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Campers Inn, Inc was established by Frances Hirsch back in 1966. They started the business by purchasing four folding tent trailers and sold them in Acton, Massachusetts. Within few years, their business expanded and is now famous as one of the largest retail outlets for RV’s in the United States. This company has its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

Campers Inn, Inc. is a vehicle dealer chain. Campers Inn RV owns and manages a total of 22 full-service locations located throughout the USA in the East Coast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. The Company retails new and used recreational trailers, motor homes, and campers, as well as offers servicing, insurance, parts and accessories, and financing. Campers Inn serves its customers in the United States.

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  • Stanley Sostak says:

    Brought my class fr3 in for service about 3 weeks ago, for a power bed problem. After 3-4 hours tech could not fix issue.

    Made new appointment to bring back on Thursday 12/12. Received call today 12/11 from service to reschedule appointment, claiming the lot was full, schedule was not full when appointment was made

    Took day off for this appointment. Very disappointed I received this call the day before. I am now scheduled for 3 weeks out. Customer service???

  • Bob Symonds says:

    please contact me at your earliest convenience.

  • Bob Symonds says:

    I bought a 2024 Freedom Express from Tony at the Kings Mtn NC location. All buddy buddy up to exchange of money. Paid for unit in full. After sale the dealership simply washed hands of me. They refused to do tag work as agreed. Now almost 60 days later , still not title or tags due to them refusing to do as agreed. I am facing fines per state because not tagged per state law. I have no title due to state not receiving paperwork from dealership. Paperwork had to be changed 2 times due to them rushing and not completing correctly. Wrong address, wrong town, wrong street. Very unprofessional. When I really got fed up. I tried locking dead bolt on door. Key got jammed in keyhole. Again they simply blew me off and yes I got upset after dumping 36.000 dollars in this RV. I removed door lock from door to find screws stripped inside door lock. And wire inside the key slot wrapped around the key. I would never recommend Campers Inn as a place to buy an RV. I have photos of the condition of lock. After paying in full 36000 dollars for a RV.It has never been slept in or moved from driveway since purchase date of 08/1923

    • T Tauscher says:

      We’re having the same issue with the Toms River NJ location. Purchased the MH in September. They still have not sent the titling info to our state and now no one will return my calls. Definitely looking at taking legal action for them selling me a coach they did not have legal title to.

  • Ken Nowatzke says:

    Bought a camper from Dominique at the Richfield Wisconsin site. Very unprofessional. They installed a hitch. Sold me a weight distribution and sway bar. Totally installed wrong where when I got home, had sheared bolt and was unusable. Contacted them and go run around. Looked at hitch website and was charged $1050 for a $650 hitch. Got ghosted when I tried to contact them. My opinion, stay away, they are for the money, no customer relations.

  • Robert Cormier says:

    I bought a 2020 Jayco from a great company, Forrest RV. However, they were bought out by Campers Inn and now I have to deal with Campers Inn of Merrimack, NH. What a pain this place is! They had my camper prior to the 2 year warranty was up. The repairs they did on it did not work and trying to get those fixed again, plus other items that they neglected to put on the service work order, they now want me to pay for the repairs. I also found out that they do not have the ability to do the warranty work for the jayflight trailers. INCREDIBLE! So, I had opened up a Better Business bureau complaint and someone from Campers Inn stated:
    I will have service reach out to you about repairing the items that were not repaired correctly or brought to our attention before the warranty ran out and were not addressed before that.
    Well, now the Service Writer, Lisa Rapoza, is stating the following after I drop my camper off:
    I can proceed with the repairs; however, I would need your approval being it will be retail and a cost to you. Maybe Jayco will reimburse you directly? How would you like to proceed?

    Anyone reviewing this company, stay away! I purposely avoided them when I was looking at campers, but unfortunately, have to deal with them as they bought out the best RV dealer I bought the camper from.

  • Bill McComiskey says:

    Bought a trailer nothing but trouble need someone from corporate to call me to much money to have problems to fix already

  • Sandy says:

    We are so frustrated with Campers Inn service departments.We purchased our 2018 Lacrosse at Campers Inn Mocksville NC. Their Service department is worse than terrible. Now we are in NH and we have a serious problem with the gelcoat peeling. We have been dealing with Campers Inn Merrimack NH fo 2 months now and still no resolution. There is a 5 Year Amour protection package and a 5 year extended warranty that we purchased still in place. The longer this goes the worse it is getting!!!! Service Department doesn’t follow up. They don’t return emails,don’t return phone calls. Campers Inn is not the same company as it was in the early 80’s when we bought our 1st new camper from them.. Back then there was good service after the sale. Whoever said bigger is better is only saying that for the company but not for their customers.

  • Karen Chadderton says:

    This is my ongoing complaint and I am so frustrated and disappointed in Campers Inn of Union CT. Aside from the wonderful sales and finance department the Service department has been a NIGHTMARE. I Have attached the following letter and journal of the issues with obtaining service for my newly purchased 2022 Grand Design Solitude from them:

    Karen H. Chadderton
    4 Wagon Road
    Enfield, CT 06082

    May 31, 2022

    Dear Mr. Clark,

    Thank you so much for your letter regarding my purchase of a new Grand Design Camper and I appreciate your comments. I had a 2015 Grand Design Reflections that I traded in for a 2022 Grand Design Solitude at Campers Inn in Union, CT. I will tell you the reason for my letter is to express a high level of frustration with the Service Department at Campers Inn of Union. The response I have received from them has been horrible and out shadows the positive experience I had with the Sales and Finance Departments. I had purchased my last Grand Design from Long View in East Windsor, CT and their Service Department was excellent but they did not have the Grand Design that I wanted.

    The reasons for my concerns are:
    1. When I first saw the unit and expressed interest there was water in the half bath floor which I was told was there because someone left the door not closed properly, this has proven not to be the case as it leaked around the skylight this past weekend (I have just informed them today).
    2. In the front of the fifth wheel overhang on each corner there was identified damage when I saw the unit initially.
    A) The right corner had some of the fiberglass scrapped down, which I was told could be repaired by a body shop prior to my receiving it or repaired at end of season. Since they could not get any body shop to repair it I have accepted repairs to be done end of season. At this point I am concerned that that won’t happen.
    B) The left side of the front overhang had trim work was ripped off exposing the seam which I was told could be repaired easily by the service department. I saw the damage still present when I did my walk through and questioned why it was not repaired yet. I was informed by the new service manager Joshua, that it would be repaired before I had it delivered… It was not repaired.
    3. When I went to Camper’s Inn for my walk through on April 20, 2022, I approached the camper from behind and noted that the ladder seemed crocked. Upon further exam the ladder was bent and damaged to where it would be unsafe to use. I brought this to the attention of John, the man who reviewed the camper with me and Joshua, service manager. I was informed that a new ladder would be ordered to replace the damaged one. Please note that the use of this ladder could be an accident risk and I will not let anyone use it. I was informed it might take a while and I was told they would be able to replace the ladder onsite as I do not move my camper as I am a seasonal camper around 20 minutes from Campers Inn. This has not been repaired to date.
    4. After delivery of the camper to our seasonal site, on April 22, 2022, I noted that no repairs to the ladder or the damage to the right and left front were made. After the delivery guy left, I identified that the sliding doors in the master bedroom did not work properly and could hardly be opened or closed. This was not the case during the walk through 2 days prior. This I brought to the attention of the service department attendant the next day, April 23, 2022, when I went in person to Campers Inn at which time I was told that they would get someone to go to the campground and assess the doors to see what was wrong and repair or determine if parts had to be purchased. To date this has not happened.
    5. When I went to Campers Inn the day after delivery, I asked for additional keys. The woman there at the time found my second key to the camper in my folder. In addition I asked to order several keys for different family members. I ordered 3 more keys and paid for them. I was informed that they would be sent in the next few days to my home address. I have not received them over a month later.
    6. The trim work to the right side of the back door has pulled away from the nails that fasten it to the wall and is not able to be secured again. I have had to tape it to prevent further damage.
    7. The worst part is leaving several, I think at least 4, voice mails for the service department that were never returned. Today I called Joshua directly to attempt to get a response and at this writing have not received a call back. I informed him that I was sending a letter to you regarding this if I did not get a response.

    All this has greatly affected my joy at purchasing my new camper which could have been avoided by a better response to my concerns. I certainly can understand delays in receiving product, i.e. the replacement ladder, trim but I have no excuse for such poor customer service that you couldn’t even return a call.

    I would appreciate your assistance in helping to get the repairs I need for my camper as soon as possible. I am very concerned about the leak over the half bath when it rains as there will be damage very soon and we can’t even access the roof ourselves to cover it as the ladder is damaged!

    Thank you for your attention to these concerns.


    Karen H. Chadderton

    6/1/22 Joshua returned my call and could not explain why no one had returned previous calls. He had been out with CIVID. Due to the nature of the roof leak he sated had he would call me back and send someone to repair it the next day or so.

    6/3/22 I was pleased that after connecting with Joshua after leaving several messages he did send a person to repair the vent that was leaking over the half bath. He used his own ladder as the one on the camper is damaged and unsafe. We are waiting for a replacement.

    6/5/22 When retracting the front awning the right arm came out of the track which resulted in the awning on that side going up on top of the roof above the door. We were able to find two small “wheels” that the arm was supposed to glide on and replace them and get the awning retracted properly. I left a message with Joshua at Campers Inn on 6/7/22 regarding this and requested someone check on the awning function. I also at this time informed him that I had received a recall notice regarding possible gas valve crack in a connector that needs someone to look at per the notice should be as soon as possible.

    6/9/2022 Received a call from a woman (forgot her name but have spoken to her previously) who I believe is the assistant service manager at Camper’s Inn. She inquired about the recall and I informed her what it said and she said they were informed of it. She stated the ladder for the back was in and they would schedule an appointment on site to install ladder and take a look at the recall. I reminded her that we still had the closet doors to repair as well as the trim work inside. I also reminded her of the awning issue and the areas on the front of the unit. I inquired again about the keys which she stated were there and that she would send them. She verified my address.

    6/18/22 When putting out the back awning this past weekend, there was a small plastic piece that popped out and fell to the ground. After looking closely the only thing we could see wrong is that there appears to be and open hole on the cylinder to the awning with a cord or wire that this plastic piece could have come from. I called Camper’s Inn and asked to speak with Joshua in Service but since he did not answer I left a message detailing all of the above concerns again and requested a call back upon his receiving this message. At the very least I should have received the additional keys which I paid for!

    6/20/22 I have a survey from Grand Design to complete and I will be doing so and my response will not be good based on the responses or lack of response from the Service Department of Camper’s Inn of Union, CT.

    6/22/22 Left message on Joshua’s voice mail requesting a call back regarding all the issues outstanding and what we can do about the ladder and recall most importantly. Also where are my keys?

    6/27/22 Did not receive a call back from anyone in service department from Camper’s Inn. They are closed on Mondays so will attempt to connect tomorrow.

    6/29/22 Received the keys in the mail from Campers Inn, mailed apparently on 6/25/22. Still no call regarding any of the other items.

    7/13/22 Called Joshua in service to thank him for the keys and also ask him about the recall, ladder replacement and other repairs. Had to leave a message, as he did not pick up.

    7/15/22 Received a message on voicemail from Joshua stating that he would be calling on Tuesday (7/19/22) to schedule an appointment for them to come out and do the recall and the ladder.

    8/08/22 I expected a call July 19th per Joshua’s message and have not received one to date, August 8th. Although I was on vacation, I had arranged for someone to be at the camper to facilitate the repairs as needed and I never received a call at all. I will call Joshua tomorrow since they are not open on Mondays.

    08/09/2022 Called Joshua who did not answer his phone, so I left a message to return my call regarding the ladder replacement and fixing the recall. He was supposed to give me an appointment.

    08/10/2022 (waiting….)

    08/11/2022 (waiting) Called again and left message

    08/16/22 Now have left message for the General Manager to discuss the above issues. Sent this letter and the requested survey in the mail to Grand Design.

    08/17/22 Pete called me back but I was in a meeting at the time. I returned his call later and had to leave a voice mail for him requesting another return call.

    08/18/22 Waiting for return call today. Will call again if not received

    08/22/22 Still waiting…. Left message for someone to call back.

  • Rich Juliano says:

    I have an open customer care complaint that I believe is still unresolved, Campers Inn RV in Union,CT replaced an axle assembly in my 2011 kz escape, since the axle replacement I’ve had NO trailer electric brakes, they’ve given me one excuse after another, like: it’s the trucks braking system, the truck is to heavy, and the brakes are self adjusting and will take care of themselves. It’s been 3 weeks of using the travel trailer twice on short trip because of no brakes…I’m holding Campers Inn responsible poor safety repair on my travel trailer repair that cost me $2600.00, and I can’t SAFELY use it..Never will I purchase anything from your company and also will let everyone I know my experience.

  • Brian says:

    Guess we should have read the reviews prior to purchasing. My wife and I were looking for a particular layout in a 5th wheel. Campers Inn of Mocksville, NC was the only location that had what we were looking for. Our sales person, Chris, was nice and didn’t mind walking around in the rain with us to look at other units. We purchased the one we wanted, got the extended warranty, and had it hauled (we don’t have a vehicle to tow it…yet) to where we needed it to be set up. We opened the slides and noticed that the kitchen slide ripped the floor. We also had a GFI that kept tripping without any load on it. There were some skirting braces that had broken/screws had pulled out as well. We called Campers Inn of Mocksville to let them know what had happened. Had the 5th wheel towed back to Campers Inn, at our expense. Three weeks later I called and asked if the repairs had been done… “yes, you can pick up your RV”. We asked them to open the RV so we could inspect the repairs that were done. Glad we did this and did not have the RV towed back. The factory had authorized a “repair” of the floor. Wish I could post pictures. You would be amazed at what the repair looked like and they felt that they had fixed it. The inspection also revealed that the master bedroom door to the bathroom had literally pulled out of the screws and was just sitting in the track. The trim on the kitchen slider was just sitting loose and fell of to touch. Anyway, we are now well into 2 months of trying to get the repairs done properly. The general manager at Campers Inn, Mocksville, NC told me it wasn’t a house and that things weren’t going to be as nice as a house. Let me ask this rhetorical question: “Would you be ok with having a house built and the water pipe breaks and damages the sheetrock and the contractor fixes the broken pipe but paints over the deformed sheetrock and says that is all your warranty covers, sorry?” All I hear is we have to take our lead from the factory…. Keystone. Stay away from that manufacturer. That will be a comment on their site. Buying a RV should be fun. PHSSSSSST!!!!!

  • Barbara says:

    Merrimack NH Service dept can not properly winterize a new camper… we have busted pipes and service department and manager will not return calls! Also fireplace was not working at time of sale and they said they would fix it! Still broken almost a year!!!!!

  • AMIE says:

    I just wanted to stop in and give a review. From day 1 of walking into the Naperville Il location my husband and I felt like a nuisance, from finding us someone to show campers to anyone having the answers to our questions. We still bought a 2021 XLR micro boost. The finance guy (Bob) was awesome, very friendly and had a sense of humor. Anything to do with parts is terrible service from “I don’t know why we have your camper” “I don’t know what is being fixed” “I don’t know how long it will take.” Jen the service manager doesn’t care to call customers back when messages are left. They don’t fix things that were supposed to be fixed. They tear open the bottom of campers to replace things without putting things back to the way they were. We will never use this location again, nor will we refer friends or family to this location. The customer service was the worst I’ve ever seen and I am a retail manager. We have only been able to use our camper for maybe 2 weeks since purchasing 2 months ago.

    • Becky Spicer says:

      Don’t expect anything better. We took our RV to Campers inn in Merrimack NH on August 19 2021. We said no emergency but we are traveling this fall. On September 5 we got a call saying they couldn’t find our RV. The police found it. It was stolen by a drug addict who had no idea how to drive a diesel RV. The systems were trashed and the inside was full of needles,drugs and blood. Campers inn has no idea when it was stolen. They say they have no more responsibility for it than if it had been stolen from a grocery store parking lot. We left it where they said, filled out papers for servicing , Locked it and gave them the keys. They are making absolutely no effort to fix any part of this. The insurance company was going to total it until they found out how expensive it was. So now almost a year after it was stolen we still have not gotten this resolved. E are now getting set to take legal action.

  • Jonathan says:

    Had our Camper at Campers Inn (Fredericksburg, Virginia) for service. They had it for months (5). When we finally picked it up, come to find out there was an Inmate living in it that had been released from jail due to them not locking it. We complained and no response. Going on 2 months now.

  • The Hunters says:

    We are trying to get our ember 191MBD. Ordered late January & we agreed to pick up at distribution center near Elkhart. So far, the camper has made it to Jacksonville & now in route to a dealer in Wisconsin. Somebody is driving our camper around the country- we haven’t seen it yet. We put down $3k & they want an additional $54k when pick it up. HHMMMM. Can they say “USED” at this point? Don’t campers lose 50% if their value once driven off the lot? Just asking!

  • Robin Roeben says:

    Not a happy camper here! At Myrtle Beach Campers Inn we were shown camper, loved camper, signed paper work, went too pick up camper on 4/7/22 and when we went for walk through, wow! So many things wrong! Still haven’t gotten camper and our first payment is due!! So frustrated!!

  • Bobby J. Smith says:

    I am a RV Service technician and was tested by Fl Dept of Agriculture as a Specialty gas installer B (407 qualifier). I stopped by Campers Inn Panama City FL looking for position openings. As I was talking to the office staff and asking to speak to a a manager I guess I also asked the wrong question if they were corporate or local. She replied” we are local and I would have to give you an application. ” Then she stated ” were probably not hiring”. Upon my little investigation it seems the sign reads “Campers Inn” but legally registered as Vamps Inn. Not sure if this is infringement or what. I did discover a piece of property that was named Campers inn but appeared to be a house. As I was leaving I parked my Class C at the shoulder of the road and the furtherst west I can reach without being on the grass. I was clearly between the road and their fence line and not in the tow away zone parking spaces. I left a note on my dash and retrieved my bike and went riding. I came back and it was gone apparently towed by the manager or owners request. If anyone at Corporate Campers Inn would like further information or follow up on this location , please contact me at Smith.Technician321@gmail.
    Bobby J. Smith

  • Sherry Hyde says:

    We dropped off our RV at Campers Inn in Acworth, GA. Dropped it off on Jan. 8, 2022. We were told it would be ready for pickup by Feb. 12, 2022. They had not even looked at it. No parts were ordered. Total run around. We told them we would be in on Feb. 12th and it needed to be ready, we had a trip booked and would need it back to get ready for the trip. When Tracy called for our RV to be brought around, she made a point to say that was the RV that someone “stayed late” to get done.

    Extremely unorganized service department. The RV should be at least inspected and parts ordered within the first week of bringing it in for service. The only thing they did was secure our stove. Which is now dented because it was loose when we bought the new RV.

    They did fix a problem with the fresh water tank overflow valve… and left all of the tanks mostly full. We did not realize this until we hooked up to our campsite… No black or gray dumps at our site. We had t use the trolley to empty our tanks so that we could enjoy our stay without over flowing the black or grey tank.

  • Rich Juliano says:

    4 years ago I bought a used travel trailer from you Union, CT store the service and parts dept is absolutely horrible. I dropped off my camper for service in October of 2021,parts were ordered and NOTHING as of 3/12/22 has been done. I try to call for updates and can’t get a straight answer. I’m at my wits end with your company that’s why I’m contacting you.

  • Michael Zicarelli says:

    I have tried repeatedly to contact someone at your Kingston, NH store. I placed an order on 09/25/2021 and need to cancel the order and receive a refund on my deposit. I have left countless voicemails, texts and emails, which all go unanswered. What horrible customer service. If this doesn’t elicit a response, I will have no other choice than to start a social media smear campaign.

  • Keith Werner says:

    Do not buy from Campers Inn RV! You have been warned! They could care less about you after the sale is made. I’ve had nothing but trouble with my FR3 and after only 3 months. We regret our purchase. So many things have gone wrong! Disgusted!

  • Ann Tokarz says:

    We purchased a Forest River Charleston Motorhome in July 2021 and have taken only one trip with it from NC to PA to visit family. It broke down on the way up! We spent two days sitting along the interstate trying to find someone to come and help us! Finally got it running and got to PA. Then 2 weeks later started home and we made it maybe halfway and it quit again. We sat 4 days while the repairman waited for a part. He put it back together and we started out and made it 13 miles before it quit again. He came again and got us going and we didn’t stop until we got home. Then in September my brother in law passed away and we started back to PA and got 35 miles and it died again. It gets a message saying turn engine off now and the accelerator pedal won’t work at all! Anyway it has been at 3 different repair shops since September and we are still waiting. Getting worried about the cost of repairs!
    Guess this is the reason it was “as is” which we didn’t find out until we were on our way home from Florida where we bought it, looking at paperwork. We would never go to Campers Inn again to buy anything or recommend them! We have missed a family funeral, wedding and family elder’s birthday gathering. No help from Campers Inn!!

  • Belinda Dowling says:

    I completely agree with the comments below. Do Not Buy from Campers Inn. We bought and picked up our 2021 camper January 29th. We dropped our camper off in Fruitland Park/Leesburg, FL for some minor warranty work 10/15/21; the warranty work finally got approved this week. My husband was told we could pick our camper up Friday or Saturday (Nov 26-27); however they still had not ordered the blind or door sweeps and the other things they supposedly fixed they hadn’t even touched. Six weeks and nothing done.

    The camper should not have been sold without the door sweeps being fixed. We were told by an employee that yes, that seems to be an issue with Forest River campers. There is 1/2 to 1 inch gap on each side of the screen door sweeps, enough that the screen door alone cannot be left open because anything can crawn or fly in (we live in Florida). My husband said he could/would fix it, but I told him for what we paid for the camper/warranty they needed to fix it.

    Disappointed in Forest River and Campers Inn for selling sub-quality.

  • Tamara D Keller says:

    After reading some of the reviews below I messed up and bought from the wrong dealer and company. Jeff your parents should be ashamed! This is not a way to run a business.

  • Tamara D Keller says:

    We drove 1200 miles to pick up our motorhome and bought the extra paint protection, tire stuff to prevent blowouts( which I didnt want but was told it was in the package), and the $995 “Peace of Mind” package. WHAT A JOKE!!! Check engine light came on before we were 100 miles down the road. Got home and found out that it had never been inspected. Batteries had never been pulled out and water was way low, roof leaked, light was not replaced and wasnt even in the cover so was never checked. Damage in mid bathroom from the leak. Thank Goodness for Davenport, Iowa Campers Inn recognizing us and being honest with us. I want my money back for the $4000 or so I spent on extras that I didnt get! What awful people to cheat someone. The guy Russ told me the mid bath didnt need fixed inside because it was cosmetic only. Really? I just went through Breast Cancer and Radiation. Would mold really be good for me to have to inhale? They want to do nothing more than they have to. Have a call into Corporate. Wondering if they care enough for their business to call back…..? Sorry but I hate people who lie. I own a business too and would never even think of misleading or scamming someone. BEWARE of buying from this company!!!

  • Tom A. says:

    I am trying to purchase a used from a local Camper’s Inn. They will not even allow me to make an offer – says “the price is what the price is” OR they say “Not happening!” I have never had so much trouble giving anyone over $20k!

    I asked for a test drive – they told me that I would have to have a purchase agreement in place first with a deposit. If something happened on the test drive, that is was my problem and I would have to buy it anyway – even if the engine blew up!

    Run away people – there are other dealers that are happy to work with you, be fair, and be honest. (This place violated their mission statement at least 10 times with me so far!)

    I am awaiting a call from a regional manager – I will hold my breath. (I will update this IF I actually get anywhere with that person, if they even call me back.)

  • Tara williams says:

    I have been waiting over 6 WEEKS FOR MY DEPOSIT BACK. Everyone is blaming someone else. I WANT MY DAMN MONEY!

  • Sean johnson says:

    We bought a pop up camper from raynham , campers inn. We have had nothing but problems from them signing title correctly, had to go back 3 times just for that. Trying to pick up camper, when we showed up they say can’t take today cause tires bad, awning bad. Was supposed to have weight differential bar installed…. Of course it’s not. Tried calling multiple times with no answers and no body ever calls back

    • Brett Poirier says:

      I can’t get anyone to call me back from Raynham office either. Very disappointing. Won’t buy again from there

  • Stacy Ralphs says:

    I’m struggling right now dealing with Campers Inn Merrimack. We recently bought a used trailer. During the demo we found a few things that needed to be fixed prior to delivery. Once we were back inside at the service desk it was also mentioned to us that the awning had multiple tears in it which we didn’t know about because it was raining during our demo and we were told that we couldn’t open the awning. We were guaranteed that everything would be fixed prior to delivery. Well, the delivery day came and not a damn thing was fixed. I’ve had to send NUMEROUS emails to our sales rep, the person who signed the paperwork with me from finance and now the service department. I keep getting the run around! Now after us having the trailer for less than a week it was leaking water into the kitchen/livingroom area! When we checked the roof the next day we found a massive hole in the AC unit and the roof looked a mess. Once again I had to send numerous emails. They sent someone out to our campground and when he looked at the roof he said that the trailer never should have been sold to us like that. Again I questioned Campers Inn about how they could let a trailer off their lot in that condition! Nothing! No response. And now again the ceiling inside is leaking even after the guy that came out to us used over 6 tubes of caulking! Again, I sent more emails and have yet to receive a response! Clearly they don’t give a damn about their customers, only about making their sales! What if we wind up with black mold in the trailer because it keeps leaking? Maybe they will care when we sue them! I have bad asthma. God knows how the dampness and potential mold growing is going to affect me! What a disgrace!

  • Gordon howell says:

    Why do you HAVE to finance a camper at campers inn. You are penalized if paying cash.

  • Joanne Fry says:

    Dropped off a camper on November 7, 2020 for warranty work. May 23rd. No camper, no info, no returned phone calls. NOTHING. Hello…its camping season. How about you make payments for me since I can’t use it.

  • Leo K says:

    have purchased a 2018 Tiffin at Merrimack and have had a terrible time with communication. I have called HQ and asked for Jeff Hirsch with no response. I have emailed the GM 3-4 times and finally was able to complete purchase. I am missing vacuum parts (since found) and have a “we owe for main A/C unit. I have now waited for a response from my last email for two weeks. Does the key board have Covid?? I work in retail and have for 30+ years and I can say this I would never have survived if I had treated customers like this.

  • Lee O’Quinn says:

    Left numerous messages at your Leesburg, FL store. Regarding purchase / refund of unneeded extras sold at closing. The sales team agreed to the refund. But, since crickets. Can someone provide assistance?

  • Mike Whitley says:

    Campers Inn RV Fredericksburg, Va. 01-22-2021
    December 2nd 2020, I dropped our Vintage 23FBS off for warranty repair. Scheduled a month ahead of time just to drop it off which I understand. I had already replaced the electric tongue jack with my money because the one that came with the camper quit after two trips. Gear box trouble.
    Warranty repairs included:
    Replace tongue jack without installing.
    Bathroom exhaust fan replace, repair, appears to be switch.
    Outside speaker light replacement.
    Repair slide out leak, top gasket came loose and leaks when the slide is out.
    Fast forward about a month to 01-07-2021
    Called the dealer and I was told everything was repaired just waiting on the okay to replace the tongue jack. Since everything else was repaired I asked could I pick up the RV which I did on 01-12-2021.
    When I got the camper home nothing had been repaired. The gasket on the slide was still detached, no light repair, no fan repair. The old jack was still inside the camper and had not been disassembled.
    I will be towing the trailer 40 miles one way again tomorrow 01-16-21. We love this camper but as of now I will not buy another one from this dealer.
    2-19-21 called to check on RV. They insist they are waiting on the exhaust fan and tongue jack. She still could not tell me if the top outside slide out gasket has been fixed.
    2-23-21 Called Gulfstream jack and fan arrived at Campers Inn Fredericksburg 2-19-21
    2-23-21 numerous calls to camper’s inn are going unanswered.
    After contact with John at Gulfstream the week of March 1st, 2021, Amy Shepherd called me on her cell from Campers Inn to let me know I could pick up the camper after 10:00 AM 3-3-21.
    3-4-21 I arrived at 0800 hours. The camper was still not ready. When it was finished they still did not have the electric tongue jack. Trish said they will mail me one. The bathroom exhaust fan was replaced with a one speed, one direction fan. The original was a 3 speed reversible. The outside speaker light had not been repaired and they are supposed to mail that. When I asked to speak with Amy, Trish told me she was in a meeting. When I asked could I wait for her she said it would be a while.
    3-8-21 Spoke with Corina at Gulfstream. She said I can take the camper wherever I want for warranty repair.
    I think this shows the incompetence of Campers Inn RV Fredericksburg.
    Michael Whitley 804-301-0421

    • Larry Ballard says:

      Good evening,I was just reading your review.It sounds just like my experience has it gotten any better ?Are you just paying someone else to do warranty repairs ? Thank you Larry

  • Scott Bourgoin says:

    I had an unpleasant experience with financing in Union CT after I thought I had just bought my 1st pop up camper. Is it company policy to require $5000 down on a $7000 pop up ? Ok it’s a 2018 but come on seriously ?
    2 days after agreeing to a price the finance manager leaves a message telling me there’s a problem with the terms, which were never even mentioned to begin with. He wanted $5000 down so I cancelled the deal and walked. I’m hoping your dealership in Kingston NH can do better than them because I still want to buy with campers inn.

    Thank you !

  • RW says:

    They moved their HQ to Jacksonville FL about 5 years ago

  • >