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Thomas A. Kingsbury

Chairman, President & CEO

Marc Katz

CFO & Principal

Fred Hand

Chief Customer Officer & Principal

Jennifer Vecchio

Chief Merchandising Officer & Principal

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Burlington Coat Factory was founded in the year 1972. The company has been operational for 47 years now. The founder of the company was Henrietta Milstein and Monroe Milstein. The company started selling various jackets and coats. Then the company increased its portfolio, and also began selling clothing accessories and items as well. By the year 1983, the company already had 31 stores in different locations, and therefore became a public limited company. Then in the year 2006, the company was purchased by Bain Capital Partners for around $2 billion. As of the year 2013, the company started offering its IPO or Initial Public Offering, and then in the year 2016, the company was listed on the Fortune 500 companies list for the first time.


Burlington Coat Factory is a company based in America with the focus of providing the best departmental shopping experience for various kinds of apparels, baby clothes, gifts, items used for home decor, furniture, etcetera. The company has its presence in over 45 states in America and also Peurto Rico as well, with a chain of more than 631 stores. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $6 billion. Also, as of the year 2018, the total number of employees working in more than 40,000. The current CEO, chairman and president of the company is Thomas A Kingsbury.


The primary services of Burlington Coat Factory include the procurement and the selling of various types of lifestyle products, clothing, and other home products useful for customers. The company also provides options for customers to purchase gifts as well.

​Headquarters Info

The main corporate headquarters of the company is at 1830 US 130 North. The place name is Burlington Township, with the state being New Jersey. The pin code of the area is 08016.

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  • sm says:

    i did my train on the computer which was supervised by the lead on sale floor who was trying to
    do three things at once
    when chris of leads front me off about not finshing my cart i sood up to him the boss brain accused me if saying i didnt care about doing my job he admitred to hearing the agurement lied then said i was unreliabe and late my first week he didnt dudnt want me ti stay compliant is whole store was messed up the day i walk in
    chris made sure he was in the room when brain told me i was dischared never payed no proof of employment company think i willing left

  • Ben says:

    Our local newspaper cover story is announcing the possible if not inevitable opening of a Burlington store in Ramsey Interstate shopping center.

    Being a resident of this area of Bergen County for over 35 years, a cause for great concern has arisen with this announcement.

    Primarily because of the pattern of neglect on the part of Burlington officials in the appearance and marketing of the Paramus Store!

    I visited that location twice in the many years it had been there.

    First time years ago, thought perhaps it was just an unfortunate day I chose.

    Store was a disaster with sub par merchandise and filth and unacceptable untidiness everywhere Including parking lot!

    It felt like a third world thrift shop!

    Second visit over a year later proved to be the very same sad experience.
    Frankly, worse.

    Needless to say, that was the end of ever going to a Burlington Store.

    The overall buzz in this neck of the woods was resounding about the retailer!!!

    Few if any locals shopped there.

    Apparently it was kept afloat by people coming from other locales to shop.

    Our fear is it will now create a shoddy environment to a lovely shop center in our beloved Ramsey, N.J.

    A town that takes great pride in its appearance and quality of life.

    Burlington sadly does not have this reputation.

    The community at large is not happy knowing a neglectful retailer will now be a member of this beloved, well maintained community.

    It’s sad that commercial real estate has lower its standards profusely due to the economy to agree to lease space to this level of Schlock retailers!

  • Penney says:

    Can I say I had the worst experience in your Wellington FL store. They had only 1 cashier and stood in line for 1 hour and a half. This is totally unacceptable especially after Christmas. I have been going to Burlington for years and this may have deterred my ever going back.

  • Albulena says:

    I went to Burlington today to do some shopping and I was pushing my daughter in the stroller,Me and my other daughter who is 8 year old stepped in a pile of poop,someone pooped in the store and left the poop in the floor and no one cleaned it,both of us stepped in and had to leave the shoes in the store and buy 2 new pairs to wear them,I was so stressed and scared

  • K. Allen says:

    visited the store in SALISBURY NC AND IT WAS 09:09PM STORE OURS WAS POSTED AS CLOSING AT 10:00PM.The store manager stated she had to many people in the store so she locked the doors to close the store. The parking lot was empty which was stated to her so she opened the doors. Once in the store there where no more than five people in the store. She was asked if they did not have help she stated no,its not that we have to recover the store and we have to go home.

  • carl says:

    I have worked for Burlington for 26 years. i moved and asked for a transfer over two months ago. after a month my transfer came through to the Hardwood highs store in Chicago. i have not worked at that store at all for over a month . the manager tells me no hours. am i laid off? i have not worked for over a month

  • Tanika Palmer says:

    I am really hoping that The Morrow Georgia Location at My community Has the opportunity to clean and sort items I enjoy the store but it’s not organized me and My Son Really enjoy Burlington Location.the location is Morrow Georgia Business I really hope We can enjoy The store motto and Have community Events for parents and professional Individuals that Strive and present Friendly service and Cleaning Areas being prepared for a busy friendly Hours of Rush hour.

  • Tanika Palmer says:

    My community At Morrow Georgia Location The quality of Merchandise for bug and tall for 5exrra Large is Not available this Is disappointed for my Son because we need Clothing Items he really enjoys shopping at Burlington store in Atlanta Georgia Areas

  • Kiah Glenn says:

    I recently was hired at Burlington coat factory in NYC at the Kings Plaza Mall. The managers there are horrible. The hiring manager named Denise is a rude disgusting person. On my first day I was made to feel so uncomfortable that I didn’t wanna go back. I voiced my concerns about the lack of training and communication between new cashier’s and managers when we need help. The male manager that runs the front end I spoke with went back and told the hiring manager Denise my concerns. Mind you I wasn’t rude nor was I disrespectful I just wanted some insight so that I can do my job better. She told me my services weren’t needed all because I told her how I felt. This isn’t my first rodeo I know how orientation and training is supposed to go. Not only that I was on time for my shift not only was the mod late but I wasn’t able to start my shift til 1 and I was there since 11:45 I was supposed to start at 12 pm. They are very unprofessional and late when it comes to starting task. The lines are always out the door and they never have enough cashier’s and I see why. They treat people horribly and everyone always quits.. Someone needs to go down there and clean house. It’s very ghetto and unorganized.

  • T.Smith says:

    My son worked for Burlington (store # 1054) in McDonough, Ga.this summer. On Thursday, July 21 there was an incident that occurred that needs immediate attention. First, a supervisor (Jalia) yelled in his face about not moving fast enough. Next, he was called in the office where additional yelling occurred and the store manager (Tara) mocked the way he was walking. This is unacceptable and I need to speak with the regional HR manager to try to understand Burlington’s corporate value of employee’s and their understanding on ADA. I feel his civil rights has been violated and I will continue to move forward until I speak with someone regarding this situation that humiliated my son and has caused him emotional stress. I very disappointed in how my son and other young adults are being treated. As an educator we spend each day connecting with families, community leaders and our stakeholders to teach young adults to embrace their differences, to be respectful, and to work hard. It is very unfortunate that we have one of our community stores that we patronize with demonstrating the opposite of what we strive to showcase in our community. Burlington says, “Be Valued”, “Be included”, and “Be Successful” the leadership that you’ve chosen at this store, does not represent any of your slogans or core value that you provide to your customers or employees. I would appreciate the appropriate person to reach out to me. I have additional information regarding this incident.
    I have not received a response. It seems as if I’m getting the run around. But I will not stop until I get to the appropriate person. This is such a very sad situation.

  • Safiya farmer says:

    Store 1202 in tacoma wa literally the worst customer service ever witnessed . I really hope that the company addresses the issues.

  • Cassandra R Hardy says:

    Burlington store #1202 in tacoma list their store hours 9:30 am to 10pm .if you go at 9:25 you will be denied entry reason said we close at 10 pm.i drove 20 mins with family due a unexpected event and was told by kevin as he stood at the door to make sure no one entered that they are closed.besides myself and wife there were another family and couple being told they cannot enter confused because we all are aware of the store hours fellow customers and myself replied you are closed at 10 pm it’s 9:30 half hour left we would like to quickly shop.kevin got manager lauren and he came to tell us yes they won’t allow anyone in because they close at 10 .asked why they decide to close half hour early he said because we can.we all agreed to complained to corporate but I’m assuming nothing will be done on the rude unprofessional business and employees and that being said Never spend your money or your time in this terrible store.

  • Ulises hernandez says:

    Store #00825 the store lucks like a garbage dump,I ask for the manager Jonathan and the line goes around with only 2 cashiers ,I returning everything tomorrow,good luck with that sheet,👍

  • Anita says:

    Was in store in grand island Nebraska it looks like we had a earth quake unexceptionable

  • Carol hurley says:

    Someone needs to come to the Burlington store in Somerville Mass , every time I go in that store it’s a total mess it’s like a tornado hit it I even have pictures of the mess , there are no workers that display name tags or anything telling they work there , nobody helps you find anything I almost never see anybody on the floor working I have worked retail for years and this is atrocious the amount of stuff all over the floor looking like it has been there all day and people just step over it all not caring , THIS IS A SAFETY HAZARD what if someone fell ? Not to mention the money your store is losing because things are dirty from being all over the floor or damaged ! My mother went to the Burlington store in Somerville a few days ago looking for something she went alone , and she has a hard time getting around with a bad back and legs this is not a good place to shop if it is like this nobody cares someone needs to look at the actions of the workers there and start firing possibly and hiring people who want to work it’s not the managers who are at fault it’s the workers and REALLY start punishing people for allowing this , no matter who you are or what excuse an employee gives THERE IS NO EXCUSE for ever allowing this . YOU GET PAID TO DO A JOB , NOT FOR DOING WHAT EVER YOU WANT

  • Latonka Gore says:

    Burlington has the worst customer service right now. I understand we’re all recovering from Covid but damn it, if your corporation is still making money off of hard working ppl then, do better. Stop lying and making excuses. I use to shop in your stores daily, until I experienced “shopping while black” the Hilliard Burlington store accused me of stealing and called the police on me. I was humiliated and then threatened with Trespassing if I ever came back into there Hilliard store, mind you I use be in there daily. I lived up the street. I told them put in my loyalty number and see how much I come in here and now tonight I’m stealing. Gtfoh I opened my purse for the police once I was approached, no one from Burlington said anything to me they automatically called the police on me and I didn’t have anything, I was treated that way because I was black. It’s wrong and Burlington owes me a response. I’m not going away this happened in January and Burlington has yet to Rectify the situation, they lie and make excuses, they put racist Mangers on the phone like Stephanie who hung up on me because she didn’t like me asking her if she was white, because of her lack of interest, and solution to this serious problem. I can about Guarantee she was. Her attitude revealed that much. She then got upset because I told her she had no intentions on calling me back anytime soon, taking it I had continuously called Burlington with yet no solution or response.

    • Concerned citizen says:


      I hope all is well, but I believe it was a bit racist of you to ask the race of the human you were speaking to. Also, a bit rude.

  • Professional Lead says:

    Customer service and selection vary tremendously depending on the Burlington location, with the Bridgeville, PA’s selection being the worst and the poorest customer service. As part of Burlington’s “Loyalty Membership” for years, this program (by our phone number) documents your purchases with the date in case of a possible return. With thousands of dollars spent, we’ve rarely had a return. However, at the Bridgeville location, we purchased a coat that was totally sub quality, resulting in a need for it to be returned. When doing so, Jodi, the acting manager, serviced the transaction and she was requested to pull up our loyalty membership so we would be able to know the exact date our item was purchased. Since we traveled often this holiday season, this date of purchase would have assisted us in knowing when and which property we needed to get the tags from. In a move of sheer oddity, Jodi felt very comfortable with refusing to even pull up our loyalty membership, which is so, so very basic. She gave an unusually hard time just for information that I had to look up after we departed the store. Within minutes, over the phone, a different branch assisted and we were able to get all that was needed for a successful $30 return. A different Burlington location, not the Bridgeville location, assisted with a smile and they strictly followed policy, as did we. Same company, different experiences. So, when service is subjective you will certainly ask why, so we reported Jodi to Burlington’s headquarters and they enlisted Julie, a local Pittsburgh District manager. However, prior to Julie calling, our concern was accidentally sent to the manager in the Midwest. God bless her, although this unruly behavior didn’t happen at her store under her jurisdiction, she called the same day, apologized, and we even shared a good laugh. Super polite. Julie, the Pittsburgh District manager who actually had jurisdiction over Jodi in Bridgeville, called a few days later and she had music BLARING in the background on a “professional” call. Some things are not under our control but we all know not to have our music Blasting if you are interviewing for a new position telephonically or speaking to someone you think is valuable. That, we can attempt to control. Julie, the Pittsburgh District Manager, did not apologize at any time during the conversation, was certainly disinterested, appeared to have a predetermination, and would have certainly acted differently had she called on Burlington’s corporate, recorded line. If you’ve lived long enough, you will encounter people, like Julie, who are not happy campers because a complaint was rightfully lodged against their department. Therein lies the mistake the corporate office made, they sent the concern BACK to people who have an interest in hiding it. This environment is a pure example of “we’ve investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing”. Well, the good news is this, we are no longer willing to spend our American dollars here. One location is stellar, the next is horrid, one district manager accidentally calling is from the Midwest was human and kind, then we have Julie, a different district manager servicing the Bridgeville area, was retaliatory for the “nerve” of a customer sharing their experience. Burlington is a publicly traded company with owners that do not appreciate poor service resulting in loss of frequent customers.

  • Cindy says:

    Someone needs to come to the Burlington store in chapel Hill mall in Akron Ohio the store is a total mess. I have been going in there just to see how long it takes the management to pick the merchandise up off the floor. They don’t have floor people so the store is always a mess clothes on the floor people walking out the store stealing and no one says anything. If I was the district manager I would make a surprise visit to see just what is going on.

    • Professional Lead says:

      We had a concern, not at this location, but did utilize the normal reporting system of contacting this listed Burlington cooperate office for the said concern. They send your concern BACK to the people who have an interest in hiding shared input. Burlington Coat Factory is a corporate company who target persons seeking bargains and sometimes you may find not so great efforts in making sure customer service is the best everywhere and to everyone, like in your case, as well as our experience, yet in a totally different region. It is best to temper our expectations with Burlington Coat Factory, be it the cooperate office or not, as we have decided not to patronize this company with our dollars as a result of our direct, avoidable experiences.

  • Rowena says:

    I am a teenager seeking employment and I called today and the Main manager at north riverside was very rude when she answered she also handed up on me.

  • Ms Wilder says:

    I visited the Forestville,Maryland store today and found it to be one of the filthiest stores I have ever visited. I didn’t dare buy anything because I would have to take it into my home. The shelves were filthy, the merchandise was all over the place nothing was organized except a few things in the front of the store. The floors haven’t been vacuumed and there’s trash all over the place. I did mention my concerns to an employee. My address neatawild2@gmail.com

  • Lois says:

    Upon entering your Austell Ga location this afternoon I couldn’t believe what an absolute mess it was. I would never go back in there, and I would be embarrassed if I was the store manager. I don’t want to hear, well it is a holiday weekend, it took along time for this store to get this bad. It was horrible the last time I was there, and this time even worse. I just thought you might be interested in knowing.

  • Robert Soules says:

    We have a Burlington Store here in Panama City, Florida. Two years old very nice store, my wife and I visited the store today …Your store is missing one thing and that is taking care or supporting the Handicapped….No motorized carts nor even a wheelchair…..Big lots, Walmart have the above which is greatly appreciated.. I hope this can be fixed in the near future…My wife has Lung Cancer , Stage 4 , she really has enjoyed your stores in other locations till she came down with this awful diease… Thankyou letting me give you my input and be safe .

  • Mohammad Vaseemuddin says:

    Your store in villa park Illinois is being managed by very rude staff.
    They are locking doors 30 minutes before 11 pm
    We visited on August 1 and 2 2021
    They start harassing shoppers 45 minutes before closing actually accosting people and coming to their face.

    Be prepared to lose value and customers as there is a Ross opening in the same block attached to your store

  • lorrainepetway@hotmail.com says:

    Why do a customer have to stay on the line with customer service for over an hour before someone pick up the phone?

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