Where Is Caribou Coffee Corporate Office Headquarters

Caribou Coffee Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3900 Lakebreeze Avenue North
    Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 763-592-2302
  • Fax Number: 763-592-2300
  • Email: mediarelations@cariboucoffee.com
  • Number of Employees: 7,000
  • Established: December 14, 1992
  • Founder: John Puckett
  • Key People: Sarah Spiegel, John Butcher

Caribou Coffee Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Caribou Coffee Corporate Office

Caribou Coffee Company is an American espresso organization and cafe chain. Caribou Coffee was founded in 1992 in Edina, Minnesota. As of May 2015, the organization performs 603 years of work worldwide. This organization makes the Java crowd hot. Caribou Coffee operates in additional cafes across the US. It is one of the main espresso chains (behind Starbucks and others), with stores in Minnesota and more than 15 different states. You can contact them through many ways for enquiry or regarding a particular product or service. They are easily contactable through numerous portals.

Here are a couple of ways in which you can contact the Caribou Corporate office. You can use any of the listed channels regardless of whatever your problem is.

Address – Whether you want to write to caribou or send them a package, you should address it to;

3900 Lake breeze Avenue North

Brooklyn Center, MN 55429

United States

Phone Number – For the prompt response and instant answer for your query & related thing, connect at their official number that is +1 763-592-2302. The easiest way to get connected with the office for your need and questions.

Email – You can write an email to caribou through mediarelations@cariboucoffee.com

Social Media – the caribou is available on Twitter. Their Twitter handle is @cariboucoffee. You can also find caribou on Facebook and Instagram. And also on professional & popular platforms, that is LinkedIn.

Number of Employees – Caribou has 7,000 employees. You can just visit their careers page if you think you are qualified and reliable to work for them and you want to try your career somewhere great.

Website – www.cariboucoffee.com

Caribou Coffee Headquarters Info & Photos

Caribou Coffee is a superior café highlighting top caliber, handmade drinks and food, located at 3900 Lakebeatry Avenue N, Brooklyn Center, MN. In our Brooklyn Center Headquarters area, they serve expertly cooked espresso mixes and coffees, and our hand-made refreshments, such as mocha and lotto, are used to determine the best.

Their food contributions include premium breakfast sandwiches, hot wares, and tidbits to promote life experiences. In the Brooklyn Center Headquarters area, we use expertly cooked espresso mixes and their beverages, such as coffee and mocha, and latte, which simply use the best determination.

Food contributions include premium breakfast sandwiches, an assortment of hot goods, and fueling life experiences. Known to guarantee management, the company was the primary flagship American café serving 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Espressos coffee. Caribou coffee items can likewise be found in supermarkets, mass retailers, club stores, foodservice suppliers, lodging, diversion settings, and on the web.

Caribou Coffee Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

3900 Lakebreeze Avenue North
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
United States

Caribou Coffee Headquarters Executive Team

John Pickett


John Pickett, the business visionary behind Caribou Coffee and Punch Pizza, as I was late to talk with me about showcasing, business, and a large set of different topics. Wireless promotion for February 1999 affected wireless broadcasts before debuting in the Atlanta area. The largely alleged Twin Cities advertising organization Carmichael Lynch took notice of the radio emission, which was scheduled for other important Caribou markets in the spring. Caribou used "Life is Short: Be Vigilant for It," a trademark from regular postal advertisements related to print, open-air, and reductions in living conditions.

John Butcher

CEO & President

Caribou Coffee announced John Butcher had been named President and CEO. Butcher has filled in as president of Caribou Coffee since joining the organization in June of 2017. Before coming to Caribou Coffee in 2017, Butcher passed through Minneapolis-based Target for 20 years and held influential merchandising and marketing positions, including Senior Vice President. President of merchandising, Beauty and Dermatome, Senior Vice President of Merchandising Division, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Rolls and Target.

About Caribou Coffee


Caribou Coffee was founded in December 1992 by Kimberly and John Puckett. The idea of Caribou Coffee was created after the organization was promoted through Alaska. At the culmination of Sable Mountain in Denali Park, they chose what they felt during the ascension was necessary to form an organization. He embarked on a plan to assemble an unusual organization, which would bring a mountain feel to a nearby neighborhood where customers could discover a spot to "get away from the monotonous routine" each day and every day. On Plummet, he saw a mob of wild caribou.

The grandeur and continued growth of these caribou is a fitting name for an organization that calls for quick development and top caliber. The organization was founded to create a core business that is renowned for its retailer espresso connoisseurs in the high-growth industry.


Caribou coffee outlets additionally offer a large group of delicious lodging meals to reduce the craving for food. Usually, sweet and savory bags, breakfast sandwiches, cakes, bread, scones, biscuits, croissants, treats, and rolls are offered. For those with a gluten narrow mindset, they have an area of gluten-free things on the menu. Furthermore, for the well-off cognitive, an assortment of dishes with oats as a base is accessible.

Likewise, there is a large line of products and espresso beans that one can buy at the power source. There is a marked line called Amy's Blend Limited Collection that exposes exceptional light and dim boiled beans, attire, covers, fasten mugs, and water bottles. To find a caribou coffee outlet near your location, use the on-site Finder Instrument. Similarly, the menu is also accessible on the Internet, which can be searched at any Caribou outlet. Caribou Coffee establishes customary customers, and they have something referred to as Perks membership that provides incredible benefits to individuals.


Here are some facts about caribou coffee that you must consider. Caribou Coffee operates in eight US states as a few separate nations around the world. Depending on the drink, the drink's size, and the changes made for each purchase, customers can eat anywhere in the range of zero to 500 calories. Caribou has 100% clean name fixing. Caribou has a top-selling café in Kuwait. It serves the choice of an incredible espressos dish range with a partial pack of caribou coffees.

  • Rebekah Rodriguez says:

    I have been trying to contact a real person to answer some important questions and cannot reach anyone. We had to move to Ohio and I need answers referring to ordering and my perk points and other questions. I am getting frustrated.

  • Sandy Gibbs says:

    I have enjoyed blueberry almond oatmeal many days since you began having it which was years ago and I’ve been a customer since Caribou opened!!!!! Why is is discontinued??????it was delicious and healthy. I won’t even buy the others!! Please bring it back!!!! I am a frequent almost daily customer and long-time also!!!

  • Julie says:

    No one returns calls!!! Seriously? I reached out to your headquarters as a curtesy before taking this to social media. I WASHER was in my oatmeal. I bit into it. I emailed you all the information with pictures in hope you would check out your machines and prevent others from maybe swallowing the other parts. NOPE, no help.

  • Chuck Block says:

    The men’s room in the very busy Grand Rapids MN Caribou has been out of order for 2 weeks! Please allow someone to call a plumber and get it fixed!!

  • Tammy W says:

    Placed a order online for pick up on 3/20 at the Blaine Store on 242 and 65
    Purchase was for 8.01 and yet my C.Card was also charged that same day for 2 additional yet separate transaction for 1.00 each with each of the charges being from Caribou! WHAT IS THIS???

  • Glennda and Jim Dalman says:

    Would like to thank Stephen Nelson, Asst. General Manager of store #196. My husband and I stopped just before closing last Sunday night to get a cup of specialty coffee. Got back on the rode and discovered our coffee was regular coffee and burnt. Called Stephen immediately and he retained our customer loyalty by providing us with a sincere apology and compensation. Thank you again Stephen. We’ll be back!

  • Idil Abdull says:

    Horrible service from Andrew Jacobson in the Jordan, MN location.

  • T. Tallyson says:

    Visited the Woodbury Caribou across from Sam’s Club last Thursday. Got to chatting with the barista who turned out to be the manager. What a lovely guy!!!

  • Melissa A. says:

    Met “ADAM”~at the New Caribou in White Bear Lake, MN location today. I learned that without BEING from MN, he is all about living GREATNESS and a GIVING SPIRIT. May the rewards come to him. M

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