Where is Build A Bear Corporate office Headquarters

Build A Bear Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1954 Innerbelt Business Center Drive, Saint Louis, MO 63114, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 314-423-8000

  • Fax Number: 314-423-8188

  • Email: services@buildabear.com

  • Number of Employees: 5643

  • Established: October 26, 1997

  • Founder: Maxine Clark

  • Key People: Sharon Price John

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Build A Bear Headquarters Executive Team



Sharon Price John

President and Chief Executive Officer

Darlene Elder

Chief Human Resources Officer

Eric Fencl

Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel and Secretary

J. Christopher Hurt

Chief Operations Officer

Jennifer Kretchmar

Chief Merchandising Officer

Voin Todorovic

Chief Financial Officer

About Build A Bear, History and Headquarters Information

Headquartered in Overland, Missouri, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. was founded by Maxine Clark in 1997 with the slogan Where Best Friends Are Made; which was changed to The Most Fun You’ll Ever Make later on. In 2007, it launched Build-a-Bearville where users could see their personalized furry friends and play games too. In order to outstand the area full of advanced technology, it introduced the kids with digital games powered by Microsoft Kinect. It all began with one store and by 2019 its business has expanded and has around 25 shops in Walmart in various locations.

Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. is an American company that makes and sells stuffed toys like teddy bears and others. Its cute products include Paw Patrol, Pokémon, and My Little Pony. The clients have access to go to the stores and get their toys customized according to their desire. They can choose clothing, accessories, sounds, and even scents for their new furry friend in making. Direct-to-Consumer, International Franchising, and Commercial are the three primary segments on which the company steers mostly. Currently, it has around 373 stores spread worldwide over the USA, Canada, UK Ireland, Denmark, and China.

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  • Miglena Yokland Urusow says:

    Hello, I have a big concern with an order I placed, and I am very disappointed with your customer service. They didn’t even know what happened to my order. I just received an email saying that I’m getting a refund for an order that I had placed and received a confirmation with shipping date. I never canceled my order.. Now I have a very sad girl who will never receive her pumkin kitty.

  • John Norman says:

    Can you please my a Neurofibromatosis bear

  • G. Law says:

    Build a bear employees are confusing young children. Our 5 year old grand daughter was asked if she was a girl or a boy. This bothered her and she asked for a couple days if she looked like a girl. Truley bothered her. Will never take her again. If I had been there with her and my wife there’s no telling how many people would have seen satan that day.

  • tracy says:

    Went to the Savannah Build a Bear location yesterday with my 4 year old grandson to do a birthday bear. We traveled over an hour and a half to get there. After waiting 15 mins to ask someone about the birthday bear we were told they dont have a birthday bear. When I told her that the website said that it is offered she became very rude and said “well i guess we just don’t have them now”. I tell her we just drove an hour and a half with a 4 year old and ask is there any way that she could discount a regular bear for the inconvenience. She said no that she wouldn’t do that. So I asked if there was a manager that I could speak to and she went to get her, saw here speak to her and came back and said she the manager didn’t need to speak to me that she had already told me the answer. Now if the manager was busy working I may have not pushed the issue but she was standing against the wall talking with 4 other employees in the store that were just giggling and sipping drinks. I politely walked up to here and explained the situation. Also told her that I was there with a 4 year old that was hoping to make a bear and that I had come there with the intention of spending the 4 dollars for the bear and additional money as I brought another child with me. The manager Ally, began to lecture me telling me that I should do my research and call to be sure they have a product before I travel there if it would be an inconvenience if they didn’t. At that point if I could have walked out of that store and not spent a penny I would have. But unfortunately my grandson is autistic and had we walked out he would not have been able to understand why. So we carried on with with picking out bears. The girl making our bear didn’t allow either kid to step on the pedal to fill the bears while the guest at the other side of us were filling theirs themselves. The manager then followed us around the store with another employee snickering and making comments between each other. Things such as people just trying to get something free, ect. We picked out clothes and did the birth certificate. And went to the register to check out. Well low and behold the manager is behind the register. There’s a cashier checking the people out before us and when we get up guess who steps to the register to check us out, yes Ally. She starts ringing us up with an attitude and very disrespectful. When she gets to the total she gives a haha moment of your total today is $101 dollars. We had to gift cards that had $10 each on them, that we purchased thr last time we were bear building. When I handed them to her she said how much is on these.. I told her they each had $10 dollars. She said how am I supposed to know that? I was like okay? I can’t make up amounts that are on a gift card so she called someone over to inquire them. Guess what they both had $10.00. I paid, got our receipt and went to side of the line so my daughter could put the shoes on her bear before we left. I guess she didn’t realize we didn’t walk out the door right away as she high fived the other employees behind the counter (there were 4) and said thats right I got my money. Thought she was getting something for free from me. I just want to state that I never asked for anything for free. I also want to say that I bought 2 bears, 2 scents, 1 sound, 1outfit, 1 accessory, 1 hat and a pair of boots and spent $101 dollars. Im sure the others in line spent close to the same. I was truly humiliated and that was the last dollar I will spend at Build a Bear. I know my 100 dollars a visit doesn’t mean anything to a company like this but I hope to help anyone to not feel like this when going into the store.

  • Tory Pope says:

    Went to but the Star Wars “Jawa Bear” at the store and got the sound to go with it, got home and realize that someone had used the “make your owe sound box” that’s only ten seconds long and tried to get all five phrases on it. Doesn’t work that way, it gets cut off before you can hear all of the phrases plus it’s not one click for each phrase like it’s suppose to be AND you have background interference so it sounds completely horrible. Reached out to Build a bear ( the store we got it from) they told us that they don’t sound the actual sound for this bear that they have to go in the back on the store and try to record as much as they can off the internet to have the sound. That’s just not right and to not tell me before purchase is down right deceiving. So I got a refund. Then bought the bear online from BAB website where it comes with the sound and a gun for more than what you pay at the store. Week later the bear arrives, take the bear out and pushed the sound box and it’s broken, nothing comes out.. My husband then reaches out to BAB again and they tell us to take it to the nearest store to replace it. That would be great and all if we didn’t have the first problem and they actually had the sound box their suppose too and we wouldn’t have gone through all of this in the first place!! All I want in the end of this, is a sound box that is the right sound box and actually WORKS!!

  • Jody Bogaczyk says:

    I waiting online this morning for The Child (Star Wars) for 5 HOURS and got absolutely nothing . They could at least take my phone number and call when it comes back in stock. I did give them an email earlier to notify me when it came back in stock but got nothing . In this day to overlook loyal customers is NOT a good way to do business. The fact that no one is available to speak to and the chat is a joke is really showing people that you do not care !!

  • Victoria Todoroff says:

    I am trying to pull of a printable discount coupon to put with the build a bear gift certificate that I purchased for my Nephew & his Wife who are expecting their first baby. I pulled a bunch up with the Code on them but all of them were expired. I would like to find one that has at least an expiration date past September, giving them time to use it. Could you send me one to my Email address. I would really appreciate it!

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