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President and Chief Executive Officer 

Age: 64 years

BBA: University of Wisconsin – Madison

Fred Hand

Chief Customer Officer

Marc Katz

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Vecchio

Chief Merchandising Officer

Forrest D. Coder

Executive Vice President of Stores

Siiri Dougherty

Executive Vice President of Merchandising

Joyce M. Magrini

Executive Vice President-Human Resources

Mike Metheny

Executive Vice President, Supply Chain, Corporate Services and Asset Protection

Eliot M. Rosenfield

Executive Vice President of Planning & Allocation and MIO

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  • V. Kapp says:

    I have read all of the comments on this page and I have to say, that it seems like my complaint is sadly, a growing trend.

    I was shocked and disgusted, when I visited the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania store, recently.

    The store was apparently, recently remodeled. But, what I saw was not a newly remodeled store.. it was a cluttered mess and in complete disarray!!!

    There was merchandise all over the floors, of the store. I wasn’t able to get through the aisles, let alone push a cart through them.

    I have shopped at Burlington Coat Factory for over thirty years. They have nice merchandise and I can always, find something that I like. But, under the current condition of the store, I won’t be shopping there, again!

    The store needs a complete, overhaul of managers and employees!!

    P.S. I did contact corporate

  • Kathy M. Harvey says:

    Corporate personnel need to visit the Burlington Store on Hershberger in Roanoke, Virginia. A recent visit to that store was horrible. It was filthy. Clothes laid on the floor in almost every area. The makeup section was dirty. Part of the store is vacant. Clothes selection is minimal – and junky. I picked a coat I liked, it was hung inside out with sleeves pulled inward. Three staff members were outside. Two people were at the cashier areas but no one was cleaning. Who ever manages that store is totally lazy and should be out of a job. Personnel need to be fired or at least re-trained. I use to enjoy – and do a lot of shopping at Burlington. I almost ran out of the store it was so nasty and everything looked junky. The Big Lots nearby was considerably cleaner and their merchandise considerably better than what Burlington had. I always do a lot of holiday shopping at Burlington. Not this year and you better believe I will let all my friends know of my experience. You should be ashamed. Corporate staff need to do a better job hiring management and enforcing conditions for having a store open. What a waste. You use to be a good, decent place to go.

  • Adam Chelate says:

    My wife and I went to the South Portland Me store. I had not been in there for a while. I was surprised at what it has become. I remember the fine coats and suits and better class of clothing that was available, sadly it’s not the same. My wife and I remarked as to hw Burlington is no more than another T.J. Max store.
    We left without purchasing anything.

  • ACS says:

    The store located on Sardis Rd N in Charlotte NC is a disgrace. It is filthy, it stinks, the store itself is ugly and disorganized, and the fixtures, including carpeting, are pathetic and nasty. This store should be shut down, stripped, fumigated, cloroxed, and then all new people hired who reflect the respectable city in which they work and I assume reside.

  • Elise says:

    – [ ] 5959 W Sahara ave Las Vegas NV 89146 This is by far the worst experience I have ever had in my life at Burlington coat factory here in Las Vegas Christina assistant manager is very unprofessional rude and racist. Tonight myself and my sisters walked into Burlington and immediately noticed a women falling us we brushed it off and kept shopping until it became very uncomfortable. We have now went down about several aisles and this lady is still following us. This wasn’t a normal type of follow she was literally right up on us maybe two inches of space apart. I then pulled out my phone to record for proof. After having enough we went to speak to assist manager Christina who was COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL AND RUDE. Security pops out as we walk to the front very suspiciously and asks how can help us. Just put two and two together the whole team was watching us as if we were threat. We expressed are concerns and the issues we were having to CHRISTINA and she showed Zero remorse. We explained to her that we felt uncomfortable we told her we’ve now been followed by this lady for over an hour. Mid into explaining our concerns she walks away and completely ignores what we are going through. (Pull the tapes) not a single apology was said on her part. No remorse for the paying customer who has been shopping at this location for several years and not one time had any issues with being racially profiled. Security is now involved and goes to check out who the “lady in the green dress” (undercover ) is that was following us. Security was now gone for about 7 mins and Christina is still helpless. We then are left standing at a register with a assistant manger who is not trying to console nor fix the situation. We then walk to the back where security is and the lady with the green dress because at this point no one is saying anything. We asked the security if it’s okay to continue shopping or were we going to continue to be harassed. The “lady in the green dress and now her “partner” are whispering to one another along with the security. Christina finally comes to the back eyes rolling rude and goes over and consoles the other party as if we weren’t the victims who were being followed for an hour. As if we didn’t come to her from the beginning to give her the opportunity to fix the situation. She completely slapped us in the face and embarrassed us in front of everyone. She then starts to put on a show as the other party is requesting for her to call the police. Security states no need to call police as everyone needs to go there own way. Other party then whispers to assistant manager Christina that we are “aggravating and aggressive”. She apologizes to the other party and rubs one of them on the shoulder but not one time did we get a single apology. Instead she raises her hand up and shews us away like we are wild pigeons. We proceed to just leave then turned around and asked Christina to give us her bosses information and Corp info. She yells and says I am the manager you all need to leave I’m calling the police really putting on a show. I then asked her how would you feel if you were coming into an establishment to go shopping and immediately you are being followed. Christina then tells us we have to leave or we will be escorted from the store or she is going to call the police because “WE” are harassing her customers. I thought we were just harassed and followed. Why aren’t we getting any special treatment? why isn’t anyone checking to make sure we are okay ?and that we are having the best experience while being here?. Christina then walks over to a supervisor because she can’t handle her position the supervisor writes down Corp name and her name. Not a single apology not a single employee was helpful it was completely humiliating and degrading. Christina Burlington coat factory 5959 W Sahara ave Las Vegas NV 89146 you should be ashamed your customer service is poor you have no management skills you’re actions tonight were disgusting along with your staff. You need to help.

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