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  • Address: 69160, 1 Cabelas Dr, Sidney, NE 69162, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 308-254-5505
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 19100
  • Established: 1961
  • Founder: Richard N. Cabela  & Jim Cabela
  • Key People: Jim Cabela, Ralph W. Castner

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S. No.




United States

Cabela’s Inc., 1 Cabela Dr., Sidney, NE 69160

Cabela's Headquarters Executive Team

Jim Cabela


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Ralph W Castner


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Charles Baldwin


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About Cabela's







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  • Ryan says:

    Cabela’s please help. Are store in Yakima has nothing has had been depleted with stuff for over 2 years now. Cabela’s please we need items in are store. Enough is enough let’s go.

  • Don Ludeman says:

    Absolutely the worst store I have ever dealt with Chesterfield Michigan store is the worst if you want camouflage bras, smoker chips, or a Cabela’s hat they have it, if you want anything to fish the great lakes are very scarce. They also will tell you they have it in stock you will pay for it then they will tell you they don’t have it and on top of that take 10 days to return your money what a joke

  • Christopher Reese says:

    Dear Mr. Jim
    I have been a Cabelas’ customer for about a year now and until now I’ve had no complaints. I frequently visit the Augusta store to buy ammunition and work boots typically due to the quality of the merchandise and the friendly environment and not the prices. I’m willing to pay more for good service and quality. The closest Cabelas is approx 60-65 miles from my house.

    On December 20th I went in the Augusta location to purchase a 9mm pistol. I don’t have a carry license so I had to complete a background check and as I was waiting Miss Vanessa talked me into applying for a store card. I ended up getting approved for a Cabelas Club Card. So as I was finalizing my paperwork for my credit card the the guy helping me informed me that I was in delay status it would be anywhere from 2hrs – 5 days before I could get approved for the firearm. He suggested I return in 5 days.

    On December 23 after work I returned to the store to check on my status only to find out my background had been canceled and I would have to reapply. At this point I was definitely disappointed but never the less I understood the importance of the process. So I showed Herb (the associate that was helping me) my driving license to get the application started. He looks at me after looking at my license and says in a non aggressive tone “Oh you from Millen huh??? So you’re a fucking Yankee?” I looked at him and smiled while I was processing what he had just said, hoping it was a joke. The guy behind me in line smiled hard to keep from laughing and shook his head.

    Millen is south of Augusta in Georgia which was a confederate state

    I am a 6’1 35yo black man born and raised in Georgia.

    After the comment was made I was told i wasn’t going to be able to purchase a firearm until my background comes back. It was still processing from the first time I ran it even tho it was canceled. So I went and call my wife she heard the confusion in my voice and immediately came to talk to a manager. A lady manager whom name I forgot listened to my concern and immediately laughs and shrugged it off saying, she was from Pennsylvania and everyone call her a Yankee it’s not a big deal. She then tries to throw the focus on me not getting the gun and not the comment. She call what appears to be her manager Scott. Mr. Scott walks up with a knife not in a threatening way but considering what had just occurred I’m now on alert. Mr Scott heard my complaint and never addressed me or my wife personally he only spoke with the female manager.

    It has been 3-4 days and throughout the Christmas break I consulted with family and friends about the incident to see if maybe I was overreacting because I was surely confused. Am I a Yankee???

    Giving the opportunity would I fight for rights & freedom??
    Damn right that’s why I enlisted in the US Navy at the age of 18

    Am I against slavery??
    Most definitely

    Do I stand for the America that believes all men are created equal.
    No doubt

    Giving the current climate of race relations in the world I would never assume and call anybody a Yankee/Rebel especially if I was representing a multi million dollar corporation. I typically over look ignorance but I don’t know if it was the thought of me paying the people that’s disrespecting me or the fact that I served a country only to come back and be disrespected by the very people I was sacrificing my life for. Either way it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. Im reaching out to you today December 27 as a plea to rectify this situation in Augusta before it’s too late. I pray that Mr. Herb was just ignorant to the fact that as a Black man, being a Yankee is far from an insult. It’s actually a compliment!

  • Tony Lafata says:

    To whom it may concern: Dear sir, I’ve been a Cabela’s customer for over 50 years. When you built the store in Chesterfield Mi, I was like a kid in a candy shop and have purchased countless items ever since. On July 8th, 2021, I took my crossbow to the store to have it restrung along with new silencers. I was told it could take as long as 3 weeks and I was good with that. After 3 weeks had past, I called to inquire about it’s status. The person in the archery dept. was not available so I left a message to call me. He never did. I called back the next day, this time asking for a manager and was told any day now. One week later, I called back again, asked for the archery dept, and again the person was not available and again I left a message and again no phone call. I then called back the next day and finally spoke to the person heading up the archery dept, and was once again told it should be anyday. I then asked if he would call their supplier to see how much longer it would be and to call me afterwards with the suppliers answer. He said he would call me later that day with the reply. Three days later, no call, so yesterday August 21st,2021. I returned to the store and cancelled my order and also returned my new bolts, broadheads and silencers that I purchased on July 8th for a full refund. This is meant to be an FYI, as no one seemed to be concerned about the customer, as in nobody cares. This was, after over 50 years of buying from Cabelas, the last transaction I’ll ever have with Cabelas. Thank you for letting me vent.

  • Robert Campbell says:

    Sir: I am the Assistant District Commissioner of the Greater Pokagon District in northeastern Indiana and we are looking for some help on replacement of our camping tents, we don’t have much money to purchase any with.our old ones are about 17 years old. What we could use is about 10 2person tents. If you could help that would be helpful if not we understand. Thank You. Scouts B.S.A.

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