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  • dissatisfied customer says:

    why hasnt anyone filed a class action lawsuit against this company!!!

    • TERESA R MOZEE says:

      I absolutely agree lawsuit!!!!! just because we have bad credit does not mean we should not be able to drive a low mileage and decent vehicle. They take advantage of our situation, take our money and do not help at all when these buckets(lemons) break down!!!!!!!!!

    • Harry Horton says:

      I believe I am getting the run around with this company because the transmission coolant line broke on my car so the transmission failed now they are having trouble finding the part because they don’t make that part my car has been in the shop for a week now and no progress

  • Phillip Moralez says:

    I had called your Fort Collins office to ask about getting a car and informed them that my credit was bad due to the loss of a family member and that I had got behind on my bills !!
    I was living with my mom and she passed away so I had to move cause my sisters sold her house behind my back so at the last minute I had to get a apartment and got so behind on all my bills !!
    The worker that took my application told me no problem we help with bad credit so I take the morning off work go over there and for to tell me my credit was bad and I told her what I have just told u . I explained I am working on getting caught up with my bills !n
    So I went to ur Fort Collins office missed a half day of work had to pay for gas to go there and to leave looking like a fool cause she told me no she couldn’t help me!
    That’s false advertisement and I have a right mind to call the bbb and the news investigators .
    What would u do if this happens to you?b

  • Ontario Whiteside says:

    Absolutely Horrible experience. Car broke down Dec 29th. The part was supposed to arrive on Jan. 7th 2023. I have been getting nothing but excuses and lies from management. Today Jan 11th I got a call telling me that the part arrived broken and now its scheduled to arrive Jan. 17th 2023. I make my payments on time. I have been spending so much money on Uber and rides from others. CarHop had the audacity to offer to put me on a payment plan which is absurd. To offer as a solution that I don’t pay in time is ridiculous. I need transportation to get me where I need to go, because that’s the reason I purchased a vehicle. To get me where I’m going.

  • Nathen Shoop says:


  • LaKrisha says:

    I financed a car ( 2007 Toyota RAV4 estimated 157,000 miles) from the Carhop Colorado Springs branch in February 2021. In May 2021 my engine blew due to a hole that was there when I got the car. Of course it was covered under the warranty they offer. Which is 18,000 miles or 18 months whatever comes first. In March of 2022 I had to replace the rear differential which had excessive amounts of metal and the CV joint which cost me $3000.00 I had to pay out of pocket because I was out of my warranty. When I spoke to Daneka she had stated if she could help me she would try, unfortunately I did not take my car to one of there “vendor” shops. I asked if the shop is will to look at a vendor agreement then can we see what help I can get Daneka stated yes, but I was expected to get that vendor agreement signed instead of them contacting the shop I was the middle man doing their work. Well July 15th on my way home from the drive in at 11:30ish at night my car started making a noise I pulled over instantly and shut off my car when I tried to turn it back on it would not turn over, ended up having to get my car towed. On July 16th I had scheduled an oil change so yes my oil was low but I had been replenishing until I got paid to get the oil change done. Once my car made it to the shop found out there was a loose rod bouncing around in the engine, I asked if it was due to something I did, was told no my car looks like it’s maintained very well. I was told pretty much I should be thankful they are paying for a replacement engine because I was out of my warranty, that my oil was low, I was quoted the average mileage someone uses, and was told I got good use of my vehicle for a year , I got a fairly new engine from what Nicole stated that had 126,000 miles and that I put excessive miles on my car. when I told them all I can pay to the replacement of the engine is the $100.00 deductible I was told by Daneka ” I need to do better,” because I was out of the warranty but the engine was not due to my negligence. Mind you my car is used as an everyday vehicle gets me to and from work which I work multiple jobs, my child to and from school, activities and outings, grocery shopping, Dr appts, anything that’s why you purchase a car to transport you where you need to go RIGHT! My cars been in the shop since the 19th of July the engine they order is faulty and a new one had to be ordered not sure how long I’ll be waiting and if this one’s going to work. However I am expected to make payments on a vehicle do not have and cannot use. Now, I know most shops warranty the parts and work they do, apparently parts only have the standard 30day warranty through carhop which they will not communicate, also you cannot make but two pay adjustments, which I found out by asking myself. After I lost my job due to medical, I asked about payment arrangements so my car would not be late I was told that ” I am not a part of the Carhop family I told I have been with them for 6months!” I have been with them maybe a year and a half I have never had so much stress and anxiety over a car that should last longer than a year. But because of the year it should be expected. I feel more than robbed, especially because the now engine they ordered has 163,000 miles on it which I was told by Nicole. My thing is how long u til this one breaks. I’m a single mom trying to make it, by the time I’m done paying my car I’ll be making almost a $20,000 payment on a car worth $7,000.00 BB and financed for $12,000 and they don’t understand my frustration especially when I’m told there’s nothing to be done and it always goes back to the warranty. You want my payments on time take accountability for your screw ups and do better stop taking advantage of hardworking people just because you can as Daneka said ” DO BETTER!”

  • Gregory Wayne Watson says:

    Noah at SE 14th street Des Moines has harrassed me by email for over a month trying to get me to trade in my car for a rusted out piece of junk truck. The car was awful and nasty, nothing worked, i fixed it all . Car was worth 1000 dollars. I paid 6 thousand. No he he harrasses me with truck offers. Trucks are rusted junk. He wants 3 x times what i paid for car. He lied multiple times. His boy bitch secretary was asshole also. Both work at SE14th street location. At 5:30 pm on 6/13/0022. I want to file formal complaint and they will be removed. Why can I buy junk from you, fix it ,pay 3 times its worth, and every car I want I can’t get? Just junk ass rusty truck?

  • Mistreated Customer says:

    DO NOT buy a car from the Seattle,Wa carhop location. The so-called branch manager will make you feel like your his best friend,UNTIL you disagree with him or give him “constructive criticism” about how he can better assist or communicate with you and how the customer can better understand what he’s saying. He talks really fast, vaguely answers questions, doesn’t really let the customer do any talking or ask any questions to help clearify what they’re hearing, because of how he wants to do all of the talking and cuts you off if you start talking. Basically, “my way or the highway” and “don’t you dare question me” in any way. Today, I had some customer questions for the branch manager, and he rudely& very unprofessionally told me, you’re one of those customers that think all of my cars on my lot are bad cars and asks too many questions, so I’ll tell you what, I’m taking your car away from you and cancelling your car contract, which he did to me. Branch manager will end your car contract, if he doesn’t have all of the authority, does all of the talking (really fast talking)and the customer isn’t really allowed to respond or voice their concerns or will be retaliated against by this branch manager and told to get out of the store and wait outside, until I’m done with your contract cancellation, just because I was calling my wife to come pick me up. Very awful experience and awful unprovoked, very unprofessional treatment by this branch manager, because he let his emotions and pride get in the way of him TRULY serving his customers and understanding that he’s in the “customer service” industry, making sure that EVERY customer and potential customer is treated with a certain level of respect, dignity…..even if they may have alot of valid questions/ concerns about their purchase or may need clearification from this branch manager about a subject matter, so there’s no misunderstanding down the road. NOT to be retaliated against, by having their car contract cancelled, because the branch manager decided to for his “personal reasons”,apparently. I really hope that car hop corporate insures that any customers that come, after me, DO NOT have to go through this very awful unprofessional and unethical treatment that I did.

  • Karen Sansbury says:

    I just got a car on the 23rd of last month and I had to take it into the mechanic to have the o2 sensor replaced and come to find out that it’s barely holding together because of all the rust and they are not willing to fix the issue of getting me into something else

    • Kay says:

      My o2 sensor went out too as well as it needs brake pads at least and was told they don’t replace that because it is maintenance

  • Candice Bootenhoff says:

    On 2-11-22
    I went back yesterday to roll my car note over to PAY OFF my vehicle I got 2 years ago and GET ANOTHER ONE with you guys which would be my 3rd vehicle with you all 2 paid off. Tell me why I had to STILL put down 300 dollars to get the SUV I wanted. IAM PISSED. Will be call corporate on Monday. WHAT HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER LOYALTY. My salesman demante Benjamin was AMAZING. LOVE HIM. But as far as corporate I have a bone to pick with y’all.

    A once a happy and loyal customer
    Candice bootenhoff

  • Rrock says:

    So I had been on the phone with these fuckers for yesterday and a week ago to get a part covered and everyone in the duluth location stated it was covered the also checked and came in with it was covered except today got a call from the shop saying that car hop wouldn’t cover the charge and all of a sudden the part and labor was not covered I’ve had three cars with these people and never had an issue until today and the guy sat and argued with me I asked yo speak to his boss and he told me he was the boss, so just so everyone knows car hops 18 mo warranty is a lie. Unless it’s something they wanna cover this is bs worst ever so Mr CEO or who ever if your company prides it self on lying to customers then your doing a fantastic job! Brian and Scott at the duluth location suck ass

  • Heather Cook says:

    Ok i got a vehicle and 9 days after driving off the lot i find out that the power steering rack and pinion are leaking and need replaced. On top of 10 other URGENT issues with the car. I am now needing to top off my power steering fluid every other day to keep it from tightening up while im driving with my 2 kids in the car cause its not in the warranty or noted as an issue that the company wants to address..

  • Rhonda Howard says:

    Is it true that I can’t get a cosigner for a car unless they live with me at my home.

  • Riannon Roper says:

    Okay so I got a car trade in my vehicle never got the amount that I trade in my vehicle in for that M45 2006 Infiniti from car hop on South Tacoma Way I was late on a payment because I have assumed my payment was due October 3rd not September 3rd I was 14 days late I’ll take that I’ll take my mistake I get it but I had talked to a guy named Oliver at the location in Tacoma is the manager at the finance station he said my car was not going to be towed and he was going to call me back or car was already disabled my starter was I had no gas in it already just got the car so he told me was talking to be told it was towed on a Thursday, I didn’t get paid till that Friday soon as I get money I’ll be right down there make my payment made payment arrangements he said he’ll call me back he never call me back I just had to buy a wheel bearing and have to pay somebody today to put my wheel bearing in because my car was not drivable for about a week so nobody got back to me and there’s nothing nobody can do I think that’s wrong already got a vehicle to them already paid it off yes I was late before with that one a couple times my mom had passed away sorry things happened now I’m everybody’s being rude to me at the Tacoma store and nothing is being done about it and I still got to make my payment today and they charge me for that Tow and I paid almost $900 to get my car out and that was very wrong for CarHop to do that to me when I already got one car from them in this is second car and I get treated like that now I got to change front wheel bearing pay $20 back but it’s nobody’s concern because right now is not hard times it’s not even covid-19 s to them they don’t care so we still got to pay and customer still get treated like crap that’s BS I wish to see you will call me personally cuz I’m very upset I don’t want to make my payment but I have to I know and I will but until something is done that’s not right I should never been treated like that and lied to

  • Dwigg says:

    I think that your manager in Sioux City Iowa is liar and is very rude and don’t give a fuck about the customer only the money from selling people fucking lame ass cars and Eric the sales guy is also a liar

    • James says:

      Agreed rename company …..

      Shitty car flop

      Shitty Cars Are Always in Shop Hop
      shitty call center reps

      I call my local store it conects me to Iowa and I get the runaround and hes not a very motivated person either. I tell them what’s up and its o well maybe you need to…… it’s taking me every dam bit of Self control not to go verbal and yell. Honestly I’d drive to Iowa and kick the shit out of the phone service guy but the car I got is in shop 24/7
      I’m a dam delivery driver and I cant work either of my jobs cause of your shit pile you sold me.
      So glad you all give a fuck about your customers. Shitty ass company. I’ll be sure to post on every media site about you all. about you all as well.
      I mean seriously no one here gives a fuck about us after we buy the car. Not like when we were looking. This is gotta be the worst company global
      Have a good day.

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