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  • Address: 7520, 650 Three Springs Road
    Bowling Green, KY 42104
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 270-781-2718
  • Fax Number: 270-796-8991
  • Email:
  • Number of Employees: 7221
  • Established: 1966
  • Founder: David Garvin
  • Key People: Marcus Lemonis

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Marcus A. Lemonis

President, CEO & Director

Mark J. Boggess

Chief Operating Officer

Diana Ardelean

Senior Vice President of Communications

Robert Pfingston

Creative Director

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  • Connie Mettlin says:

    I am writing to you as a client who was insulted and not quite sure what to do . My husband and I went to Camping World in Cedar Falls, Iowa. We purchased a new camper there 20 years ago and loved the camper. We went to Camping World just to see what was available as we sold our first camper many years ago. My husband and I decided we needed to have a camper so we could get away from the stress of our life, etc. We entered Camping World and there was our old salesman from 20+ years ago. We talked and he took us for a ride around the facility. We caught up on where everyone was, talked about our kids, while looking at the camper. We looked at 2 Dutchman campers, a 2006 and a 2008. We looked at newer campers and our 15 year old son said the 2008 looked much better.

    We went to the showroom and met with Tom while he told us about the camper. Then, the finance guy came over and it was then that things weren’t going well for us. The finance guy was nice and worked with us on financing from the bank. He stated he could get us a great deal–found out we were $500 short on what he wanted. The finance man then stated he could make a deal with us and stated he would match us at the $500 mark. I made the mistake of telling him that I had taken money out of my social security account to finish paying for our furnace in our house. We all shook hands and thought things would go very well.

    Come Saturday, the numbers didn’t line up and we were told what the numbers were. Both my husband and I were caught off guard when we went to sign the papers because the finance guy wanted my full social security money to put a down payment on the camper. The finance guy had stated two days before that he would match our $500 down payment and things would be fine. Instead we spent an extra 2 hours at the facility and argue with the finance man that he stated he would match us on the $500 and we would not owe so much. The finance man asked me I had remember who he was, I said “yes”. Then, he restated did I know who he was? I told him I did, but the finance man thought I had ” a memory lapse because of the money.” My husband, myself, and our 15 year old son remembered him stating that he would match us and the finance man said he did not.

    The guy was furious and stated I was accusing him of lying. I said, “no” I wasn’t accusing him of anything other than knowing that all 3 of us heard that the only money we had to give him was the $500. The finance guy left and the Department Head let us sit and think for a while he went to talk to the finance guy. Both my husband and I was not sure we wanted to keep the camper. Our son had left to see a friend, but he remembered the words.

    The camper was listed at $9999 and the camper was supposed to have been all put together. I was apprised that the extra “dollars” were for the tow system, cleaning the camper, etc. I was disturbed and didn’t say much on the way home from the store.

    I feel when an item is sold all attachments, etc would be included in the price. WRONG! I am a bit unhappy with the way we were treated, but I also knew this would be my last camper. So, I am trying to figure out how we make it financially now. By the way, the Director of Financing gave all sorts of “lollipops”–books, charge card, and other entities that kept us feeling that we had been treated better.

    Tom, you are still the man we like and we aren’t blaming you.

  • Penny Kish And Butch Jones says:

    We purchased our 5th wheel Columbus from the Valencia Camping world in Valencia May of 2017. We where very pleased with the sales of the 5th wheel and the sales personnel. We also purchased extended warranties on the trailer. We did thinking we covered our self pretty good in case of emergency.After we purchased the trailer we went on a 3 month trip across country. It was a wonderful experience We had a few bugs to get fixed after we returned home and that was when all the trouble started with the service department.We were told so many differantn stories that it is hard to remember them all. It sees that the warranties that we purchased WERE NOT MUCH GOOD! Also the trailer is under a 2 year warranty. We live in Arizona have been very diligent in taking the trailer back to Valencia every time we have had any problems with the trailer, because it seems no matter where you buy the trailer they are the ones you have to get to work on the trailer. But of course when we bought it we told that it was no problem to have other camping worlds or dealers to work on it.NOT TRUE when ever we take the trailer in we have always made appointments to take it in thinking this would help in getting it back in a timely manner. NOT TRUE! We have the trailer in for different items tom be fixed and it has taken as much 2 months to get them repaired and to find out that they were not fixed properly. To wait that long then to not have them fixed is very frustrating to say the least.
    We have the trailer in the shop now to have the rear axle repaired. Thinking that this would be covered under the warranty or the expensive extended warranty. We placed the trailer in the shop on 4/17/19 to get repaired along with a few other minor thins to be fixed. Before we put it in the shop we called several times informing them of the things needing to be repaired including the axle. We were told that this may not be coved under the warranty. I was not happy about this and explained that the warranties should cover. After blowing my top Amanda said that she would work with me to see if they could get it covered. This was on 4/30/19 on 5/7/19 she called me and told me the axle would be covered and they would have them in the shop on 5/25/19 more than a month after it was in the shop. also that I was going to have to pay for the labor. I was not happy about this we paid over 7 thousand dollars for this extended warranty. When we bought this warranty we told it was bumper to bumper warranty not realizing that there was only one bumper. Every time I mention this warranty I am told not covered.I would not recommend this to anyone.There are many things that are supposed to be covered but I am finding out that they are not. We were told if we had a break down on the road and it could not be fixed that the warranty would pay for a hotel until it was fixed Ha Ha joke on me. We live in Az remember and we take it to Valencia for repairs. Phoenix is a little closer but because we purchased in Valencia we take it there. We have never been put up in hotel on there expense. I have been very , very unhappy with the service department in Valencia not putting all the blame on them but someone has to see the frustration. I have never written a review before and hope that I don’t ever do it again. Camping World does not get 5 stars from me.Sorry so long

  • VJ Mayhew says:

    Good Morning; We traveled from Amarillo,TX to Sherman, TX to purchase our Dutchman Endurance 3456 2019 toy hauler on March 14, 2019. David our salesman & Ken the Mgr. both knew the day time in which we were arriving. When we arrived we had to wait on David. When he did get to us he introduced himself and then turned us over to a service tech to walk us through the trailer, she was very pleasant ,but didn’t know a lot abut our trailer. David left and we did’n’t see him again until it was time to sign papers. We were told they were getting it ready for us. We spent 5hrs there to pickup trailer and sign papers. I understand he was busy but it wasn’t with customers he was moving trailer around on the lot. We were very disappointed that David didn’t feel that we were important enough to go through the process with us. When we pulled out we assumed everything was good on the trailer. As we got down the road we pulled to how the trailer was pulling and so forth and started looking the trailer over . And found that there were on tags on trailer not even temp tags and we were missing a few things that came with the trailer. So I called and spoke to David and he put me though to service and I spoke to young man and he told he would send the items out next day. And a month later we still hadn’t received missing items and or tags or paper work. So I called The dealership in Sherman and found out that had been some changes made in personal. And was told they dropped the ball on our purchase, even though they had received full payment from our credit union. It is now going on two weeks more that Camping World in Sherman, TX has been trying to work out the problems, We had to take the trailer here in Amarillo to an inspection and to fix the grey water tank valve. For this again wasn’t checked before we picked up the Endurance. And we were told by Ryan the new GM and Paige that the tags would be over nighted to us on Monday 4/15/2019 and it is now 4/18/2019 and we still haven’t received them. Ryan did have them send us the missing items along with a $50 gift card. However this is a nightmare for we understood that the Endurance was checked to make sure that everything was in working order and was ready to go. So when we got the Endurance we put water in it and checking things out we found that the there was red sticky stuff all over the inside of refrigerator and when we practicing flushing the water system we found feces in the system that no one had used we were told. When I told this to Ryan We were told none of his employees would do that, well it was obvious someone had. We would not recommend this location to anyone looking for a camper. We traveled to Sherman to get our Endurance for the Camping World in Amarillo didn’t have one and wasn’t willing to get this from Sherman. So our experience with Camping World has not been and good experience. We don’t feel that a $50 gift card has been proper compensation for all that we have been though. And it’s sad that changing out a few staff members in one location has caused such a mess. I hope this is not how all Camping Worlds are ran, for you have a good product just not good training at the store end.

    Thank you

  • Elizabeth Kimble says:

    I need urgent help with getting my son’s camper repaired. He bought this camper to use for work travel and the last 3 weeks he had to stay at a hotel. He had to travel 4 hours back and forth to drop off and pick up. When they called and said it was fixed he was so thrilled. He got it back to the campground and again the heater would not work. (OH! Did I forget to say he had the same problem Fall of 2018. And no one could figure it out.) So here we are again. This is one of two large purchases he has made. (2018 RAM 3500 Diesel Dually and his Keystone Cougar.) He’s just turned 25 yrs old. He’s paying for a camper he can’t use, plus paying for a hotel room he shouldn’t need. The Camping World in Akron, Ohio won’t answer his phone calls. He has gotten little to no help from Keystone RV. His camper is now at Camping World in Syracuse, NY. I would really like to get some kind of help with this situation. I don’t want to write a nasty review. I know what it is like to work retail and I said I would not be one of those customers. I just need someone’s help getting this resolved. I pray you do not overlook this message. Thank You in Advance. Elizabeth Kimble 740-896-7012
    PS. This is a brand new camper bought in 2018. He also bought an extended warranty.

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