Where is BurgerFi Corporate office Headquarters

BurgerFi Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 105 US Highway One, North Palm Beach, FL 33408, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees:  5000

  • Established: 2011

  • Founder:  John Rosatti

  • Key People: John Rosatti

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BurgerFi Headquarters Executive Team



John Rosatti


About BurgerFi, History and Headquarters Information

Burgerfi was incorporated in 2011 in Florida, inside a former Burger King. In 2017, the chain launched a vegetarian burger patty called the “Beyond Burger” which is made using proteins, which are yielded from peas and other plants. In 2018, it went through a grading of the top 25 burger chains in the U.S, carried out by the Consumers Union on their antibiotic use policies for beef.  As a result, BurgerFi got “A” rating for using beef without use of antibiotics. It is one of the fastest-growing fast-food chains in the U.S.

BurgerFi is an American restaurant chain that is popular for making and selling all-natural hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs, and custard. From the day it was founded, the chain has spread over more than 100 locations. The brand believes in eco-friendly and sustainable restaurant components and it has chairs that are made up of upcycled Coca-Cola bottles, tables which are made using 700,000 upcycled milk jugs, and more.

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  • Joann says:

    This was the worst service EVERY 7:45 on a Thursday night place is empty and waited 45 min for a vegan burger 4 people working and they don’t know who is what and where .. something is not right .. are they working or socializing..

  • Aracelis Valentin says:

    10.01.2022 Terrible service at Buffalo Airport. Employees are talking among themselves and doesn’t instruct guests to place order in kiosks after making a line. They also doesn’t help the guests in case the kiosk is not properly functioning. I helped a lady next to me for trying to place her order, which finally an employee -who has always been there- took over the regular cashier area. When finishing my order, the kiosk didn’t print a receipt. When asking to the employee for my receipt, he can’t print it and need to wait for a lady from the pizza place next to this burger place to fix the kiosk. The lady was there, over her mobile, laying over the counter, like if nothing worries her and like if she was at home.
    Terrible service!

  • Jessica says:

    I just called the corporate office since I did slip and fall yesterday at the Burger fi in Norcross ga. Let’s hope they call back.

  • Barbara says:

    Trying to talk to a human at the corporate office to get a refund only for recording to say mailbox is full. For two days in a row apparently the recording doesn’t know how to empty the mailbox. I’m trying to get a refund and it’s definitely not easy

  • Barry Lappin says:

    Went to your restaurant on Atlantic Avenue in Delray near the turnpike entrance. The place was filthy. Almost every empty table had dirty napkins, food wrappers and cups on them. There was food on the floor. The counters with condiments had catsup and dirty napkins on the counter top. Your employees had not bothered to recover debris from your outside seating which had blown all over the parking lot.
    The bathrooms were filthy and the glass entrance doors had finger prints all over them. I have been a fan of Burgerfi for years. The food is invariably very good.
    However your sanitation is terrible.

    In respect to your new restaurant on Glades in Boca, the sanitation is quite good. However if you are a walk in customer your order may not be filled for 20 to 30 minutes since your order comes after orders submitted by internet. Food is great.

  • Mr. Cane says:

    Indeed posted a ‘back of the house’, $16.50 p/hr job posting in the new start up in Williamsburg, Va. Applied on line, including a 33 question skills test and an invitation to on the spot interviews Wednesday, 9/15/21. I showed up as others did only to find ‘Josette’ (hiring manager) won’t be in and the $16.50 was misleading and undetermined. The nice assistant manager ‘Florita’ was very apologetic. She (josette) should be fired for wasting people’s time.

  • Marie Anthony says:

    We think your burger and fries are one of the best!! BUT you have a problem that could easily get fixed. Your location in Henderson, Nevada on St Rose looks like it is always closed. You should take down one of your beer signs and PUT UP THE BIGGEST RED OPEN SIGN YOU CAN FIND. So many people drive by and don’t know if the restaurant is open unless there are cars outside. ( If nothing else have your employees park out in front for a while.) Because there are four or five beer signs lit in the upper windows, it looks like the restaurant is part of the bar two doors over. The interior lights in the restaurant do not show well from the street and therefore you are missing a lot of opportunity for customers. There is a sign on the front patio fence that said Open but it is low and once a car is parked in front of it you can not see that you are open.
    The business is located at the end of the building with good windows but again you need a lit OPEN SIGN there. As the customers approach the business they would know you are open. It is sad to see how many customers are not sure if they should stop or try the door. We like what you have done but I think you could fix a problem you may not know you have. We have gone to this location a few times and sat and watched the traffic and the number of people not sure if they can gain access. RED OPEN signs will help this location a lot. Good Luck we want to keep this restaurant open and hope this information is useful.

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