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  • Address: 2394 US-11, Lafayette, NY 13084, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 315-471-0930

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1933

  • Founder: Matthew V. Byrne

  • Key People: Carl V. Byrne (Chief Executive Officer, President and Director)

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Byrne Dairy Headquarters Executive Team



Carl V. Byrne

Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

Nicholas J. Marsella

Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President and Director

Mark V. Byrne

Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Director

About Byrne Dairy, History and Headquarters Information

Byrne Dairy was incorporated by Matthew V Byrne in 1933. The high-quality milk was delivered to Central New York homes in glass bottles.  It is based in Syracuse, New York. In 1977, this company expanded its product line and introduced ice cream and butter. In 1990, they introduced their plastic milk bottle line.

Byrne Dairy is a company that has its line of product which includes greek yogurt, juices, conventional yogurt, peanut products, sour cream, milk, cream, ice cream and a variety of other dairy products. Along with selling poultry products, it also operates a chain of convenience store/gas stations in Central New York. This dairy owns and manages four manufacturing facilities: a Fresh Dairy Plant and Ice Cream Plant located in Syracuse, N.Y, an Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Pasteurization Plant in DeWitt, N.Y., and a Cultured Plant located in Cortlandville, N.Y. It distributes its products to supermarkets, dealers, distributors, convenience stores, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and vending markets.

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  • Rita Weigel says:

    On Saturday 04/30/22 around 1255pm, my boyfriend and I had just left the lake from putting our dock in. I had the craving for an ice cream cone so we stopped at the Byrne dairy 1968 Grand Central Ave. Horseheads N.y 14845 that is by our home. Upon entering we stopped at were they hand dip the ice cream. There was an older lady (I think her name was Terry) with brown hair directly behind it. It took her a few minutes to acknowledge us. She then said ” did you need something?”. I said I would like a medium strawberry. She then said “WHAT? ( In a very degrading tone. ). ( Leaned her head forward, glared at me and then said “We have shakes, cones, I don’t know what you want.”. I said ” a medium strawberry cone.”. She then responded with ” one scoop? Two scoops? I don’t know what a medium is.”. My boyfriend then said to her, “Does it cost Xtra for all your sarcasm?”. She then said to my boyfriend, ” well I don’t know what she wants.”. He then refused to even order from her. Upon leaving with my cone, I had to tell her Thank you!. I can honestly say I have never been treated that rudely or felt so degraded. I have been a store manager of a local drug store in the Horseheads/ Ithaca NY area for 35 plus years and I have never had anyone speak to me like that or use such negative body language. Again, I felt very degraded. I would recommend that she would be retrained in customer service. It was not at all appropriate . Thank you for your time.

  • No name says:

    Your cashier at the chili store that works in the morning (went on a Thursday around 1030am) is nasty and rude I believe her name is Wendy I don’t go when she is their anymore because this has happened more than once

  • Immunocompromised says:

    Byrne Dairy hasn’t been enforcing mask requirements or social distancing. I refuse to go in there anymore.
    On the other hand, if you WANT to get covid, Byrne is the perfect place to do that.

  • Kenny says:

    Went to buy gas I had 10.86 on my card it was just the holidays and a day before payday don’t judge lol any ways ya 10.86 I said I’d like 10 on pump 2 swiped my card and boom .86 cents is all I had so at first I assumed ya know what maybe the hold it so what ever I canceled the order for card and paid in cash and get a text alert stating that the place charged me 10 bucks knowing some times it takes a few days to refund I waited now today being the 3rd or 4th day check my account transactions and ghuess what nope 10 dollars for gas I didn’t get vanished in thin air tryed calling the store and oh we can’t help you Evan went in and asked the lady she basically called me a lier Evan tho I’m showing her the proof this was the rome ny store in South rome I know it’s only 10 $ but imagine she does this 3 times a night that’s 150 dollars extra she’s taking from people. Then finally reaching some one who wasn’t a complete di$* they said call corporate gave me a number and called for them to say call this number witch is infact a farm lmao I will never in my life spend another dollar with this company idc if I’m driving on fumes or I’m pinching my cheaks from tacobell left overs I found in my car thay I know I shouldn’t have ate idc if my mouths as dry as the scalp of a alcoholic principle idc if I’m as hungry as a Ethionopian kid after hunting all day I will drive by and spend my money else wear ice been filling my car weekly buying my drinks beers snacks and gas through out the week at this place and I will never again stop there unless it’s to pick my money up and )ll

  • No name says:

    I waited 10 min in line to pay for gas while all the employees screwing around joking and chatting like it’s social hour. I had to actually ask if I could pay for gas and be on my way. This happened in phelps, ny..

  • Jenny says:

    I went yesterday and bought 8 cheeseburgers (.99 Wednesday is always a must in my house) well, they were hard and cold. I brought them back, and the guy said, he’s sorry.. They are all cold. Whaaat?? Ugh brought them home, and tossed them.

  • No name says:

    I’d like to know why the higher ups don’t check on there stores and ask employees how things are going and just check on stores period some managers and dms are not taking care of there staff or customers it’s time for them to be checked on themselves and called out on it

  • Lisa A. Vennette says:

    I shopped at Byrne Dairy in North Utica, NY last evening. I, very politely, asked a woman to cover her nose with her mask as she apparently knew the cashier and was spewing her germs all over the place with about 10 customers waiting in line as she was chatting away. The cashier rudely told me that it is no longer Byrne Dairy’s policy to tell people to wear a mask! Yet, you have a sign on your door telling people to wear a mask. I ask, which is it? I live in NYS, so I do know better. Also, I am a Registered Nurse. If this is truly your policy, I will no longer be shopping in your store and will spread the message.

    • John Kratz says:

      Same thing just happened to me in Syracuse (Mattydale) 9/6/2020. Customer told me to STFU! employees did nothing and when I questioned why the sign if you are not enforcing your own signs. I was told the State makes them put the signs up but can’t make them tell people to wear a mask. OK, so you can come into the store with no mask, but I am sorry we cannot serve you without a mask. You can bet your ass if I walked into a Byrne Dairy store without a shirt on I would be stopped at the door!

      • Jared says:

        Then stop complaining and find somewhere else to shop. If it scares you too much to be out in public then order your stuff for curbside pickup. So sick of busy bodies

        • Immunocompromised says:

          You may have a virus fetish, but the rest of us are trying to keep ourselves and our communities healthy.
          PS. You are just as much of a busy body and complainer as everyone else. Otherwise, you wouldn’t feel the need to comment.

  • Sharon Boyle says:

    When your store on 2400 West genesee first opened it was so nice and clean. I know everything is clean when it’s new but was kept up very well, where my neighbors and I talked about how clean it was We live around the corner so go there pretty much every day . There is A lot of trash all around the front of store . It’s pretty disgusting and not very welcoming. I don’t know if you check on your stores but maybe you should do a surprise visit soon . I’m not one of those “Karen’”who complains about everything but for some reason this really bothers me .

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