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  • Anonymous says:

    Camp bowwow Rockaway NJ cameras never work. In fact when asked if the dogs are in play yard counselor said yes however were clearly seen taken out of one of the cabins. Integrity problem with this location on many occasions.
    In fact on the weekend many times the dogs are still not out of their cabins 10:00 a.m.

  • Guest says:

    You have a heartless woman running Shreveport Louisiana Camp Bow Wow she fired an employee today and didn’t have a bonafide reason one there are so many violations, cover-ups, favoritism, salary abuse that I’ve ever seen, Barbara, let’s marijuana smoking go on in the yard, you actually have 3-4 employees that care for the dogs, customers have left there because of abuse that Candy has done towards them she has beaten dogs and this was done and caught on video, but her daughter Chelsea has cleaned it up for her, Chelsea never stays long enough for her salary check that she makes, what Barbara is planning on leaving Camp Bow Wow, she has no respect for the employees, steals the tips, complains about everything, and blames everything on corporate. Why would you let someone like her run this place. Suggestions, complaints, video, what good are they when it all can go away before you can see it, she’s got Chelsea to thank for getting rid of that, Corwin getting high as a kite, leaving dogs unattended, a prepper that has her kids clocking in and making all kinds of money, people that don’t even work there hanging out inside with Chelsea, and God knows who else, clean house, and fire the right people, mark my words, for they are the truth, they’ll try to slither out of this show them what a daushound corporate is clean it up and make it a better place, before it’s to late please see what’s happening are you a dog lover or a money grubber Chelsea is bringing Camp Bow Wow down, and Barbara said she quitting soon and letting her do it i will start letting all the customers know because it’s the right thing to do

  • K stone says:

    Hillsboro Oregon location: We started using this place in in April when we got a new puppy. It’s close to our house and we had heard great things. We loved how friendly and welcoming the staff was. The obedience classes were excellent as well. We had a 10 day trip planned over thanksgiving and decided to board our puppy with Canp Bow Wow again since we’ve had good experiences prior. At drop off the staff was not friendly or welcoming not the usually people we have seen before. I just assumed they were new or having an off day.

    I had a coupon for a bath so I inquired about having my dog get a bath before I picked him up we discussed having an add on sanitary trim done on his face, bum and paws since he’s long shaggy hair doodle. They confirmed the price of $36 for large dog fresh and clean bath. And then I had my 50% off coupon. I usually bathe him at home but since he needed a trim this would work out great. He was set to get a bath at noon on pick up day. I called just before to let them know we were home and to call when he was done so we could pick up. When we went to pick him up. They told me the total for boarding and bath. But never gave me a print out of what u was being charged for. It seemed high and I had already calculated what it would be prior to arriving. They didn’t give me a paper copy of charges to review just showed me the total on the card reader and asked me to scan my card. I handed my coupon for the 50% off bath and she said it was a two year old coupon. I mentioned it was given to me in my packet in May from this location. And i have used two other coupons on that card with no issue this year. She deducted the coupon but wasn’t happy about doing it. The total she gave me still seemed high with my coupon deducted. They still did not give me visual or print out of what they were charging me for, just the total price. I again looked at the price sheet on the counter and the poster posted on the grooming door to recheck my calculations on price. It wasn’t adding up to what they were charming me. They seemed irritated when I asked for confirmation and breakdown of charges. Still never gave me a print out just verbally reading out charges they could see on the computer. Come to find out they were charging me $56 for the bath! I said I was told $36. She said they recently raised their rates. So I pointed out the price list on the counter as well as the listed price guide on the grooming door show the $36 price. She was very irritated and worked to adjust the price. During that time they brought out my dog. He was still wet, not brushed and no trim. I mentioned he was supposed to be trimmed. She said it’s hard to get same day grooming appt with a bath appt. Usually they book out a week or more in advance. I reminded her i made the appointment over 11 days ago when i dropped off my dog. She said they didn’t charge for the trim because their groomer had gone home sick her words were “she was throwing up all over the place” (super professional) I again mentioned the only reason I had signed up to have him get a bath was to have the sanitary trim done or else I would have bathed him at home myself and saved the money. She said there nothing they could do since she had to send the groomer home. I said I had called today just before his grooming appt and no one said anything. Shouldn’t they have called to let me know?after finally getting my total correct and not charging me for the grooming. She said I was good to go. No apology for the issues or anything. I then realized she didn’t give me my coupon card back with my remaining unused coupons back. When I asked for it she said these were given out by the previous manager. She wasn’t going to give it back to me. I again had to state that it was given to me this year to use and I’m sure many more we handed out. She eventually gave me back the card. The new management and staff are awful and shady. I got my dog home and I’m not sure what they used to wash him but his fur was clumpy, caurse/rough and coming out in large amounts not normal for my longer hair shaggy doodle and he’s usually very soft. While brushing him he wouldn’t allow me to brush near his rear. Upon further examination his whole butt and under tail area were bright red and raw looking and obviously tender because he growled when even trying to inspect it which is very out of character. The fact that no one noticed or noticed and failed to mention it even during grooming is very concerning. I feel so bad for leaving him in their care for 11 days! And can’t believe i paid over $600 to get my dog back in such awful condition.

  • Ann says:

    Why is it that people complain about how bad the camp bow wow’s are and it falls on deaf ears? You would think a franchise would WANT to care how their businesses are run and wouldn’t want all of these negative comments out there for everyone to see. And why do we even have corporate because all the complaints that are made to them are totally ignored. This corporation is a joke.

  • David B Kelsey says:

    I was going to book it at camp bow wow in Las Vegas from Dec.16th – 24th. They emailed me back with these ridiculous charges. I am outrageous. I paid almost $1,000 for one dog for 16 days this past summer. And now this? Here it is: (copied and pasted)
    We’ve received your request to board Bilbo and KC for 12/16/22-12/25/22. Below I will list our Holiday requirements for Christmas. Once you confirm and acknowledge the requirements we’ll schedule their reservation, it is not confirmed yet.

    Christmas Requirements:
    12/25/22: Holiday hours are 6:30am-10am or 3:30pm-7pm. No bather/groomer.
    5-night minimum if staying on the night of 12/24 or 12/25.
    $5 Surcharge Fee per dog per night applied to the nights of 12/23, 12/24, 12/25 and 12/26.
    Starting 12/1, we’ll be contacting you to collect a 2-night deposit to secure reservation. Deposit must be paid by 7pm on 12/11 or will be canceled without notice.
    Deposit is refundable if canceled by 7pm at least seven days from check-in date (by 7pm on 12/9 for this stay).
    Deposit is non-refundable if canceled withing seven days from check-in date (after 7pm on 12/9 for this stay).
    Please acknowledge and confirm these requirements, then we’ll schedule their boarding for 12/16-12/25.

    Furry Regards,
    Kai – Camp Manager
    Hours: Mon-Sun 6:30 am-7:00 pm

    Holidays: 6:30 am-10:00 am & 3:30 pm-7:00 pm

    **Boarding: Check-in by 6:30pm. Dinner is at 4:30pm, if arriving after 4:30pm, please feed dinner prior to check-in​​**​​



    Camp Bow Wow Las Vegas
    5175 S Valley View Blvd.
    Las Vegas, NV 89118
    Front Desk: 702-255-2267
    Email: LasVegas@CampBowWow.com
    Website: http://www.CampBowWow.com/lasvegas

    I find this unacceptable and unethical practice. It is sickening.

  • Mary Norris says:

    I worked at camp in down town nashville off and on for 6 years. I have been wanting to talk to someone about an emergency previously but decided not to cause I’ve called corporate and was ignored before. but this is current and I need to be in contact with a higher up. preferably Christina Russel, Julie Turner, or Heidi Ganahl. like I stated previously I have called corporate and been ignored and according to these comments the same has been done with others. I’m going to send an email and call again. if I do not get a response I will have to use media instead.

  • Rebecca Jenson says:

    I want to email the CEO of Camp Bow Wow, the man who supposedly opened the location in Sandy Utah, is a Retired Police Officer who loves service animals. Well we had to go to Canada for two weeks, and I have been watching on their Pet watcher cams, they treated my service animal like garbage. The employees ignored her, allowed their pets who humped her and harrassed her daily traumatized her badly, I am very distressed, she’s dirty and smells awful like she sat in her own feces for days, its hard to see on the camera but I came home today to find her sick and hadn’t eaten, thin ribs showing. I paid alot for them, gave them instructions on how to care for her, to love and play with her. I want the CEO’s email, or lawsuit abound.. I wrote to them on the email , I called and asked why she was being attacked constantly, the people were spraying her with the hose, I called them to say stop she doesnt like the hose. I need answers now.. I need anyone to tell who the heck do I call to get someone to answer my questions, and stop this from ever happening again to anyone else who trusts this teenagers who dont know squat about dogs and their proper care.

  • Anja Christie says:

    I have recently applied with a position in Pensacola, Fl! I had a group interview consisting of 3 ppl, including myself this past Monday on tues, I emailed them, thanking them for the interview. Today. I followed up with a phone call and was told they made different arrangements. Curious as to why they didn’t select me, I inquired about the reasons. To my surprise, for some reason they thought I’m still in High School! Um. Sry, I’m 55 and have two AS Degrees. Then,I was told that the other candidate is going for a vet tech position. Well, exactly what I’m going for! Why I take classes at Pensacola State College!
    Then it came down to availability. Well, I was wide open, holidays, nights, days, etc.
    Lastly, when I mentioned that they made a huge mostake by not hiring me, I was simply CUT OFF and HE HUNG UP on me.I grew up with animals all my life. My grandparents owned a farm. We had Cows, pigs, goats, chicken, horses. Back then, milking was done by hand! I’ve had plenty of rescue dogs and cats. Even other animals! So, how am I less qualified and get hung up on? My age? I’m perfectly capable! I sure hope your other franchises dont discriminate!

  • Nicole says:

    I sincerely urge you to investigate Camp Bow Wow Carmel, Indiana.
    The staff is rude and unprofessional. They should not be caring for dogs. Read their google reviews of their mistreatment of dogs and abuse.

  • Brittney Smith says:

    How do I go about speaking to someone regarding the way a specific CBW is being ran? I have been employed for 8 years until recently… it is very important and issues need to be addressed and handled at a specific location

  • Bill Newcomb says:

    I have a property in Evergreen Colorado that your company might be interested in. My realtor said your corporate office in Dallas had made contact with him. The address is 6991 Hwy 73. It seems that your corprate office is down the road from my home in Greeley? Can you confirm that you have been dealing with TJ from CBRE in Ft Collins. If not, Id like to discuss my property with you directly.
    Thank you, Bill Newcomb

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