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Camping World was founded in the year 1966. The company has been operational for almost over 50 years now. The founder of the company was David Garvin. The company was started as mainly inside an amusement park, which was located outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States. The amusement park owner’s son, known as David Green, opened up a store inside the park for selling various types of camping supplies to the visitors. In the year 1997, the company was sold off to Good Sam Enterprises, which was located in California, United States.

After selling the company, David Garvin planned to open up other development plans for an amusement park plus a camping store, to be known as Garvin's. It was described to be a combination of Camping World, Disney World and also Bass Pro Shops. The place will be featuring a Camping World store that will be large in size, along with RV 250 service bays as well. It will have five storeys along with an exhibition area and a free campground with a camping area and also a camping museum as well. Since the venture was not at all materialised, the land which was proposed for development was sold off in the year 2011. As of the year 2016, Camping World had raised almost $251 million, through an IPO or Initial Public Offering. The company also became a limited public entity as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 250 Parkway Drive, Suite 270. The name of the place is Lincolnshire, while the name of the state is Illinois, United States. The pin code of the area is 60069.


Camping World is an American company that focuses on the selling of various kinds of recreational vehicles or commonly known as RVs, along with their parts and vehicle services as well. The current CEO and chairman of the company are Marcus Lemons. As of the year 2016, the total amount of revenue generated by the company is more than $3.5 billion. Also, the number of employees currently working at the company, as of the year 2017, is more than 10,277. The company has over 136 retail stores as well as service location in around 36 states all over the USA.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order purchase various types of recreational vehicles, its parts and also perform its servicing - which are all offered by the company itself. The company also helps customers in obtaining camping supplies along with other outdoor supplies and accessories too.

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  • R. Dean Crawford says:

    In late August the evening before a 2 week trip the AC started making noises in our East to West Silverlake 25KRB. Called Bossier City (Louisiana) and left a message as it was after business hours on a Saturday. Called again Monday morning during business hours, service was busy to the receptionist took my info and emailed it to service. No call back so we left on our trip, a week into the trip a different location called about setting up a time to drop off the RV.
    Got home and no power to anything except the Microwave, took it in, they changed the Power Converter, failed to test anything except AC and Lights. When I picked it up I thought to test the Awning, no go, so they checked and changed the fuse.
    Upon arrival home we hooked up to Shore Power (30Amp/120V outlet) all outlets except GCFI working, tried resetting multiple times, checked fuses, even disconnected power and removed GCFI outlet and wire taped the wires together w/o success on getting any of the other GCFI outlets working.
    Now I get to make a 170 mile round trip to drop it back off so they can finish what they started!
    This is unacceptable work for service departemnt.

  • ben bennett says:

    On Monday August 8th, i had an AC breakdown on my 18 Venetian front ac. I called Pananma city location, they were out of stock on relays/and capacator, so I called Gulf Breeze location. i reached Paige in parts, she kept insisting our connection was bad and i had to email her so she could understand what i am looking for. I took her emial that included her name PaigeG @ camping world. i did so with pics of product, model and serial number. she never responded back to let me know she did/did not have the parts I desperately needed. I tried calling back, no answer in parts, just told me they were covered up. great job Gulf Breeze and Paige, thankfully i found the parts elsewhere, but so you know, i felt no compassion in the horrible heat with no ac, nor any diligence to do her job.

  • Michelle TINCHER says:

    When you post something on your add you need to honor it I was told I could take home a camper today so I drive 2 hrs to get it and was told nope can’t do that but the add said we could hmmm need to take it off there bad thing is I could have paid cash today for it but I couldn’t take it home

  • Alan thompson says:

    Do you know when this store will reopen
    43646 N Interstate 94 Servic, Belleville, MI, 48111

  • Rick Jones says:

    Absolute worst mistake of my life stepping foot inside the doors of Camping World! I purchased a new XLR Boost from the dealership in Anniston Alabama in June of 2022. I am about to make my sixth payment and they have had it at their shop for five of those payments. It has been broken since the day I left the lot with it. Leaked in two places, floor is weak, front door wouldn’t shut, stabilizer jacks fell off, jacks quit working, both AC units quit, shower leaks, fire place quit working, all outlets quit working, bathroom door fell off, all door guides fell off, fuel station doesn’t work and the list goes on and on. For every one repair that they have made, two more things have broken. In some cases, the part they just repaired broke again. Management at the dealership is awful and will not return calls or help you in any way at all. Corporate is just as bad or worse. I have had a case number with them since right after I purchased it. Despite calling multiple times per week to corporate, speaking with numerous case workers and begging for someone in management to call me, I have NEVER received the first call. I have been told that me continuing to call with problems is only going to make my situation worse. I was also told by someone at the dealership that they “enjoyed kicking you in the teeth when you are down”. I swear I cant make up how bad this has been. I don’t understand how any company can treat people the way that they do and stay in business. For what it is worth, I have spoken to an attorney and do not plan on just gong away! If anyone from camping world see’s this and wants to reach out to me, please do. I wont hold my breath waiting on that!




  • Brian Greenman says:

    I’ve tried three different times to purchase a class c RV from camping world and in every instance they have sold the RV under me. I’ll never do business with them ever again. I am so tired of their lies and B.S. I’m done. Mesa Arizona, Woodstock GA. And Tyler Texas can all kiss my a**. Never again.

  • Darla Schwarz says:

    Why are the Big American Flags 🇺🇸 No longer out front of the stores?

  • MIKE GARRY says:

    Purchased a 2022 Dutchmen Kodiak SE 27SBH in June. The salesman who assisted us was terrific. About two weeks later we had our walkthrough and noticed that one of the shades was not working properly and was told it would be fixed or replaced. I also ordered a sway and distribution hitch that they installed and I was shown how to attached it to my tow vehicle. When we arrived to take the camper out for the very first time we were told that there was an issue with the door. we could close the door but could not lock it because the latch was not lined up properly to accept the dead bolt. Upon returning the camper on Labor day Monday we had a few issues to discuss, i.e. the door latch, the window shade, the emergency brake wire to the camper was hanging very low and dragging on the ground, and one of the sway bars got stuck/jammed in the hitch and could not be removed. I discussed the issues with one of their service department personnel and was told I would receive a call back. A week later I called them and again was told I would receive a call back. Approx. 3 days later I receive a call and had to explain again what the issues were and was told that she would discuss the matters with the service manager and call me back.
    Today I called them again and was told no one was available to talk to me and that someone from service or one of the sales managers would call me back. Needless to say, still waiting for that phone call.
    As for the sales person, fantastic, as for service department, someone needs to put them on notice because this is the worse service I have ever encountered.
    Hope you are reading these reviews Mr. Lemonis

    P.S. This all happened at their location in Hamburg, PA

  • Ashley says:

    Your RV put my family in danger and what’s worse I still haven’t been contacted after sending emails and leaving message after message.

  • Jody Downes says:

    Not happy with your service right now. We had a couch installed several months ago and it broke loose and slide out when we went around a corner. We were not given a different option to the instillation so we came back to your camping world that installed the couch and now it is going to cost another $500.00to fix it. They didn’t give us this option they only told us to put a piece of 2×4 under the couch and that didn’t work. Thank You, Jody Downes.

  • James Greene says:

    I am very disappointed with the service I received from the Fargo, ND store. I called to receive an estimate on the sale of my motor home to that store. The rep took my info and called me back with an estimate within a few hours. At that time I made an appointment to have the motor home checked over prior to the purchase. When I arrived at the store at the appointed time, it took over 30 minutes before the rv was taken to the service area to begin the inspection. I was never notified how long the inspection would take nor was I ever given any updates on how the inspection was progressing. Not one service rep bothered to talk to me, ask if needed anything, or even suggested I should drop off the rv and await a phone call from them after the inspection was completed. It took several attempts from my fiancee before anyone bothered to give us an update. After 4 hours, the so called Service Manager came out to tell us that the inspection was finished and it would be a few more minutes before they had a final tally for us. After another hour we were given the outcome of the inspection. There was no customer service at all in that store, and several paying customers had to wait before someone arrived at the front and tended to the register. None of the paying customers were even offered assistance with locating any products. Even after an offer to buy my motor home was agreed upon, I was told it would still be several hours before a check to be written and given to me for the sale. The Fargo, ND store is about the worst place I have ever had the dis-pleasure of being in. I will never do any business with that store ever again.

  • Seth Degner says:

    Trish is a delight!


    To Whom This May Concern,

    I’m letting you know my frustration on the new camper I bought in 2021. After purchasing the camper we did the walk through with the representative, he was very friendly and kind but he said he was just thrown into the orientation last minute. He went through most everything up to the air conditioner when he turned it on and it ran for a few minutes than quite. He said it probably reached temperature but it got warmer and warmer as we were talking over other features so he went in and said the breaker just tripped and everything was good. I took the unit home got everything transferred to the new camper from the previous keystone camper that I purchased new from the same dealership. I realized that I didn’t have power to the camper so I called the service department at Camping World in Longmont Colorado where we bought it, to get an appointment to get it in to check it out. They said try these things first but nothing worked so they got me in contact with their tech service guy. The gentleman was very friendly and told me to check the fuse. He said I usually don’t tell customers to do this is but you need your camper for hunting soon so it may work. So I checked the fuse (not in the fuse panel) and it was bad so I had to order it, waited for about a week and half to get the fuse and replaced it needless to say it didn’t work. I am now back at square one. I needed to get in immediately because hunting season was coming up quick, the whole reason I bought the new bigger camper. They said it would be two weeks before they could get it in which I wasn’t happy about since I could have just taken it in, in the beginning when I first called about the issues. I am supposed to get VIP treatment on new units as they stated which was not happening. I got it in a few days later and they had to change the whole converter system which they said would have to be approved. At this point I finally said this is not going to work! They had messed around telling me to try things so it got pushed back to get it in and now they had to get it approved and ordered??? I asked them to just take it from another unit he said no that he was not responsible for keystone or the problem. I said you don’t stand behind the products you sell? He just said when the parts come in I will let you know. I said can’t you get the parts overnighted at least, he said he would have to get that approved. I told him I would leave the camper to let me know on the status he said I would have to take the camper home until they get approval and parts come in?! I said why would I take it home? He said they would charge me rent if I didn’t. I went directly to the main manger and he said I could leave it without them charging me. I checked daily as I didn’t hear from anyone there and a couple days later they said keystone sent the wrong parts. I’m thinking they ordered them wrong? After many discussions with many managers at the store they finally decided to take parts off another unit the same as mine. I got to pick it up the same day I left for hunting. When I got there the battery box covers where laying on the ground and the pin was missing from the hitch. I went in to have the district manager come out and look at how they left it for me to pick up and discussed everything I went through up to that point. He apologized and said he would contact me to see how the camper was after I got back from my hunting trip, but of course I never heard a word from anyone.
    Since our hunting trip I winterized the camper. In May I was getting it reading for a camping trip and water was all over the floor. I extended the slide out and more water rolled in! I had to call once again to set up an appointment to get it in now for the leak! They looked at it and they had to order parts but needed to get the approval first of course. They said they will let me know and never did again! A week went by so I called and they said the parts wouldn’t be in for a couple week, so I scheduled to pick the camper up once again so we could use it for our camping trip that had be scheduled since February. I took it back on the scheduled date of June 17th to be fixed and ready in plenty of time for another scheduled camping trip on July 23rd. I have check in with them periodically since I took it in (of course I had to call for updates). This week when I called they informed me the parts won’t be in until July 23rd! I now will have to go pick it up so we can go camping again without it being fixed. Oh and then yes we will have to drive it back to Camping World after our trip to get fixed when the parts come in?
    I really wanted to write a complaint the first go around but decided not to but this is getting ridiculous. It takes time and money to keep taking this unit in. I actually wanted to give the camper back last year because of how I was treated, with it being a new camper I am thinking I got a lemon but they said once you pull it off the lot it’s yours. The keystone bullet I bought before this new one was good, yes some campers are built cheap, I fixed a lot of little things but it was a great camper so I decided to stick with the same company.
    I am so very upset and disappointed in not only the service and unprofessionalism but the Keystone Camper itself. I have never had so many issues and I feel that something should be done because of all the miles I’ve put on my vehicle, the amount I have spent on gas and the terrible service and unprofessionalism I have received at Camping World. Please read this and hear my frustration! I am so unsatisfied with this camper and where I bought it.

  • Nancy says:

    I bought an rv April 23 2022. They dropped it off at my house a week later and it’s still in the same spot July 5 2022, haven’t even used it yet. Rv had a short and burned the truck that was going to be pulling it. I call and no one returns my call. Worse customer service.

  • Glenda says:

    Very disappointed that now you have to have a salesperson with you to view campers. Sometimes people just want to enjoy a day out like that or to just kill a little time. You have taken that choice away from people by instilling the rules you now have in place. Really sad that you have done this and I’m sure you will lose customers that will go else where to purchase a camper.

  • Dawn says:

    We bought a brand new Forrest River wolf pup black label, slide would not go in or out. Bought in February, been in the shop since March. Have never been able to use and they won’t trade us out. Can you say a lemon. Camping world will not even call us. Worse service ever. Do you think that we might get a gift card to at least purchase items in their store? None has been offered. Will never buy again from there.

  • Catherine Victoria DiBenedetto says:


  • Christy says:

    Midway Tallahassee location. Awful rude service.

  • April Carkin-Brown says:

    Very disappointed with the service at Camping World in Fletcher N.C.
    Bought a fifth wheel did not disclose that the refrigerator was only electric. Went out for the weekend to try it out and found out the fridge did not work. Took it back and found out it was just electric. Was told by an employee put a block of dry ice in it. If I wanted a ice chest I would have bought one and a tent. Then they tell us it will be 5,000 labor and parts to put in the gas and electric one.Needless to say we are very unhappy and when we call the store no one is ever available. Not very good customer service.

  • lori says:

    Do employee get discounts?


    Absolutely the worst company to ever do business with. They will lie to you straight to your face to get your money and then they completely do nothing they said they would do. The Uxbridge Massachusetts location is the worst experience I have ever had with any company. STAY AWAY

  • Cindy says:

    My husband and I bought a brand new 2021 Coleman Lantern the week after Thanksgiving 2021. During the walk through, the seal came out of the slideout. That pretty much ended the walk through. They said they would fix it and deliver it when it was done. We waited 3 weeks without any calls about the status. I finally called them and got nothing but excuses. Finally after another couple of weeks after I continued to call talking with the Gen manager 2 times and tell them this was not very good customer service and was unacceptable. They finally delivered it. I wasn’t home when it was delivered but when I got home and walked inside, there was nail gun nails laying all over the floor, the couch, the counters along with trash from fixing the slide out. I was furious!! I called again to speak to the Gen manager, the one that guaranteed me that he would personally do a walk thru before it left their lot (apparently he did not) and they agreed to send someone the next day to clean it up. I then received a phone call from the service manager saying he was very sorry and someone would be there within an hour to clean it up. The service manager was the only person that was willing to fix things and communicate. Sales guy and Gen manager sucked!!! The guy did arrive to get everything cleaned up and the service manager called again and asked me to check everything. So I did, the speakers did not work, the screen door did not latch, the molding on the slide was popped out at the bottom, the vent cover in the bathroom was cracked. I called him back and gave him a list and sent pictures to send for warranty replacement. Later when I winterized it, when I pulled the hot water heater plug out, it was so corroded it had holes in it. So I took another picture to send to him. Today is Jan 30 2022 and nothing has been fixed and I have not received a call in weeks. I did make a call to the manufacture to make a complaint of all the things that was wrong and got nothing but excuses. DO NOT DEAL WITH CAMPING WORLD!!!

  • PETE MORA says:


  • Pete says:

    Well its October 7, 2021 and unit is still in shop. No call from GM yet either. Had face to face meeting. He said that he was going to make it right, but yet to hear what that meant? Waiting on corporate to call me back. This is the craziest experience I’ve ever had purchasing a new product.

    • Karen Gadberry says:

      We have had a bad experience too. We have an Alliance. They had to deal with them too. Crapping world didn’t like that either. So I guess what they did was take their attitude and handed it to the customer. I left a review on a survey they sent. They wanted to contact me and find out more.
      Fine. I called them and for the first few contacts we had good conversations and I got…
      “Oh that’s terrible”.
      “Oh that makes me so mad”.
      Oh this and Oh that. I heard from them 3 times and they were supposed to get back to us but after 3 conversations with them that’s all we got.
      Nothing else. I called only to get some computer asking to press 1 to continue.
      After doing that 3 times it hung up.
      Looks like they are just as bad as the stores themselves.
      Nothing but thieves and liars work there.
      If you want answers make up your own.

  • Pete Mora says:

    My family purchased a new Keystone 5th wheel from Camping world in ABQ, everything was great till we signed and the bank sent off a check to the dealer, Our unit has been in the shop since July 8th, We bought it on June 28th, we were asked to use the RV during the 4th of July weekend but to bring it in after the weekend and they would address some issues they couldn’t resolve before we took possession of the unit. They also asked us to take this time to make a punch list of items we noticed while out with the family. I thought that was fair to ask of us. We returned from the trip and I called to let them know that we taking it back to have the original issues resolved along with the few minor issues addressed. Unfortunately that’s where the normally exciting time of purchasing a brand new unit took a turn for the worse. To make a long story short because I get more and more frustrated thinking how we are being treated, Its now August 16, 2021 and yet to see our brand new RV. Excuses after excuses, Meanwhile 2 monthly payments in and 3 trips I had planned with the family almost ruined but thanks to family and a friend lending us their units, we were able to at least get the family out. I’ve talked to people at the local store including GM and people at corporate. Not one word about how they can make it right NOT even an offer of compensation “JUST EXCUSES”. Apparently when someone claims to “Not be Happy if your I’m not Happy” is just a moto just said not practiced. Sorry for the rant, but frustrated by the lack of concern and empathy displayed by camping world at the local and corporate level. WELL finally got the call to pick up unit, they said it was finally done.. WELL, NO its not! We went to pick up the unit and only a few things completed, still had issues and the funny thing is, that there was another family dealing with the same type of service related issues. Now that gentlemen was pissed off.. I’m beginning to get to that level. There is just no care on their end to try and rectify our problems. The GM wont even call us back, seems like he is not willing to deal with our issues. And I’m about to send them my monthly payment, since they have had our unit longer than I have. 3rd payment going out this week … What a joke.. DO NOT BUY A RV FROM CAMPING WORLD.

  • Pete Mora says:

    My family purchased a new Keystone 5th wheel from Camping world in ABQ, everything was great till we signed and the bank sent off a check to the dealer, Our unit has been in the shop since July 8th, We bought it on June 28th, we were asked to use the RV during the 4th of July weekend but to bring it in after the weekend and they would address some issues they couldn’t resolve before we took possession of the unit. They also asked us to take this time to make a punch list of items we noticed while out with the family. I thought that was fair to ask of us. We returned from the trip and I called to let them know that we taking it back to have the original issues resolved along with the few minor issues addressed. Unfortunately that’s where the normally exciting time of purchasing a brand new unit took a turn for the worse. To make a long story short because I get more and more frustrated thinking how we are being treated, Its now August 16, 2021 and yet to see our brand new RV. Excuses after excuses, Meanwhile 2 monthly payments in and 3 trips I had planned with the family almost ruined but thanks to family and a friend lending us their units, we were able to at least get the family out. I’ve talked to people at the local store including GM and people at corporate. Not one word about how they can make it right NOT even an offer of compensation “JUST EXCUSES”. Apparently when someone claims to “Not be Happy if your I’m not Happy” is just a moto just said not practiced. Sorry for the rant, but frustrated by the lack of concern and empathy displayed by camping world at the local and corporate level. Received a call from Corporate today and same ole story, We will have local store reach out to you.. but nothing yet.

  • Pete Mora says:

    My family purchased a new Keystone 5th wheel from Camping world in ABQ, everything was great till we signed and the bank sent off a check to the dealer, Our unit has been in the shop since July 8th, We bought it on June 28th, we were asked to use the RV during the 4th of July weekend but to bring it in after the weekend and they would address some issues they couldn’t resolve before we took possession of the unit. They also asked us to take this time to make a punch list of items we noticed while out with the family. I thought that was fair to ask of us. We returned from the trip and I called to let them know that we taking it back to have the original issues resolved along with the few minor issues addressed. Unfortunately that’s where the normally exciting time of purchasing a brand new unit took a turn for the worse. To make a long story short because I get more and more frustrated thinking how we are being treated, Its now August 16, 2021 and yet to see our brand new RV. Excuses after excuses, Meanwhile 2 monthly payments in and 3 trips I had planned with the family almost ruined but thanks to family and a friend lending us their units, we were able to at least get the family out. I’ve talked to people at the local store including GM and people at corporate. Not one word about how they can make it right NOT even an offer of compensation “JUST EXCUSES”. Apparently when someone claims to “Not be Happy if your I’m not Happy” is just a moto just said not practiced. Sorry for the rant, but frustrated by the lack of concern and empathy displayed by camping world at the local and corporate level.



  • William Burgess says:

    Had work done Early May I think the 12th didn’t put my oil fill cap back on was going to mail it never received didn’t hooh rear camera speaker back up work preformed at Summerfield Florida

  • Greg says:

    Will take Motorhome needs to a different dealer. Was called in by appt. to look at a Motorhome just in, not cleaned or posted yet. Sitting at table negotiating, after Making a second offer, the Salesperson comes back and says ope your not going to believe this, but it just sold. So, how can a Motorhome be sold from under you while negotiating at table by appt. Thanks, will not refer or shop again at your a dealership.


    My husband and I purchased a 2016 Coachman Class C Leprechaun motor home on 08-06-2020 from Camping World in Valencia, California. We paid an additional $1,000 to have the coach “detailed inside and out.” When we went to pick the motor home up, it was FILTHY!!! The toilet had stains, the oven looked like something had blown up inside it, the refrigerator had mold inside, there were cobwebs throughout, the floors and cabinets were unbelievably dirty as well as gum wrappers inside the couch cushions! You can imagine my disgust. When I expressed my displeasure at the condition of the coach, they sent two young men inside the unit with a bottle of Windex and water. Really? I was told it was going to be “detailed.” I was told they have a team that does the detailing. If their team consists of these two young men, they should look into whether they should keep them as employees. The young men did NOTHING to clean up what was wrong. After voicing my concerns, the man who helped us in financing offered $500 in gift cards to spend in the store. Don’t forget that I paid $1,000 for the “detailing.” When I called back to the store to complain about the condition, I left messages for the GM at the Valencia store. That was five days ago. Still no word. Crickets. My husband and I also called our saleswoman. She, too, has not returned my calls after promising to get right back in touch with us. Crickets. Also, we bought a very nice camping chair. The moment my husband sat in it, it broke. (He is not heavy) I will NEVER, EVER suggest that anyone buy from Camping World. Their lack of customer service is horrible, their credibility is ridiculous, as well as their promises to have the motor home be “sparkling clean” when picking it up was laughable! WARNING TO EVERYONE: NEVER, EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM CAMPING WORLD IN VALENCIA, CA. As I write this, I am STILL waiting for all the calls back that were promised from over a week ago. Save your money and go elsewhere. The experience was like a nightmare!

  • Mark Mosley says:

    Camping World of Chattanooga will not work with you! Sold us a brand new artic Wolf 5th wheel and the ac didn’t work, now they are telling us it’s fine we just need to spend 1500$ more 4 weeks after purchase if we want to stay cool.

  • Beverly Parker wife says:

    My Husband bought a camper from camping world in Biloxi, Mississippi, and the air conditioner quit working. We took it back to be fixed, by the way the camper is under 90 days old, and now they want a credit card information so if the maker of the air conditioner doesn’t pay for the air conditioner, then they will take the money out of our account. Well, I will never ever buy anything else from camping world again. I called the Headquarters for this company and they would not help me, they switched me back to the camping world I bought the camper from. This is bull-shit, we paid cash for thius camper, brand new. THIS COMPANY SUCKS!!!!!!

  • Rob Brouillette says:

    Stay away because if your not happy Marcus is.

  • Gail Ethridge says:

    Bought one jan 2020 warranty parts ordered(i called the department) had other issue they came and got trailer Feb 4 2020 today June 22 2020 no camper no calls I have text from people at corporate. Told bank no more payments no more insurance. Tag purchased it has tan trailer purchased was white/charcoal gray. They talk out both side of their mouths. Will be getting me a lawyer.

  • Rob Broullette says:

    My wife and I have planned for years that after retirement we would buy a RV and try full timing. On Feb. 21, 2020 we bought this used 2008 Tiffin RV from Gander of St Augustine Fla. Before spending this large amount of money we asked many questions. We were told that tires where all great and that that RV had been completely gone over and all issues had been addressed. We did a complete walk though and video tape it. We found some issues and were assured that they would be taken care of before we picked up our new home. Everything we found is on the video with the employee telling us it would be taken care of. When we went to pick up this RV, at 9:00 am their request to get there early, we found nothing had been done to repair the issues we address on the walk thought. We left Gander at 5:30 pm with the RV and none of the repairs done. On our way home to MA we had several issues come up. One being a blow out of one of the great tires. At the cost of $650.00 we had road service replace this tire. When it was taken of it appeared that the tires had been turned so you where unable to see the dry rot. We lost an air pressure gage. When we got home and park the RV we found it wouldn’t restate. Again Road Service at $250.00 and found they couldn’t do anything. $650.00 to have it towed for repairs.
    We make contact with Glenn Blake of Gander in ST Augustine on Feb. 27th and explained our issues. He give me his e mail and ask me to send invoice from repair shop. I explained to Glenn a promise made to me from April, Gander Manager, that had note been kept with regards to and issue with tail pipe. He told me to get it addressed from the shop I was at. I had this done and now they refuse to pay for the repairs. Instead they sent me a tail pipe. See picture of what they sent.
    I sent the invoice which totaled over five thousand dollar not including the price of 5 new tires and this is what I got.

    Good Afternoon Mr. Brouillette,
    I have looked at TRI-State’s repair order and reviewed it with the General Sales Manager, Gander RV will cover the LOF in the amount of $405.25 and we will also cover the Air Gauge repair $305.60 and as a goodwill gesture, we usually do not cover tires on Pre-Owned units, we will cover 1/2 of your replacement cost on your blowout $370.00 for a total reimbursement to you $1080.85. I had sent to you the exhaust turndown as promised by the previous sales manager. This is the best we can do for you. I will have our Accounts Payable department draw up a release and email it to you for you to sign and return so that I can request a check for you. Please be safe in your travels and Thank you for business.
    Best regards,
    Glenn S Blake
    Service Director
    Gander RV
    600 Outlet Mall Blvd., St. Augustine, FL 32084
    (904) 486-9050 ext. 1244
    CISCO#: 70561244

    We received the agreement, attached, and after reading it we asked several managers serval time if anyone had read this agreement?
    Their response each time was this is what needs to be signed before we pay you. Please read to see what you have to deal with.
    this is what 3 and four say

    3. General. It is understood and agreed by me that the acceptance of the contribution is in full accord, satisfaction and in final settlement of any and all claims and demands presented by me against Dealer. I covenant that no representations or promises other than those expressly herein contained have been made to me in regard to this Release and settlement, and I fully understand that, after this instrument has been executed, all of my rights, claims, and demands referred to above are hereby and shall be extinguished. I understand that this Release is a compromise of a disputed claim and is not be construed as an admission of liability on the part of Dealer. I will do all things reasonable and necessary, and without delay, to transfer legal and physical possession of the RV to Dealer, including, but not limited, to removing my personal belongs from the RV and signing a power of attorney in favor of Dealer. I understand that the RV must be in the same condition it was delivered to me on the purchase date, reasonable wear and tear excepted or I will be responsible for all costs associated with returning the RV to that condition prior to receiving the contribution described in Paragraph 1.

    4. Confidentiality. I agree to maintain this Release and its terms in strictest confidence. I shall not communicate, display, publish or reveal any of the facts surrounding this Release or the contents of this Release to any individual, group of individuals, organizations, social media sites, or entities, including but not limited to, any member of the media, except as may be required by governmental taxing authority or by subpoena from a court of competent jurisdiction. If inquiry is made as to the resolution of dispute, I will specifically report only that the matter has been settled.
    Stay away from this place

  • Loretta Williams says:

    3/19/20 We purchased a 2020 Forest River Wildcat 5th Wheel from Camping World in Katy, Texas on December 28, 2019. We have had some minor problems but the major problem has been the auto leveling system. We have been camping three times and each time we have had problems with it. We have called Camping World and Good Sam RV Techs as instructed while at a campsite and the issue was not resolved and Camping World has yet to fix the problem. Our camper has also been in the shop three times and it is still there now. We were told it was fixed yesterday but when we went to pick it up the leveling system still did not work properly. We had to leave it there. The second time our camper was in the shop Camping World had it over 30 days.

    I understand we might have some issues but the leveling system is major. Some of the reason were have been given by Camping World Service personnel including the Customer Service Manager Jennifer was the leveling system may not be working properly because of the type of ground the camper is on. Each time we have been camping our camper is setting on concrete and it sits on concrete at home. We have been told by Camping World Technician that if the camper sits unplugged for a period of time the brain of the leveling system looses it’s memory or if the battery is dead it loose it memory. We keep it plugged up at home. He also told us the wind could cause the leveling system to not work properly. The Camping World Technician also said he thinks the work they have already done on the leveling system might have fried the brain and he would get with Forest River about it. I feel we are being fed a line of bull. We had a 2018 5th Wheel prior to this one and never, ever had a problem with the leveling system. James with Camping World Service Department made the comment yesterday that “we weren’t being charged for the work on the leveling system although they have worked on it three times”. Sorry, but the reason Camping World has worked on it three times is because it has NEVER been fixed right in the first place.

    We received a call from James in the Service Department at Camping World on Saturday, 3/21/20 to ask if we could come get our camper because it was ready. He said they replaced all the sensor relating to the leveling system. They had the camper in the same spot that they worked on it. Before we left we tried the auto leveling and it worked. We took our camper home and when we got home we used the outside panel to get the camper off of the truck, the system worked. When we tried the auto leveling it wouldn’t work. It started flashing red. We tried it a couple of time. We went inside the camper and used the panel on the wall and the auto leveling worked. We called Camping World and James told us to bring it back. He acted like we lived next door; we are 1-1/2 hour away from the Katy location. I called Camping World to speak to the General Manager of the store and instead of him calling me back Jennifer, the Customer Service Manager calls me. Why didn’t the General Manager call me back like it had asked. I guess it’s because he doesn’t want to hear from dissatisfied customers. She told me that it worked for them and for us when we were at Camping World so she doesn’t understand why it doesn’t work when we get it home. She acted like we didn’t know what we were doing. We have had a 5th Wheel before and never had this problem, EVER. She told us to use the outside panel and try it again and if it flashing red to go inside and see what the error message is. We did that and we told her that the error message read “FAULT, FEATURE DISABLED, PRESS OK TO ACKNOWLEDGE” See attached picture. She told us not to bring it back on Monday (today, 3/23/20) because she had to locate a new display panel. My husband has talked to Sara with Forest River on several occasions and told her that he believed the entire leveling system needs to be replaced. Camping World is just guessing at what is work with our camper. It is costing us time and money to keep bringing our camper back for repair. It appears to us that something with the system gets jarred during transporting it. If the leveling system gets out of adjustment during traveling that is not acceptable. How can we go camping if our camper doesn’t work properly and y’all think it no big deal.

    We are extremely upset with Camping World and the service that we have received since we purchaed our camper 3 months ago.

  • Dan Blazek says:

    So reading through these emails, I made the same mistake. Bought a new 5th wheel, one recliner did not work. Took it in to fix on Aug7th. . Very few updates always saying waiting for parts. I got tracking # and they were delivered on Sept 6th. It is now Sept. 28th and have no update or 5th wheel. Looks like they have a corporate wide problem with service. In Savannah GA.

  • Jennifer Oakes says:

    I initially spoke with Gary, in your Service Dept., about having our wear bars repaired on August 12, 2019, at 11:30 am. After he suggested I file a claim with my insurance company, I called him back that same day at 11:55 am to let him know that my insurance company would be faxing over an assignment/assessment sheet for him to fill out with a quote. I spoke with him on August 14th at 8:20 am to see if the insurance company had sent him what he needed and they had not. I gave him my claim number and asked when we could bring it in. He said that he needed to check to see how soon they could get to it and would let me know the next day. I asked him to let me know if they could get to it by Labor Day weekend, because we would be leaving to go out of town. He said that it was an 18-hour labor job so it wouldn’t be a problem. He never called me back so I called him on August 16th at 9:19 am for an update. I asked again when I could bring it in and he said he needed to check with the Parts Dept. to see if the parts were in stock and would call me back that afternoon. Again, he never called me back.

    We came into the store on Saturday, August 17th and spoke with Thomas Lowery. Thomas didn’t have any information because there was not a work order that had been started. He only knew about it because I had emailed him the week before to ask what the name of the part was called. I called back on August 19th at 1:09 pm and spoke with Gary. He said that the parts would be in on Wednesday, August 21st, for me to bring it on Tuesday so they could start working on it Wednesday when the parts came in. I asked him again if it would be ready for our trip and he replied, “not a problem.”

    We dropped it off Tuesday afternoon around 4 pm. On August 24th at 10:49 am, I called and was transferred to Nathan’s voicemail, in the Service Dept. I left him a message asking for an update on the repairs. I never heard back from Nathan so I called back at 3:28 pm and spoke directly to Nathan. He said that he was walking down to the lot to show a couple a camper and would call me back in about an hour. It is now 5:52 pm and I called to ask what time the Service Dept. closed and was told 6 pm. I asked to be transferred to an actual person and not a voicemail. Nathan picked up. He said that he had no information on my camper because it has not been entered into their system. I told him that they have had my camper since Tuesday (it’s now Saturday evening) and asked why nothing is even imputed to even show that they had it. He said the only thing he saw was a sticky note with my name and camper model on it. He told me that Gary would be at work on Sunday, August 24th with a skeleton crew. I asked Nathan to transfer me to Gary’s voicemail. I left him a voicemail asking for an update and also mentioned that Nathan said he would be in the next day and for him to call me. Gary did not call me at all on Sunday.

    Camping World has no records of my camper even being there, except for what has been written on a sticky note. I called on August 26th at 1:14 pm because I had not heard back from Gary. He, again, told me that he needed to check to see if the parts were in and also needed to send my insurance company the quote. Camping World has had my camper for almost a week and no one has bothered to contact me. For the third time, I asked Gary if I was going to have it back before Thursday evening for our Labor Day trip, again, he said it “wouldn’t be a problem.” Before I got off the phone with him, he said he would call me tomorrow.

    As of 2:40 pm, on August 27th, I have not heard from Gary. My insurance company called me to say that they still have not received the paperwork needed from Camping World. I called at 2:41 pm and left a voicemail for Gary letting him know that they are still in need of the assessment sheet. I also told him that today was my last day to cancel my reservation for Labor Day weekend and for him to let me know for sure if the camper would be ready. Nathan called me back at 3:15 pm…Nathan, not Gary. He told me that the incorrect part was ordered and that my parts won’t be here until the middle of next week. I asked him to transfer me to Gary so that I could speak with him directly. Gary suggested that they install one of the incorrect wear bars to our camper just so that we could still go on our trip and then bring it back after we returned. I was shocked that putting incorrect parts on my camper would even be suggested. I also asked as to why my insurance company hasn’t received any of the paperwork yet and he said that someone was supposed to be getting that done today. He told me on August 26th he was sending it as we spoke. He also mentioned that when he called my insurance company that he would wait to speak with someone instead of leaving a voicemail. So, 4 times I have been told it wouldn’t be an issue getting my camper back in time, plus being told on the 19th by Gary that my parts were being delivered on August 21st, only to have them be ordered AFTER that date and arriving today on the 27th.

    Camping World has now had my camper for a week. That is a week of no one doing any work to the camper, a week of no one calling me to let me know anything regarding the camper, a week of being told that Gary would call me back and he doesn’t. I have now had to cancel my plans and lose my deposit all because Camping World did not do what they said they were going to do.

    Nathan called me back at 4:16 pm on August 27th and said that there was a camper on the lot that had wear bars similar to our camper and that they were going to remove them from that camper and install those wear bars in my camper. I told him under no circumstances did I want used parts in my camper. Those wear bars could easily be in the same condition as ours was when we purchased our camper from Camping World and I was not going to be in the same situation that I am in now, just a few months down the road. I told him that I would wait for the correct parts to come in so that they could install them. While I had him on the phone, I asked about the roller kit that Gary said would be installed. Gary said that the wear bars in those models were faulty and broke/cracked easily and that when Camping World installed new bars that they were also installing roller kits to prolong the life of the bars. Nathan confirmed what Gary said about the wear bars and also said that Camping World was installing them at their expense. He also said that he didn’t see anything in regards to a roller kit on the work order, but would check on it and get back with me. As of the time I sent this letter, I had not heard back from Nathan.

    After I was told that the incorrect part could be used “until” I get back from vacation or the suggestion of taking a used part and installing it, I don’t even trust now that I will get new parts on my camper. I would like reassurance and proof from you in writing that the parts that are being put on my camper are new and from the factory and also the exact parts and pricing that you are billing my insurance company for.

    This experience has been extremely frustrating and in no way professional. There should have never been a time that someone said they would contact me back and didn’t. We still have 3 years left of an extended warranty and I want to make sure that I won’t have these same issues in the future. With that being said, every time that I did speak with Gary, he was very polite.

    Due to this experience, my vacation being canceled and me being out my deposit, I would like to know what Camping World is going to do to compensate me regarding my deductible for this transaction.

    August 27th at 7:16 pm, I sent an email to Freddy Fehr and also copied CEO Marcus Lemonis with the email address (marcus@campingworld.com) that he provided someone on another forum. Freddy immediately replied and in his reply, also copied Marcus at another email address (MLemonis@campingworld.com) as well as the entire service depart (CLE_Service@campingworld.com). He said that he would call me the next day with information regarding the ETA of my parts. The next afternoon (Wednesday), he did contact me with information regarding my parts. He told me that the parts would be in on Wednesday (which was the same day he called me) at the latest Thursday. He said it would take about 1-2 hours to install the wear bars and I should be able to go on my trip. I explained to him that it was Wednesday already and that the parts would not actually be there until Thursday, Friday at the latest. I let him know that our trip had already been canceled and we had already lost our deposit. I questioned him regarding the labor hours he quoted of 1-2 hours because I was told 18 hours. He said that it shouldn’t take that long but would get with the Service Department and call me back. I never heard back from Freddy.

    August 28th, Lance Hunter called and told me that Gary no longer worked there and that he was filling in for him. Lance told me that when the part came in on Thursday that he would personally take a picture of the wear bars in their shipping packages and send them to me to reassure that the parts are new. He did say that he would get the roller kit ordered for our camper. I didn’t hear from Lance on the 28th or the 29th so my husband stopped by on the 29th after work, around 3:51 pm. He spoke with Layne and was told that our parts were delivered at 1:20 pm on the 29th. Layne walked back to the back and said that there was a package with the wear bars in it and a box with the roller kit.

    I get a call from Lance on Monday, Sept. 2 at 9:48 am saying that he spoke with one of the techs and was told that a roller kit on our camper would be pointless because the way our slides comes out that they’d never really touch the rollers. He wanted to make sure with me first before he ordered them. The same roller kit that my husband was told was already delivered on Friday. I told him to go ahead and repair the wear bars without the roller kit, based off of what he had just told me. I also let him know that I never received a picture from him with our parts. He said that he would go right then and take a picture and send it to me. At 10 am, I received a text from Lance (361) 727-5996 with a picture of the wear bars laying on the floor. I asked him a question regarding the insurance and he didn’t have the answer so he said that he would have Nathan call me. At 10:34 am, Nathan called and spoke with me about my question regarding labor. He told me that they billed the insurance company for 30 hours of labor. I told him that Gary quoted me 18 hours at $135 an hour and that the front wear bar would run $125 and the back, $85. He let me know that they had just pulled the camper into a bay so they could start working on it. He also said he would fax me over the itemized quote that he sent to the insurance company. I never received anything.

    Sept. 3 at 2:16 pm, Nathan called to say that the camper was ready. The camper was taken back at 10:34 am to start work. Between 10:34 and 2:16 pm, there is no way there were 26.5 hours of labor done within your business hours. I don’t care that they are “book hours.” You finished a job in half that time and you charged for the entire 26.5 hours. I called my insurance company to let them know and was told that since the check had already been sent out that the claim was closed. I called Nathan back to discuss the extra labor and he said that he would get with Lance but he did have a note from Gary that he quoted “20 hours labor” on. Nathan called me back at 5:12 pm and said that Lance said that there was nothing he could do regarding the extra labor that wasn’t done. So, for a job that I was quoted $2,640 but no more than $3,000 for, my insurance company was billed $3,914.60. That is almost $1,000 more than what I was originally quoted.

    I emailed Freddy Fehr on Sept. 9 to let him know that we would be in the next day to pick the camper up. He copies Nathan and the service department in the email and Nathan replied that they would have it ready to go. Sept. 10, around 3:45 pm, we arrived to pick the camper up. We walked down to what Nathan called “the campground” where the camper was parked to look over it. I noticed a large amount of water around the camper and noticed that the air conditioner was running. Nathan met us down there and I asked how long the camper had been plugged in and the air on. Not only had the camper been plugged in and the air on since 9 am, the air was set to 52 degrees on a 99-degree day, which means that our air had been running non stop all day. We looked over the wear bar and brought the slides in, all worked fine. I noticed the trim that was popped out of place when the wear bar broke had not been fixed. Nathan went back up to the store and came back with a technician. While Nathan was gone, I took the cushions off of the dinette and noticed that the dinette was not screwed back into place. The screws were there, but they were not screwed into the holes. When the technician came back with Nathan, we brought an air compressor to fix the trim. Nathan had gone back outside to the forklift that moves the campers, to get the touch-up pens for the wood. I asked the technician if the trim was removed and he replied, “We didn’t have to remove the trim.” Now, I have been told since day 1 that the slides had to be removed and that the trim had to be removed to do so. Gary even told me that he placed an order for a new trim package for when mine was removed because he said that they just “rip it off and most of the time, it breaks.” I asked the technician how they replaced the wear bar and he told me that all they had to do was remove the 2 end pieces of the dinette, which explains why my dinette was not screwed back into place. This means that I was billed labor hours for my slides to be removed and in fact, they were not. I have already contacted my insurance company regarding this and was asked to contact Camping World directly for assistance first and that if I didn’t have any luck to contact them and they would go through the proper steps regarding insurance fraud. So, I am asking for the labor that was charged for the front slide and rear slide to be returned to me.

    There is also a sign in the service department that says that if you’re a Good Sams Member that you get $10 off an hour for labor. I also did not receive this discount as well.

    At no point has Camping World tried to work with me regarding this disaster. There has been nothing but “the passing of the buck.” Nathan has been the only person to apologize for my troubles and he had absolutely nothing to do with it. I honestly wish I had read the reviews about the Service Department before I even decided to use Camping World. The whole point in having the wear bars replaced was to trade in our camper on a new one. I had been speaking with Dorian and once the camper was completed, we were trading it in at Camping World for a new one. This will no longer be the case.

    I will quote your CEO below. He has been copied twice in these emails and not once has responded. “If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.” After my experience with Camping World, this must be one unhappy man.

  • pat mosley says:

    update of august 1 2019
    I mentioned the door being really difficult and fans not working since delivery, an update. i checked back with the salesman who going to see if he could send someone to fix the door and fans at site since they were broken prior to delivery. he was told, ‘no’, they said they will be repaired as warranty work so it has to be done at the shop. how is it warranty when not working upon delivery? why was this not taken care of during the ‘prep? Friday aug. 2, I was up the steps trying to get the door to open I fell on to the asphalt. my wrist is badly broken and I have wound that bled for hours. (thus the poor typing) I am now and going to be more out money to have my wrist repaired and money for a place to live while I heal for I cannot climb the steps one-handed with no railing or work the door. please keep this in mind when you are looking for a unit. one other point with camping world. the day I purchased the unit I planned to pay cash and told them so. I selected within my budget and agreed to a price. the salesman came back with agreement on the price BUT I had to finance the unit for six months. They told me my credit score was 821 so I was very qualified but made me sign a paper agreeing to finance and pay interest for six months. when I asked later why I had to finance I was told camping world gets what amounts kick backs was my understanding for getting/forcing customers to finance from the finance company and other sources.

  • Pat Mosley says:

    I purchased a trailer July 27, 2019. I was told it could be delivered and set up same day for the park is approximately five miles from the store. I was told it would be prepped, I would be given instructions about the camper prior. I agreed for I thought I would just stay overnight in the camper and not make the drive home. Later I remembered I had to return to Bryan July 27 to pick up my husband and be in Dallas early Sunday morning and let the salesman know. The trailer was in prep. I left after completing sale and returned at 1:30p. I was told the trailer would be in prep another hour go eat. I returned at 2:30p and was told the trailer would be in prep another hour. I said I was told another hour at 1:30 and could not wait much longer. I was told it would be in prep, then wash, then inspected, then delivered. I told the salesman to forget the wash and instructions just deliver the trailer so I can leave. About 3:45p the trailer was going to be inspected and delivered with no wash and no instructions. The trailer was delivered by Ron who noticed the fans do not work in the ceiling, the chair is damaged, and the door is not on correctly so it much be slammed really hard to close and has scraped paint on the frame. Ron stated he would turn the information in. Monday, July 29 the salesman came out to correct the sewer hoses. I asked him about the fan, chair and door. He said it would have to be taken back to Camping World to correct
    the issues. I informed the salesman I already had to have the trailer adjusted for one wheel was not on the pad but in air and yellow blocks. The trailer was not level inside so the interior doors would not stay in place. Camping World is not moving the trailer. The salesman said he would check to see if someone could come to the trailer to repair the fans and door. A chair would be ordered.
    Today, August 1 I phone the salesman, same one who sold me the trailer and did the sewer line change, and was told Camping World would only fix the door and the fans in their shop. It had to be moved to work on it. The chair was ordered. I stated I do not find this acceptable. It was in prep for almost two hours. They should have noted the fans no working, the door not working properly and the chair. The salesman stated prep takes anywhere from 2-4 hours. I stated he should have told me that and I would have left the trailer to be delivered the next week. I had already discussed with the salesman leaving the trailer before I purchased it. He stated I could. I also told the salesman I doubt there was any prep for there was mud in the shower and the sink was dirty.
    He continued to state it has to be moved to address the door and the fans. I stated again Camping World is not moving this trailer. I have already had to get a professional service to correct the way it was left upon delivery. I finally said I will take care of it and good bye. We will see if I ever get the chair. This is Camping World’s notice and all who read. Others will be notified.

  • Gary William Dickson says:

    Hello. I’m not a happy camper. I purchase 2019 5th wheel camper from Tom Johnson. First day looking at trailers was great everything looked good left deposit returned 4 days later with bank check for total amount. I was scheduled to pick-up the day I ,paid in full. They would not give me my military discount. I’m a Disabled Vet. ! Wasted 6 hours that day plus diesel. Then it was a different story. Tom Johnson did not honor trade-in agreed price. Sales person little to non knowledge of the 5th wheel trailers and when ask to price-out 2 slide covers it was under $500. now the want $1,000. I feel she lied just to get a sale. Outside storage door missing and hot water door. Greasy hand prints inside on walls. Also the Tom Johnson management was not very nice making us very on-easy and ready to drop the complete Deal. I never before walk-in to a Camping world was treated so badly and belittled. Camping World needs to clamp down on these type of dealerships. I know for a fact I will Never go to another Tom Johnson in Concord NC or else where again. So now I have to wait another week to maybe pickup my trailer.
    Hope this gets to Marcus’s Office. Sales is what keeps businesses growing

  • jimmy davis says:

    Came here to find email information so I can tell everybody how bad the service is at the Byron Georgia location.I plan to email Marcus my experience .It may not do a bit of good but I can promise you all one thing I will never spend another dime at this place ,I would not buy a candy bar from this location,TERRIBLE management.

  • Connie Mettlin says:

    I am writing to you as a client who was insulted and not quite sure what to do . My husband and I went to Camping World in Cedar Falls, Iowa. We purchased a new camper there 20 years ago and loved the camper. We went to Camping World just to see what was available as we sold our first camper many years ago. My husband and I decided we needed to have a camper so we could get away from the stress of our life, etc. We entered Camping World and there was our old salesman from 20+ years ago. We talked and he took us for a ride around the facility. We caught up on where everyone was, talked about our kids, while looking at the camper. We looked at 2 Dutchman campers, a 2006 and a 2008. We looked at newer campers and our 15 year old son said the 2008 looked much better.

    We went to the showroom and met with Tom while he told us about the camper. Then, the finance guy came over and it was then that things weren’t going well for us. The finance guy was nice and worked with us on financing from the bank. He stated he could get us a great deal–found out we were $500 short on what he wanted. The finance man then stated he could make a deal with us and stated he would match us at the $500 mark. I made the mistake of telling him that I had taken money out of my social security account to finish paying for our furnace in our house. We all shook hands and thought things would go very well.

    Come Saturday, the numbers didn’t line up and we were told what the numbers were. Both my husband and I were caught off guard when we went to sign the papers because the finance guy wanted my full social security money to put a down payment on the camper. The finance guy had stated two days before that he would match our $500 down payment and things would be fine. Instead we spent an extra 2 hours at the facility and argue with the finance man that he stated he would match us on the $500 and we would not owe so much. The finance man asked me I had remember who he was, I said “yes”. Then, he restated did I know who he was? I told him I did, but the finance man thought I had ” a memory lapse because of the money.” My husband, myself, and our 15 year old son remembered him stating that he would match us and the finance man said he did not.

    The guy was furious and stated I was accusing him of lying. I said, “no” I wasn’t accusing him of anything other than knowing that all 3 of us heard that the only money we had to give him was the $500. The finance guy left and the Department Head let us sit and think for a while he went to talk to the finance guy. Both my husband and I was not sure we wanted to keep the camper. Our son had left to see a friend, but he remembered the words.

    The camper was listed at $9999 and the camper was supposed to have been all put together. I was apprised that the extra “dollars” were for the tow system, cleaning the camper, etc. I was disturbed and didn’t say much on the way home from the store.

    I feel when an item is sold all attachments, etc would be included in the price. WRONG! I am a bit unhappy with the way we were treated, but I also knew this would be my last camper. So, I am trying to figure out how we make it financially now. By the way, the Director of Financing gave all sorts of “lollipops”–books, charge card, and other entities that kept us feeling that we had been treated better.

    Tom, you are still the man we like and we aren’t blaming you.

  • Penny Kish And Butch Jones says:

    We purchased our 5th wheel Columbus from the Valencia Camping world in Valencia Ca.in May of 2017. We where very pleased with the sales of the 5th wheel and the sales personnel. We also purchased extended warranties on the trailer. We did thinking we covered our self pretty good in case of emergency.After we purchased the trailer we went on a 3 month trip across country. It was a wonderful experience We had a few bugs to get fixed after we returned home and that was when all the trouble started with the service department.We were told so many differantn stories that it is hard to remember them all. It sees that the warranties that we purchased WERE NOT MUCH GOOD! Also the trailer is under a 2 year warranty. We live in Arizona have been very diligent in taking the trailer back to Valencia every time we have had any problems with the trailer, because it seems no matter where you buy the trailer they are the ones you have to get to work on the trailer. But of course when we bought it we told that it was no problem to have other camping worlds or dealers to work on it.NOT TRUE when ever we take the trailer in we have always made appointments to take it in thinking this would help in getting it back in a timely manner. NOT TRUE! We have the trailer in for different items tom be fixed and it has taken as much 2 months to get them repaired and to find out that they were not fixed properly. To wait that long then to not have them fixed is very frustrating to say the least.
    We have the trailer in the shop now to have the rear axle repaired. Thinking that this would be covered under the warranty or the expensive extended warranty. We placed the trailer in the shop on 4/17/19 to get repaired along with a few other minor thins to be fixed. Before we put it in the shop we called several times informing them of the things needing to be repaired including the axle. We were told that this may not be coved under the warranty. I was not happy about this and explained that the warranties should cover. After blowing my top Amanda said that she would work with me to see if they could get it covered. This was on 4/30/19 on 5/7/19 she called me and told me the axle would be covered and they would have them in the shop on 5/25/19 more than a month after it was in the shop. also that I was going to have to pay for the labor. I was not happy about this we paid over 7 thousand dollars for this extended warranty. When we bought this warranty we told it was bumper to bumper warranty not realizing that there was only one bumper. Every time I mention this warranty I am told not covered.I would not recommend this to anyone.There are many things that are supposed to be covered but I am finding out that they are not. We were told if we had a break down on the road and it could not be fixed that the warranty would pay for a hotel until it was fixed Ha Ha joke on me. We live in Az remember and we take it to Valencia for repairs. Phoenix is a little closer but because we purchased in Valencia we take it there. We have never been put up in hotel on there expense. I have been very , very unhappy with the service department in Valencia not putting all the blame on them but someone has to see the frustration. I have never written a review before and hope that I don’t ever do it again. Camping World does not get 5 stars from me.Sorry so long

  • VJ Mayhew says:

    Good Morning; We traveled from Amarillo,TX to Sherman, TX to purchase our Dutchman Endurance 3456 2019 toy hauler on March 14, 2019. David our salesman & Ken the Mgr. both knew the day time in which we were arriving. When we arrived we had to wait on David. When he did get to us he introduced himself and then turned us over to a service tech to walk us through the trailer, she was very pleasant ,but didn’t know a lot abut our trailer. David left and we did’n’t see him again until it was time to sign papers. We were told they were getting it ready for us. We spent 5hrs there to pickup trailer and sign papers. I understand he was busy but it wasn’t with customers he was moving trailer around on the lot. We were very disappointed that David didn’t feel that we were important enough to go through the process with us. When we pulled out we assumed everything was good on the trailer. As we got down the road we pulled to how the trailer was pulling and so forth and started looking the trailer over . And found that there were on tags on trailer not even temp tags and we were missing a few things that came with the trailer. So I called and spoke to David and he put me though to service and I spoke to young man and he told he would send the items out next day. And a month later we still hadn’t received missing items and or tags or paper work. So I called The dealership in Sherman and found out that had been some changes made in personal. And was told they dropped the ball on our purchase, even though they had received full payment from our credit union. It is now going on two weeks more that Camping World in Sherman, TX has been trying to work out the problems, We had to take the trailer here in Amarillo to an inspection and to fix the grey water tank valve. For this again wasn’t checked before we picked up the Endurance. And we were told by Ryan the new GM and Paige that the tags would be over nighted to us on Monday 4/15/2019 and it is now 4/18/2019 and we still haven’t received them. Ryan did have them send us the missing items along with a $50 gift card. However this is a nightmare for we understood that the Endurance was checked to make sure that everything was in working order and was ready to go. So when we got the Endurance we put water in it and checking things out we found that the there was red sticky stuff all over the inside of refrigerator and when we practicing flushing the water system we found feces in the system that no one had used we were told. When I told this to Ryan We were told none of his employees would do that, well it was obvious someone had. We would not recommend this location to anyone looking for a camper. We traveled to Sherman to get our Endurance for the Camping World in Amarillo didn’t have one and wasn’t willing to get this from Sherman. So our experience with Camping World has not been and good experience. We don’t feel that a $50 gift card has been proper compensation for all that we have been though. And it’s sad that changing out a few staff members in one location has caused such a mess. I hope this is not how all Camping Worlds are ran, for you have a good product just not good training at the store end.

    Thank you

  • Elizabeth Kimble says:

    I need urgent help with getting my son’s camper repaired. He bought this camper to use for work travel and the last 3 weeks he had to stay at a hotel. He had to travel 4 hours back and forth to drop off and pick up. When they called and said it was fixed he was so thrilled. He got it back to the campground and again the heater would not work. (OH! Did I forget to say he had the same problem Fall of 2018. And no one could figure it out.) So here we are again. This is one of two large purchases he has made. (2018 RAM 3500 Diesel Dually and his Keystone Cougar.) He’s just turned 25 yrs old. He’s paying for a camper he can’t use, plus paying for a hotel room he shouldn’t need. The Camping World in Akron, Ohio won’t answer his phone calls. He has gotten little to no help from Keystone RV. His camper is now at Camping World in Syracuse, NY. I would really like to get some kind of help with this situation. I don’t want to write a nasty review. I know what it is like to work retail and I said I would not be one of those customers. I just need someone’s help getting this resolved. I pray you do not overlook this message. Thank You in Advance. Elizabeth Kimble 740-896-7012
    PS. This is a brand new camper bought in 2018. He also bought an extended warranty.

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