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Bushs Chicken
  • Address: Bush's Chicken, LLC, 900 Austin Ave Suite 1200, Waco, Texas 76701
  • Phone Number: 888-827-8369
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees:  1200
  • Established: 1996
  • Founder:  Keith and Charlene Bush
  • Key People: Keith and Charlene Bush (Founder)

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Cole Doyle



Corey Bush


About Bushs Chicken, History and Headquarters Information

Bush's Chicken was incorporated by Keith Bush in 1996. The company has its headquarters in Waco, Texas. In 2005, this chain was purchased by Hammock Partners, L.L.C. They had an idea of making their drive-thru service better than others. So they used to send their employees to each vehicle to get orders from multiple drive-thru lanes, which helped the customers to save time. In 2011 Keith Bush's son, Corey Bush, bought back 3 restaurants of the chain.

Bush's Chicken is a fast-food restaurant that serves fried chicken. It owns and operates over 90 corporate and franchise locations in Central, South, and West Texas as well as in Arizona and Colorado. They serve fried chicken, fried okra, fries, mashed potatoes, corn nuggets, jalapeno poppers, yeast rolls, and macaroni and cheese. They used to make a distinctively marinated product and had a friendly atmosphere so that their customers feel comfortable.

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  • Berta says:

    Odessa, Texas need new employees asap unprofessional workers on west county Bushes chicken.

  • Gregory Sims( Employee) says:

    As one business owner to another ( I guess that’s what you are) there are some things you should be aware of, you were warned before but you failed to listen. First and foremost your Store on Grandview is filthy, no hot water, women’s bathroom is disgusting, dining room tables were dirty, and the entire store smells like raw sewage. No hot water in the middle of a pandemic, not to mention you are dealing with raw chicken with no hot water. Okay now let’s go further, you need to know that your GM borrows money from every new employee that she hires, and then begins to bully them when they ask for their money back, ask Mo she owes him a $100.00 to this moment. Now let’s go deeper when I was told about all of the drama with your GM , I knew it was smoke because she was manipulating and stealing, she changes your deposits after whoever closes, the over rings happens when a customer pays with cash instead of credit card, the shortages happens because some customers ask for change back so therefore one must open the register ( another over ring) to give the change for something that was never rung up. So with your cash in your safe being short or missing, it’s being replaced for the money taken out of your deposits or it’s being used as a personal bank with the intention to put it back before you check it. You need to check your nightly deposits against what you actually pick up and deposit. Your employee turnover rate is high because of the people that are hired, this is also to cover the thief, ( easy to blame them). This is just a few of the things you should know. Your GM is a reflection of you in the business world. Okay now this, you had Greg in a management position for around 9 months with no pay differential ( labor and wage board complaint), and then he was ” demoted” without a schedule nor a plan of action, no write up( EEOC complaint) . I know Greg he is my brother and he is not perfect, but he was loyal to you, and you failed to see it because of being blinded by deceit. So now we are requesting Greg’s differential manager’s back payment, which is fair, if not we will move in to a further action. We have all of the evidence mentioned before ( pictures ) he tried to show. I told Greg exactly what was going to happen to him, and you fell right into the trap. Oh yeah and Ricky( the one we had every black church in Odessa praying for when he was shot, and even took up donations for smh) texted Greg and called him ” Homeboy” (we have copies of the exchange)which derogatory, a racial slur, ( discrimination in the workplace EEOC complaint again) and when he told your GM she said she would handle it, she didn’t and caused a ” hostile work environment for Greg and again you fell into the trap again. All Greg is asking for is his differential pay at this time. We are prepared to go further if we need to, this is not a threat is the laws of wage and labor, and Equal Opportunity Employment of Texas. Sincerely, One Business owner to another, Greg’s Sister.
    P.S. Your company van is always at Quentins house , in the heart of South Odessa. (Not a good look for your business)..

  • Shanea bars says:

    Bush’s chicken on west county road in Odessa texas needs either new employees or to be shut down their service is horrible. I spent fifty dollars and didn’t receive my whole order and they wouldn’t replace it because my children had went the food . I’m really furious and will keep giving bad reviews until something is do e about them. They act racist and their service is just down right ridiculous

  • Emaleth Howe says:

    I went to the West county rd Bushs in Odessa Tx and was met with the worst service I have experienced since working for a Bush’s myself. Not only were we ignored because “the second lane doesn’t matter” but the young 20 year old runner yelled racial slurs at myself and my mother for using the second lane to order drinks. When calling to talk to the manager, Erica was fantastic. However in the back ground the young man was screaming and berating her for doing her job. Saying I was a “b.s. white b*tch” who knew nothing and could die. The time was at 3:45 pm on May 23rd.

    This young child, not man, has completely ruined any business to be recieved by myself or my company for catering.

  • Romelia Gonzales says:

    i am very disapointed with managment San M arcos TX….(FRANK) i used to work there and had an awesome experience when miss sherri was manager.wellwith that i told my son y not start your first job there and he applied and only worked for a month.this young man frank(manager) was very disrespectful to my son,he used his authority to belittle my son and made him feel very uncomfortable.he never trained him well and never gave him a chance to show him what he could do.well this manager smokes weed from that pen in the freezer with his empoyees…yes my son had accidently walked in , and saw this ,since then frank has treated him like crap.im guessing this is what all started this….well my son said he could no longer work with a bully.he was very disapointed because he actually was getting it.yes he made mistakes just like frank once did and anyone that was just starting.frank used his authority to down size my son…..my son had the worse experiance with this man,.i remember always training someone right and asking if there ok with everything.Making them feel comfortable….well we went in to pick up his card cuz for some reason he didnt get his money on his original card,which is wierd by the way.wellmy son got his money and i asked for the corporate number n he denied it to me because i didnt tell him y i was calling.i dont know, things has really changed at Buchs,i always thought this was a religous based resturant….be respectable,treat people right,making them feel right home……im not angry just very dissapointed…….maybe someone higher needs to check up on this or maybe random drug testing…..well we well no longer be going back to Bushs,sad thing is we recomened bushs for events…..all the time.i really hope he starts treating people differently…..

  • Sylvia says:

    Why did the Bush’s chicken close in Rosenberg and Katy, TX.

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