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This is a Bradenton based company that operates clothe stores in different parts of the world. The company was founded in the year 1987 and has about 1150 employees across all is stations. The revenue generated every year by the business is $61.77 million.

Find out more information about the company by checking their official website which is http://www.burkesoutlet.com/ or call the company from their main phone number (941) 747-2355, reserved for customer care and customer inquiries.

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  • Laura McDonough says:

    Dothan, ALA customer: store was cleaning floors at 9:10am when store was supposed to open. I thought they did that at night or off hours. A handfull of us left, unlikely to ever return (there are other outlet stores in this area). Bad for business!!!! Everyone has schedules to keep, even if shoppers.

  • Sherri Gwyn says:

    I work at the Mt. Airy store and I need help. They are not taking state or federal taxes out on me and I have a dependent.

  • Barbara says:

    My daughter got fired today in Alabama for doing what other employees do and it’s nothing but discrimination. They loss a good worker very dedicated to the job. Someone has stolen from them and turned away customers MAKING THEM LOSE MONEY and she is still employed but my daughter is the complete opposite of that employee NOW CALL LOSS PREVENTION ON THAT EMPLOYEE

    • Viola jones says:

      They lost me as a customer. At least Walmart will give you a gift card if you do not have a receipt. You just lose your money on what you buy that falls apart with in 3 weeks. I will not go back. Sorry your daughter got fired. These people do not care. I will not be called a liar. Good luck to your daughter.

  • Terry Ann Johnson says:

    Good Morning 

    My name is Mrs Terry Ann Johnson, I visited your store Burkes on 9/11/2022. At 5:00 pm that time I went to go check out my items, I asked about discount on my phone, but I realized I got the wrong store pulled up,but then I pull up burkes store app. There was four employees behind the counter and one Mrs or Ms Nancy (Supervisor) standing beside me. The names that was given to me was the one’s behind the counter: Josh,Emily Assoc. ,Mercedes and Tori-on the clock Supervisor Nancy off the clock supervisor. 

    I asked about the discount with the lady behind the counter who I believe to be Tori Supervisor she turned to talk to the lady on my side of the counter about me so I turned to the lady and asked excuse me but I’m right here you can talk to me she proceeded to tell me that she is off the clock and she is not talking to me she is talking to the ladies behind the counter I said to her that but I’m standing right here you could talk to me she says I am not talking to you I am off the clock and then she told me if I had a complaint that I could take it up with corporate because I asked her why was she being so rude to me no one behind the counter or even the other associate manager said anything to her or to me about her being so rude they told me to take it outside that they couldn’t do anything for me I asked for everybody’s name and the corporate name but they gave me the email instead I went ahead and purchased my purchase when she left but I think she needs to be fired because the lady Nancy the supervisor I had a interview with her a month ago I didn’t it realize until I got home that she was the same person I had the interview with about it part-time job there I walked into the store to have an interview with her and she gave me the nastiest look she was being ugly. She said to me are you able to keep up while we walk around the store? I said yes ma’am. I felt like she was making a point that I’m too old for this job and she didn’t wanted me. I think she expecting me to be younger than I was. She was assuming I couldn’t do the job because I wasn’t as young as she thought I was . I’m 53 years old and needed a part-time job she walked around the store she didn’t really talk me. It took about 5 minutes and she said I’ll call you in a few minutes and let you know. She never called so I called back and she said she gave it to someone one else. Nancy your supervisor is very rude to the customers and my opinion and just my opinion only for working in the industry myself and being a manager myself that nobody should be treated like that by a manager or even an employee at that so this is the second encounter with this lady that was absolutely rude ugly and disrespectful to others I’m hoping she gets fired so I’m able to go back into the store and have a nice experience to buy more product thank you sincerely Mrs.Terry Ann Johnson

    Ps: This all happened in front of my granddaughter and other customers.   

    Sent from my Galaxy

    They gave me the wrong corporate address.

    • Viola jones says:

      I will never go to Burkes ever again. They are rude and called me a liar.I purchased a handbag before 2 months before Christmas. I did not use it until about 3or4 weeks after I bought it. I only carried it for 2 weeks and it started to fall apart. They refused to let me get something else without the tag that was on it. Who in their right mind is going to carry a purse with the tag still on it. I may be 72 years old, but I’am not stupid to carry it then get caught for trying to steal it. They lost me as a customer. So rude and call me a liar, I will never go back.

  • K says:

    Loved working here but never understood why they would hire so many people and never give those of us that have been there longer more hours ..or why they would hire some slow people and not to mention how when dealing with rude customers managers leave you on your own to deal I quit

  • Hawkins says:

    Wow is all I can say Clarksville Tennessee the store manager is rude and un professional she is very rude to the employees right in front of the customers

  • Donna Bailey says:

    Hi, my name is Donna Bailey, I was at burkes in ft Payne, Alabama today and I was returning some things I had previously bought and I noticed I had dropped one of the shirts I wanted to return, so my daughter and I went back to look for it outside and when I came back in I was accused of stealing the merchandise I had in my hands. Now when we first arrived we walked into the store and straight to the registers. No one said “hello” no one said “welcome to burkes” nothing. If someone would have acknowledged us maybe they would have seen the things in my hands. There was a young lady that seen me and my daughter enter the store and walk straight to the registers and never said a word in my defense when they accused Me was stealing!! To be perfectly honest I think it’s a bunch of bullshit! I had my receipt! Everyone was looking at us like we was the lowest of the lows, like I was stealing with my child with me!! What kinda bullshit is that! Also when we came back in from finding the shirt that I had dropped outside by my car before entering the store I heard the lady behind the register talking shit! Like I paid for my items a week ago. They misjudged the entire situation and I’m pissed about it! Imagine how embarrassing that was for me and my daughter! Then some crack headed looking lady was in front of me being all loud talking about how it looked like I was stealing!! Just a terrible terrible experience all together! Never will I ever go back to burkes!!

  • Pam Dalton says:

    What is going on with Burke’s outlet? They complain about needing staff but cancel every interview they get this is the 3rd and final time I’ve been told I’d have an interview and all three times it’s been canceled. Can’t really fix the staff problem if your not gonna hire people
    Sending for someone else, I don’t go in there .people are rude ,
    Altavista va store

  • Kim Snow says:

    I live in Gun Barrel Texas. We were in the store here and again …. 2 months with no AC. It is over a 100 here daily. I finally asked an associate… she said 2 months and manager owner whatever does not WANT to fix it. SERIOUSLY? We couldn’t shop and the poor associates were sweating. Unacceptable!!! Some thing needs to be done.

  • Tammy says:

    Love Burke’s out let.wish we had a store in McMinnville TN in the three star mall have to places be good. Jcp and Goody’s left the mall 1410 Sparta st.we don’t have anything else.but cato ‘s and Walmart..So please help us out.thanks

  • Peggy green says:

    Burkes people were extremely rude in marble falls Texas around 11:45 July 18,2022. They would not let me exchange an item I bought a few days ago for another size ! They said they had signs up which they did Not! We go in there a couple times a week and buy lots. Things were Not even on sale yet. They said last week that they were way behind on marking things down. Things are still not marked down for the move. It is false advertising. But just to exchange something. The two ladies were rude and hateful to us. This has never happened before. We just got a credit card for the store. We will never shop there again. We have never been treated so rude. If it was on sale but I paid full rice. I couldn’t try them on bc there are two dressing rooms and people were in there and waiting. I ask when I checked out last week if I could exchange it for a different size if it didn’t fit and was told yes !! We will not shop at burks again. And will tell others what happened

  • Debra Welch says:

    I am a regular customer at your Burkett store in Bay St Louis until today. I’m not satisfied as to on June 4th i purchased items g go or myself and gifts for someone and I specifically asked if they cannot fit them can I bring back (which I do not like to return) and get my money, I was told yes. Well as I stood in-line your cashier completed waiting on a customer turned away and after a couple of minutes I went up and asked could she wait on me, at that time I was very perturbed. Then after

  • Suzanne Shaffer says:

    My Name is Suzanne Shaffer I’m writing in Reference to the store in Bellfontaine Ohio They had a storm on Monday 13 the of July I went in the store today and slipped on wet floor and fell bruising my knee there were No wet floor signs I was not able to get up on my own and had to have 2 employees help me they asked if I was ok but They did not fill a accident report out.How do I go about filling one out I do not live in Bellfontaine so if someone could lead me in the right direction That would be helpful

  • Ms. Mechelle says:

    To the corporate office of Burkes Outlet: Can you please change the weekly discount back to 15%. Food and gas prices are high enough and 10% is disservice to your loyal customers who won’t be for long if you all continue to gouge consumers during this high inflation era. BRING BACK 15% off. CONSIDER THE SENIORS FOR GOD SAKE.

  • Cheryl Young says:

    Good afternoon, my name is Cheryl Young and I’m with Williams Media Group out of Enid, Oklahoma. Could you point in the right direction, I’m wanting the contact information of your marketing or new business development department. Or if you have an acting agency that handles all of your new location grand openings?

    Thank you for all your help

  • Denise Hux says:

    Hello, I am writing to tell you about a vacant Bealls store building in Gilmer, Texas. This was our ONLY chain type store to shop (other than Walmart) and it has closed. I thought that maybe you would consider this location for opening a Ross in our area. It is located on Hwy 271 in Gilmer.

  • Teresa Morgan says:

    Just wanted to comment on the Burke’s store in Landrum SC. I don’t see how the health department hasn’t condemned this store. Was there today. Went into the Women’s Restroom. It was disgusting. It smelled bad and was nasty from not being cleaned. The entry door wouldn’t close all the way. The Men’s Restroom was out of order. (This has been out of order on several other visits to this store.). I felt like I had to wipe my feet when I left the store. It definately needs a lot of attention.

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