Where is Car Hop Corporate office Headquarters

Car Hop Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5417 Lakeland Ave N
    Crystal, MN 55429
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 763-533-8618
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: questions@carhop.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1996
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Don Griffin

Car Hop Headquarters Location & Directions

Car Hop Headquarters Executive Team



Don Griffin


Mike Anderson

Vice President of Sales

About Car Hop, History and Headquarters Information

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  • Riannon Roper says:

    Okay so I got a car trade in my vehicle never got the amount that I trade in my vehicle in for that M45 2006 Infiniti from car hop on South Tacoma Way I was late on a payment because I have assumed my payment was due October 3rd not September 3rd I was 14 days late I’ll take that I’ll take my mistake I get it but I had talked to a guy named Oliver at the location in Tacoma is the manager at the finance station he said my car was not going to be towed and he was going to call me back or car was already disabled my starter was I had no gas in it already just got the car so he told me was talking to be told it was towed on a Thursday, I didn’t get paid till that Friday soon as I get money I’ll be right down there make my payment made payment arrangements he said he’ll call me back he never call me back I just had to buy a wheel bearing and have to pay somebody today to put my wheel bearing in because my car was not drivable for about a week so nobody got back to me and there’s nothing nobody can do I think that’s wrong already got a vehicle to them already paid it off yes I was late before with that one a couple times my mom had passed away sorry things happened now I’m everybody’s being rude to me at the Tacoma store and nothing is being done about it and I still got to make my payment today and they charge me for that Tow and I paid almost $900 to get my car out and that was very wrong for CarHop to do that to me when I already got one car from them in this is second car and I get treated like that now I got to change front wheel bearing pay $20 back but it’s nobody’s concern because right now is not hard times it’s not even covid-19 s to them they don’t care so we still got to pay and customer still get treated like crap that’s BS I wish to see you will call me personally cuz I’m very upset I don’t want to make my payment but I have to I know and I will but until something is done that’s not right I should never been treated like that and lied to

  • Dwigg says:

    I think that your manager in Sioux City Iowa is liar and is very rude and don’t give a fuck about the customer only the money from selling people fucking lame ass cars and Eric the sales guy is also a liar

    • James says:

      Agreed rename company …..

      Shitty car flop

      Shitty Cars Are Always in Shop Hop
      shitty call center reps

      I call my local store it conects me to Iowa and I get the runaround and hes not a very motivated person either. I tell them what’s up and its o well maybe you need to…… it’s taking me every dam bit of Self control not to go verbal and yell. Honestly I’d drive to Iowa and kick the shit out of the phone service guy but the car I got is in shop 24/7
      I’m a dam delivery driver and I cant work either of my jobs cause of your shit pile you sold me.
      So glad you all give a fuck about your customers. Shitty ass company. I’ll be sure to post on every media site about you all. about you all as well.
      I mean seriously no one here gives a fuck about us after we buy the car. Not like when we were looking. This is gotta be the worst company global
      Have a good day.

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