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Captain D's
  • Address: 624 Grassmere Park Drive, Suite 30, Nashville, TN 37211, United States
  • Phone Number: 615-391-5461
  • Fax Number: 615-231-2309
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees:  6500
  • Established: 1969
  • Founder:  Raymond L. Danner, Sr.
  • Key People: Phil Greifeld (President & CEO)

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About Captain D's, History and Headquarters Information

Captain D's is an American chain of fast casual seafood restaurants. Its speciality is seafood and fish and chips. It owns, manages and franchises around 539 restaurants in 25 states across the globe including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. These restaurants provide a reasonable seafood menu in which people can choose from freshly prepared entrees, and the company’s signature fried fish that is freshly hand-battered and ensures freshness.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Captain D’s opened their first restaurant in Donelson, Tennessee, in 1969. Formerly called Mr. D's Seafood and Hamburgers, Captain D's was renamed to Captain D's Seafood in 1974 and since then, it has focussed on its classic fish and chips, shrimp and side dishes. During the 1980s and 1990s, they worked on company's logo. Throughout the 1970s, the company grew rapidly and added special programs like the Kids’ Birthday Club and children's comic books. 

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  • Joe nelson says:

    Why is captain d’s inside diner closed in jasper alabama? Most fast food restraunts in jasper are open to dine inside. We used to frequent captain d’s but now will not go back till the inside dinning opens.

  • Julie says:

    Captain Ds in Huntsville ,al (Airport Rd) not sure whats going on there. I have had 3 accuracy when I have order around 7-730pm. I have been told “computers are down” Also “we are no longer taking orders”. Last night when I arrived to place my order 2 other cars were behind me. Told me again, “We are no longer taking order for the night” the cars behind me were also turned away.
    My question to you at corp office is, do you close your restaurant 30mins before advertise your actual list time? I have always enjoyed you menu items, that is why I continue to give another try. Last night however was the last time I could go to this restaurant.

  • Sania Sinkfield says:

    I’m so disappointed with the Captain D’s here in Huntsville, Al on North memorial parkway serving me and my family fish that had brown specs over it not sure what it was didn’t look great at all. I definitely returned it and also took pictures of it..

  • Gary Sellers says:

    Stopped at Location in Tallahassee Fl Store 3834
    Lady said I had to have a mask so no problem got mask on. She was rude when she took the order plus I look in back at cooks and neither one of them had a mask on. So if you gonna enforce mask make sure employees enforce them also.

  • Elizabeth Hampton says:

    Just soggy and soaked in grease like it has been SITTING there for hrs.

  • Tonya says:

    My husband and I was coming back through Augusta ga., on July 9, 2020 and decided to stop at Captain D’s #3799 located at 3029 washington rd., augusta, ga. We ordered the 4 PC fish, 2pc chicken and fried green Tom. As we were eating going down the road, I started spitting out my food, cause as I looked down to where I had broken up my hush puppies on my plate I seen 4 maggots. My husband and I are extremely sick from this experience. I would tell everyone never to go here again. This is highly unacceptable and from what we have been told, we could end up with severe food poisoning or even hospitalized. This will be put on the internet each and every day until something is done about it. I would advise a return email asap.

  • Joshua Reed says:

    This restaurant for years has always been hit or miss in food quality and customer relations. I had a TERRIBLE experience at the lexington, kentucky store at 167 East Reynolds Road. I was trying to enunciate at the speaker so the associate could hear me better. After which, the associate was rude for the entire rest of the transaction rushing me along and being very snippy and short while I was trying to decide what to order. Defensive for no reason! And she messed up the order. When I went inside to fix the order and tell her she was rude on the speaker, the manager exploded on ME! Defending the rude associate, saying she is a female and you’re a male. Like disrespect has a gender preference. The manager said she couldn’t hear you! Being totally dismissive to my concerns, saying she wasn’t being rude to me because they were both on the headset and the manager didn’t hear anything wrong! The manger was irrational and making irrelevant excuses! Exacerbating the situation. They were standing there acting surprised that I was complaining about the associates rudeness in the drive thru. Like it was a foreign concept! Her tone and attitude were VERY unprofessional as if the customer were bothering or inconveniencing her! This company needs to do a much better job vetting who they decide to EMPLOY AT ALL LEVELS. Every store has a manager that seems like an ex convict and associates that are just pulled in from anywhere desperate for a job. Not caring at all about the customers experience or money! This pattern overtime has really diminished the brand. Very sad. I will be talking to corporate and ensuring that the manager and associate are fired!

  • Brittany snyder says:

    I am from Ohio and I now live in Texas. I have not seen a captain Ds in 7 years so I was excited and wanted to eat there. Well I didn’t get the chance. When we pulled up to the drive thru which was empty I was told to “hold on a min” so I waited like 10 mins and said hello again, the girl working the drive thru jumped back on and said “ I told y’all to wait a min I’m fu**ing doing something” at that point i drove away… disappointed

  • Use to be customer says:

    For buisness’ s suposedly trying to get back up because of this pandemic captians D’s aint trying to hard the one on hwy80 in jackson ms.that is.Everytime i go to that store theres a problem. Either the foods old and cold or tge employees are.If you dont want to work thete or you find its a problem then find somewhere else to work because the employees there surely doesnt need to work with the public.They are rude.When the restuarant closes at 10 you best be there at 9 if you want something because by 9:30 CLOSED! And you aint getting nothing not even an explanation .There needs to be something done about this store if it is to represent the rest of their stores.I spoke with the mgr and he isnt any better than they are.

  • Gene&wife says:

    Hi,my name is Gene,I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience my wife and I had at your Captain D’s Restraunt on 103rd st. in Jacksonville,Florida.Melissa was very kind and knew the menu well,the food we received was hot and delicious and it was all done so perfectly.My wife and I will continue to enjoy the great seafood at Captain D’s for a long time to come.Thank you for a job well done,My wife and I will tell everyone about the delicious seafood and how kind and friendly you guys are.Thank’s again.

  • Lavern says:

    I had a horrible experience at the one in Bristol TN! The Manager was exceptionally rude to me! She told me the total at the window and I was telling her I needed a few more tartar sauce and she shut the window in my face! I told her that was very rude and she began yelling at me that she couldn’t hear the drive thru over me I felt as though I was not important to her! We have not been out in a long time and for her to be so rude! Then she made us drive and park as other cars was just going through with no problem! She was a manager and I have her name! When the food was finally brought to us the girl just laughed as though it was funny! I’m a manager myself and I can say they would be serious consequences for her actions!

  • Cynthia Bordeaux-Blake says:

    We were at Catain D’s at 6550 Normandy Blvd. We were placing some orders and the cashier at the Drive Thur was very rude. We asked her about the $4.99 special they use to offer. She raised her voice like we were bothering her. We had 3 orders but we get mad and left. When you’re spending your money at a bussiness we expect Respect and courtesy. That was our first time using that Captain D’s and the last one. If she didn’t feel like working she should have stayed home.

    • Joshua Reed says:

      Exactly Cynthia! I had the same experience at the Reynolds Road location in lexington, ky. Very rude associate. And they messed up my order. Went inside to let the manager know about the rudeness and she DEFENDED the associate, saying she couldn’t hear you on the speaker! It was awful. Reading these complaints I didn’t realize this was an issue all of the us with this company and who they hire. You said it! When you’re spending money you expect and kind courteous experience. Not someone to act like you’re wasting their time.

  • James Fuller says:

    I ordered 4 fish sandwiches coming up to a total of 17.20 got home and I only had 2 sandwiches I called the restaurant no one answered I called back someone picked up the phone and hung up immediately I called serval time’s back they had the phone off the hook. I immediately called corporate office and filed a complaint against the restaurant requesting a full refund. I will call my bank immediately request them to refund my money. Will never go to Captain Ds again.

  • Pissed off says:

    This is for the Captain D’s in greenwood SC. My husband and I went through the drive through and what we ordered was fine for the first time. We wanted something else so we went back through the drive thru. We ordered some shrimp and when we checked our order it looked like someone just gave us crumbs out of the bottom of the fry basket. So had to go through the drive thru again to get our order right. We were already pissed. Then we get home and my fish was raw and my daughter’s chicken was like eating a brick!!!!!!! I will NEVER be back to this place!!!! It sucks and u don’t get what u pay for!!!!!!!

  • Brandi Dye says:

    My husband and I placed a online order at the Shelbyville location. The app said our food would be ready at 6:03. We arrive and we are asked to pull up, our food wasn’t ready. This was 6:10. Then a worker came out to assure us it would be ten more minutes. My husband explained what the app said and asked for his money back, the employee was talking to him in a rude manner as the two of them go in to speak to the Manager. The manager then tells him she can’t give him the money back because it was a online order. Needless to say we left without the food or the money. We have issues at this location a lot. As a restaurant manager, my opinion is to hire a decent manager. We will not be back.

  • Stephen Brown says:

    I bought a gift card for my mother on 02/22/20. She went to use it today 04/02/20 and they tell her there is only 37 cent on card. What kind of rip off is this. Straight steeling money from people.

  • cindy gaines says:

    i went to the store on the west side of Frankfort,Ky today and after repeating my order twice the guy gave me a total and i told him i knew it wasn’t right so i repeated my order for the 3rd time and was told by the guy i needed to shut my mouth and i left the store and drove across town to the other store to get my food, when i got home i called the other store to talk to the manager and was called and nasty name and was told to shut my mouth again because it was the same guy and i told him i was calling corporate and he said fuck you bitch, i hope you dont allow this kind of behavior at all your stores, we will no longer use that store, he should be fired !!!

  • Lynn says:

    I visited captain D’s today, store # 3595 ( riverdale ga).. FYI, the fish and shrimp is nothing like advertised ( horrible) dry we couldn’t even eat it, Granted happy it was open, especially due to the current events.. I’m at the drive Thur window, and I noticed they were taking orders inside as well, same person ( the manager) assisting me, rung the walk in customer too, took his money, then grab my food, I asked her with all that’s going on, shouldn’t you sanitize between customers.. you’re handling money and go straight to food.. her response was “ have a good day “ we will never go there again and I’m letting everyone know what happened..

  • Elois Lockhart says:

    Good evening I frequent captains D’s in Fayetteville,Ga I had been In line since 8:20 waiting to place an order by The Time I arrive at the ordering line,One of of your employees came on and says hello we are closed,some one should have least came out prior to that and put up a sign or something It took me until 9:00 To reach window and Then I was given wrong number for corporate and there were at least four cars behind me ,That’s not professional at all.I would like to speak with corporate to file a formal complaint

  • Betty Posey says:

    I just went to Captain D’s Drive thru. I ordered the family value pack. When I gig home and fixed my plate, the Cole slaw Was disgusting. Now I eat at Captain D’s all the time. My entire family does. I love this cole slaw but this was disgusting. No one could eat it. It was probably old and all broken down. Just done kind of mayo or dressing and hardly and cole slaw mix. I could throw up thinking about it. Im sure it probably was contaminated.
    Just horrible.

  • Paul Barrett says:

    I like to turn in a employee that was rude and did not want to serve me correctly so I had to turn my food back in and ask for a refundAnd I’ve been doing business with Captain D’s over 10 years

  • Dana Kiser says:

    I am sitting in a Captain D’s in Richmond va on Laburnum road and Williamsburg rd . All of the staff is arguing and the manager,Mark, didnt want to hear from mr that this is the second time I’ve been in here and EVERYONE is arguing. Customers do not want to hear this. All Mark wanted to do was take my order and not even did he say he was sorry.
    I have been in here with my husband many times and it’s usually very nice. This is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!
    4800 Williamsburg Rd
    Richmond, Va. 23231

  • Corey Bates says:

    On the evening of Feb 21, approx. 630pm, my wife and I were at your restaurant in Alton, IL and witnessed the worst handling of a customer complaint I have ever seen. The manager was an African American woman with close cropped hair. The customer was in line ahead of us and, from what I could hear, got home with her order and the food was cold. She claimed that she had waited for 15 minutes, while her food sat on the counter before being checked out. I knew the manager was upset, just from her body language, but when the customer got to the counter, it was immediate chaos. The manager did nothing to calm the customer down, was very disparaging and condescending and only escalated the conflict. Finally the manager asked, “well what do you want me to do about it?” and the customer asked that the food order be replaced. The manager then wanted to see all the “cold food” and the customer stated that no one had told her to bring it. The manager then verbally jumped on the customer with further insults, telling her there was nothing she could do about it without the food. At this point my wife (and others around us) were getting very uncomfortable. My wife asked if we could go somewhere else and we left. Others left as well. It will be a long time (if ever) before we will go back to that location. Something happened that upset a customer and instead of trying to repair the problem to restore the relationship, the manager intentionally only made it worse. Was the food cost of replacing her meal worth losing at least 3 customers? Just think you should be aware. Thank you.

    • Joshua Reed says:

      I agree Corey! The people captain ds places in management are NOT management material at any location! They act like ex convicts! Always very defensive (which is misplaced and strange) never worried about respectfully resolving an issue. Really hurts the restuarant image to have this happen almost everywhere.

  • Mrs. Christia says:

    Our Captain D’s in Greenwood SC (#3814) is freezing cold inside, day and night, summer and winter. This evening I ordered Catfish and Shrimp. We went to a table and I sat down after I wiped the food off the seat. Our food wad delivered to the table. The Catfish was very very small. Corn on the cob had no skewer to hold the corn. Lights above the tables were off. My husband asked if the lights could be turned on and the young man mumbled something about the lights being blown. All the lights above all the tables were not on. He asked a young lady about something to hold the corn but before he could complete his request the young lady turned and walked away. She returned a few moments later with sour cream and a couple packs of something we didn’t ask for. Close it or fix it!

  • Bev says:

    I am at my wits end. I have a daughter that works at a franchise store in Winchester kentucky. The hours shes worked there and of the employees are being removed by there general manager Gary Johnson to make himself look good to his bosses. We have contacted the owners to no response its like none of you care that money is being taken off there checks for no reason. a couple hours here and there for employees does matter. Then the man is charging them for food that they never eat. and thats adding up to another 10 or so dollars a week for her. The general manager is having sexual relations with a cashier and giving her priority with hours over all other employees. It a disgrace. None of you people seem to care. We have contacted Jarka the franchise owner who has done absolutely nothing because Gary is her son in law. She is allowing him to say and do whatever he wants and run that place and its people into the ground. I want to make it clear we have contacted the Kentucky Labor Board. We plan on contacting as many people as we have to until something is done. Until some kind of investigation is opened and they get the money thats being taken from there checks so that this man can look good to his boss. My daughter is 16 by the way just so we are perfectly clear. Stil this Jarka lady doesnt seem to care or understand the issue here. She is protecting this man because he is family. I need to be contacted as soon as possible.

  • Donnie Kay Crocker says:

    I went to Captain D’s in Tifton,ga today,I got some food and when I got home with it,it had Roaches and Maggots in it. I took it back to them and show the lady and I told her I wanted my money back and I won’t be back anymore. Ya’ll need to have some one to check them out.

  • Kitty says:

    Your advertising is on TV here in Boise, ID, too. Do you plan to open one in this area?

  • charlotte stonaker says:

    Do you have a captain Ds in seattle your advertising on tv in and I would like to go and eat their.

  • dan toney says:

    we want a captain D,s in Satsuma fl lots of space building new hwy 17 4 lane we have to drive 60 miles to one as it is now from 32189 zip

  • Nichelle Thompson says:

    Hi I am writing this note because I recently talk with an operator about a food problem ! This incident occurred almost a month ago. This is the second incident that had me concerned with the restaurant in Memphis. I expressed my concerns about this incident and to no avail have I received a call or an email from any one at this company! I think this is a horrible way to treat a customer!

  • gary peyton says:

    My wife and I stopped at your Mt.sterling Ky. store. Just wanted to say how great the food was and sure wish a captain ds would open in Morehead Ky. Thanks again.

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