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  • Address: 3 Ravinia Dr NE #100, Atlanta, GA 30346, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 310 233 4700
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 5,500
  • Established: 1995
  • Founder: Jack Deboer & Jim Korroch
  • Key People: Ekta Patel

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Ekta Patel

Director, Sales

H. Meadows

Vice President, Operations

Cecilia Luengo

Assistant General Manager

Sabrina Stanley

General Manager

Joey Csiti

General Manager

Barbara Behrens

Area Director, Sales

Candlewood Suites, History and Headquarters Information

Candlewood Suites Company is currently managed by John Muehlbauer. The organization was started in the year 1995 by Jack Deboer. The organization has since grown to offer, hotel, drinking and accommodation services to those that seek it.

The official headquarters for this company is based in InterContinental Hotels Group, 3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30346-2149, United States.

Customers that want to reach out to the company for customer care services can call directly to 1-800-621-0555 for assistance.

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  • Ted Williams says:

    Me and my family had a stay at the Norfolk airport location just outside of Virginia Beach checked in and immediately experienced a air conditioner fire. Of course there were no more rooms left for the night as we were told we got the last room arriving at three am. We had to suffer in that hot room for 6 hours trying to sleep until our room was switched. I was told repeatedly by staff during the remainder of the stay that our room would be free of charge due to the inconvenience. But of course during check out I was told nothing was wrong with the air conditioner in the original room so I would receive a discount. Much to my dismay I disagreed reappearing what I was told by other managers about the room being free of charge. I then asked what did you checking the room at this moment so if the fire took place two nights ago? I watched them document the room for repair at the time of the incident two days prior. The rude manage on duty early 7/24/22 took my information and assured me she would call me after “further investigation” which no doubt did not happen. I then on 7/26/22 called my bank to file a dispute for the charges. My bank WSFS calls me and says they would contact the hotel for resolve. Within not even 10 minutes a receive a call back from my bank stating that there is nothing they can due the hotel refuses to make any adjustments. Needless to say I am on my way to close my account with them….. if any customer relations personnel read this and would like to speak to me my stay was @ the Norfolk airport location 7/22/22 thru 7/24/22 Mr Williams. PS after speaking to my bank I called to speak to the hotel manager again of course she was rude once again and said she was calling the police because I was harassing the hotel…..

  • Renee Farnham says:

    Staying at the Candlewood suites in Medford Oregon. Checked in the first night the girl was sloppy very rude no manners as to being a front desk agent, didn’t give the spiel of what the hotel offers and what it doesn’t offer. Extended stay for another two nights dealing with the same girl that we checked in with. I go to the front desk to ask a question, and front desk agent is on the phone yelling at the other person on the other line who is trying to cancel the reservation. Walks away from me with no acknowledgment down the hall and starts banging on door to see if guest was in room. Very rude very sloppy. Almost feels like when you check into this hotel that you’re checking into a brothel. No one is dressed nice or professional they are dressed like they are going to a nightclub. Someone needs to look into this.

  • Ruthie says:

    I am from Louisville, Ky. A friend and I went to the property in Louisville Ky downtown NE 1039 Zorn Ave 40207 to get a block of rooms for an upcoming event. We spoke to Mary Pusateri the director of sales of that particular property. She gave us a quote for the rooms. Now the hotel reservationist said they are fully booked and told several people from our group that the rate was much higher than what Mary quoted initially. They are not standing by the quote we were given. THIS IS A SWITCH AND BAIT! You can’t trust what these people are telling potential guests. They are trying to recoup loss income from Covid by lying to people. WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE NOR WILL I EVER STAY THERE.

  • J Brown says:

    Who do you contact if you think that there are surveillance cameras in you hotel room

  • Guest says:

    The telephone number and email address listed above are both wrong. YOU WILL NOT GET THE HELP YOU N EED IF YOU USE EITHER TO CONTACT CANDLEWOOD SUITES! The correct email address is and the correct number is 770 604 2000 or 770-395-7700. If you use the contact information providing above, you will be contacting an entirely different company with your complaints and won’t get what you are looking for.

  • Jonathan Smith says:

    First during check in my Credit card was pre-charged for room nights, my reservation was pay at the property. In this case I was double charged at the time and my Credit Card was holding over $700. I explained at check in I was already pre-charged for some reason and if they swipe my Credit Card again it would double charge. The attendant said, it will come off with 2 hours. I returned to the Front Desk the next morning to speak with the General Manager Mr. Rhondale. Not a pleasant encounter as The GM unfriendly as if it was my problem, told me it was my Banks fault and I need to talk with them. I’m on a trip with my wife and 2 children at this point with no extra money and he’s telling me it my banks fault. I explained that my Banking institution did not charge me and I wasn’t a pre-charge reservation. Mr. Rhondale again stated, I need to talk with my banking institution. I asked for the Corporate number and still with the rude attitude the GM stated, I’m just going to respond to your complaint. I worked at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati as the Guest Service Manager and I never experience a Manager let alone a General Manager treat a customer as I was treated at this property. I explained to him, I travel every weekend with my AAU basketball team and my daughters AAU volleyball team and I would never stay at a Candlewood again and wouldn’t recommend anyone staying there, especially this property. At check in the Front Desk agent was yelling at an employee in training.

  • Zoe Ann Berry says:

    January 29th, I had reservations for three rooms 301, 312, 321at IHG, Bricktown Oklahoma City. My teen granddaughter came into Room 312 and said someone told her that the kids were too loud. Later the clerk called 301, one of the rooms my daughter was in and said that the kids in 312 were too loud and there was no adult. She immediately called me and I called down. The lady said that we would be out if we did not stop making noise. I told her that an adult was never informed and my daughter in law and I was in the room at all times. She lied and said she came up to the room. She said she called twice. No one ever called this room. Again she threatened that we would be put out.

    While in Room 312, when we opened the cupboard, a roach feel out. There was a roach on the night stand, a roach in the tub, and several roaches in the bathroom. I actually have pictures. There was one roach spotted in Room 301.

    Since downstairs was tripping my daughter stated that in her room upstairs (312) the cheerleaders above her were loud. That situation was not addressed

    I went downstairs and talked to Mr Eric, the manager on duty. I let him know the lady told at least two lies. At all times, there were at least 2 adults in the room. At the time she said there were no adults there were 4 adults in the room.

    Eric was very rude. When I asked him if he addressed the room above my daughter he said he didn’t have to. When I told him that the lady did not let an adult know that someone had complained, he said that she didn’t have to let an adult know. One of my grandsons was down with me. He was sitting on the couch and did have a small softball moving it from one side to the other but sitting still. Eric said “like that boy there. He been throwing that ball and jumping on my furniture. I can just imagine what he does upstairs.” He was in Room 301 where there was no complaint. Eric gave me his name. When I asked him the young ladies name, he said ask her. When I asked her she said I am not going to give you my name. She was a white pregnant lady. After realizing his inability to be professional I left and called IHG who gave me a claim number suggested that I give you an opportunity to resolve the situation.

    I am asking that I be refunded for my rooms. Again, two rooms had roaches. The fact that this lady lied on us at least two times by saying that she came to the room and there were no adults and she called this room twice which she did not. I am requesting refund for all of these rooms. Management has been asked to call several times but have not responded.

    I have been an IHG member for many years and have never experienced anything like this.

  • Guest says:

    Please correct the telephone number associated with this company. The one you have listed below is incorrect and not even close to the correct number. The correct number according to this company’s website is +1 770 604 2000. The email address is also incorrect. It links to a grocery store named Bristol Farms. Please correct this. The email address is Another telephone number associated with this hotel property is 1-770-395-7700.

  • Guest says:

    The email address is also incorrect. It links to a grocery store named Bristol Farms. Please correct this. The email address is Another telephone number associated with this hotel property is 1-770-395-7700.

  • Tantrisanna Carey says:

    Have charges from flood when no power was available or basic things offered such as clean towels no rooms were being cleaned felt less of a priority when I was paying weekly and more complaimts that were never addressed by manager

  • Danny Lindsey says:

    Unsanitary conditions during covid pandemic 4 weeks no room service never cleand never gave tools never gave toilet paper after numerous attempts to resolve the issues.

  • Angela says:

    Got charged 3 times for 1 night. Got refunded 1 payment
    Still waiting on last payment. Sent 4 emails and no response.

  • Nikki Lonergan says:

    Over thanksgiving weekend we got a suite at the lacy washington candlewood suites for me and my special needs son…. when we opened the sofa bed there was no mattress…I called downstairs and the brought in a rollaway with a 2″ thick mattress where his head hung lower than his body…every time I called downstairs or went down there …there is a different excuse as to why the manager was not there…. now we are back home and still no call so I called and all I received was a $50 discount…..Horrible customer service and this trip was a nightmare …. we will never be using candlewood suites again. complete rip off

  • Karl Smith says:

    My wife and I are currently staying in one of your candlewood suites, in Santa Maria, CA. We are paying over 3000.00 per month and we thought you should know, this is one of the worst hotels we’ve stayed in. Half the appliances don’t work. The barbecue grills don’t work, and we aren’t real pleased with the service, either. We stayed at your hotel in Terrahaut, Indiana, and it was a pleasant experience. You might want to send someone out to check this place out. You will be receiving a terrible review from us. Thank you

  • Susan says:

    I stay at Candlewood Suites in okla city on Reno Street on 10/18/21 I walked outside for about 10 minutes came back in and they mopped the floor and didn’t put a wet floor sign up and I fell very hard I’ve been trying to get ahold of the manager but she will not call me back I need the accident report.

  • Wayne M says:

    Went to the cupboard to grad 2 boxes of dryer sheets didn’t see anyone sitting at the front. So I went back to laundry to load the dry. Went to Walk out to pay for the dryer sheets. The guy at the front deck comes in to accuse me of stealing $2.00 worth of dry sheets here at the Texarkana, TX location, in front of the house keeping lady’s.
    Now Amanda Rosette, the general manager, accused me of swearing. I’m a minister I don’t swear. I was very upset for being accused of stealing.

    To whom it concerns I’m booked out through December 2021and will be here for 6 to 8 months. Our company uses IHG candlewood suites exclusively. Please call the another location we’re staying at and have stayed stayed at. They all look forward to seeing us come back.

  • Patricia Si6 says:

    I stayed at the Candleeood Suites in Mt. Pleasant Texas on October 5 and 6, 2021. Was charged $248.58 and then charged $250.00 on the same day. They say there is no record I stayed there but I have my statement from my bank. I guess I will have to go through my bank and dispute it.

  • Kathleen A Campbell says:

    My husband and I took our kids to a Candlewood Suites in Erie,Pa for an overnight. I booked through Priceline and had specified that I wanted a pool, and a roll out bed. I was assured all would be available.
    Upon arrival we checked in. Asking the clerk where the pool was located, she stated that the pool was under maintenance indefinitely. Then asking about the roll out bed, she stated it was already being used. I had asked for the manager and no one was available. She said she was not sure when the manager was going to be available the next day! When going to our room, the smell was awful… My husband filled the sink in the kitchenette and put the plug in. The room was filthy, the sheets stained and there was not even a roll of toilet paper in the room. We tried to make the best of it. Fitting myself and the 2 girls in one bed and 2 boys and Poppy in the other bed. Needless to say, no one slept that night! What a nightmare…

  • Sean and Elise Gulliver says:

    Recent stay at your Norfolk, Virginia/ Airport location. An unsatisfactory experience. We will be forwarding a detailed letter expressing our disappointing stay.

  • Sherida Johnson says:

    I recently stayed at the Candlewood suites Chesapeake/Portsmouth location Aug 27th and 28th, the trip was a mini getaway. The front desk staff we encountered were polite and friendly. The hotel room we stayed in room 415 was less than expected. The furniture in the room appeared to be ready for the trash(sofa had no padding/cushion on the arms of it, it was dusty and dirty looking. The chair in the room had an old crushed velvet cover on it … looked awful none of the furniture matched. The mattress on the bed could be seen from the kitchen it was soiled. The refrigerator in the room makes a lot of noise which made it hard to sleep.there was a leak in the kitchen lots of water was on the floor not sure where the leak was. Couldn’t turn the air off in the bedroom. It was by far the worst hotel stay. The pictures posted on the site do not depict a true example of the rooms.

  • Lynn Laughlin says:

    Pet Owners Beware! They mislead, lie & overbill. We reserved thru Priceline; NO mention of pet fees. Arrived PCB, FL: $75 pet fee on $130 room. (Most hotels, $0 to $30) Both Priceline & Candlewood refused to cancel & refund.

    NOW, Candlewood has charged my card > $360 ( not even check out time yet; no dog issue)— & they refuse to give me a bill printout or explain their charges.
    They say, “talk to Priceline.”

    I say, WTF
    Will sue
    Any pet owners w similar experiences want to join me?

    Lynn Laughlin

    • Mark says:

      I have just been charged for my service dog and it is against the law , they are protected by federal, count me in!



  • Brenda Washington-Lawson says:

    I stayed at the Candlewood suites in Destin, Florida. I tried to speak to the manager but they never contacted me. There were roaches and the security lock did not work. We arrived late so we addressed the problem that morning. I had to stack items behind the door because I didn’t feel safe with my family. They did 100.00 my bill but I don’t feel like it was enough and never talk with the manager. We did find another place to stay .

  • Anonymous says:

    I need a contact number to the headquarters manager about a personal complaint matter that I don’t want to disclose publicly how do I contact the complaints department

  • Patricia Shanahan says:

    To Jay Caiafa, Chief Operating Officer, The Americas We recently stayed at you Candlewood Suites in Bethleham, Pennsylvania. We received on line a survey about a stay there. I was unable to open up the survey and tried several times with no luck. It’s not that I don’t want to do the survey, I just couldn’t open iot up. Please forward to Mr. Caiafa.

  • Charles says:

    Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with any hotel. Background: Used Travelocity with filters of 1) King Bed Suite 2) Pet Friendly 3) Free Breakfast. Candlewood Suites Erie was only available option per website. Booked room. Arrived and at check in was told that there was no breakfast, only queen suites available and the pet fee was $75 for the 1st three nights AND that the facility was not a hotel, but an extended stay facility. I asked for consideration and the manager on duty stated I would have to “take that up with Travelocity”. After signing in and receiving entry card, found assist cart and went to room. Room was not clean, wife cleaned floors before we allowed pet to get down. Bathroom was un-stocked and toilet had urine all around the floor. Front desk was summoned and brought soap and shampoo, and again, when we complained, they said to go to Travelocity. We left the next day to attend a family event only to return to find the staff had entered the room and moved our belongings from the cart where we left them (because of the un-cleanliness of the furniture and floors) only to find them either on the bed or in the closet. A “Rest assured” card was on the counter with a note stating WE crossed thru the “quest needed luggage cart your stuff in closet – Housekeeping. The 2 pair of linen pants that my wife had carefully hung on the cart were stained with grease. I again noted this and again was told to take it up with Travelocity The manager offered no relief or even an apology, stating that was the only luggage cart they have and one was on order.
    BEWARE: Do not book with Travelocity, Candlewood or any other IHG Hotel.

  • Falisha says:

    Do not stay here this place will lie and say you can check out early then charge you for an additional night stating that it’s because they can’t book the room now. I swear I was going based on pictures online since I am in Cascade, Michigan Candlewood Suites visiting from Texas if it weren’t for that I would’ve never been at this place. First room AC didn’t work, second room dirty covers and pillows like really you can’t even clean the bed coverings and finally landed at the third room AC worked and coverings were decent. Then two nights in a row had a drunk lady arguing with her boyfriend and yelling at the top of her lungs and swearing it didn’t make for a good nights rest. So I decided enough was enough I’m checking out early only for the “general manager” to charge me for an additional day because he said I didn’t give a 24 hour notice with no give and no reasoning at all even though I had been told I could check out early by an employee. It was at 10:03am you truly expect me to believe you couldn’t get another occupant for the room??! Ugh horrible service and awful room. I’m definitely letting anyone with an open ear hear how they shouldn’t stay here…I am in a group of insurance agents I will let it be known!

  • Shannon McNaughten says:

    Candlewood Suites is an awful place to stay at here in Bluffton, S.C.
    It smells like smoke everywhere, there’s pee around the toilet still, curtains are falling apart, missing handle on cabinet, TV is not working, bathroom mirror looks scratched up, the elevators are dirty, outdoor pool is tiny, and the guy behind the desk just nods his head when I bring this up. He doesn’t care!
    Over charged for a place that is a motel and not a hotel/suites.
    Reporting this all over Facebook and telling everyone I know not to stay here, EVER!!!!!!!

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