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Ric Campo

Chairman of the Board & CEO

D. Keith Oden

Executive Vice Chairman of the Board

H. Malcolm Stewart

President and Chief Operating Officer

Alex Jessett

EVP Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Laurie Baker

Executive Vice President of Operations

Bill Sengelmann

Executive Vice President of Real Estate Investments

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This is a company based in Houston that specializes in offering real estate services, consulting and assistance to locals in almost 14 states. The company is all about offering multifamily apartment units to those that want homes within their areas of operation.

Even though they have their operations in Arizona, Georgia, D.C, Texas and Nevada, its main official address is based in Houston at this address 11 Greenway Plaza, Suite 2400, Houston, TX 77046, United States for those looking to visit for their own reasons. To talk to them, call them on their official phone number that remains (713) 354-2500

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  • Rodrick K Hart says:

    I hope this email finds you well and happy Friday. My name is Rodrick Hart and I am a resident at the Camden Apartments College Park. I am unfortunately reaching out to you on bad circumstances. My girlfriend and I moved into Camden College Park in early April while we were 8 months pregnant. Upon moving in and doing an inspection, we realized that a number of things were either not done properly or done at all prior to us moving in. Dishwasher not working properly, Dryer not starting up properly, clanking noises coming from the bathroom vents, shower head in the bathroom loose and hanging off the wall, screen door lock not working, ceiling fan in the bedroom was loose and rocking every time you turned it on, as well as other things. I contacted Shelton who made a list and got it working.

    Now, one of the things I did not mention (because its only happened 3 times) is sometimes when we wash our clothes, the washer will leave black residue on the clothes. We did not notice the first time it happened, the second time I thought maybe the machine is dirty so I actually bought some TIDE machine cleaning things and tried to wash and scrub the machine myself. Most recently I washed a large number of white clothes and again got black residue on my clothes. I brought this to Shelton who told me verbatim “It seems like you are waiting for things to pile up and then come in here and complain” I was taken aback by this as I thought, “why would I want to wait for stuff to pile up and my shirts get stained before I file a complaint?” The truth is I hadn’t filed a complaint earlier because I thought maybe the machine is just dirty and needs a wash.

    Now after waiting a week for maintenance to come and take a look. I had maintenance bang on my door today (after requesting call first), scaring my 3 month old daughter awake. They dropped a pod in the machine and ran it and said it is fixed. Now, the machine looks the EXACT same as it did before with dirt rings around it, nothing has changed. I went to the leasing office to speak to someone about this as I fully expect Camden to reimburse me for any other garment that comes out with residue on it as I do not feel what they did to rectify the situation was enough. I was met by Jorge who I was surprised at how rude he was and his nonchalant attitude – he was very mater of fact. While trying to explain the issues to him, Jorge cut me off multiple times to tell me that “They bang on the door that hard to make sure someone can hear them” and after I told him he was being rude he let me know he “didn’t care because he felt like I was being rude”. Which I get, but what kind of service is this if I can’t go to the leasing office and make my complaints without someone telling me it feels like I’m just trying to complain or I am being rude, when I am trying to ensure I get the best service of what I’m paying for.

    I mean all the blinds in the apartment were dirty when we moved in, the long blinds at the patio door were discolored, different shades of white, and all different lengths. It just feels like the staff here could care less about the service or experience anyone is getting here, and the truth is we all work too hard for our monies to feel like we’re getting taken advantage of or pushed to the side.

    I would really like to speak with someone via phone as the experience at this complex is going from bad to worse. My cell number is 240-444-9212 and I look forward to having a conversation with anyone who is willing to listen.

    Rodrick Hart

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