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  • Address: 1375 East Woodfield Road, Suite 500, Schaumburg, IL 60173, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 847-273-8920
  • Fax Number: 847-619-3310
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1971
  • Founder: Charles Amy
  • Key People: Roger Hill

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Roger Hill

Chief Executive Officer and President

Robert Bresler

Vice President of Franchise Development

Jim Christian

Director of Company Store Operations

Kim Bauer

Director of Franchise Development

Daniel Legault Jr.

Director of Franchise Operations and Training

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  • Vincent Milford says:

    Your coupon ad is misleading and violates truth in advertising laws. Baits oil change sale price of 59.99 and then switches to 3 for 180 when trying to redeem.

    I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
    To qvoid this filing contact me with a resolution.

  • Chaun Tate says:

    Subject: Urgent Matter: Reimbursement Request for Towing and Labor Fees

    Dear Car X Manager,

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to bring an urgent matter to your attention regarding an unfortunate incident that occurred during my recent visit to the Car X branch on Watson Rd. As a longstanding customer, I have always trusted Car X with my vehicle maintenance needs, but this recent experience has left me extremely disappointed and inconvenienced.

    On Wednesday, July 5, I brought my car to the Watson Rd Car X location to have the battery replaced. I was assured that the service would be completed promptly, and my car would be ready for pickup the next day. However, upon leaving the shop and while driving home, my car unexpectedly died in the middle of an intersection, creating a hazardous situation that required immediate police intervention and towing to prevent accidents.

    The tow truck driver, upon inspecting my vehicle, noticed that the battery terminals were not connected. I have recorded a video capturing the evidence and his explanation of how the terminals should have been properly installed. Since then, I have made numerous attempts to contact the Watson Rd store and have spoken to several employees about the situation. Unfortunately, I have yet to receive any response or a return call from them.

    Given the circumstances, I kindly request that Car X reimburse me for the towing fees incurred due to this preventable situation, as well as the labor fees for the service that was not performed correctly. I believe it is only fair that Car X takes responsibility for the oversight and ensures that I am not held liable for the consequences of their mistake.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could personally look into this matter and arrange for the reimbursement of the towing and labor fees. I can be reached at 314-445-7146, and I am available at your convenience to discuss the details further or provide any additional information or documentation you may require.

    I sincerely hope that this issue can be resolved promptly, as my trust in Car X’s service has been significantly shaken by this incident. I value the relationship I have built with Car X over the years, and I am confident that you will take appropriate action to rectify this situation and restore my faith in the quality of service Car X has always provided.

    Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours sincerely,

    Chaun Tate

  • David C Mann says:

    Carx in Willard Mo. Damaged my vehicle when they worked on it twice. I have given them 2 estimates to fix.
    It has been 3 to 4 weeks.
    I keep getting the run around. Will appreciate someone handling my problem.

  • Mark says:

    Truck not fixed after 3 attempts. Paid almost $3000 want to fle a complant

  • Ralph Burner says:

    The lady at the front desk is so nice, but not happy with the mechanic that helped us and did our original work, we have spent 1600.00 in 2 weeks and the problem is still not fixed completely and we still have to spend another 200.00 and it may not be fixed at all, we will let them complete the work and find another place to do our work.

  • Patricia Morris says:

    Concerned about a problem this morning at CARX on University Ave. Peoria, Il. Had a 9:00am Appt. Door was locked and so I waited in my car. When someone showed up at 9:30 a note was quickly taped to the door saying “temp closed”? I wasn’t the only one! A young employee was waiting to go to work was in his car also as was another customer. Definitely deserves some attention!! Thank you!


    I wanted to let someone know about the GREAT customer service being provided by JR (Oil Express Mgr.) at the CarX Tire & Auto location in Plainfield, IN. JR is what CUSTOMER SERVICE is all about. I was new to Plainfield, IN and the first time I went there for an oil change JR treated me like a customer that had been coming to the location for years. He made such an impression on me I went down to the Kroger grocery store and bought a bag of canned goods and brought it back to provide for their drive. He and his staff (Josh) are very friendly and they make sure that everything is RIGHT before you leave the location. 5 STARS for this CarX and it is all about the service provided by JR. PLEASE ENSURE JR knows what his customers think of him.

  • Crystal Thomas says:

    I’ve taken my van to Car X in Erlanger, Kentucky for going on 3 years now. They have always been good to me and have never pressured me to have anything extra done. They always go out of their way to help me with what I need and I’ve always gotten my van back in a timely manner. Robert and Rickie are professionals and have always treated me with respect and honesty. As an older single woman I am grateful to have found Car X and appreciate this shop more than you can know. Thank you!

  • Craig says:

    Mike (mgr) who refused to provide last name at O’Fallon, MO (#14) needs service retraining. He is unprofessional and does not represent you company well. You lost yet another customer.

  • Dustin Smith says:

    I took my vehicle to Car-X in Willard Missouri they kept it for almost 4 days to work on the air conditioner the tire pressure monitor system and I had a check engine light on upon picking it up which I paid only the taxes due to having a warranty immediately after getting car home tire pressure monitor system alarm is still all going off and also check engine light return so I take it back to them they keep it for another day I get it back same problems persist the very next time I drive it now the air conditioner is failing too and they don’t know if they have a technician to fix all this they’re telling me now after they charge me to fix it please Car-X contact me

  • maria says:

    Their Fairfield, Ohio location stinks too ! The manager is stressed and rude, cuts you short. Mechanics are from the mickey mouse club ! I have had my cars in their multiple times with the same problems consistently. Done with them !

  • Linda Tisdale says:

    I went to Car x in Homewood Illinois because my defogger was not working and was told that I need my air compressor repaired I had the work done and was told to bring the car back when the weather got warmer Tuesday May17,2022 . I took the car Tuesday there were no technicians there and to bring my car tomorrow I went back today and there still are no technicians. I was referred to the Lansing Illinois store I called the Lansing Car x and was told by Vick that if I bring my car all he was going to do is check for leaks and that I would have to pay again if there was a leak. I was told by Homewood Car x I wouldn’t have pay for them to check Their work. I did not care for Vick’s attitude and tone of voice. If I have to pay again I will not return to Car x ever again and will tell everyone I know about your services.

  • Angela Mitchell says:

    To whom it may concern that I Angele received full brake service on 3/14/22. My car did not have two volt on the back brakes pads I had thank my car to the Bridgeton MO location. I have pictures that I have show to managers. He stated that corporate would get in touch with me but I not heard anything from the manager or headquarters this was on 5/12/23. I would like for someone to get back with me as soon as possible. This company had put my life and others in danger.

  • Tom Garms says:

    Worst Experience Ever

  • Herb Tobias says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Back in Nov 2020, i bought a tire for my vehicle (2019 Jeep) because of road debris. Then in Feb 2022, that same tire had to be replace because of a nail in the road. My question is if that same tire has been replaced shouldn’t there be some type of warranty?

  • George A Kraus says:

    I went into the Carx Location on Penn Ave South in Richfield, MN for a schedule appt for shocks. I chose Carx because I want one place to go for all of my car needs from routine maintenance to major repairs such as this and my brakes. Before they began the work, I saw that the tech working on my car was smoking as well. I said I didn’t want to pay all of this money to leave with my car smelling like cigarettes. The response from the manager was that the tech was not smoking by my care and only smokes in the area by his office. I disagreed and said I wanted to take it somewhere else. They didn’t say anything else to me, gave me the estimate without even thanking me for going in to bring them my business. I used to be a smoker and hate that now but chose smoking by customer’s cars over the customer bringing them a lot of business. NOT going back but went to Tires Plus and was treated very well. They are doing even more work that is covered by my warranty to Carx lost a lot just from me. Hope they begin treating customers much better.

  • Randy Loveless says:

    Hello. I had my car towed to Carx on December 25. The shop on West Florissant and Lucus and Hunt. I got a call Monday explaining to me everything that was wrong with the car after going through the diagnostic machine. I agreed to fix what was said. The cost was over $1600.00. I get another call telling me that I needed a throttle body part. Agreed to that. The cost went up to over $1700.00. The next day I was told that the engine is bad and that would be more than what the car is worth to get fix, or they could remove the engine and send it somewhere to have something done to it, which would be another $3500.00. He told me that the car is drivable but it keeps dying out and that I was going to have to put in neutral when I came to a stop. I tried that and it doesn’t work. I agreed to everything that they suggested until the engine comment. I expected my car to run after what they told me. If the car was diagnosed at the beginning, they should have known the engine was bad. I would like a refund because I still cannot drive the car after the guy told me it was drivable. Someone needs to get back with me asap. I paid Carx over $1700.00 to fix my car and I still can’t drive it. My car is a 2007 Chrysler 300.

  • Damion jordan says:

    Hello my name is Damion I have a issue and I need to speak with some asap I called car x on Reading rd in Avondale where I always take my car I spoke to the manager and told him I need my car fixed this was Wednesday I had my car towed there. Thursday morning . I called tht aftnoon and was lied to by one of the employees that I was not on the tow resister and I told him I was then come to find out that there where 9nly 2 employees working that Friday and they still have not looked at my cat I called Thursday afternoon and was put 9n hold them hung up in I asked them why didn’t they tell me I would have taken my car else where then they said it’s the holiday so I had 5o get a rental whick cost me 500 additional dollars that I do not have and my car still has not been looked at and I have to work I can’t lose my job because of the lack of professionalism I missed my holiday my mom just passed and I had to put up a lot for that no still have bills to pay this has been a very inconvenient situation for and now I don’t know what I’m going to do or how I’m going to get to work now I’m out of options when this should have never happened no would not have taken my car there if I knew that there where 9nly 2 employees no and. I was not told till fri evening so how can this be rectified because now I’m in a place of worry and discomfort

  • Marian Williams says:

    It was the worst place. Will never go back. Stated I need a tune-up, because my engine light was on. Still on. Had my car for two days, they broke my gas door, has some part coming out under the dashboard of my car. The mechanic told me to fill up my car and run it down half way, and see if light go off. Light still on. I call corporate office, still waiting on them to call me back. my bill was $2400.00.
    Mechanic want me to bring it back in, why I don’t trust anyone there. I apply for a card to be paid off in six months. But I just want this bill cancel. My gas door cost $92.00, to have it painted & put on $142.00.
    Going to call Car x/Synchrony bank to see what they can do.

    Marian Williams December 2, 2021

  • L kelley says:

    Description of Complaint:
    10/29/2021 to 11/09/2021 I have put my trust in Car X auto shop on Dorsett road were they had some great mechanics that were there then new mechanics started working there and they have let me down. I took my at first to Car X on Saint Charles Rckrd then they sent it to Dorsett rd which I told them what the problem was they said my transmission was going out so I believed them and payed $2,993.80 said my car was good and ready to go got it home and wouldn’t start called back and said have it towed which was another $43.00 got to shop and they turned around and said possibility it’s my $890.74 starter so payed it but after transmission was put in everything started blowing out so they put it in and got it went to store and wouldn’t start so someone gave me a jump and back to the shop it went stayed at shop and still at shop but they want more money but no one can tell me what’s wrong with it first Blamed me then blamed the Dodge dealer who had nothing to do with fixing or seeing my car they were the only ones that worked on it everyone giving me the runaround but want more money for some thing that started with a transmission that was put in. I would like for them to admit that they were unable to fix my car and refund me of what I put in. I have been going to Car X since as far back as 2017 and as many mechanics as they went through I still trusted them with my car but when the front desk guy started saying more of probably possibilities and guessing and then started blaming everyone else including the Dodge dealer who has nothing to do with the car but refuses to say it was there fault and then I said enough is enough I have went through a Car X card and a second synchrony card so these is my complaints just want someone to own up to their mistakes and refund me my money back or fix my car

    Desired Settlement:
    Fix car or refund money

  • Mike farley says:

    Inadequate customer service when you walk in the door. I have been coming here in (Golden Valley) Minnesota. One of your techs was on the phone for 10 minutes & did not put the caller on hold & acknowledge my presents & another customer who was waiting before I got here. I have been coming here for 20 years & never have I had to go sit 10 minutes for your guy to get off the phone. Even when he got off the phone he did not offer a apology to me or the other customer. My appt was for 12 noon & that time has passed. I’m here for new general tires & a synthetic oil change. Contemplating on just leaving. No one at this point has said anything regarding my appt. Just sitting here & listening to the numerous phone calls & the one guy in here just sits on the computer & does not acknowledge the calls. I have been here for 30 minutes past my appointment & still have not been told when I will be waited on. Not good customer service. Past management was excellent. This manager means well but very in-organized.

  • G. Degala says:

    Had bad experiences with you carx shop… Went yesterday to get 4 new tires for my Honda Civic & the manager quoted me for $463 but I told him that i have a coupon for the tires [save $190 when buying 4 new tires]. So, I came this morning to get it done. But ur guy said that the qoute is $496 because its for high end tires. I was ok with that but then he wanted no part of ordering the tires & calling me when it arrived so that i can bring my car done [because he said its two hours waiting period]… Do u guys want my business?

    • Nikki says:

      Did anyone ever get back with you on your issue? I’m a customer as well that’s experienced issues an no one has reached back out that’s why I’m asking.

  • A. Martin says:

    When will corporate customer service be available❓

  • Rosario Aguayo says:

    I need to speak or email to someone at corporate and never get an answer when I call. Need help with an experience at one of your locations in San Antonio Texas . I should not have been charged for installing warranted brake pads and rotors that were installed wrong and had to make multiple inconvenient trips to get the situation rectified. Have been a customer for many years and should be treated better. I have pictures of parts that were installed wrong and was driving in danger of an accident.
    Thank you and please contact me.

  • Linda Ruppert says:

    Worst experience ever I am waiting to have a part replaced and it seems only one person in the whole place can do it. I will never go back nor will I suggest this place to anyone.

  • maria a pitts-hernandez says:

    i will never go to any car x again mechanics do not know what they are doing

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