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Daniel Brettler

Founder, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President

Rob Jensen

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Andrew Steele

Senior Vice President of Stores

Jim Warren

Senior Vice President of Merchandising

About Car Toys, History and Headquarters Information

Car Toys was established in 1987 by Dan Brettler. Car Toys, Inc. is headquartered in Seattle. In 2004, Twice Magazine featured it and it bagged 5th position in the category of the largest national mobile electronic retailer.

Car Toys, Inc. is a chain of stores that operates as car audio and mobile electronics retailer. The Company provides a wide variety of products such as amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, satellite radio, radar detectors, and accessories, as well as cell phones and headphones. Car Toys provides its products and services to all its customers throughout the United States. They currently have over 1,000 employees who handle more than 50 stores and distribution centers, spread all over Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Texas. Customers can choose to shop from their store, online or by phone. They provide a broad selection of the very best mobile entertainment, navigation, road safety and security systems available from world-famous brands like Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, Kicker, JL Audio, Focal, Infinity, JBL, Metra and many other top manufacturers.

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  • Gary Nino says:

    I had a problem with my compustar remote. Made an appointment showed up at the exact time, They immediately took my truck had the problem fixed in 25 minutes and had me on my way. The two times I have had service both have been excellent to deal with and would highly recommend them

  • Deb says:

    Good morning.

    I wanted to share an experience my family had with Intoxalock and Car Toys.

    My son, Joe, is a C5 quadriplegic and is paralyzed from the nipples down with use of his arms and hands. After a lot of hard work he’s ready to start driving again and purchased a 2022 Toyota Sienna Mobility Van with the appropriate hand controls.

    Prior to the accident that paralyzed him he received a DUI and his license was suspended. He was paralyzed and concentrated on his recovery. Now he’s ready to drive again but due to his DUI Washington State required an Intoxalock for 4 months.

    Intoxalock referred us to Car Toys in Issaquah WA for the installation. We set up an appointment and dropped it off at 9:00 am on 10/1. At the time the installer took a look at the van and exclaimed, “no problem, we’ve done a few of these mobility vans and it shouldn’t take more than 3-4 hours.” The installer even went to the back room to insure they had the instructions for the van and advised us that since the hand controls weren’t part of the ignition system that it shouldn’t be a problem. Right before the store closed for the evening they called us and told us they couldn’t get the car started due to a UO293 error code so they wanted to disconnect the battery overnight and try again in the morning.

    The morning of 10/2 Car Toys called to tell us they couldn’t get the car started and couldn’t figure out how to correct the error code and we would need to have the car towed to a Toyota dealer so Toyota could fix it. The mobility van had less than 300 miles on it and Car Toys couldn’t fix their error and told us we would need to have Toyota fix it.

    That’s not acceptable. It’s a brand new mobility van with less than 300 miles on it. And Car Toys Issaquah has messed it up and is now refusing to make it right.

    It’s our hope that you can help us with this and want to make sure that your company can make this right.

    We would like:
    1. Payment for the cost of the tow to a Toyota dealer.
    2. Payment to the Toyota dealer for whatever they need to do to fix the mobility van.
    3. When it’s time for the Intoxalock to be removed that the van be returned to its original condition with no problems to the electrical system and a warranty warranting the work.

    Please help us out with this. We had good experience with the Intoxalock employees but the Car Toys employees have been less than helpful and have a “we don’t care, it’s your problem” attitude. I’m sure that’s not the type of service your company strives to provide customers and that you will help us to get this resolved appropriately.

    I’ve emailed the CEO twice and haven’t heard anything at all. No customer advocate has called or offered to help.

    At this point I’m certain that Car Toys is not interested in doing what’s right and have to wonder about the company’s integrity.

    We will look forward to hearing from you.

  • STEVEN says:

    The Colorado Spring store Harrison road sold me a used part and charge me for a new one that is fucked up About a remote start I’ve taken back numerous times for them to fix and they still haven’t fixed it right

  • Jed Matthews says:

    Worst most unbelievable service at the Linwood location. Called the corporate office they said they would make it right when in for my follow up appointment where everything was supposed to be made right and was told that I didn’t have an appointment. If you’re going to try to fix a customer complaint, I would think you would pay close attention and make sure it’s done right. Worst customer service experience I’ve had in a long time. I do not recommend this company at all. Find somebody who treats people right

    • Josh says:

      Same problem here Jed! By chance did you get yours do your snap financing? I’m trying to get a legal case going!

  • Lynn Jones says:

    Seriously annoyed! I had to wait weeks (as in 10) after Christmas to get an appointment. I was told 3-4 hours for the installation. Drop my truck off at 9 am, 12:30 goes by with no call. So I call them, they haven’t even started! What’s the point of an appointment if your not going to keep it. I was told that the technicians kept getting taken off the 9am appointments to complete other work. Evidently walk-ins are more important then prepaid appointments. I will never buy from these jerks again! Their prices and variety are not any better then other places and other place have more respect for their customers.

  • Charles Foster says:

    Parkmeadows lonetree location has messed up each one of my cars multiple times an I have spent thousands I am so dissatisfied with this company, customer service is poor, communication amongst each other is poor an I switched to the parker location because now I don’t trust them to work on my cars, I would like to be refunded seriously

  • Shawn Mitchell says:

    Went to have a radio worked on for the second time. Took the truck in right away. However, felt like get it in get it out attitude. No manager talked with me about the problems. Hope this is not how you do business. Kinda thinking it is However. As of now. Would never buy or recommend your company. Sad……

  • Edward says:

    Well where do I start. Tomorrow I am going to the Lone Tree police department. Your Park Meadows. Vandilized my Jeep. 720 317 3652.

    • Josh says:

      I’m thinking all these paying customers like myself should look into a class action lawsuit against the car toys corporation!

  • Alfredo Hernandez says:

    Very disappointed in Car Toys. Email went unanswered. Generic response by automated operator. Was totally ripped off. Next step is small claims court.

  • Joseph Bell says:

    Terrible service installers need more training 2 bad experiences one bad installation at the Tacoma store 10 yrs ago and the technician left a flashlight under my brake pedal I nearly got into a accident and it took 3 return trips to the store to get the car alarm working properly the final issue was the trunk button on the phob didn’t work now I’m left with a dead battery the trunk button on both phobs no longer work I gave this installation 3 try’s to get it right I want to remove all devices installed and refunded I had no previous issues with my charging system and I feel any issues should be charged to CarToys that are charged to me I will forward the bill to whom it may concern what department can help me my car is currently in the Ford shop so I will have a update for you later this afternoon Poor Installation, and Customer service at a Corperate level due to ineffectiveness or lack of response and no action to resolve issues that shouldn’t exist I will hire a Attorney to help me 3 try’s and it’s not right shame on you and your installers argue that the installations are correct without even testing and troubleshooting thoroughly I have a total of 8 yrs+ Electric Electronic mechanical experience so it’s been insulting to hear nothing is wrong I have gone from 7-12 days not having to worry about my battery to having to charge my battery 2-3 times a day there is a draw somewhere I cant use my heater Etc drains battery too fast also you should offer Consultations Prior also I attempted to change stores from the Federal Way store to the Puyallup to resolve installation issues it did no good aside from replacing a camera nothing was resolved so I returned to the Federal Way store and I thought they had resolved all issues my trunk phob worked my battery seemed to be holding a charge longer then suddenly the 2 trunk phobs don’t work and a dead battery or overloaded battery is unacceptable please refund my money back you just wasted about 12 hours of my life and you made $3,000 final analysis I was ripped off by Incompetence
    I agree with Paul

    February 9, 2020
    I made my initial complaint a month ago and no responce. The happy valley store installed a kenwood cd / gps system and a blind spot warning device. I relied on there experience and got screwed. $2000 dollars later, I have a blind spot warning device that goes off for a telephone pole. Always false alerts, The radio cannot be used with the gps because the gps instruction will blow you out or the car. I guess I need to contact the BBB

  • Paul says:

    I made my initial complaint a month ago and no responce. The happy valley store installed a kenwood cd / gps system and a blind spot warning device. I relied on there experience and got screwed. $2000 dollars later, I have a blind spot warning device that goes off for a telephone pole. Always false alerts, The radio cannot be used with the gps because the gps instruction will blow you out or the car. I guess I need to contact the BBB

  • Tessa says:

    No response to my email. No response from management. No phone calls back. No way to reach the corporate office. They respond with pre written responses and ask for an email but don’t respond??? Cartoys sucks and I’m blasting it until I get a response!

  • s. Darris says:

    CARTOYS downtown Denver ruined my entire dash in my 2005 pontiac grand prix gt. I took it there to get a new remote start (original factory 1 was not working), a new alarm security system, and Kenwood stereo. I was quoted $1053. Dropped it off, they call me 20 minutes and state “pontiac will not allow us to install remote start”. They deducted remote start cost only and new quote $753. I agreed. Several hours later picked up and gas tank was on “E”!. I was Furious that someone was driving my car at CARTOYS! On the way home on the highway the gas tank shot back up to 1/2 tank, but my traction control disengaged, speedometer says 25 & I’m only doing 65, error lights flash on off, battery power failure signal off and on, gas tank back to empty, brake light flashing. This is all while I’m on the highway! Complete HAYWIRE. The entire dash board was spontaneously flashing! Reminded me of George Jetson at work at Spacely Sprockets with all the blinking lights. My dash is ruined. Took it back and Chris says’ ‘Everything should be fine, I checked it”. Of course again back on the 6th ave freeway…..same exact crap! NO Fix NOTHING. 2 words : CORPORATE OFFICE.

  • Michael Fromm says:

    Took my truck in with an appointment, to have an interlock device removed, (wasn’t even drinking, the person who I didn’t know asked for a ride and I gave him one to start fighting with people and I dropped him off across the street and cops surrounded my car, complete stranger, I refused a roadside as I was with my son and picking up a pizza, not a pull over or probable cause. Just said you want to talk to him, and they continued to focus on me, the laws had just changed and was sent to a Halfway house fine probation interlock in lieu of a 6 year pennatentry sentence,) they prolonged the interlock an additional year, fighting suspension costing me money act, for the glorious day to get it out, the company with thebunterlock drug theirbfeet as to what amounts to pay to get it out as is always changing from $70.00- $370+ everyday different amounts, to take it down to car toys to finally get it out and had my truck over 5 hours, ruined my dash and bezel, stripped and broke wires, finding pieces of who know where they came from but obviously from my truck, wires and chunks of my truck all over the floor and didn’t even remove the tape for the unit off my windshield and ruined my crossover control. Was letting it slide that about 7 months ago went in to buy a 0 gauge ground wire, that was supposed to be 6 feet and wasn’t even close for a ton of money, which I could have got 3 complete install 0 gauge Kits for the cost of not even advertised 6′ very disappointed and looking for the additional repairs to my vehicle and equipment. If I’m able to locate such parts and I’m sure at an outrageous cost. Over all the customer service and dealing with the public very pleasant, and right on time for communications and assisting with any requests, work half assed and very shady at best.
    Very disappointed as I could have done a better job myself at home instead of paying to have more repairs on my truck for a simple uninstall that should have been easy.

  • Chris McCune says:

    Your Fort Collins store are incompetent rip off artists. Two transactions, two terrible experiences. The first one they “changed” the speakers I bought for less expensive ones without calling or telling they did so. I only found out because they left the boxes in the car. The ones they installed were $80 cheaper and I was not given a refund. I had to catch the issue, drive back then argue with the manager for my refund.

    Having not learned my lesson, I took another vehicle there to have a part installed. They looked up the part, looked at my car and gave me a quote only to call back and inform me they were wrong about where the part is installed and that I would need to pay for more labor.

    It may take me twice to learn, but lesson learned. I will never shop at Car Toys again.

  • Dennis Bradley says:

    Your Hayden Island Dr. store in the Portland, Or. area is inept and does shoddy work in which they claim to guarantee until they are confronted and then they get rude and loud!(Bruce Waterman) is deplorable! They triggered a problem in my car and refused to even check it out! I felt insulted, and demoralized! I will use my voice (social media, Yelp, e-mail etc) to tell everyone I come in contact with to never step foot in that store again! Sorry!

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