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Have you ever thought how did people manage before credit cards were launched? In earlier times, people used their cheque books or paid cash to make payments. Credit cards were not a part of their day-to-day life. Capital One services issued their first credit card in the year 1996. Today, they have become one of the United Kingdom’s top ten credit card providers.

Capital One team offers considerable customer support services to their customers who invest in their cards through their mail and phone.

Capital One Headquarter Address – You can use the below-mentioned address for sending a courier to them.

1680 Capital One Dr,

McLean, VA 22102,

United States

Phone Number –   +1 703-448-3747

Email webinfo@capitalone.com

Website – You can visit their official website for any more information related to Capital One. Customers and investors can use this official website. https://www.capitalone.com/

Capital One Headquarters Info & Photos

The headquarters of Capital One is located in McLean, Virginia. Apart from the HQ in Virginia, they have 134 office locations which are spread across 6 countries.

The campus of Capital One is spread over 24-acres. Capital One inaugurated a new headquarters just next to its previous one. Employees can easily commute to headquarters by Metro, The McLean Metro station is less than half a mile away.

Capital One employees cannot be much happier. They have been lucky to enjoy amenities like a huge cafeteria, lounge room facilities, gymming, and basketball games.

Capital One Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1680 Capital One Dr McLean (HQ), VA


United States

802 Delaware Ave Wilmington, DE



161 Bay St Toronto


United Kingdom

1 Old Street Yard, Old Street London


United Kingdom

Trent House, Station St Nottingham

Capital One Headquarters Executive Team

Richard Fairbank

Founder, Chairman, CEO

Richard Fairbank became the CEO of Capital One on July 27, 1994. He found the company along with Nigel Morris. Under his leadership, Capital One accomplished the goal of becoming one of the 10 largest banks in America. He has received several recognition awards like the Washingtonian’s Business Leader of the Year, Gartner Group’s Excellence in Technology, and Credit Card Management’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Neal Blinde

Neal Blinde

President, Commercial Banking

Darren Alcus

Darren Alcus

EVP, Head of Corporate Banking


Name Title
John Crosby Senior Vice President Head of Underwriting and Portfolio Management
Dora Gougoufkas Managing Vice President Head of Commercial Transformation Office and Chief of Staff to the Commercial Banking President
Jamie Henderson Executive Vice President Head of Commercial Real Estate
Corey Lee Senior Vice President Chief Operating Officer
Braden More Senior Vice President Head of Treasury Management
Andy Ramamoorthy Senior Vice President Commercial Bank Chief Product Officer
Nick Robinson Senior Vice President Head of Commercial Risk
Steven Tulip Senior Vice President Head of Capital Markets

About Capital One


Signet Financial Corp spun off Oakstone Financial its credit card business in the year 1994. The new company came to be known as Capital One. The company was headed by Richard Fairbank and Morris Nigel. The diversification of Capital One took place into retail banking in the late 1900s and early 2000s. They became one of the pioneers to use data analytics in their favor. Based on their knowledge and customer database, they built a customer profile for their credit card business. The first influential acquisition came to the bank in 2005 as Hibernia National Bank. After that, they also obtained North Fork Bank and Chevy Chase to establish their New York and Washington DC metropolitan area services. ING Direct was also acquired by Capital One as one of their last huge acquisitions. This new addition helped them in boosting their online banking services. At the time of the subprime financial crisis in the year 2008, Capital One had gained $3.56 billion in investments from the US Treasury courtesy. There were huge losses incurred by the company’s investors, which forced the company to shut down its mortgage division. The company had to pay back $3.67 billion so that it could repurchase the company stock from the US Treasury.


Capital One Services, provide monetary assistance to customers like credit cards, checking and savings accounts, automobile allowances, rewards, and online banking assistance.

The company offers credit cards in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. As of the year 2016, they had 62.5 million existing cardholder accounts.

Capital One 360 is a direct bank operated by Capital One. It provides regular banking services such as checking accounts, money market accounts, and savings accounts.

The Capital One commercial banking division offers an array of services to its customers like commercial lending, depository services, capital markets, treasury and wealth management, and private banking services.


  • Capital One was rebranded a few years ago. They got a new name and also many other valuable features that helped millions of customers to track their credit records.
  • People who do not have a Capital One credit card can also check their TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 with the new technologies implemented by the company.
  • Capital One is one of the largest credit card issuers in America. They are known to offer a few of the best programs for people with good-to-excellent credit score.
  • The credit score tools and services of Capital One provide updates once a week to their customers to provide them information on their credit status.

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  • Alexander Morales says:

    I would have to say after my experience with capital one I would never recommend opening any accounts with Capital One I was bullied, degraded, and racially profiled by capital one employers and because I didn’t want to take anymore embarrassment and bullying and being just down right degraded they closed all of my account saving checking credit cards and my business account even my credit monitoring service with my money still in them and refuse to give me any answers or my own money as a result of this issue I had to redig up my mother after putting her to rest because I couldn’t afford/ capital one refuses to let me have access to my own money I later then had to take a loan out with another company to lay my mother to rest. Even today I have no answers when I call customer care I get told that Capital One has ended my banking relationship with me and get rudely hung up on or yelled at or being accused/ blamed and received letters in the mail stating that I closed my own accounts I then had to start video recording every conversation because I know Ed supervisor ending ID number 259 close my accounts on purpose laughed at me and then rudely hung up on me because I was crying. And begging capital one to unlock my accounts I’ve been trying to look for answers even still to this day I have never received a dime back from Capital One of my own money that I deposit into these accounts my credit card was closed I’ve never seen a penny back from that deposits are still going into these accounts because they were not released them or close my accounts permanently but yet have restrictions I’m not even able to access my app or online access I’ve tried asking for help try asking for somebody to please help me please and still to this day I have gotten nowhere I find this very unfair and unjustified and a very very cruel way to treat a customer especially because I’ve always heard good things about Capital One and I wanted to start a business banking relationship but I quickly found out that they profiled me racially bullied me degraded me until I couldn’t take it anymore and I gave up and nobody’s willing to take 5 minutes out of their time to help me I will never understand this and I hope this never happens to anybody else ever

  • carmen colon says:

    accounts all closed suddenly after replying to a survey about an incident i had with my account it was not their favor so they must not have like it and punished me by closing my accounts. Then they tell me on the phone “to protect the integrity of the bank we are not allowed to tell you why we decided to end your banking relationship”integrity?that’s hilarious capital one doesnt have any.

  • Carl says:

    Been trying to get beneficiaries designated on new CD’s since mid-August. Have been given four different excuses as to why one of them was not done even though the proper paperwork was sent in the same envelop for the two of them. The person that processed these should be fired. This will probably not be read and nothing done!

  • Heather Zenk says:

    My husband and I were visiting your CapitalOne Cafe in the Mall of America yesterday afternoon. We weren’t in the store 30 seconds when the mall went into lockdown due to an active shooter. The employees at the cafe were AMAZING. They were pulling people into the store from the mall, pulled us all into a vault like employee lunch room and kept us all safe, informed and as comfortable and calm as possible. This was a very scary situation. Your corporate security was also involved in keeping us safe. We were watching law enforcement tactically clear areas of the mall we had all been in just minutes before on videos on our phones. Many of us were separated from our families who were in other parts of the mall.

    Please convey to your team at the MOA that I have opened my first Capital One card this morning because of their actions yesterday. I cannot thank all of them enough for bringing in chairs, getting us drinks, snacks, phone chargers, information and just being amazing people.

  • George says:

    I have never seen a company hide from its customers as you guys do. As a long-time customer, it is impossible for me to contact the department I need to speak with. Your phone prompt system is pathetic. My only recourse now seems to be to cancel my accounts with you. You clowns are dumber than a box of rocks.

  • Rod says:

    Always drop off the payment at the company’s P.O. Box in Carol Stream, IL. We know they received the full balance payment as they have for the last 22 years. However after I had a conflict with one of their Managers a few weeks ago, my payment has mysteriously disappeared and had not been applied despite the fact that the mail goes directly from the P.O Boxat the Carol Stream IL Breakout Center directly to the Capitalone payment processing center. So you tell me what happened??? Customer service doesn’t even know what a payment processing center its. Poor training.

  • Sherry says:

    Paid off credit card before due date and jerks still charging me interest. On what? They wont wave it so for 27.50 these assholes just lost a customer and i will advise everyone.

  • tamanna says:

    i wanted to dispute a charge and i called back because i was told that i could reopen the case since i did have the correct documents provided. the case was closed because i sent the document in late but this was for a charge in Feb. and i did the dispute for march. today i called and the lady says since its been more than 6 months i can not do anything. i told her maybe your looking at an old dispute which i was told the same but she tells me its been 6 months and the person who last spoke to me wrote a note down saying that its been 6 months and etc. i have an email from the merchant saying they will refund me my full amount but i didnt get that refund so i called capital one about it and this is what they had to say to me when clearly i didnt get any refund and ive been trying to dispute this charge.

  • TAMANNA says:


  • Ta says:

    Most horrifying experience in my life, yes I got and activated the new Venture X card within 24 hours, shortly before my trip from NY to Prague on 8 May to undertake an emergency medical treatment there, the card was rejected in many places in Prague. Today I got an automatic message that the card was charged for almost 400 dollars,!!!!, the invalid card, permanently in my possession!!!!. Tried to reach somebody via provided telephone numbers for hours without any results. So, I must use cash to pay thousands dollars in expenditures in Prague as I left my primary Chase card in NY.
    I am ready to get the full explanation regarding card …4612, beyond all totally unhelpful info on the company site. Upon advice of my lawyer, I will use this email for any legal action against
    the company, including addressing a possible inside company fraud, with all supporting solid evidence in my hands.

  • Bill Brakemeyer says:

    I applied for and received a Venture card February 2022. l used it twice before it was restricted without any notice.
    l called and was told l needed to complete my application by submitting several documents through the online link.
    l submitted those documents three separate times but my documents were lost/misplaced.
    l reported the card was compromised for fraudulent purchases.
    The card was replaced and the fraudulent charges were reversed.
    Again the card was restricted with no notice.
    l called and was told additional documents were needed.
    l noticed several fraudulent purchases on my new card and reported them.
    I submitted documents using the link provided, but the restriction remained.
    l sent fax transmissions of hard copies for all my documents.
    As of May 18, 2022:
    l have NOT been able yo use the card, have made payments promptly, but

  • Jennifer Dillon says:

    My name is Jennifer and I have my account that has my money held in it restricted from me in available balance of over 200$ for over 5 months now capital one will not return my call nor will they give me my money the account is just in limbo I can’t get any help from anyone on how to resolve this matter my next move is to consult in a lawyer if anyone reads this and can help my name is Jennifer Dillon of Altha Florida my account is still open l am looking for an answer to this problem

  • Rod says:

    I made a $55.00 purchase in Jan-2022 from a retailer. The retailer only sent me 16 of the 24 items I ordered and even said they did on their invoice. The retailer even put in writing on their document I was to receive a credit for the balance of the items not received. When that did not happen I filed a dispute with Capitalone. Capitalone asked for more information so I sent them pictures, and documents of eveything including emails where the retailer refused to discuss the items or the credit. Capitalone refused my dispute despite all of the documentation. I was told I had to get a Second Opinion. They would never say from who. Second opinion from who??? For a $55.00 dollar purchase?? What person or enterpirse would take on the liability of saying another company failed at their responsibility. For what price? Capitalone has failed to protect me from vendors like this one that the BBB rates as F with thousands of complaints like mine. Lets do the math together. Purchase 24 items for $55.00. Only receive 16 itmes. That comes out to a credit @ 2.29 ea for 8 items or $18.32. Company promised to give credit and never did. Capitalone says to Bad even though you’ve been a customer for 20 years and historically spent over $50,000.00 on the card(s) annually. Their loss.

  • Barbara Conte says:

    I have read “all” of these comments. I can identify with ever one of them !!! C.O. surely must/needs to be sued, in order to take down this company/C.O.
    There is only one way to do it !! We all need to, attorney up and each of us need to do this, in a court of laws and rights !!
    On Wednesday, April 27, 2022 I called to have my C.O. account “closed”, to sent me a full statement/balance, I owed, in order to pay them/C.O. in full .
    I,ve not yet recd. by mail that finally statement I requested .
    My next movement(s) having all I’ve gone thru with, C.O., Myself AND my attorney, “WILL” see them/ Capital One, in court, ASP !!!

  • Mel says:

    I have a credit one card and they they don’t care about their customers their Rich guys they do not care about the little people they’re sitting on top of their big mansions with all their sports cars and all they care about is themselves and their family they can care less about the people that are getting approved for their credit cards and helping them out it’s about money money money money money to them I’ve had a credit card with them and when people have financial hardship they don’t care all they care about is his getting the money and when somebody tells you they don’t have a job and they’re unable to pay the credit card then you should really want to help them out all you care about is when you going to pay it and then if you don’t pay then you would have put them in collection and not care that they are human person but all you care about as long as you get your money and then you ruin their credit you don’t care like this is really awful like I hate Capital One and I’m trying to do my best and I had very good intentions from day one things happened to really good people but you guys don’t care about helping somebody out or having that program up to say okay we have this available we can help you with payments on your card until you get back on your feet but no you guys don’t all you care about is making sure the higher is up get their money and if you don’t do what you do then we’ll cancel your card you’re not getting anything and we’re going to ruin your credit you just don’t care at all heartless people and that’s what the problem is

  • Berta g says:

    Crooks someone added a checking account to my mobile app and they said I put it there and they won’t unlock my card capital one are crooks

  • Dorothy Bennett says:

    It is really sad when a customer who has a credit score over 800, pays bills as they come due, are not in debt to a mortgage company or car dealership, or paying interest on purchases every month, is the one who gets denied a credit increase. Plus, they pass the company requirements for said increase.

    Apparently, a credit card customer who is in debt to a mortgage company, constantly paying interest rates on top of monthly expenses or who may be sent to the collection department for failure to pay, seems to be the outstanding requirements for Capital One credit card increase.

    It also seems that Seniors, especially women who are now single and rely on their own income are being discriminated against by the company. Very disappointed with Capital One. I expected much better treatment.

    This is the card I want to use for Travel. So much for “what’s in your wallet” when you want to travel.

  • Ronna Katz says:

    As a long time customer of Capital One I wish to express by gratitude about an employee at the branch located at 4505 Bell Blvd., Bayside, NY 11361. I visited the branch today and was immediately greeted by Deanne Matsoukas, Branch Ambassador. I wanted to withdraw a large sum and receive a bank check. However, when Deanne explained that there would be a $10 fee for the transaction I was shocked and disappointed. I am a retired bank manager, although Deanne did not know me or that I worked for a bank. However, she took the time to go above and beyond her expected duties by explaining how I can transfer money from one institution to another and avoid the fee. She even wrote it all out for me and offered to help me set up the external bank information. Many of the comments and reviews below are negative, describing unpleasant experiences. I know, from experience that it’s just as important to reward an employee for a job well done as it is to complain when you receive unsatisfactory service. That is why I am reaching out to acknowledge an exceptional employee at your Bayside, NY location.

  • Rachana says:

    I have been a long time, and loyal customer!! About 3 years ago I added an Authorized user to my account. When I did and got the individual their card I added a picture that they wanted.

    Well eventually I convinced the individual to finally get their own venture card. Which she did!!! Yay!!

    Three weeks ago my card was compromised so I hard to part ways with my original account number because of the fraud that occurred 🙁

    When my new card was issued and I received it, it was a plastic card with a photo from the other account user that I had gotten years ago.

    My original card was the METAL VENTURE CARD! Not a plastic card!! In the pst I have made so many people get the Venture card just by showing them my original metal venture card. And now I’m being told that I can’t get my metal card back!!! Why???

    If that’s the case then I would like to close my account!!! I’m not sure as to why my simple request to get my original metal card back after being hacked and having crap charged on my account is so hard!!!

    Some of the representatives have tried to help and others just don’t know how to answer and others just flat out lie!!!!

    If I’m not able to get my ORIGINAL METAL VENTURE CARD back then please just close my account. I will go with another creditor! Look at my account and see how much I SPEND!!!!! And how much I PAY!!!! Just send me my damn metal Venture card and fix my damn account to where it will send me the same card if something happens like getting hacked again!!!

  • Jeffery Welborn says:

    I want to speak to a corperate offical. And no one wants to hear a complaint. Caught 2 individuals back tracking and lying. There customer service is horrible,

  • Elizabeth Grant says:

    Very unhelpful I am a victim of hacking and they restricted my credit cards and will not help me. Instead they have just passed the buck to a bunch of different departments that say they can help me but they can’t. Then I was told I was supposed to get a phone call from them Capital One that is and I never received it to try and resolve the situation I have been a customer of Capital One for probably 10 years at least and I have been treated horrible. I would never refer a friend or family member to Capital One.

  • Mr.Isaac Williams Jr.and Mrs.Trina D Williams says:

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  • J. Simon says:

    I’ve been unable to access my accounts online for approximately 30 days. The message I receive is “LETS GET THIS WORKED OUT” You may not see all your account features right now, but we’re working on it. Try again in a bit, or give us a call at (877) 383-4802.
    The issue is [as I’m told by Capital One] the name on my checking account and the name on my credit card accounts do not match exactly to the letter. I sent all the required documents [W-9 form, photo copies of drivers license and gov’t ID] as requested by Capital One and still I can’t access my accounts online.
    All is occurred when I received my new Venture X card approximately 45 days ago. When I received it, I was able to log into my account online and activate my cards. Also, prior to the arrival of my new Venture X card, I was able to access my accounts online without any problems…even with the names on the accounts as they were. Now, all of a sudden, no more access. I’ve spoke with many customer reps, supervisors. tech support, etc., and NO ONE is able to solve this issue. Totally frustrating to the point of considering leaving Capital One for American Express Platinum card.

  • Bonita Lau says:

    Another very dissatisfied customer. Does anyone read these comments? I’m a 78 year old on a fixed income. I do not own a cell phone or smart phone, mostly for financial reasons. Started my account in 2004 with ING and have done everything online myself except for the IRA transactions which must be done by phone with your IRA dept. Today I tried to add a new external account and could not go forward with doing this until my identity was verified by you texting me a 6 digit security access code. I have worked with these access codes doing business with at least six other banks/financial companies. You are the only company who has only one way to send out the temp access code. Other companies can contact me by phone on my land line or will send that security code by Email. You need to add other options to your verification process. If you will not consider adding other options to your verification I consider that discriminating against senior citizens. There are plenty of us who either do not want to spend the money on cell phones or don’t want to deal with new technology. Thank you for your time, I think.

  • Tamara says:

    I had thevworst experience and the worst customer service at Capital One. And they just plain lie about so called fraud protection. A contractor stole my credit card and spent 100s of dollars in restaurants and bars and gas stations and home materials for hIs own freakin home apparently as well as stealing many tools. I cant prove anything because there were other workers at my home that might have stolen my card and belongings, but I thought at least i had fraud protection from Capital One, a card i have held for decades, with no claims of fraud befor and ver few rewards! But No. I recieved no help or protection whatsoever frim Capital One. I called as soon as i realizedh the card was missing and being used by someone else.. i didnt have all the info, but i said i would try to find out when exactly my card was taken and what charged i could account for. But they never spoke to me again. They simply denied the entire claim, without any investigation into it whatsoever!!!!
    Unbelievable. The guy on the phone was like mute, just waiting for me to stop talking and crying, then like dead silence, until i said… Hello? Are you there? I dont know if he was even hearing me, but he was clearly not listening. I apparently have no recourse. They didnt look into it at all! Do not… DO NOT believe Capital One claims about credit card fraud protection. Those marketing people at Capital One… they are the frauds. There is no fraud or credit card protection. None.

    • Pam says:

      I had a similar experience. They have zero protection for you on fraud claims. Capital One Credit Card users beware!!!

  • Unsatisfied ex customer says:

    CONTACT The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a federal government agency, collects consumer complaints about credit cards, mortgages, bank accounts, student loans, consumer loans, credit reporting, money transfers, and debt collection – I am filing a complaint to have them investigated for monitoring my credit without my consent. Creditwise does not have a way to efficiently OPT OUT of their services – this is illegal!

  • Seth Vallet says:

    I need to talk to a customer service representative in the UNITED STATES. i live in Louisiana I have been on the phone for six hours. I have called every customer service number I found online and it goes to Canada and when I ask them to transfer me they do and that person ends up being Canada to. I need to talk to a United States representative ASAP. Please help me with this.

  • Jim says:

    I have spent almost 2 hours on the phone trying to dispute a charge on my account which has been open since it was ING. Horrible customer service. They are incompetent and unprofessional. We will now change banks-goodbye Capital one!

    • Tamara says:

      I had exactly the experience. Worst customer service A contractor stole my credit card and spent 100s of dollars in restaurants and bars and gas stations and home materials for hos own home. I called as soon as i realized the problem. They denied the claim without even talking to me!!! Unbelievable. The guy on the phone was like mute, just waiting for me to stop talking and crying, then like dead silence, until i said… Hello? Are you there? I dont know if he was even hearing me, but he was clearly not listening. I apparently have no recourse. They didnt look into it at all! Do not… DO NOT believe Capital One claims about credit card fraud protection. They are the frauds!!!

  • Rose Allen says:

    My account has been close about a month and was told that a cheque with my bslance would b mail out currently where im living theres no capitol bank is here where i could go in person and im so fed up of not getting anywhere with any of the workers i spoke with th

    bank ever i just need my money.

  • Jonathan Rutherford says:

    My name is Jonathan Rutherford and I am getting no where with your workers, I pay my bill every month and I’ve sent in everything I Can, to reopen my account and have gotten nowhere. I don’t know what else to do. Can you please help me? It’s been 4 months, and I have more than proven that this is Me, This is my account, My Card. They are trying to say it’s Not Me. I Don’t Know What Else To Do!

    • Very dissatisfied cusyomer says:

      it must be the Fraud department it seem they pull a number out of a hat and write a fraud claim then ask for very personal information for no reason at all and frezze the card for ten days. I have been a customer for over 20 years and this is what you get for being a loyal customer when ten days are up it will be bye bye to capital one.

  • Dissatisfied customer says:

    Take a look at the salaries of Capital One’s executive staff. Corporate greed at its best. Yet, Capital One is unwilling to do the right thing and correct their internal banking records that ultimately ruined my excellent credit history. Shame on you, Capital One.

    Richard D. Fairbank
    Chairman, CEO and President, Director
    View details
    View more
    Sanjiv Yajnik
    President, Financial Services
    View details
    View more
    Frank G. LaPrade III
    Chief Enterprise Services Officer and Chief of Staff to the CEO
    View details
    View more
    R. Scott Blackley
    Chief Financial Officer
    View details
    View more
    Michael J. Wassmer
    President, Card
    View details
    View more

  • Dissatisfied customer says:

    Shame on you, Capital One, starting with you, Richard Fairbank, CEO and Christopher Newkirk, President for your corporate greed. You put your profit margins above all else including what is legal and just. DO NOT patronize the incompetent company that is Capital One.

  • Trish Thomas says:

    I am more than disgusted and am about to sue. Someone better assist or I will have a major lawsuit.

    • Dissatisfied customer says:

      Same here. Capital One is a company that only cares about their profit margin. Nothing else. You may want to contact an attorney if you plan to sue big or you can take them to small claims court, if the damages they caused you are under 10k.

    • Dissatisfied customer says:

      I’m with you… Capital one it THEE worse company ever. The customer service sucks and they leave you on hold forever and nothing is resolve EVER!


    Simply disgusted! December 13, 2021
    This comment is awaiting moderation
    Was looking for the corporate honchos & addresses to write to Cap 1.
    After reading some of the comments below on bad they treat their own customers it is NO SURPRISE that they can’t even put a High Holy Christian Holiday Ad campaign together without insulting all Christians!
    What else would anyone expect from a company that uses/abuses its employees, customers, and distributes such a disgusting media campaign!???
    Cap 1 has no sense of Corporate Social Responsibility or ETHICS!
    This years Christmas ad features John Travolta, a self proclaimed and proud Scientologist {ie does not believe in God}, playing Santa Claus.
    Christmas is a Christian Holiday!
    Choosing a Scientologist to play the main character in the worlds Christian holiday effectively show that their corporate honchos have not done their due diligence in vetting their actor(s) nor do they even seem to think that they have any responsibility to do the right thing and accept responsibility for such an egregious assault!
    The fact that Capital One’s CEO on down to CO Media Relations/Advertising Managers do not have the common sense, common decency, & respect for Christian holiday by choosing John Travolta to play in their commercial says it ALL!
    Capital One YOU, from CEO on down, should be ashamed of yourselves!
    Christians all over the world are waiting for your PUBLIC APOLOGY.
    Sooner rather than later is anxiously anticipated!
    TRIED TO POST THIS 12-13-2021 @12:16PM
    Thank you, Simply disgusted!! Your comment has been submitted for this post. If at any point in time you want to make changes or delete your comment, contact us. Would you like to share this post with your friends?

  • Simply disgusted! says:

    Was looking for the corporate honchos & addresses to write to Cap 1.
    After reading some of the comments below on bad they treat their own customers it is NO SURPRISE that they can’t even put a High Holy Christian Holiday Ad campaign together without insulting all Christians!
    What else would anyone expect from a company that uses/abuses its employees, customers, and distributes such a disgusting media campaign!???
    Cap 1 has no sense of Corporate Social Responsibility or ETHICS!
    This years Christmas ad features John Travolta, a self proclaimed and proud Scientologist {ie does not believe in God}, playing Santa Claus.
    Christmas is a Christian Holiday!
    Choosing a Scientologist to play the main character in the worlds Christian holiday effectively show that their corporate honchos have not done their due diligence in vetting their actor(s) nor do they even seem to think that they have any responsibility to do the right thing and accept responsibility for such an egregious assault!
    The fact that Capital One’s CEO on down to CO Media Relations/Advertising Managers do not have the common sense, common decency, & respect for Christian holiday by choosing John Travolta to play in their commercial says it ALL!

    Capital One YOU, from CEO on down, should be ashamed of yourselves!
    Christians all over the world are waiting for your PUBLIC APOLOGY.
    Sooner rather than later is anxiously anticipated!

  • John Gebala says:

    Capital One likes to rip off clients

  • Katherine says:

    Capital one has issues have been trying to hear from myself for the last four weeks I’ve sit in multiple documents picture of my ID friend bag Social Security card bank statements gas bill water bill electric bill it’s just too much this is overwhelming and it makes matters worse when I just buried my brother and sister in a fatal car accident the past couple weeks having to get on the phone with you guys over and over again to get nowhere is annoying I completely wanna pull my fucking here out

  • Katherine says:

    Capital one has literally gave me a headache I have verify myself in so many different ways and my accounts are still on lock talk to multiple managers with no help no resolving the issue why is there not a corporate number this doesn’t make any sense I run my own business and I would never treat a client this way something needs to be done about this ASAP and I can see that I’m not the only one

    • Nappy says:

      They are a bunch of fucking thieves. They asked me to take a photo of my driver’s license I.D. Hell to the no! They closed my account on purpose and claimed they sent me a check in the mail. I am still looking for that shit! Liars and thieves. Liars and thieves. You are mingling with liars and thieves.

  • Patricia Harris says:

    I got my new bill stating that I was two payments behind, but I have a money order receipt for 9-22-21,but they claim they never received it at all and wanted my bank account number to solve this issue, even though I have the receipt in my hand. It does not make any sense to me. If this is how they do business, I want no part of it!

  • Charles Hitchens says:

    to whom it may concern,
    I’m reaching out to notify you that your company has embarassed and belittled me over a personal matter. wrong place at the wrong time and unfortunate circumstances led to a unlawful charge. It was DISMISSED
    after quickly learning that I was the victim. years have past but your company is still holding that over my head as if I’m guilty. capital one canceled my card for a past felony conviction. I DONT HAVE A FELONY. I VOTE AND OWN FIREARMS.

  • Roger says:

    Why is there no phone number to corporate office?

  • Steven Reynolds says:

    Your company has been double charging me Cash Advances And Interests charges for years, for online regular purchases. I discovered this and am filing a complaint With All Governing Bodies if not immediately stopped, and refunded. I make one purchase and you’re doubly taxing me! I have this information saved for official reporting purposes! Online shopping, IS NOT, A CASH ADVANCE! You need to refund all overcharges immediately, all of them. This is outrageous! One charge, with double fees!

  • Steve says:

    Today I called in to see about my account and I was provided different information in regards to my account. I escalated to super visor and the first one I spoke with refused to help me. All she did was unfortunately I cant do this, unfortunately I cant do that type responses. I’m a supervisor at my job and my job is to listen to the customer, empathize with there concerns and help find solutions to their situation and I did not recieve neither one. I’m very dissatisfied with the level of service that I was provided.

    • Roger says:

      Exactly what I’m dealing with . I’m being transferred to 8 different representatives without a resolution.

      • Dissatisfied customer says:

        That is Capital One’s method of operation. They are purposely making it difficult to file a complaint against them. That’s why there is no direct contact phone number for complaints at Capital One. They want you to go through their maze of different call centers, speaking with different representatives. None of the employees I spoke to on the phone were professional or willing to do their jobs and assist me in correcting the error caused by Capital One. Even their managers/supervisors. Shame on you, Capital One.

    • Dissatisfied customer says:

      This is exactly what I’m dealing right right now. Last week i spoke to 6 representatives who could not help and 2 supervisors who could not help me. I call again today and speak to another representative and supervisor who refused to help me. Capital one is thee worst company I’ve ever dealt with.

  • Scott says:

    What a deceiftful lying company i would not ever trust or do business with them as a US Army Disabled Veteran with great credit Cap one has lied, misled and cheated

    • My name is Katherine from Seattle Washington says:

      I don’t blame you these people have complete issues no help at all Run my own company would never do a client like this

  • Tweety88 says:

    I have a auto loan through Capital one 360. I’ve never had an issue with this company before until now. At First I was a very satisfied customer always paid EARLY and ON TIME, NEVER been late. On March 23, 2021 I decided to PAY OFF my vehicle 3 years and 5 months early. I called CO and was given my 10 day PAY OFF amount from a Rep. Then PAID IN FULL my remaining balance. My TITLE was mailed to me, I was pleased to see my ACCOUNT PAID SATISFACTORY at 0.00 owed! Last month I get a notification on my account of a dollar amount and I was like okay maybe this is a discrepancy on they’re behalf and it will go back to being zeroed out. NOPE it went into a PAST DUE 39 DAYS PAST DUE amount. So I then called about this matter. I’ve been placed on hold several times and all they see is my account has been paid off NOBODY know where are the recurring charges from. On June 28, 2021 Spoke with a Rep name Robert ID # RPP. States will send a letter to confirm payments. 07/02/2021 Spoke with Christian #ID CGH. She’s confused continuously places me on hold comes back states Account is showing a multi-date will fix in 48 hours. I was Transferred to Escalating Specialists Cedrick ID #CJS States, I’m not sure why you’re having this issue with your account, I’ll get these charges WAIVED for you in 3-5 business days. Ced tells me to Ask for him if I’m still showing this Account past due. Unfortunately nothing was waived still showing my Acct 30 plus days past due. 5 days passed, Calls back like I was asked too, they wouldn’t transfer me to Ced. I even asked if they can listen to previous recorded calls. They did say he left a note in there about waving the charges. Spoke with Fred ID #JNC he attempted to email Ced about the last conversation I’ve had with him. No response, states he didn’t get any feed back from him. And he will call me back on Friday July 16th. He kept is word and called back but with no resolution to my account. He stated I’m going to work with management on what to do next. Haven’t heard from back from anyone. Today July 21, 2021 I called to speak with member of management but they wouldn’t transfer me to anyone but the Reps. Spoke with Rose ID#RRH. Asked her to transfer me to manager she transferred me to Customer Advocacy Team. I asked him to let me speak with higher up Dept. states he don’t have the phone number for them. I’m very DISTURBED and fed up with the INCONSISTENCY of this matter, REPS and the COMPANY! I will NOT ever REFER, APPLY or ACCEPT ANYTHING DEALING with CAPITAL ONE AUTO, CREDIT CARDS, HOME LOANS or BANK ACCOUNT. If y’all desperately needed to open a random PAID IN FULL closed account up to try an receive add’l funds from a satisfactory paid customer, JUST SAY THAT! This is a disloyal, greedy, untrustworthy company and if you don’t pay attention they will try to RIP you off! God bless you all!

  • Luke Allaire says:

    SO i paid off my balance last month…..got a bill today or $3.11 today….really no one can take it off!!!!! nope said I had to pay it…WHAT!!!!

  • David Cafferata says:

    Why is it Capital One believes it’s OK to withhold funds that belong to the Customer? Is it so Capital One can make more money off of the Customer’s money before they release the funds? Capital One did an adjustment, since I was having a problem getting a refund from a Vendor, but as soon as the Vendor refunded my money, I notified Capital One, so they could reverse the adjustment and return my money too me. So if Capital One wants to wait on a reply from the Vendor, before an adjustment is completed, that should not stop them form releasing my money to me!!

  • David Stansell says:

    My card expired over 2 months ago, and I have not received a new one. I have requested a new one 4 times, and customer service said each time it is mailed out will receive it in 4 to 6 business days. I wait 10 days call back, and each time have been told it was not mailed out. First time having an issue with this account, but so far getting help resolving it has been frustrating beyond belief.

  • claudia says:

    Today I find out that my limit was decreased without any notification. It was decreased back in 2/28/2020. I have made my payments on time if not earlier and more than the minimum required. This decreased my credit score by 20 points. I called and the supervisor basically said oh well, we can’t help you. I asked for someone above her, and Deyondra ID# KDE097 said there is no one else who can help me. Thank you for being such a great company capital one. Appreciate all you do.

    • Roger says:

      Claudia could someone contact me with my issue about paying my credit card with my capital one banking of $131 that was applied and then taken away from my account 2 days later

  • James Owens says:

    1. failure to provide verification code to verified default telephone number for purchases, EVER.
    2. Failure to provide access to account due to failure to receive verification code.
    3. Failure to provide alternate verification method not associated with phone call or sms msg. Phone calls from Capitol One in another language other than English.
    4. Failure of supervisor to forward to that persons supervisor.
    5. Refusal of alternative methods for getting verification codes.

    • Lisa Griffis says:

      I totally agree I have over 300,000 assets in this company but can never get anyone to answer my calls

  • A. Friend says:

    Capital One Headquarters Executive Team looks like your text haas been hacked or not updated.

  • Barbara Gordy says:

    Trying to open a 360 performance acct several times on line. It stated info was incorrect. I have called and was told that my phone number was incorrect then I was transferred to someone else who stated my phone number was correct on my credit card acct and they wanted to transfer me back to the first person. I gave up.

    Can you help me? Thx
    Barbara Gordy

  • Viktoria says:

    The Credit Review Department makes up false information on the denial letter for credit increase even though a good payment history, extra payment(s), and good credit score can be proven in Federal Court! That means nothing to these people in this specific department stated.

  • claude peters says:

    Hello, my name is Claude Peters. I used to work with Mostafa Abdelguelil at Sodexo. I think he works now at Capitol One, and wonder if this comment could get to him so I could say hello and ask a question. Thanks.


    I paid my bill using your ACA since you no longer accept debit payments. I made the payment on the 7th. I called your customer service on the 10 asking why they did not take the payment from my bank. They said the payment posted. However, you never took it from my bank account. Today is now the 13th and it still has not been removed from my bank account. I have called your customer service and they wont listen to me. They keep telling me it is my banks issue. NO IT’S NOT. YOUR SYSTEM NEVER PROPERLY SENT OUT THE ACA. YOU DID THIS TO ME LAST MONTH AND I’M GETTING PISSED. BRING BACK THE DEBIT PAYMENTS! Your customer service is a joke. Nobody listens to your customers. What happened to customers always being right! Trying to get someone on the phone to make a complaint is also a joke. WE YOUR CUSTOMERS ( THE PEOPLE MAKING YOU MONEY) ARE BEING TREATED LIKE CRAP. IT’S UNACCEPTABLE!

  • Alyce Hollis says:

    You are the worst card company for customer service ever!!!!!!!! No one will answer or discuss a thing! My bill I paid in full andnow I got another bill for more money!!! Calling customer service is an absolute JOKE!!!!!

    • Roger says:

      I was allowed to pay $131 to me credit card from my 360 account and h it was subtracted two days later stating not enough funds? Where did the $131 come from to pay my credit card and then be told it was a glitch in the system. Please reply

  • >