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  • Mary Norris says:

    I worked at camp in down town nashville off and on for 6 years. I have been wanting to talk to someone about an emergency previously but decided not to cause I’ve called corporate and was ignored before. but this is current and I need to be in contact with a higher up. preferably Christina Russel, Julie Turner, or Heidi Ganahl. like I stated previously I have called corporate and been ignored and according to these comments the same has been done with others. I’m going to send an email and call again. if I do not get a response I will have to use media instead.

  • Rebecca Jenson says:

    I want to email the CEO of Camp Bow Wow, the man who supposedly opened the location in Sandy Utah, is a Retired Police Officer who loves service animals. Well we had to go to Canada for two weeks, and I have been watching on their Pet watcher cams, they treated my service animal like garbage. The employees ignored her, allowed their pets who humped her and harrassed her daily traumatized her badly, I am very distressed, she’s dirty and smells awful like she sat in her own feces for days, its hard to see on the camera but I came home today to find her sick and hadn’t eaten, thin ribs showing. I paid alot for them, gave them instructions on how to care for her, to love and play with her. I want the CEO’s email, or lawsuit abound.. I wrote to them on the email , I called and asked why she was being attacked constantly, the people were spraying her with the hose, I called them to say stop she doesnt like the hose. I need answers now.. I need anyone to tell who the heck do I call to get someone to answer my questions, and stop this from ever happening again to anyone else who trusts this teenagers who dont know squat about dogs and their proper care.

  • Anja Christie says:

    I have recently applied with a position in Pensacola, Fl! I had a group interview consisting of 3 ppl, including myself this past Monday on tues, I emailed them, thanking them for the interview. Today. I followed up with a phone call and was told they made different arrangements. Curious as to why they didn’t select me, I inquired about the reasons. To my surprise, for some reason they thought I’m still in High School! Um. Sry, I’m 55 and have two AS Degrees. Then,I was told that the other candidate is going for a vet tech position. Well, exactly what I’m going for! Why I take classes at Pensacola State College!
    Then it came down to availability. Well, I was wide open, holidays, nights, days, etc.
    Lastly, when I mentioned that they made a huge mostake by not hiring me, I was simply CUT OFF and HE HUNG UP on me.I grew up with animals all my life. My grandparents owned a farm. We had Cows, pigs, goats, chicken, horses. Back then, milking was done by hand! I’ve had plenty of rescue dogs and cats. Even other animals! So, how am I less qualified and get hung up on? My age? I’m perfectly capable! I sure hope your other franchises dont discriminate!

  • Nicole says:

    I sincerely urge you to investigate Camp Bow Wow Carmel, Indiana.
    The staff is rude and unprofessional. They should not be caring for dogs. Read their google reviews of their mistreatment of dogs and abuse.

  • Brittney Smith says:

    How do I go about speaking to someone regarding the way a specific CBW is being ran? I have been employed for 8 years until recently… it is very important and issues need to be addressed and handled at a specific location

  • Bill Newcomb says:

    I have a property in Evergreen Colorado that your company might be interested in. My realtor said your corporate office in Dallas had made contact with him. The address is 6991 Hwy 73. It seems that your corprate office is down the road from my home in Greeley? Can you confirm that you have been dealing with TJ from CBRE in Ft Collins. If not, Id like to discuss my property with you directly.
    Thank you, Bill Newcomb

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