fri and come back Friday nights for famous Friday. And would also sometimes come in on Sat. But then everything changed just yesterday. On 7/30/20 it was just another day. I came in at my regular time to open except my normal shift lead and prep were off. Instead it was our Gm Lynn, Kevin, and this new girl. Lynn was showing both of them how to make biscuits while I was setting up everything in the kitchen. Wasn’t a problem. I do this everyday but normally my prep helps me through out the day. So this was a Thursday and from the moment when we opened it was busy. None stop. I’m not sure what Kevin was doing but the new girl was making biscuits and it was just me running the kitchen. Again not a problem but normally my prep will make me more eggs, sausage, etc.. when I run low. Kevin was suppose to but didn’t. So I kept having to run across to make more then run back to get orders out. At 8am Aubrey and Kevin’s brother clock in. They are both up front so I still had no help. At around 10 o clock we started getting really busy. It was to much for just me so I had called for Kevin. He was suppose to be over doing dishes but what do you know. He was just over there talking to Lynn. So he didn’t answer me. So I called him again. And again, nothing. So I asked his brother if he would go tell him I need help. His brother came back and said that Kevin said no because he’s busy. I’m not gonna lie that did make me a little upset so I told Kevin I didn’t care I needed him to come help me. He finally walks over with some attitude and said “what”. I told him what I was needing him to make but he just stood there. So I walked over and asked him “are you not gonna help me?” And he said “I’m standing here ain’t I?” I said yeah now help me. He said something and then said “fu** you”. I said “fu** me?” I’ve been needing you’re help all day and you haven’t helped with nothing. And I’m not gonna lie I did say “so no fu** you”. He started getting loud with me and mouthing and was acting like it was gonna escalate so I did say “you better stop because I would put the hands on you little boy”. That’s when Lynn comes around the corner and just starts telling me “bye!.. bye!.. bye!..” and told me to leave. So I clocked out and was leaving and then she just randomly goes up front and pulls Aubreys drawer and tells her to leave too. She was unaware of what even happened. She was up front. But she had to leave too. Then Lynn texted us both and said that we were fired. Her reason for me was that I “threatened a minor”. That’s not how it was at all but whatever.. But she wouldn’t and couldn’t give an explanation on why she fired Aubrey. And the part that really sucks is that we were doing really good. And our baby’s due date is Aug 15th. We got fired and are having our baby really soon.. we had both filled for unemployment today “7/31/20” but we’re not for certain that we’ll even get it. But I just wanted to send this to let y’all know our ten month experience working there and what all happened during this time. I know this is a lot but thank you for taking the time to read it. And if y’all need an undercover cook exposing what really happens in the kitchen at your establishments. I’ll be available since I’m currently unemployed right now.

  • Gabriel Munoz says:

    3 or 4 ppl are sick with Cov19. People here at the store are worried that we might have it and give to are families. The manager hasn’t been in the store weeks his name is Augustine. So we can’t talk about everything that’s going on at the store. About getting tested and cleanses of the store. We need your help, if not I will look for help somewhere else. Thank you
    520 827 0597

  • Gabriel Munoz says:

    3 ppl have gone home sick at store # 1101856. Store not beening clean and the manager hasn’t even been in here in weeks 416 S Watson rd
    Buckeye Arizona

  • Guest says:

    Valley and cherry in Fontana ca. Clovis 19 employee

  • Guest says:

    A manager at the location valley & cherry the wife work’s directly with patients with Clovis 19 and he is not taking any precious with all the staff. Do something or I will post this on line for everyone to see that Carl’s don’t do nothing to take care of there employee

  • Forest Shepherd says:

    I won’t be buying any of your food. Manager at Herndon and Clovis Ave., Clovis, Ca. gave me the razeltaz – – you undersand. That’s it for me – – BY!

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