Where is Buffalo Bills Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: Ralph Wilson Stadium, 1 Bills Dr, Orchard Park, NY 14127, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 716-648-1800
  • Fax Number: 716-312-8900
  • Email: info@buffalobills.com
  • Number of Employees: 502
  • Established: October 28, 1959
  • Founder: Terrence Pegula, Jack Kemp
  • Key People: Russ Brandon

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Buffalo Bills Headquarters Executive Team



Terry Pegula

Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Russ Brandon

President and Managing Partner

Cliff Benson

Chief Development Officer

Jeffrey C Littman

Owner, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Kim S. Pegula

Owner and President of Pegula Sports & Entertainment (PSE)

Julie Lantaff

Director of Business Operations

Doug Marrone

Head Coach

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  • Dr. HG Loveland says:

    Hello, born and raised in Buffalo NY and HUGE Bills Fan!!! So excited about the team and the new ownership. Thanks to all of you for making this team what it is today.
    I however am not in favor of the decision to bring Cole Beasley back. He cannot be a good influence in the locker room what with all his anti-vax rhetoric, potential to bring COVID to the team, and his blatant disregard for racial and heritage equity. He does not deserve to wear Bills colors and most certainly does not deserve to win a Super Bowl with out fine, fine Bills. Please reconsider utilizing him as his attitudes are contrary to the Buffalo Bills values. Go Bills!

  • J says:

    U points shaving scumbags

  • Julie says:

    I knew of this case a month ago, this family has been trying to get justice for their daughter since it happened. YOU CLEARLY DID NO RESEARCH. Your complacency is disgusting. This kid should be in jail NOT on the field!

  • Elizabeth Wolasz says:

    Good Evening, I had copied Reggie McKenzie (Player’s Choir) concerning a Benefit Concert with the BPO as a way to raise funds, etc. Received a thank you & acknowledgement of the great idea to be presented to their management after summer break by Ms. Falletta, herself. I would happy to forward same to Reggie McKenzie thru your office.

  • JohnBroussard says:

    Want to become a kicker

  • Renato Robinson says:

    Hello! My name is Renato Robinson, I am from Dayton, Ohio USA, I live in Trotwood, Ohio which is a Suberb of Dayton. I have been a fan of Buffalo for 37 years and I have endured a lot of trash talk over that span because of losing seasons, especially when my Bills made the BIG DANCE in Tampa for the 1st time Super Bowl 25. However Scott Norwood blew that game when he kicked a 39 yarder wide to the right “OUCH”! That was a hard and tough pill to swallow that season 🤨. Furthermore my Bills went on to make the next 3 Dances, Super Bowls 26, 27 & 28 but unfortunately lost them all so yes I have endured crap from other fans around the league, and even till this day. Finally I am PROUD TO BE AHUGE BILLS FAN FOR LIFE, and I am hurt 😞 about the loss on Sunday evening and Arrowhead Stadium 🏟, it came down to a coin toss which is fine, but the NFL needs to change the OVERTIME RULE to play a FULL overtime quarter so at least the other team will get a shot at victory as well. 1 more notion, I am not mad at my Buffalo Bills THE ENTIRE TEAM PLAYED THERE HEARTS OUT and I respect that about them THE BILLS ARE BACK AND LOOK REALLY GOOD. Love you all good job and Saun McDermott is a Beast great job guys see you next season I have a good feeling that we will be the Champions of Football I feel it 🙏🏿👊🏿.

  • Gary Allan says:

    All that your $8 million coach Sean McDermott would have had to do was kick the ball on the ground so it would be fielded with 13 seconds left and by the time the runner was tackled there would’ve been six or seven seconds left giving Patrick Mahomes only 1 play to get into field goal range and call time out not 2 plays. Any football coach at any level would’ve made that call instead of kicking the ball out of the end zone and for that reason Sean McDermott should be terminated. His players fought their hearts out for him and he didn’t have the foresight to make that obvious decision.

  • Darryl says:

    Hello Josh. You and your Teammates played an Excellent Game! I want to point out 1 thing which may help and it has to do with your Helmet.
    You need to Get Rid of the “Stop Hate” on your Helmet, Josh! Your Platitude makes absolutely NO Sense and it makes you look foolish!. To “Hate” is a Righteous Act! It’s 100% Correct to “Hate” the Child Predator who hurts Children! It’s 100% Correct to “Hate” the Drug Dealer who sells Death to our Loved Ones. It’s 100% Correct to “Hate” the Human Trafficker who Kidnaps children and sells them for Sex.
    Get Rid of the “Stop Hate” on your Helmet, Josh. There is NOTHING WRONG with the word “Hate” when used in proper context to describe people who “Deliberately Hurt” other people; especially Children! If you’re looking for a “Righteous Dialogue of Awareness” by what you have written on your Helmet, perhaps you should have “It’s Okay to Hate” or “Hate that which is Evil” written instead. The word “Hate” may be a 4 letter word, but it’s NOT a Cuss Word, by any means. God instructs us to “Hate” Evil. (Romans 12:9 & Psalm 97:10 & Proverbs 8:13) Let NOT your “Love” be “Fake.” (Dissimulation)

    Darryl in Cheektowaga


  • Barry Laudenslager says:

    Don’t listen to these people you guys are doing a great job. As a faithful fan and a friend of Andre Reed, you are very important in peoples lives. It so frustrating when all this horrific stuff of COVID-19 is happening. Do your best and go Bills.

  • Steve LaPlaca says:

    Why are you requiring fans to be vaccinated, but allowing unvaccinated players in the stadium? This is hypocritical!! I’m a lifelong Bills fan, but I’m having a very hard time with this double standard. Players should be required to be vaccinated if fans are. In the event that fans are not required to be vaccinated, then players should be allowed to play unvaccinated.

  • David Maggio says:

    I would like to ask you to dedicate this season to my mom she just passed away in July she was a huge fan her name is Vera Maggio and I am her son David Maggio I am also a huge fan .Lets go bills let’s win this and the super bowl thank you very much

  • me says:

    I wonder what type of Covid protocol Colm Beasley is under with the Bills? He was at the Pancake House this morning having breakfast.

  • e.l.b. says:

    your line was paid to lose

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