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Carino's Italian
  • Address: 13420 Galleria Circle, Building A, Suite 250, Austin, TX 78738, United States
  • Phone Number: 512-263-0800
  • Fax Number: 512-263-8055
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees:  500
  • Established: 1968
  • Founder:  N/A
  • Key People: Mr. Creed L. Ford III Chairman (CEO)

Carino's Italian Headquarters Location & Directions

Carino's Italian Headquarters Executive Team



Chief Executive Officer of the restaurant group TLC South LLC

Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning

Vice President of Training

Vice President of Culinary Development

About Carino's Italian, History and Headquarters Information

Carino's Italian is a American chain of Italian food casual dining restaurants. Carino's owned, operated and franchised over 170 restaurants across the United States.

Based in Austin, Texas,

It was incorporated in 1968.

It is a subsidiary of Fired Up, Inc., which was founded in 1997.

In 2014, this company filed for bankruptcy protection and did it again in 2016.

By 2018, there are now 55 Carino's locations that are still in operation.

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  • Marlon E arroyo says:

    My name is Marlon Arroyo and I been going to your Victorville, ca establishment for the past 10 years. I was there today sitting where I normally do by your kitchen. I no all you employees there and I like being there and your kitchen staff i always say hello to them
    My Issue is well sitting at my seat I was overhearing your on duty manager David Gonzalez saying some very sexual thing’s to the girl that was working your pizza station
    I could not believe what he was asking and telling her. Ai felt bad for her. After je left i asked her if she was ok. She did not like it but to be honest as a juspanic and jer being Mexican she would not say anything because she wanta to work. I myself as a Manager for Fedex and we do not tolerate this at all for our people and to keep our people safe
    Je need’s training or be removes from you great company you are rinning. Je or your company owe jwr an apology
    If you want to contact me you can at 7609054454. I like Carinos in Victorville, ca

  • Shane quenemoen says:

    Visited the Johnny Carino’s location in Frankfort Kentucky. Immediately we were suspicious as the staff was trying to divert us away from the bar, the bartender said he had to leave in 15 minutes the bar would be closing early. We were then seated in the dining area, which was fine, we had multiple servers walk past us and ignore us, one waitress who stood at the end of our table talking across our table to co-workers apologized for being rude to us. She apologize for talking through us not apologizing for not waiting we finally got a server after about 15 minutes to take our order, my wife ordered just a glass of ice and she had a Sprite Zero and the look she got from the server was as if she was an alien, I ordered a margarita and asked well since the bar tender left, can I still get a drink, that took 20 minutes to figure that out. When I finally got my margarita it was honey colored at the bottom and green at the top, I stirred it up and it tastes like Mountain Dew oh, the worst Margarita I’ve ever had. Then after being there 40 minutes oh, he comes back to the table and says are you all doing okay, we ordered salads where are salads? He says oh and walks away and comes back and throws the salad plates across the table so they clanked each other and knocked over the plate with olive oil and pepper on it. What a prick! I immediately got up and went to the back and ask for the manager, the staff was in lollygag mode. They knew I was upset and it still took them five minutes to figure out where the manager was, I’m assuming she was out back smoking cigarettes with with the other five employees that could give a damn about the restaurant. I chewed their ass, which is something the management should have done and should be doing on a daily basis. Training is not taking place at this restaurant, the manager has been accused of stealing pay checks and cashing them a former employees. Why Try to service a public when you can’t do it just shut it down!

  • Carolina says:

    Went to restaurant at the location of 1201 Airway Blvd, El Paso, TX 79925, had a major health concern about the way food is handled, ordered a Johnny’s combo and the parmesan chicken was undercooked got the waiter immediately and manger, but manger just said there was no possible way it could be raw, even though its pink and chewy in middle, I informed him about this but still told me that it was the tomato sauce that made it chewy, there is no way sauce can make just the middle pink and chewy,even the waiter admitted that it looked raw in the middle, I do not wish to be contacted about this , just want to ensure the safety of the public and prevent any type of food born illness to accure due to lack of better judgment and poor management.

  • johnson says:

    I need to file a complaint about a large health issue in the Corpus Christi store.

  • Zach says:

    I’d like to make a complaint against the north Austin store. Thank you

  • Georgia Wyles says:

    I received a gift card and our North Little Rock, AR Carinos closed before it could be used. I called and they cannot be used at other restaurants. The other Arkansas location is in Rogers-to far for us to go for a meal. Is there another option so this does not go to waste?

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