Where is Carfax Corporate office Headquarters

Carfax Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5860 Trinity Parkway, Suite 600, Centreville, VA 20120, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 703-934-2664

  • Fax Number: 703-691-2861

  • Email: Support@carfax.com

  • Number of Employees: 750

  • Established: 1984

  • Founder: Robert Daniel Clark & Ewin Barnett

  • Key People: Richard Raines

Carfax Headquarters Location & Directions

Carfax Headquarters Executive Team



Richard Raines


Bill Eager

Vice President of the Dealer Business

Joe Koenig

Vice President

About Carfax, History and Headquarters Information

Carfax was incorporated by a former computer professional Ewin Barnett III in 1984. They started their first office in Columbia, Missouri. The company’s website was launched in 1996. They used to help the customers by handing them over the same vehicle history reports, which were already available to the businesses. In 1999, Carfax worked as a subsidiary of R.L. Polk & Company.  This company is based in Centreville, Virginia, United States. Carfax introduced myCARFAX in 2013, a free service to help vehicle owners keep their cars well maintained. In the same year, it was sold to IHS.

Carfax is a company that provides web-based services through which they deliver vehicle history reports to individuals and businesses on used cars and light trucks. Most of the services offered by them are free except a few for which they charge a fee like if someone requires more comprehensive reports.

Carfax Headquarters Photos

  • Lisa says:

    Is anyone aware of any open class action law suit against CarFax? There are thousands of people that have had false reports on CarFax with no way to correct them? The burden of proof needs to be on the supplier of the information and not on the consumer. We are at their mercy and it is unjust! No surprise that dealers subscribe to CarFax…they are probably working together with them to reduce the value of the cars.

  • Kim says:

    I paid twice to have vehicle information. They are both inaccurate. made several attempts to get 2 vehicles corrected for a sucession. I need this for the judge and my attorney. They haven’t fixed the problem yet .Going on almost a month now

  • Veronica says:

    I have yet to receive any information from my correction inquiry sent in Dec 10th. The discrepancy, corrected by the DMV, has caused me great financial strain that cannot be corrected until action is taken by you. All supporting documentation was included and I have uploaded other documentation on to your website. Christmas would have been less stressful had it not been for the “ignore” file it appears the request has been placed.

  • Pat dapeer says:

    Not ready to publisize untill dept of public safety inspects
    Thank you

  • Pat dapeer says:

    Have possible lawsuit with auto dealer because of carfax report. Inspection did not mention under body rust. So bad, bolts rusted to frame and unable to remove to install step rails.

  • Susan Swieczkowski says:

    I purchased the option for 3 Carfax reports. I have run one and every attempt to run another one fails and wants me to pay again. I have written several times over months and Justin dies NOT address this issue. He keeps requesting all kinds of personal and credit card information which he already has because I sent my purchase receipt that had all this I formation in the form I completed. I have written Justin providing my phone number so we could resolve this issue and now I’m not getting any response at all. I’m tired of paying for these reports and Not getting what I paid for. The fact they have NO phone number to contact them just means to me in my opinion that they do NOT care about customer service. I won’t stop trying to get this resolved until I speak with a Real Person.

  • Virginia says:

    CarFax is reporting that my vehicle was involved in a crash on 03/19/2019. I only recently found out about this because I am trying to trade in my car and this was on the CarFax report. CarFax told me my vehicle was listed on the police report case #2019004043 from the Boca Raton Police Department. I contact BRPD and received the report – which does not list my name or VIN and provided that report to CarFax. I was then told the crash number on the report does not match their records. They never gave me a crash number, just a case number. CarFax has failed to provide a case number showing my my car involved in an accident on 03/19/2019 (because it doesn’t exist) and I cannot request a police report by crash number. They are fraudulently reporting that my car was involved in an accident. I am trying to trade my car in and this is negatively impacting the value of my car. My CarFax case number is 11127289 and I have been trying to resolve this since 12/20/2020. They do not accept phone calls (which is stated on their website) and the person who has been responding via email is Amanda (no last name provided). I have reached out to them on 12/21/20, 01/11/2021. 01/25/2021, 02/01/2021, 02/02/2021, 02/03/2021, 02/04/2021, 02/05/2021, 02/08/21 & 02/10/021. I will continue to reach out to them daily until they fix their error.

    • S. says:

      What the hell has happened to privacy? Unless you give YOUR permission to deal with CarFax or give your permission to any car dealer – they have NO RIGHT to collect your information. You should file a complaint with the BBB, State’s Attorneys office and Attorney General and/or any other state agency. This is out of control that your private information to any car dealer is just given out – so when you sign anything anymore next to your name put a comment that YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR INFORMATION GIVEN OUT OR SHARED.

    • Mick says:

      Did you ever get this corrected?

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