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Carino's Italian
  • Address: 13420 Galleria Circle, Building A, Suite 250, Austin, TX 78738, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 512-263-8055

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees:  500

  • Established: 1968

  • Founder:  N/A

  • Key People: Mr. Creed L. Ford III Chairman (CEO)

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Chief Executive Officer of the restaurant group TLC South LLC

Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning

Vice President of Training

Vice President of Culinary Development

About Carino’s Italian, History and Headquarters Information

Carino’s Italian is a American chain of Italian food casual dining restaurants. Carino’s owned, operated and franchised over 170 restaurants across the United States.

Based in Austin, Texas,

It was incorporated in 1968.

It is a subsidiary of Fired Up, Inc., which was founded in 1997.

In 2014, this company filed for bankruptcy protection and did it again in 2016.

By 2018, there are now 55 Carino’s locations that are still in operation.

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  • Ashley Sharp says:

    Please for the Love of GOD! Open more Carino’s in Texas and Arkansas. We’re dying out here

  • Jessica Cervantes says:

    My boyfriend and I visited your Downey, CA at about 4:30 pm yesterday, and left with a horrible feeling. We went in for dinner and drinks, everything was just OK, (food was very bland,) until the check came. We had estimated it would be about $70, fine. Check came for $101. No happy hour discounts applied, and overcharged for an entree we didn’t order. Server came back with a “corrected” check. Taking only like $6 off. Sent him back. The third check was then “corrected” only to add MORE items, and another entree. So now the bill is down to $80. Sent him back. It is now 6:30 pm, he comes back with the CORRECT bill, timestamped 16:37. What was he trying to pull? I didnt even feel comfortable leaving my card. We paid cash and will probably never go to another Johnny Carinos again. When he saw we were paying cash he made a weird face. We left thinking he was trying to underhandedly balance his register by overcharging us. Who knows how many people he’s done this to! So UNHAPPY. Its only 8:23 in the am, next day, and I’ve already shared this story with 5 co-workers!

  • Virginia Guerra says:

    Need to speak to a supervisor assp

  • Virginia Guerra says:

    Complaint about Johnny Carinos in El Paso TX….airway location

  • Christine Harrington says:

    The Carinos in Baytown Texas is very likely going to get a visit from the health department that won’t go well. We did not have an issue with the hostess or waitress during our visit, but we did notice the condition of the building. The ceiling was moldy with peeling paint or plaster that was flaking off to land in the guests and tables where we ate. It leaves the cleanliness of the kitchen in serious doubt and makes.me wonder what else might be injected while eating because of the disrepair.

  • Joe Ross says:

    Location in Columbus, Indiana. Waitress dropped steaming hot Alfredo sauce all over our 8 month old son, covering his head neck and back. They offered us free dessert

  • Emily McDowell says:

    Location on 290 in Houston Tx needs their a/c fixed immediately! I love Johnny Carino’s. I use to visit the Mason Rd location frequently until it was closed and now I drive to this location on 290. Amazing staff!!!! Great food!!! But it’s ridiculous that corporate will let their restaurant operate for months without fixing the problem. Houston has been having temps of 100 and as much as I live this place, it is hard to enjoy a nice meal in a heated restaurant. And I can’t imagine working in that environment. Fix the A/C!!!

  • Robert Robinson says:

    We have been happy customers of Corino’s for a very long time. About 17 years ago, Corino’s even catered our wedding. My wife had received a coupon from you for a free entree for her birthday. We dined at your Airway location today and presented the coupon along with our order. Near the end of our meal, the waitress informed us that the manager wanted the coupon emailed to some address. We told them that we did not have that capability with our phones. We asked to speak to the manager. He came out and we told him we could not do that. He was very rude, and very condescending. If you don’t want to send us a coupon, feel free not to. After the way we were treated today, I don’t know when or if my wife will want to visit your restaurant again. Yes, the manager did eventually accept the coupon, but his attitude totally ruined the meal. This was totally unacceptable.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a former employee, and shift manager for the Baytown, Tx 0089 store. I can say that in the 2 years of working there the other managers allowed favoritism towards certain employees. Jack Christmas steals alcohol, and drinks on the job. He also allows other employees who are under age to come to the restaurant, sit in the main office, and drink as well while waiting for others to “get off”. He also does not do his job as a manager, such as greet guests, touch tables, and recently has talked down on others to new, and old employees. Chris Rodriguez the general manager has been informed, and has known everything that goes on. Yet, he continues to allow the other managers to do as they please. Jason Work has a horrible temper, and does not take criticism very well. They all have ran that restaurant to the ground without allowing any change to happen for the new employees. They don’t train as they should. I personally quit due to Jack talking down on me to other employees, and I then lost the moral , and was given attitude. That prevented me from doing my job as a manager because they did whatever they pleased. I got “promised” to move up in to assistant manager, but Chris couldn’t find the time to train me. Yet, also still allowed Jack to continue to drink, and do the lazy job he does. I honestly think all three of these managers need to be evaluated, and or replaced in order for that place to succeed. If you allow them to do this, then that just shows what kind of company you all are trying to run to begin with. I have yet to even return to eat there, and certainly don’t plan on it. Many others have stopped going due to the nature of the “managing” in general. This goes for employees as well. It’s quite sad as Carino’s used to be very popular, and still has the potential to if under new management. Don’t get me started on the cleanliness of the place. It’s not okay for it to smell like sewer walking in to the bathrooms. Anyone will lose their appetite!

  • Cathy Gallaher says:

    Hi my name Cathy I was at the location in Okc Oklahoma on 2905 w memorial rd it was not busy 5 /15 around 2:00 pm waited there for a good 10 to 15 minutes no one showed up I just left.

  • Jacquelyn B says:

    Need restaurant in New Braunfels Tx. Traffic too bad to go to San Antonio very often. 78132

  • Kelly Hatton says:

    I live in Columbus Indiana and last night we went to the John and carino’s here in town and we waited an hour and a half to even get our food finally the server came over after waiting about an hour and said that something caught on fire and they had to change ovens which is understandable but until I asked about it no one bothered to come over to talk to me about it and then we finally got our food like I said an hour and a half later at that point no one was hungry and the food was cold so I told the server that you know I felt like I needed to be compensated something for the order and he reluctantly went and found the manager and yet still never saw I never saw the manager talked to the manager but he came back and said the manager gave me $5 off it was a $50 meal! So with that being said I will never step foot in Johnny carino’s again

  • Tara Jones says:

    Rueben the manger in Midland, Texas was extremely rude when I called to let him know our to go order was wrong. We did not receive our dessert which he informed me he packed so I guess I was lying and I ordered the chicken marsala which I did not receive (they sent me another chicken plate) and my daughter ordered the create your own pasta which they sent us the wrong dish also. Reuben HUNG up on me when he was done letting me know it wasn’t his problem. I wouldn’t recommend eating at the Midland establishment if it was the last restaurant in town!!!

  • Tyra Franklin says:

    I was a guest at the ca Victorville location, where I witnessed what seemed to be the general manager Talking to a female associate who I am assuming was a manager, saying she Needs to act dumb like women are. I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation, but a short time later he came back up and yelled at her at the host stand saying you didn’t do what I asked, you’re supposed to be dumb.

  • Rabbi Bam says:

    I placed an order at AUSTIN-PARMER, 12901 North I-35 Service Road, Austin, TX 78753 from the website. It was Order # 6238889996992521. The name on he order was: Rabbi Bam.
    Payment Method: Google Pay Visa x-1067. Amount: $81.64, ORDER FOR PICKUP, Order ready at 6:29 PM, TODAY (FRIDAY, 12/10/2021). When I went to the store it was not in. It was not there. It was not delivered. SO I ordered again and paid cash. The manager on Friday evening told me that if I got charged a second time to call on Saturday evening and they would take care of it. It turns out that my card was charged that second time, so I called the store. There was so much noise on the phone I could barely hear the manager and he could not hear me, asking me to repeat everything 2 or 3 times. I told him to go somewhere it was quieter, because the noise was on his side and I had to speak up and I was getting a headache. He told me not to yell, and hung up on me. I called back, and he hung up again.
    A – Please remove the charge for that amount or reimburse it.
    B – Censure your Saturday night manager and remind him not to be belligerent to customers or hang up on them. And let him know that he is personally responsible for the loss of an average $81.00 a week, Friday night customer. I will never again go to that restaurant, having made it a staple for the past 2 years.

  • S says:

    Issues with mgrs and supervisors at a location in OKC area.

  • Sherry says:

    I need to to talk to a Corporate Mgr abt one of their OKC locations.

  • Mara A says:

    Horrible experience!
    Albany, Oregon
    October 17th 2021

    My boyfriend and I recently went to Corino’s for lunch today and our experience was not great. Our server Robin was fantastic but the food we ordered did not live up to the expectations. We ordered Jalapeño Garlic Rockfish Pasta and the Seafood Alfredo.. the Jalapeño dish was extremely spicy and unbearable to eat, it did not taste like what we’ve ordered in the past. The seafood Alfredo pasta sauce was too watery and had no flavor. My boyfriend has been nauseous and throwing up ever since we got home from our visit to Corino’s. I would like to be contacted so this could be resolved and receive some sort of reimbursement. Thank you

  • Alex Sherrod says:

    Albany, Oregon
    October 17th 2021

    We arrived and the service was very good. Probably the only reason we paid for the meal. We got calamari as an appetizer which was pretty average. The bread was the best part of the whole meal. I ordered the jalapeño-garlic rockfish with a house salad my girlfriend who was in attendance with me ordered seafood Alfredo with a Cesar salad. When we received our main course the service was still very friendly the salads were salads, nothing special. The main course was where the train-wreck began her main course had oysters that looked like they had blue chalk scraped on them, and the sauce was almost a soup underneath all the pasta. My rockfish was good but there was so many jalapeños I started to get nausea after three bites. Robin the server offered to fix it but there was no way after sweating and burning my mouth that I would be able to eat any more. My girlfriend who’s spice tolerance isn’t as high ate half of a noodle and her eyes started to tear up. All while we could here one of the cooks being awfully rude to one of the servers. Not to mention after getting home 30 minutes later I threw everything that I ate up from being nauseas. Whether it was from food poisoning or so much spice. 2/10 won’t come back.

  • Isidro. Jr. Garcia says:

    I want to make a complaint at your Laredo location on the experience my family and I had tonight at the restaurant. It was a complete nightmare. We were there to celebrate my husband’s birthday, and it ended up with our waitress by the name of Odalys having a melt down and being extremely rude.

    We got seated after waiting about 20 minutes in the waiting area. The waitress took forever to help us with our order of the drinks. And after she did, ot tok another good while to get our drinks to our table. We decided at that time to give our food order because we knew that it was going to take awhile to get our meals. When Odalys brought the salads and soup, we still did not have our utensils, so we asked her for them. When she brought the utensils I commented to her that my salad did not appear to have any salad dressing. She commented, ” it does have some”. Instead of saying I am sorry mam, I will bring you some more dressing. We commented that when was our food coming we had waited a very good while for drinks,salad,and food to come to our table. The appetizer was brought after the meal was taken by another server. Our waitress went off on us that she had not gone to the bathroom all day and that she had had it with customers complaining all day. We wondered why now. We requested the Genetal Manager and we notice like we’ll we are trying. I know what trying looks like and this was not not trying. Odalys the waitress should have been released at this point. The General Manager which was a female is not much of a manager herself. We have been going to this restaurant on a weekly basis. Your company just lost 6 persons not going back. Your service is pathetic as well as the service. I sure hope my response does not go to the trash,because I will post it on social media. I hope you do something right.
    Isidro Garcia

  • Tim says:

    Went to the Downey ca restaurant, my food came cold. With no servers in sight or to check up on us I had to leave. Tried emailing them and it’s been two weeks without a reply. This restaurant needs some help.

  • KP says:

    Carino’s puts out a couple coupons in the Austin American Statesman and one says buy one entree and get one free of equal or lessor value. When I called I asked if I coupon use the coupon on kids entree menu since the add doesn’t say it is only good for an evening or adult entree. I was told no because kids meals are not consider entree’s. Since the add doesn’t specify that I told the manager at Slaughter location the ad should be changed. It really shouldn’t matter kids entree’s or adults you are still only getting a free one.

  • Kathy Rogers says:

    I live in College Station, Texas and went to pick up my order and gave them my card and told them that it would not swipe and would have to use the chip or put my number in manually. After about 10 minutes of the two servers trying to manually put in my card number, they told me they had to go get the “so called” manager. He came over to the register and attempted to manually put in my number as well and put it in incorrectly and got a red alert saying “ not working”! I was majorly upset and I promise you that the manager knew no more than the two servers. It was ridiculous the lack of concern and service by the crew at the College Station, Texas restaurant. I then told him to forget it and was going to Fazoli’s!!! The manager was not apologetic at all. I can go to a lot smaller restaurants and get better service and have people trained that know how to do something as simple as manually put in a credit card number! This was totally ridiculous and very unprofessional. Will never darken the door again. Service used to be above average, but no more!
    Shame on corporate for not checking on the quality of service of employees and/or managers.

  • Marlon E arroyo says:

    My name is Marlon Arroyo and I been going to your Victorville, ca establishment for the past 10 years. I was there today sitting where I normally do by your kitchen. I no all you employees there and I like being there and your kitchen staff i always say hello to them
    My Issue is well sitting at my seat I was overhearing your on duty manager David Gonzalez saying some very sexual thing’s to the girl that was working your pizza station
    I could not believe what he was asking and telling her. Ai felt bad for her. After je left i asked her if she was ok. She did not like it but to be honest as a juspanic and jer being Mexican she would not say anything because she wanta to work. I myself as a Manager for Fedex and we do not tolerate this at all for our people and to keep our people safe
    Je need’s training or be removes from you great company you are rinning. Je or your company owe jwr an apology
    If you want to contact me you can at 7609054454. I like Carinos in Victorville, ca

  • Shane quenemoen says:

    Visited the Johnny Carino’s location in Frankfort Kentucky. Immediately we were suspicious as the staff was trying to divert us away from the bar, the bartender said he had to leave in 15 minutes the bar would be closing early. We were then seated in the dining area, which was fine, we had multiple servers walk past us and ignore us, one waitress who stood at the end of our table talking across our table to co-workers apologized for being rude to us. She apologize for talking through us not apologizing for not waiting we finally got a server after about 15 minutes to take our order, my wife ordered just a glass of ice and she had a Sprite Zero and the look she got from the server was as if she was an alien, I ordered a margarita and asked well since the bar tender left, can I still get a drink, that took 20 minutes to figure that out. When I finally got my margarita it was honey colored at the bottom and green at the top, I stirred it up and it tastes like Mountain Dew oh, the worst Margarita I’ve ever had. Then after being there 40 minutes oh, he comes back to the table and says are you all doing okay, we ordered salads where are salads? He says oh and walks away and comes back and throws the salad plates across the table so they clanked each other and knocked over the plate with olive oil and pepper on it. What a prick! I immediately got up and went to the back and ask for the manager, the staff was in lollygag mode. They knew I was upset and it still took them five minutes to figure out where the manager was, I’m assuming she was out back smoking cigarettes with with the other five employees that could give a damn about the restaurant. I chewed their ass, which is something the management should have done and should be doing on a daily basis. Training is not taking place at this restaurant, the manager has been accused of stealing pay checks and cashing them a former employees. Why Try to service a public when you can’t do it just shut it down!

    • Lisa Wainscott says:

      First of all, I am not and wasn’t your wife! You were extremely rude to everyone that worked there. The service was bad and the workers were lazy but you had no business treating them with such disrespect. You shouldn’t be allowed back in the restaurant! You have a bad temper and act stupid!

  • Carolina says:

    Went to restaurant at the location of 1201 Airway Blvd, El Paso, TX 79925, had a major health concern about the way food is handled, ordered a Johnny’s combo and the parmesan chicken was undercooked got the waiter immediately and manger, but manger just said there was no possible way it could be raw, even though its pink and chewy in middle, I informed him about this but still told me that it was the tomato sauce that made it chewy, there is no way sauce can make just the middle pink and chewy,even the waiter admitted that it looked raw in the middle, I do not wish to be contacted about this , just want to ensure the safety of the public and prevent any type of food born illness to accure due to lack of better judgment and poor management.

  • johnson says:

    I need to file a complaint about a large health issue in the Corpus Christi store.

  • Zach says:

    I’d like to make a complaint against the north Austin store. Thank you

  • Georgia Wyles says:

    I received a gift card and our North Little Rock, AR Carinos closed before it could be used. I called and they cannot be used at other restaurants. The other Arkansas location is in Rogers-to far for us to go for a meal. Is there another option so this does not go to waste?

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