Where Is Burger King Corporate Office Headquarters

Burger King Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr, Miami, FL 33126, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 305-378-3000

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 37,355

  • Established: 1954

  • Founder: David Edgerton & James McLamore

  • Key People: Daniel Schwartz, Joshua Kobza

Burger King Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Burger King Corporate Office

Burger King is a food chain operating all over the world. It is known for its burgers. One might want to visit the headquarters of burger king for various reasons, including a business meeting, a potential investor visiting the headquarters, to make a business proposal for expanding the food chain in a particular locality, food safety officers visiting for reporting on the company, and many more. You can reach out to the headquarters of Burger King in one of the many following ways.

Burger King’s Headquarters address

If you want to reach out to Burger King’s headquarters through physical mail, you can send the mail to the following address.

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.


FL 33126

The United States.

Burger King’s board of directors address

You can send a parcel or mail addressed to the board of directors at the following address.

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.


FL 33126

The United States.

Phone Number:

If you want to have a dialogue with the headquarters of Burger King during working hours on weekdays, you can reach out to them using the number +1 305-378-3000

Media Query:

You can reach out to the Burger King support staff by sending them your requests or queries through their media query link. You can find the link here. You can get in touch with the support staff using the media query link.


You can find more information about the products offered by burger king. You can get information about their corporate motto, responsibility, and availability by visiting their website. You can also follow them on their various social media accounts to know what’s happening at Burger King. You can visit their website here.

Burger King Headquarters Info & Photos

Burger King was founded in 1954 based in Florida’s most populous city. It was a hamburger-based fast-food chain. The owner Keith J Crammer was inspired by visiting a Mc Donalds outlet in the area.

The Burger King’s headquarters is located at a seashore. It has been their headquarters ever since the founding of Burger king. The headquarters is a simple-looking building with a small garden of palm trees around it.

Burger King has seen many financial upsets over the past half-century of its run, but it never had to change its headquarters. All the owners of Burger King chose to stay and continue operating from the current headquarters.

Today Burger King is an international fast-food chain with around 17,000 branches, with half of them being in the USA, and it has around 37,355 employees working all around the world.

Burger King Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr Miami (HQ), FL



15 Hoe Chaing Road Singapore



Avenida De Europa, 26 Atica 7 Madrid



Zaehlerweg 10 Zug


United Kingdom

15 Bath Road, Slough Berkshire

Burger King Headquarters Executive Team

Daniel Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel graduated from the Cornell University with a degree in applied economics and management. He joined the 3G company in 2005. He was appointed as the CFO of Burger King in 2010 after the 3G company acquired Burger King. He became the CEO after the RBI was incorporated in 2014.

Joshua Kobza


Joshua is a Harvard graduate. He became the CFO of the united RBI in 2014 after its incorporation. He served as the CFO till 2018 before becoming the Chief Technology and Development officer. He became the COO in 2019. He has vast experience in dealing with the operations involved in the food chain industry

Jill Granat

EVP, General Counsel

Jill has been the General Counsel of RBI, Restaurant Brands International since 2011. She was a part of the parent company even before the company acquired Burger King. She overviews the company’s decisions and adds her experience and knowledge to them to make them better.

Name Title
Richard Mayer executive
Raymond Lee Executive
Diego Beamonte VP Global Quality
Nick Boyle Director North America Franchise Development
Heitor Goncalves Chief Information and Performance Officer
Esther Gonzalez Vice President Worldwide Tax
Amanda Israel Executive Director Foundation
Fernando Machado Global Chief Marketing Officer
Mariluly Molliner-Medina VP Finance Ops – Americas
Jim Myers Head of North America Business Development and Franchising
Michael Salem Executive Director Innovation
Vicente Tome Vice President & Brand Counsel
Ben Wells SVP Treasurer
Marcel Mota Senior Director General Manager – Central America and the Caribbean Division
Anne Chwat EVP General Counsel
Armando Jacomino SVP Operations Development SQA Latin America/Caribbean Region
Amy Knights Former VP Real Estate
Leo Leon VP & GM Mediterranean Division
Bob Matrix Senior Vice President
Julio Ramirez EVP- Global Ops
Peter Robinson EVP
Annette Rodriguez Vice President Development
Clyde Rucker SVP Global Communications and External Affairs
Eric Smith Regional Vice President of Operations

About Burger King


Keith J. Crammer found burger King in 1954 after getting inspired by visiting a Mc Donalds store. It was named Insta-Burger King, and it soon ran into a financial crisis. Two local franchisees purchased it and named it Burger King.

The franchisees ran the company successfully for eight years before selling the company to Pillsbury company in 1967. Burger King changed hands four times since its establishment in 1954.

Under Pillsbury, Burger Kings’s menu and business strategy were revamped, raising then back to profits. The credit goes to the company’s decision to poach the manager of McDonald’s to help and develop Burger King.

Over the early 1980s, Burger King and Mc Donalds engaged in an aggressive advertisement campaign that pitted them against each other, famously known as the Burger wars.

In 2010 the Brazilian investor 3G company bought Burger King to help it get out of its poor financial run for the duration of 2007-2010. Today Burger King stays a subsidiary of the 3G company.


Their services include various vegetarian and non-vegetarian burgers. It introduced beverages and meals like many of its competitors. French fries are also a part of the food products served by the company.

Its products include Family bundles, flame-grilled burgers, and chicken and fish burgers. They also provide drinks, coffee, sweets, cakes, ice-creams, and other desserts for their customers. It has a tested combo of various above food items at a discounted price.

Burger King’s new initiative is breakfast meals such as breakfast meals, Platters & Burritos, Breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast sides. Even these come in combinations and discounted prices.


    • Burger King’s logo has changed over five times, with the latest change being recent as December 2020.
    • It changed hands four times over 50 years since its start and first serving.
    • Burger King almost became independent after 1954 since its start in 2002 but fell again due to poor financial terms in the succeeding years.
    • It has spread to 79 companies since its start in Florida, the USA.
    • The loyalty program of Burger King has been the best among all corporate companies. It values and notices regular customers.
    • Burger King has pulled many stunts during its 67-year-old run to stay in the food chain industry.
    • Burger King and Hungry Jacks are the same things! They are called Hungry Jacks in Australia.
    • If one were to own a gold crown card, they would get free food forever at any Burger King franchise.

  • Janet Crespo says:

    Your franchise in Guatemala is selling bad, rotten food. My daughter got sick throwing up and with diarrhea due to that bad food and the general manager of the restaurant thought that giving a free menu was going to be enough when she lost a day of work and due to that was suspended without salary. Thank you BK for not giving at all any importance to your franchises and letting them do with your name whatever they want.

  • MARGARET says:

    BK used to be a favorite of everyone with their “flame broiled” outdoor grill-tasting burgers. The decline in quality is obvious and tremendous: The food is tasteless, abnormally chewy or hard, and full of God knows what. Most of the staff are robotic or downright rude, including MANAGERS, and order mistakes are prevalent. BK has fallen to the level of McDonald’s: Chemical-laden tasteless food, served by rude brats, at prices that are not equitable. I’m done with BK. WE NEED TO START COOKING AT HOME!

  • Steve says:

    I am a long time customer. But you unjustly pulled your ads from Rumble over Russell Brand, with the unproven allegations. Sadly until you reinstate your advertising on Rumble, I will not eat at Burger King again.

  • Joseph C Crimi says:

    the burger king in Hazelwood Missouri on Howder shell road 63042 is the worst place i have been in and many others have complained to manager he will not give you a response always i look into it. the food is awful if its drive thru they don’t even wrap the food .rude employees tell you that’s not their job and slam the window in your face. some people i have talked to have complained about racial slurs to white customers why isn’t anyone doing anything about this restaurant once they said 500 on a saturday they were closed ran out of food locked doors 10 people inside eating wouldn’t let us in well we are starting a boycott against this store we will run it out of business if we do we have before .we welcomed you to open here now welcome us to be treated and served good food and respect thank you October is our date to boycott

  • Jocelyn Serrano says:

    i went to burgerking on 2345 s pulaski road 60623 . i went thru drive thru asked for my mobile order when i get to the window they hand me my bag i pull off i look in the bag to see missing items i return show my reciept ask for the missing items they said they dont have those items right now so i asked if they can replace it with something they do have because i alrdy paid for it. they refuse say no simply refuse condiments as well . i parked went inside asked to speak to a manager because the women was rude and i wanted professionalism for a staff who follows customer satisfaction guildlines she was rude acted careless ,unappoligetic and laughed at me. everytime i come here its the same 2 bully “managers” giving me a hard time. ilooked at the reviews and everyone is complaining about the same thing when is action going to be done these ppl are ruining burgerking image n are mean and only ppl there whos there hiring manager i need to speak to somebody to rissolve this once and for all not going to deal wit the bullys everytime i go its the closest location to my house. i will not stop calling and emailing until i find some sort of help these ppl need to take accountability

  • ally says:

    they have workers stealing from bk and i was trying to get in contact of corporate

  • Russ Piatt says:

    On Friday August 11, 2023 at 1:45 PM, my wife and I visited the Burger King at 401 Lincoln Hwy. Fairview Heights, IL 62208. We decided to have lunch inside, the floor throughout the ENTIRE facility was so greasy that you could hardly walk without slipping and risking a fall. Also, while eating our lunch a liquid which we assume was water dripped out of the ceiling onto our table. Someone needs to address this issue immediately. I travel extensively and have NEVER experienced such a MESS.

  • Lynne young says:

    We’ve had two very nice Burger Kings in our Aliquippa pa . Area But they closed both down ? Couldn’t keep team workers not sure why ? But there is an amazing team in moon pa. A the Aliquippa one was just built. If some how you guys could get there team there even just even to keep them them to have there store re built it’s in a great area but it doesn’t seem like it ever gets the attention it so derserves. Ty for reading this.

  • Sally Feierabend says:

    I would like to know what is put in your chicken sandwich? We had one last evening and it was like biting into a deep fried piece of mushed Bread I tore it apart and never found a piece of Chicken!!
    I live in Lapeer Michigan we have not eaten at a Burger King in years! I called the Burger King in LAPEER and asked to speak with a MangerWho ever answered the Phone said he was the Manger so I asyhis Name he said Joe! Then I asked for the corporate phone

  • James Sholl says:

    Today is 6/19/’23.. I don’t like that I haven’t been able to use my $25 BK gift card for well over a month at the Ringgold Rd. East Ridge, Tn. BK. They’ve told me its broke. Why can’t it be fixed? It’s a BK closest to my house. Sometimes its the only meal I want for the day..a Whopper. A corporate giant can’t fix this? Amazing!!

  • Samih says:

    I need to talk with the manager who changed with franchise Burger King in Jordan

    • Sherry Ann Alban says:

      My name is sherry alban I apy jobe in York. St in Gettysburg Pennsylvania the manger said I start working august 2 I when in the onther manger said the manger unlink my name and hours. This how I be tracking I got handecop I have speacil need I was so happy I going work but nooooo. I really hurt upset feelings 😭. It’s hurt someone call her self a manger. That not nices or right to do to speacil need we got right to work . I want work. I was excited but now heart breack how I be track it.. from sherry alban 223-6671781

  • Samih says:

    I try to call Intenational call re franchise in jordan even no one answers the phone is that strange for company like Burger King my number
    962796739309 jordan
    My name samih S’hafei me and my group after long study about Burger King we are interested to re open Burger King in jordan
    I need to talk with the manager who changed with
    The international franchise
    Samih S’hafei


    The Whopper is my favorite fast food burger. I live in the Denver Tech Center that has hundreds of businesses and hundreds of condominiums and apartment’s. For me to get a whopper I have to go a minimum of 5 miles. By the time I go and come home food is cold and dried out. Can’t you all do something to get a store in our neighborhood. We have Sonic and Wendy’s and McDonalds but no BK.

    Bill Baesman

  • ben houston says:

    The BK in neighborhood gets surrounded by dozens of prostitutes. They even come into the store and ask patrons to buy them a drink and sometimes food. In the store they show off their naked butts and breasts as they stroll around to the patrons, families and kids. Trying to contact BK corp to get more info, is literally impossible.

  • L Taber says:

    I was at the Cooper Street BK in Arlington Texas in 1972 when I met my husband. About 1200 Block. Hoping to find the exact address. Very important info for our anniversary.

  • Brenda Whitebird says:

    Your manager threatened to shoot me. When police asked his name on the call he gave the Gogebic County Sheriff another name I am unfamiliar with, he is the one who called the police too. 10/22/22 at 12:45am. Called police. After he closed Ironwood, MI. BK. Don’t you do proper background checks?

  • Jimmy says:

    I was punched in the face at burger king and can’t get any assistance

  • Lindsey Deleon says:

    I placed an order the mobile app last night 8/30/22 at location 920 North State St., Abbeville, LA. once I got to the restaurant I was advise that they did not have no food to serve because they didn’t have a truck drop off food for that day. I was charged on my card and Not given my money back or food something needs to be done before I take further actions that is called stealing. I emailed everybody that I was supposed to and I still have not received any response!!!!!

  • Disappointed says:

    Went to the Burger King on 1214 72-ByPass NE, Greenwood SC on Tuesday, Aug 30,2022 around 2:45pm. Man was short and rude on the speaker, took my money gave me drinks with NO ICE, dumped the cold fries in the bag upside down and gave me my change and food and turned his back! Never said thank you! I will not go back, they could use a class on how to treat Paying Customers!!! I tried to comment on the local site and got a You’re very Welcome from the robot machine!! Use to love Burger King but when you’re treated bad it makes a Big Difference!!

  • Budd says:

    System (2024) strikes again. I was given a BK $25 gift card. I linked the card to my BK perks account. The first time I tried to use it, the transaction was declined. I told the cashier there should be $25 on the card. We made two more attempts. Both were declined. When I looked at my account online, a transaction called System (2024) took away the $25. Is the Burger King Exec aware of this happening. A total rip off!!!

    • Friend says:

      Once the card is linked to your perks, the card balance has been DEPOSITED into your account and you can ONLY use it as payment when you complete an ONLINE or APP order. The PHYSICAL card is no longer usable.

    • Ron says:

      The same thing just happened to my gift card

  • Dwight Bryant says:


  • Dwight Bryant says:

    The manger of the Burger King in Valdosta Georgia on saint Agustin rd is a thief she stole my identity and filed me on her taxes

  • Valerie says:

    I went to Burger King about 10 o’clock last night in Vancouver Washington on Mill plain Boulevard. I went to the drive-through and ordered an ice cream cone when they let me know the ice cream was not available as they had thrown away the machine. The menu board had ice cream cones on it but they weren’t available. I was three cars back and I couldn’t back out. So when I went to the window I ordered two ice waters that they charged me $.54 for. When the guy gave me my ice water it had no ice. He told me they haven’t had ice for two months. What kind of business are they running there ? I am not a happy customer. Sincerely Valerie Jones

  • Beth McElhiney says:

    I have advised Doordash to drop the burger King store in Rock Falls ILLINOIS. I had problems in the past. This time both my whopper and my double cheeseburger were wrong. I had worked for 10 hours and not eaten all that time. I was given a time of delivery as 15 to 20 minutes.i did not receive it for 45 minutes. I live 5 miles. The dasher had to wait for them to process the order. I have given your company many chances to do the orders correctly. Now I suggest that the store be closed due to employees carelessness of the treatment.they give the company a black eye. Also the state of your sigh at that store makes it look like they are closed. Nobody cares at all about orders or appearances.

  • Janice Henry says:

    Recently, I read an article about a loyal Burger King employee who worked for over 30 years and never missed a day at the fast food chain. It was reported In the media, he was given a bag of candy and a hand shake for all his years of hard work at Burger King. I am appalled. Burger King is a multi-billion dollar corporation and at least should respect their employees. The individual employees at Burger King are the reason the food chain is successful. A 1% shock option given to the loyal employee would cost Burger King nothing. You could write it off as a charitable donation! I realize my opinion does not matter to you only my patronage is what’s important. The mighty dollar is your focus, not loyal employees. I decided I can live without purchasing another whopper for the rest of my life. Burger King pay your employees a living wage and respect the contributions they make to your multi-billion dollar empire.

  • Sam says:

    Does Burger King ever plan on doing right by the man who has worked 27 years for your company? And all he got was a goody bag .what a slap in the face .you all should be ashamed of yourselves ..fix it ,it’s not right … if you do I’m sure we will all no on tic tok …

  • Kyna says:

    My husband and hi retired friends like to eat lunch at the Burger King in London Ohio but they very seldom have the dining room open. You can go through the drive through but lots of people don’t because the line is to long for them to wait. They are missing a lot of business. So sad

  • Troy says:

    $10 STOLEN FROM ME AND THEN MY ACCOUNT WAS CLOSED… I CAN’T MAKE A PURCHASE WITH MY GIFT CARD OR SAVE IT AT BK.COM.. SO I THINK WE SHOULD SETTLE UP AS I AM OWED $35.00.. THE CARD SHOWS A CODE “System 2420” merge I believe.. This code showed up at bk.com and showed $10 available to spend at my local Burger King.. The $10 was taken off my card without a purchase and put on my bk.com account on March 25th.. Why? Then on April 14th my my account disappeared with the $10 and all my points.. I signed up again and put $25 on my card but I’m not allowed to make a purchase with it. My card number is 6187 3522 1013 6562.. Customer service has been a nightmare and feels like Burger King is working with a criminal organization.. Refund the the $35 back to my credit card.. Thank you

    • Deku says:

      I had the exact same thing happen to me with my $10 gift card on March 5th, I got the gift card that day, then something called System (2420) took the while $10 out of the giftcard the same day… really strange…

  • Sue says:

    There are 4 burger kings in Anderson SC and their menu has 2 for $4.00 for their croissants which is great. But depending on whose running the drive through, we get different results. one says can’t do just egg & cheese, then another say’s OK. Or they charge different from one place to another where tax should be the same. It gets very frustrating when you’re trying to get to work and get a little bite to eat when everyone at all Burger Kings are not on the same page. I just want an Egg & Cheese croissant with no meat for the 2 for $4. How difficult can that be. I even said ring it up the way you need to and just ask the sandwich maker to leave the meat off and they seem like that’s to complicated for them to handle.

    • Ryan Vanderpool says:

      My brother Ryan got a job at bugger king and got hired after his interview now the stupid hiring manager will not let him work at bugger king anymore because Ryan said he couldn’t start at bugger king that what the hiring manager said but the hiring manager lied but Ryan said he could start at bugger king now they don’t have any positions open any more because of the stupid manager and he was arguing on phone with Ryan my brother about it I want to sue them the buger king is in

      Arizona at 7455 south power road phone number is 480-608-3204

    • Fitz says:

      I got so furious when I encountered this same problem at j cooper service plaza on NJ turnpike
      Don’t usually complain or give bad reviews but …..

  • judy or larry beaver beaver says:

    HEADS UP THEIR BURGER KING….hope you are reading the posts on FACE BOOK…
    you are going to lose MORE business because of the dealings in Russia..!! I stopped eating
    at Burger King loooong ago….the food and service is TERRIBLE….Colusa Calif…blehh. It got so
    bad there, tried a couple of others Burger Kings, NO THANK YOU….Employees do NOT care about
    their jobs and it shows…which ends up B.K. losing customers….now this thing with Russia…good luck.

  • GARY VICKREY says:

    DISGUSTING !!, Yesterday March 17th 2022 at 12:15 pm, went to Burger King on Pershing and March lane in Stockton ca. we ordered 2 big king meals, food came out and we got everything but the burgers, they gave us to kid hamburgers instead, took them back and the person that took our order argued with me that i got what i ordered, showed her the receipt, and the attitude started, she mumbled and stormed back to get the burgers right, about 15 minutes later she opened a side door to the dining room and gave our Burgers to someone standing in line and asked her to bring our burgers (not sanitary at all) i opened my burger and there was a big bite taken out of it my brother seen it and someone sitting across from me seen it, he said DISGUSTING and it was, took them back to the same lady who said she was the manager and accused me of biting it, so the guy that seen it approached and said i seen him open it, again with the attitude, she said well what do you want me to do about it, told her call some one to fix it, another lady came out and said she was the manager took the burgers and receipt and gave a refund, still not happy, asked for a phone number for the district manager, the gal that claimed to be the manager said he is here i will get him well, after 10 minutes or so asked her if she told him i wanted to talk to hem or not, again in a rude manner she he ain’t here, some one else came out to talk to us she then was told not only by the customer i told you about, but another approached and also confirmed the burger was bit when i opened it and also complained about how the same gal treated me and him as well.
    I am so upset i have not been able to eat dinner last nite or breakfast this morning, PLEASE CONTACT ME

  • david77 says:

    Do you know that Borger King is open in Russia, a country that started a war with a small country with no provocation .attacking only civilians killing thousands, most of them are kids. and Borger King just looking for more money. boycut them, evil money lovers.

  • Samuel WArren Ruth says:

    My name is Samuel Warren Ruth on Saturday March 5th 2022 my son and I stopped at the Burger King on Asheville Hwy 1232Aseville Hwy in Hendersonville North Carolina 28791we went threw thedrive threw as here thats the only way to go threw a fast food place but anyway the young man and the manger he wasnt wearing his face mask and she did not have hers on either I could not tell if the person doing the cooking had one on or not but here we are still having some cases of Covid and I thought that the employees were suppose to be wearing a face mask everywhere else I have gone threw a drive threw here has had one on I dont know how long its been since someone from there has been up here to check things out but I think you might need to just my opionion.Senecerly Samuel Warren Ruth

  • Glen Harris says:

    Burger King # 9066 , 2830 Airline Drive, Bossier City, LA 71111. Went to drive thru at 11:40 pm. No one responded. I drove to window, a person mopping the floor said, “We are closed”. I responded, “The close sign indicated 12 am.” She ignored me and continued mopping. Please advise. Does the store close at 12 am or 11:40pm? Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Moreover, there was a vehicle in front of me and behind me. Therefore, sales were missed with at three customers as I attempted to order before 12am.

  • Elizabeth Norman says:

    Hello, my name is Elizabeth I have visited your store on FL 64E on three different occasions and each time the food was cold the line was not that long that didn’t have time to serve hot food. I love shopping at Burger King but at this rate I’ll have to go somewhere else. I have talked to the manager but sometimes I don’t have time to go back or I don’t have a ride. Than

  • Tammy martin says:

    I am currently in Burger King in barbourville Kentucky. The manager is a disgrace. She is on her cell phone screaming at her mother while on front line. Her name is Laura. The 17 year old cashier is scared to death. I ask her what her managers name was and she said I’m afraid to ask her she will scream at me. This is a disgrace to your Resturant

  • Marlena says:

    I just went to the sault ate Marie mi location on a door dash pick up and Michelle was giving me a hard time, called to talk to the manager to complain and got hung up on. Very rude the both of them the owners of this franchise should fix this

  • Carol Thompson says:

    Hi. My name is Carol Thompson. I live in Mesa, Arizona. We have a yearly family reunion with approximately 200 to 300 people that attend every year. This is our 50th year. It will be held at Happy Jack Camp Ground, outside of Mule Creek, NM on the Arizona side. We always have a theme. This year it is rennisance. Friday evening we will have a theme costume dance. Saturday, we have kids games. We would love it if we could have 150 of your wonderful Burger King crowns for our kids (and probably a few grown up kids). I am happy to email you additional information. The reunion is set July 19 through the 21st, 2019. If you need to contact me, I can be reached at 480-689-1991 or walkinggirl93@gmail.com. I would love to visit with a representative to discuss this further. This is an incredibly organized / fun event. We cook 600 pounds of meet in a pit barbeque, make beans, cold slaw, etc for lunch on Saturday and make a pancake/scrambled eggs breakfast for everyone as well.
    PS I love your burgers!!!!

  • >