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Yoshikazu Maruyama

Interim Executive Chairman, SeaWorld Board of Directors

John Reilly

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Marc Swanson

Chief Financial Officer

G. Anthony (Tony) Taylor

Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

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Busch Gardens Tampa traces its roots back in 1959. It started as a free hospitality facility for Tampa Anheuser-Busch. Beer tastings were complimentary with an expedition to a bird garden and an escalator that was used to take guests to the roof of the brewery and it was called the “Stairway to the Stars.” By 1965, Busch Gardens expanded and started Serengeti Plains, an African-themed park. In order to grab more visitors, it widened its focus on tropical landscape, exotic animals and amusements. In 2019, it launched its newest roller coaster, named Tigris.

Busch Gardens Tampa is an animal theme park located in Tampa, Florida. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment owns and runs this park and is also known as the 2nd largest park in SeaWorld Orlando. People can enjoy 9 roller coasters and 2 water rides amongst other rides and animal attractions.

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  • Di says:

    concerning your lack of caring about handicap people and their situations and then having supervisors make you wait and then tell you verbally they will speak to them and that their sorry but that doesn’t help the fact it happen and no one cared or offered anything to show they were sorry. Isabelle, MacKenzie (she) and another gentleman with MacKenzie all they did was say they were sorry and that’s it. Unreal. You never have this issue at Disney because they care about their guests. Tampa Bay Bush Garden is 100% crap and ghetto.


  • E says:

    I was a past employee! And i was put on a no rehire status and basically discriminated against! I understand florida is a right to work state but a company should have “compassion” for their employees! I was terminated for a no call no show when it was due to unforseen circimstances! I appler 32 times just be put on a no rehire when i have a letter ffrom coporate!!! Do not! Waste your money going to a place that doesnt value the detication from there previous employees when life happens busch gardens tampa is the worst. I have documemation and would never seek legal action just want to go back to work doing what i love

  • Veronica Nu-man says:

    Good afternoon, TO whom it may concern, My family and I had visited your Williamsburg, Va park on Friday, July 29,2022 we came from Philadelphia, PA we had a 27 people for admission, 28 Platinum meal vouchers and 28 Gold meal vouchers we arrived to the park at the front Gate at between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m we got in the park 1:15p.m it had started thunderstorms at 4:00p.m they announced for everyone to leave the park. The stands and rides shutdown , so I called the Group Sales Dept. on Monday ,August 1, 2023 to asked about a rain check and NOBOBY HAS NOT CALLED ME BACK YET!! I CALLED SEVERAL TIMES AND STILL NO ANSWER. I TALKED TO ANDREA THAT MONDAY, August 1, 2022 She said someone was supposed to call me . I am still waiting !! I charter a bus ,so it cost us $2,867 to come to the park. We was scheduled to leave at 8:00p.m. can someone please help me!!
    Thank you for your cooperation!!

  • Disrguntled Guest says:

    I have been a PLATINUM passholder found 2 years, went for the iron gwazi sneak preview and was told AT THE RIDE GATE that guest pass holders (who are a PERK of the platinum pass) are not allowed to ride the sneak preview! i tried to explain that their wording was vague and misleading and all i kept hearing was “I understand you but…” No, you do not understand, your wording is misleading.

    With that “experience” out of the way, I began to notice that others during the day were confused by signage around the park. The most frequently asked question I heard that day was, “What does THAT mean?”

    BG, you need to hire someone who can word things CLEARLY so that ALL can understand.

    Finally, this was about my 5th visit in the last 2 years, and ONCE AGAIN, most of the rides were CLOSED or WERE CLOSED ONCE WE WERE IN LINE that day. UNACCEPTABLE. I will be CANCELLING my PLATINUM pass and will choose other parks outside of the BG-Seaworld family

  • carole says:

    I just wanted to share my recent experience at Busch Gardens in Tampa. I have been numerous times in the past and was excited to bring the whole family. I must say, I will never return. I would have been better served to just drive down the street and throw 574.34 dollars out of the window.

    After spending 120.00 dollars on an uber to get to the park from our hotel we wasted an entire day at your park and then spent another 120.00 dollars to get back to our hotel.

    The wait lines for any type of food at the park were about 2 hours. The problem was most of the little stands where you could get snacks and drinks were closed so only a few larger eating facilities were open which meant the lines were ridiculous. I’m assuming Busch Gardens like the rest of the country is having a hard time filling positions to actually work those stands. Which means the amount of people let in to the park needed to be monitored and DECREASED.

    We waited in line for 35 minutes for bottles of water. Thank god we were not choking or experiencing heat stroke.

    The fast passes were not available to purchase that day. So we waited 1 hour for the first roller coaster which is doable on a busy day. The next was a 1 hour and 45 minute wait and we still did it. After that, all roller coasters were an average of 2 1/2 hour waits.

    People were literally on top of one another because there were so many people there.

    It was the most unenjoyable experience for the entire family.

    It would have been impossible to fit everything the park has to offer into a full day because of the amount of people and the wait times EVERTWHERE!!

  • Freddie Sandoval says:

    I worked here recently..and 4 of my co workers are ALWAYS LAZY making and ALWAYS making fun of guess..although I reported many incidents to super visors none took action..seen people smoke weed and reported that too”but was ignored..I finally quit because I will not be a part of any place that takes your hard earned money and have staff treat them like trash..its a shame because some of us do care and worked hard

  • Charlie Gray says:

    Please contact me at 614-570-1230 ASAP! My name is Charlie Gray and my wife is Carla.

  • Michael says:

    An hour to but water and ice cream while seeing kiosk after kiosk closed?? really?? Why??? Beyond absurd and disrespectful… and let’s not mention the attitude of the few people allegedly working as fast as they can .. and those managers .. the ones walking around with the radios giving orders.. well those I’ve seen plenty of, there seem to be a lot of those but few actually working to service the people at the park. Does anyone in this corporation really care???

  • Nayda Carlo says:

    how to become a food vendor

  • Katria M Weyl says:

    I have lived in Florida off and on since the early 80’s and have been going to Busch Gardens for many years. I have also been attending Howl-O-Scream since they started. I have never been so disappointed in Busch Gardens and their “vacation package”, as I have recently.

    I purchased the “package” to include three Howl-O-Scream tickets and a hotel room close to the park.

    The nightmare (Halloween) started when I received the Hotel information, but no tickets. See the package: Motel Hell at Howl-O-Scream will be the only hotel giving you frights and nightmares this vacation. Book a vacation package that includes accommodations at one of our hand-selected hotel partners, admission to Howl-O-Scream, and much more.

    So, a call to the Vacation site and a customer service rep tells me I bought just a room and no tickets. I sent them an email of the “package” and they said many people just don’t understand. Almost two hundred dollars and I “didn’t understand”. So, after an hour on the phone, they sent me complimentary tickets. But that is not all…..

    The night of the visit to Howl-O-Scream, I arrive at the hotel to be told (even though I have the paperwork with the reservation number on it) that I do not have a hotel reservation. The folks at the hotel were very nice and accommodating, but couldn’t do anything without calling the Vacation Program. An hour later, and late to arrive at the park, they send me off to the park with a guarantee that I WILL have a room.

    They did call….and bless them for working so hard for me.

    BOTTOM LINE……Never ever trust the Vacation Package. Busch Gardens caused me way too much anxiety and my time when it should have been effortless and fun. I will just drive to Halloween Horror Nights at Disney next year.

  • >