Capital One Headquarters


Capital One Headquarters Executive Team

Richard D. Fairbank

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Born: ​18 September 1950 (age 67)

MBA: Stanford University

Bachelor's Degree: Stanford University

michael slocum

President, Commercial Banking

Age: 60 years

BA: Colgate University

Darren Alcus

head of the Corporate Banking group

Age: 54 years

MBA: Duke University

Bachelor's Degree: Dartmouth College

John Crosby

Head of Capital One Underwriting and Portfolio Management

Richard Lyon

Executive Vice President, Head of Commercial Real Estate

Nick Robinson

Senior Vice President, Business Chief Risk Officer

Konrad Schwarz

Executive Vice President, Head of Strategic Commercial Services

Contact Information of Capital One

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  • mark johnson says:

    I need help can someone call me please mark 19499296212

  • ERIC LAPORTA says:

    I have capital one credit card for about fifteen years.On march 22 2019 I called the office to tell them about my health issues.They helped for a interest charge that month.However since then I have written the CEO Mr. Fairbank two letters regarding ,again my health issues.I have had two heart attacks(mitral valve issues),along with kidney problems.
    Bottom line is that ALL of corporate officials are so busy,and you are just another number that they can not or will not help you.
    I just got off phone with a representative (whose name I have) trying to tell him that my min. payment was 85.00,and I sent 125.00,then I get hit with a charge of 60.00 for interest.I explained that I want to pay,live on social security,with no assets at all,but the charges keep me from getting balance down.
    I also said that I can just say the heck with you guys,not pay at all andwhat can happen?
    I hope you have it on tape of his answer.
    Mr.Fairbank no one in the world plans on becoming unable,but these were the cards that I was delt,and I will play them to the best of my ability.
    Really would appreciate a call,from you or your associate on what I can do.
    i really hope not just another number.


  • Michael De Martino says:

    Capital One Bank, My mother has passed away 14 years ago, I still am getting Capital One Spark Business offers for my Corporation account in her name. I have called every time I get one of these offers in attempts to STOP these solicitations. It appears NOTHING CAN BE DONE to STOP these offers. So I have begun to cancel my accounts. I honestly believe even this will not stop these offers from coming. I have requested these offers to be stopped so many times and spoken to so many people at Capital One Bank, all without any success. My next step is close our my business account and change banks. The call centers are off shore and of the many people I have spoken to, do not even speak English to the point of clearly understanding them, this too infuriates this 14 year ongoing situation.

  • Gary says:

    I do hope someone reads this so when you are served you will not be surprised, recently we were offered a capital one QS card and we accepted. It seems now that our payments are held for 7 days, I am trying to understand how a multi hundred billion dollar company can legally force a client to ‘float” them money. Understand the funds that are used to pay are frozen in our checking account as soon as we make the online payment, then we have no access to them for 7 days however they go to you the following day ergo, I am floating a multi hundred billion dollar company. The good news is that you cannot force this and I have consulted with a person who has substantial knowledge on the matter. In the next few days,I will be fedexing a package to the office of the CEO that will contain the details as well as the next steps we plan on taking, given that I am certain this is not a single instance you can probably imagine the next steps.

  • randy says:

    I am sicken by the lack of customer service you have, Every time it is over seas and they are assholes.

  • Oleg Pilipovski says:

    Very poor customer service,i would like to speak to any available Vice President of your company

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