Where Is Burger King Corporate Office Headquarters

Burger King Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr, Miami, FL 33126, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 305-378-3000
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 37,355
  • Established: 1954
  • Founder: David Edgerton & James McLamore
  • Key People: Daniel Schwartz, Joshua Kobza

Burger King Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Burger King Corporate Office

Burger King is a food chain operating all over the world. It is known for its burgers. One might want to visit the headquarters of burger king for various reasons, including a business meeting, a potential investor visiting the headquarters, to make a business proposal for expanding the food chain in a particular locality, food safety officers visiting for reporting on the company, and many more. You can reach out to the headquarters of Burger King in one of the many following ways.

Burger King’s Headquarters address

If you want to reach out to Burger King's headquarters through physical mail, you can send the mail to the following address.

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.


FL 33126

The United States.

Burger King’s board of directors address

You can send a parcel or mail addressed to the board of directors at the following address.

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.


FL 33126

The United States.

Phone Number:

If you want to have a dialogue with the headquarters of Burger King during working hours on weekdays, you can reach out to them using the number +1 305-378-3000

Media Query:

You can reach out to the Burger King support staff by sending them your requests or queries through their media query link. You can find the link here. You can get in touch with the support staff using the media query link.


You can find more information about the products offered by burger king. You can get information about their corporate motto, responsibility, and availability by visiting their website. You can also follow them on their various social media accounts to know what’s happening at Burger King. You can visit their website here.

Burger King Headquarters Info & Photos

Burger King was founded in 1954 based in Florida's most populous city. It was a hamburger-based fast-food chain. The owner Keith J Crammer was inspired by visiting a Mc Donalds outlet in the area.

The Burger King’s headquarters is located at a seashore. It has been their headquarters ever since the founding of Burger king. The headquarters is a simple-looking building with a small garden of palm trees around it.

Burger King has seen many financial upsets over the past half-century of its run, but it never had to change its headquarters. All the owners of Burger King chose to stay and continue operating from the current headquarters.

Today Burger King is an international fast-food chain with around 17,000 branches, with half of them being in the USA, and it has around 37,355 employees working all around the world.

Burger King Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr Miami (HQ), FL



15 Hoe Chaing Road Singapore



Avenida De Europa, 26 Atica 7 Madrid



Zaehlerweg 10 Zug


United Kingdom

15 Bath Road, Slough Berkshire

Burger King Headquarters Executive Team

Daniel Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel graduated from the Cornell University with a degree in applied economics and management. He joined the 3G company in 2005. He was appointed as the CFO of Burger King in 2010 after the 3G company acquired Burger King. He became the CEO after the RBI was incorporated in 2014.

Joshua Kobza


Joshua is a Harvard graduate. He became the CFO of the united RBI in 2014 after its incorporation. He served as the CFO till 2018 before becoming the Chief Technology and Development officer. He became the COO in 2019. He has vast experience in dealing with the operations involved in the food chain industry

Jill Granat

EVP, General Counsel

Jill has been the General Counsel of RBI, Restaurant Brands International since 2011. She was a part of the parent company even before the company acquired Burger King. She overviews the company's decisions and adds her experience and knowledge to them to make them better.



Jill Granat

EVP, General Counsel

Heitor Gonçalves

EVP, Chief Information, Performance and People Officer

Alexandre Santoro

EVP, Supply Chain

Patrick McGrade

SVP, Corporate Affairs

About Burger King


Keith J. Crammer found burger King in 1954 after getting inspired by visiting a Mc Donalds store. It was named Insta-Burger King, and it soon ran into a financial crisis. Two local franchisees purchased it and named it Burger King.

The franchisees ran the company successfully for eight years before selling the company to Pillsbury company in 1967. Burger King changed hands four times since its establishment in 1954.

Under Pillsbury, Burger Kings’s menu and business strategy were revamped, raising then back to profits. The credit goes to the company's decision to poach the manager of McDonald’s to help and develop Burger King.

Over the early 1980s, Burger King and Mc Donalds engaged in an aggressive advertisement campaign that pitted them against each other, famously known as the Burger wars.

In 2010 the Brazilian investor 3G company bought Burger King to help it get out of its poor financial run for the duration of 2007-2010. Today Burger King stays a subsidiary of the 3G company.


Their services include various vegetarian and non-vegetarian burgers. It introduced beverages and meals like many of its competitors. French fries are also a part of the food products served by the company.

Its products include Family bundles, flame-grilled burgers, and chicken and fish burgers. They also provide drinks, coffee, sweets, cakes, ice-creams, and other desserts for their customers. It has a tested combo of various above food items at a discounted price.

Burger King’s new initiative is breakfast meals such as breakfast meals, Platters & Burritos, Breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast sides. Even these come in combinations and discounted prices.


    • Burger King's logo has changed over five times, with the latest change being recent as December 2020.
    • It changed hands four times over 50 years since its start and first serving.
    • Burger King almost became independent after 1954 since its start in 2002 but fell again due to poor financial terms in the succeeding years.
    • It has spread to 79 companies since its start in Florida, the USA.
    • The loyalty program of Burger King has been the best among all corporate companies. It values and notices regular customers.
    • Burger King has pulled many stunts during its 67-year-old run to stay in the food chain industry.
    • Burger King and Hungry Jacks are the same things! They are called Hungry Jacks in Australia.
    • If one were to own a gold crown card, they would get free food forever at any Burger King franchise.
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