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  • Address: 895 E Gate Blvd, Garden City, NY 11530, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 516-507-3406

  • Email: babyfacebook@buybuybaby.com

  • Number of Employees: 900

  • Established: 1995

  • Founder: Richard and Jeffrey Feinstein

  • Key People: Bari Fagin (Director of Public Relations)

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Bari Fagin

Director of Public Relations

About Buy Buy Baby, History and Headquarters Information

Buy Buy Baby, Inc was incorporated by brothers Richard and Jeffrey Feinstein in 1996.

Buy Buy Baby, Inc. is an American company that owns and manages a baby products store chain. The Company provides a line of products such as furniture, decors, nursing and feeding products, clothing, bedding, strollers, car seats, gear, toys, gifts, and accessories for infants and young children. It provides its products and services to its customers throughout the United States. The Company is featured on the Fortune 500 as well as the Forbes 2000. It runs more than 135 stores all over the United States and Canada. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. is its parent company. The Company also joined hands with a joint venture tan runs and manages retail stores in Mexico under the name “Home & More.” In addition to these products, it also sells domestics merchandise such as bath items and kitchen textiles, bed linens and related products.

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  • Dolores Kalaukoa says:

    I order a scooter and it said that it was signed and delivered. Not true.

  • Jenny Zervas says:

    Can someone in the corporate office please look into how this order BAB6664760756 – WISMO : 230104-12852174 is being handled.

  • V. Dalton says:

    My son ordered a stroller through Buy Buy Baby over a month ago and it still has not arrived nor has it even shipped yet. They take the money from his account and put it back. This has happened three times. I called the customer service line and cancelled the order but I am not confident that it has been done. We call the local store near us and they can’t help you. We are so done.

  • Darin Bell says:

    While I sit and wait 1 hour and 45 minutes for a chat online expert, I should go ahead and jump on and ask my question. I am attending a Baby Shower on Sept 24th. I ordered online a product in which the buybuyBaby online stated that the product will be available for me to pick up in the store. It is most reasonable for me to pick the item up due to a long delivery time that would not possibly make it in time for my deadline of Sept 24th. Upon arrival to the store, I was told that my order was canceled and even then, they did not have the item in stock, in which online stated that I can pick up the product at that location. On my part, I didn’t look at the (2) emails that I received until I got to the buybuyBaby location at Dallas Pkwy; that it is now being delivered. The item will now be delivered between Sept 22-29 and because the item is coming from New Jersey, that is why it is going to take so long. If customer service is to be catered too, wouldn’t the convenience of myself or an employee going to another D/FW location that has the product in stock be easier than shipping it from a warehouse in New Jersey. Should I cancel, I would have to go to another location that has the product, purchase that product again and wait a few more days to receive my refund from the first item I purchased. Where is the customer service? The product is already paid for, the establishment that has the item in stock is only 25 minutes from the original location. Why the inconvenience to the customer? Online stated that the item was in stock, but it is not in stock due to possible human input error, so the customer has to go through the inconvenience of waiting to receive the product at a later date, when the product is at another store minutes away, not states away. Store to Store transfer would have been easier, but I see it apparently has not been visited as an option to keep a customer. Please help me understand the logic.

  • Kathleen Bernstiel says:

    I recently placed an order for a push vehicle for my grandson‘s first birthday. The box arrived ripped torn and some of the pieces were out of the box and damaged. Got on the customer service chat text and after three hours of discussing this issue and being put on hold I got absolutely no satisfaction. I explained that it was my grandson‘s birthday this weekend and I bought this toy so that he could have his pictures taken. I explained that this product was sent damaged and they proceeded to tell me that I had to place another order and have them pick this item up so that another one could be returned in its place . After asking for a supervisor several times in that three hour period finally I got one too which I was told it would take another 10 to 12 days for replacement item to be sent. I am now an owner of a damaged red Ford push vehicle for my grandson‘s birthday this coming weekend and have to wait additional time for the new one to come. What customer service? I sit here looking at a ripped torn box and now I have to go get something to substitute his present. And to be on a chat for three hours is absolutely ridiculous. I guess you call that customer service unfortunately I don’t
    Kathleen Bernstiel

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Nancy says:

    I want to register my dissatisfaction with your service. I went to your store in Woodbury Minnesota to purchase a baby crib n swing. The custom service staff place in the orders online and sent me the confirmation via email. This was since April 16,2022. I have been waiting for my shipment since then, only to be informed on Saturday that my order was canceled without any notification or refund. I hv been calling the inquiry line forever, buy to no avail. Buybuy baby, this is a real poor customer service on your behalf. My baby is due in few days and I am yet to receive his bed nor get someone from your office to attend to me.

    This is very unfortunate and warrant a lawsuit.
    I need a response asap

  • gabriela cordero says:

    my name is gabriela cordero – today i place an order for my grandson and my daughter gabriela guzman estrada was going to pick up the order and you guys cancelled my order . i leave in Arizona and my daughter leaves in montclair california … so disappointed bad customer service in corporate .

  • Meghan says:

    When attempting to return an UNOPENED BRAND NEW IN BOX item, I was told I couldn’t do so because it had been more than 90 days. Due to COVID and being very high risk pregnancies, I was unable to return until now. The item is still sold and I would have gladly taken a merchandise credit- instead I was told no and that I could “Always try selling on Craigslist”. “You won’t get what you paid for it but it’s something”…What kind of advice is that for a new mother?!? Your items are way overpriced and not worth the hassle of ever supporting you again.

  • sandy Melnik says:

    I just ordered alot of furniture from the Utica MI store . I was very impressed with Sawyer a current manager that waited on me.She was professional, pleasant, and very efficient. She made all the customers feel special and happy. She is truly a wonderful employee of your organization.

  • Crystal says:

    I ordered a breast pump and a Haakaa at 11am because if I paid extra money it would be delivered that day by 9pm. It’s noon the next day and I had to be the one to contact the store and they don’t know what happened and said they would call me back. Over an hour later I called back and the manager was so rude!!! “Don’t I have your name and your phone number” “Then i’ll call you back when I get the email saying who is going to pick it up today”. Well it was supposed to be delivered last night!!! Now my daughter is going on her second day of no pumping as a new mom. This is not the first time i’ve ordered someone from the website and it go delayed. I ordered both my daughters basinets and every time I checked on them the delivery date would keep getting pushed back. This is the absolute LAST time I order online.

  • Harriet Yancey says:

    I don’t even know what to do about this horrible problem I am having with this company. Customer Service is totally worthless and can’t help me. The company delivered a $400 high chair to the wrong address and won’t rectify the situation. I have called numerous times, have been disconnected, have been called a liar, have asked to speak with a supervisor to no avail, have tried to contact the corporate office, and have been unsuccessful at every step. Horrible company which I will never use again.

  • Mary Whitaker says:

    I want to compliment Vincent on Chat this morning. I spoke with hi m about the ordering process and he was wonderful and explained the system very clearly to me. It was regarding a Graco Pack N’Play. Vincent is a great representative of your organization. Thank you for having such a kind and professional employee.

  • Mary Whitaker says:

    I want to compliment a sales person at the Addison Store / Dallas . Debby at that store placed an order online for me today. It was for a Graco Pack ‘N Play. She was fantastic and took care of the whole situation in less than 5 minutes. You have no idea how nice it was to deal with someone so professional and kind at the same time.Anything you can do to honor her would be most appreciated. Working with Debby made my day!!
    Mary Whitaker

  • Mary Lou Gundersen says:

    So today I tried calling this company since 11:54 am this morning on August 24, 2020. When I realized I was never going to speak to anyone after an hour and a half on hold I left a text and this is what took place. My first response from them was at 1:21 pm I was told I had a 5 hour and 55 minute wait time for a reply. Then at 3:25 pm my wait time was 5 hours and 10 minutes. Then at 4:55 my wait time was 2 hours and 45 minutes. Then I lost it when at 6:10 my wait time went up to 3 hours and 35 minutes. WTF was that all about. I can tell you that I will tell as many people I know never to use this website or shop in your stores with such awful customer service. It’s the worst I’ve seen in years. Absolutely pathetic!

  • June Kix says:

    I received a mattress today in a single plastic buy buy baby free to customer bag. The outer bag all torn. Do you think Packaging & shipping could have put mattress for a new born baby in a double or triple yellow buy buy baby free bags. I’m so disappointed. June Kix
    I would like to send photos of ripped bag in three places. Please send me a email to send photos.

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