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  • Address: Buc-ee's 6 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054, United States
  • Phone Number: 973-496-3500
  • Fax Number: 973-496-7999
  • Email: Click here
  • Number of Employees:  3300
  • Established: 1958
  • Founder:  Morris Mirkin
    Jules Lederer
  • Key People: Morris Mirkin

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Mr. William N. Plamondon III


Mr. Larry D. De Shon

Chief Executive Officer of Avis Budget Group, Inc

Mr. David B. Wyshner

President of Avis Budget Group, Inc and Chief Financial Officer of Avis Budget Group, Inc

Dr. W. Scott Deaver

Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President

Mr. Edward P. Linnen

Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President

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  • T. Rogers says:

    Picked up our Rental at St Louis Airport on Wednesday for a 2 day rental. Our contract was $284.64. Upon getting the SUV I took pictures of the damage on it due to no one walking us through I wanted to protect ourselves. Returned SUV on Friday around 1pm, handed our keys to a lot attendee and he said we would get a email receipt in 20 min. Got to airport settled in for our flight and checked my email after 2 hours had passed. NO email so I called and they said it was still open. I asked if they could note my call they said they couldn’t but the call was being recorded. Monday morning I have a charge of $1217.81. I called again and he said it was a difference in rate. I questioned that and asked for proof of our charges. I also then said I have the contract and what we signed he then changed his tone and said he would email me what he had and for me to respond with our rental contract and it would be adjusted. he said it would take up to 20 min to get it. 30 min go by so I called again and got a different story form another call center person. She said it was still open, I then asked if its open how did y’all charge my card?! I asked to speak to supervisor after 30 min of no answers. I also let he know that I was recording our conversation and would not hang up till I spoke with one. She said she has other customers to take care of and then hung up join me after I told he I would wait to speak to a supervisor. It has been 2 hours since that call and I have Nothing.I want my money back!!!!!

  • joe spurchase says:

    rochester ny airport location 6/9/23-6/22/23 i dont have the confirmation#s,please look up by name,i was extending,modifying,my reservation over the cell phone,errors were showing up on the cell phone,went to your greece location they told me there is a software problem,go to rochester airport location,they repoed the car at the hotel,i told them i was modifying the rental agreement,they took the car$2700.dollars+400.00at the airport,out of my bank acct.0balance contacted the nystate attorney general asap, theres some sort of scamming going on to Army veterans+customers ,i have all these codes for discounts for rental cars/ need money back immediatly,contacting army veterans attorneys you left the customers hanging with no automobile,clerks at the airport,did nothing at all! call 1800 #######s,did nothing please contact me asap

  • Mr.David Dowd says:

    I booked a car for Tuesday 1:30 to pickup at 519 Mason Ave, The African American behind the window shouted I don’t have your car it will be $8.60 more per day, I said why didn’t you call me. He said he didn’t have my number then said my number with the last digit incorrect O said ok, Can I choose to bring it back on day early he said no I can’t change my reservation and I exclaimed what why not he then said get out of my store. I said I don’t have a way to get home so Here’s my card he said you cant pay with debit and said take off. I did not call him names or swore at him but he said take off. He was completely irate and I plan on spreading my experience on social network. My confirmation number was 20988451US1

  • Donald E Williams says:

    On October 31st a reservation was made through Budget prepay in Ocala Fl. When I arrived at the site there were no cars available. During that same time the amount of $334.08 was withdrawn from my bank. So not only did I not get a rental car, but the amount withdrawal was applied to someone else’s rental contract! I have talked to agents, management and all have had false promises of a refund. This issue is still ongoing! I think the local news (whistleblower) would greatly appreciate this as an investigation story.

  • Carmine Gibaldi says:

    On Nov 1, I had a car reserved for 15 days from Budget Car Rental. I used you several times before. I never get the car that I reserved, but in this case, I got a Chevy traverse. I complained at the pick up desk that the car is too big and I didn’t need or want it. We were only 2 people. It’s a big vehicle and a gas eater.
    You people said it was all you had. So the money I supposedly saved with Budget, I spent on gasoline and parking aggravation. I hope I can get some monetary relief from you, or I will not use Budget in the future. I am hoping to get a positive response from you
    Carmine Gibaldi
    8 Lenape Dr
    Roseland, NJ 07068

  • Carolyn Davis says:

    It has been 17 days, and I still have not received my $300.00 deposit for a rental car, which I rented from the 13th of October, 2022 until the 17th of October, 2022. I have spoken with a Budget representative, 99 H St, NE, Washington, DC, several times. Each time he tells us something different. First of all, your representative said the deposit will be refunded within 7 not 10 days. That did not happen!!! Then the rep told us that we would need something from our bank authorizing release of the funds back into my our account. Then the rep told is that the refund was sent out on the 19th of October. ?????? That was not true!!!!!! this seems to be blatant fraudulent activity. I am asking you to please take action, and refund our deposit immediately!!!!!. Jamaal Davis at 202 415 6418

  • Brenda Lawrence says:

    Worst ever. I agree. When I got to my destination a car was not available. I prepaid. The agent on site said to call the customer service #, which I did, 30 days later still no refund.

  • Casaundra christine Parham says:

    im sorry to say avis and budget is the worse lying money hungry thieves on the planet they should not even be in business they have a history of making customers very very angry i dont think they know how to do things right without pissing customers off they make them selfs fruads and liers out of themselfs they need to be shut down and be closed for business so no one else is effected someone needs to file a lawsuit in court for there bad company and quit there lying and playing around with customers bank accounts and draining them customers account out to where they have no money left that right there is against the law in my opinion but others can think different they have now drained my fiancee’s account and was promised 200 dollars back into his account and it had been 2 or 3 weeks that money had not been put back into his account he”s been lied to and been told oh we put money already into your account but that was a a big fat lie they kept typing other people”s bank cards giving them money but not my fiancee’s bank card so to whoever sees this post i highly recommend not ever i mean dead serious not recommend to ever rent a car or a truck from avis and budgets companies ever again but if any body does good luck getting screwed by the company because they will drain your bank accounts out bad

  • Veronica says:

    charged me an additional 500 dollars on top of me pre paying online. Its 2 months later an my money has still yet to be returned. They keep lying stating it hasnt been released, then they say it is released. I am getting the run around. They steal your money then lie about it !!!

  • Kelly says:

    Worst rental place ever!!!!!!! First time using and will NEVER use again!!

  • Kim says:


  • Eveta Linder says:

    I rented a vehicle from your company over a month ago and it has been past the return security deposit date this is very unacceptable going on 20 days which was initially 11 days please assistance with this …I rented from tupelo Mississippi Airport budget rental cars

  • Doug Fogle says:

    We went to Budget location 3316 Virginia Beach Blvd, In Virginia Beach, Virginia. When we called and visited the location Jason and Amy met us screaming about no cars available. We made a booking three months ahead of time, they gave our car away. The attitude started when the they first picked up the phone. When we called Avis it rang into the same location Jason answered and screamed at us again. Their customer service is extremely poor. They do not represent the company very well. We then called Enterprise we were welcomed right in and accommodated we had our car with in fifteen minutes. Thank you Enterprise
    We had no idea Budget and Avis were the same company.
    I highly recommend renting with Enterprise !

  • Michael says:

    I rented a car for my wife in Dallas, Tx for Friday 6/10-12. She picked up the car and drove it to her hotel. The car has not moved since then due to no cranking. She and I have called road side assistance a number of times as well as speaking with customer service a number of times. No one has done anything. I have also personally with the local rental in the Pensacola, FL. airport. She had to borrow a car in order to attend appointments. The car is still parked outside the hotel. No one has done anything about.
    The reservation number is 98718255.

  • Taneal Burgess says:

    No one at this company cares. You can’t even find a phone number for their corp office for complaints, there’s your first red flag to not use their company. There completely outsourced overseas and their number one job is to “transfer you” then in the process of that, they hang up on you. You can have a reservation, like I have, and they can tell you they have no cars and to get my money back I have to call customer service… that again… hangs up. Never will I ever use them again. And if you think this is an isolated event…. Just find out for yourself. Use enterprise and save yourself the hassle.

    • Diane Bailey says:

      Your 100% right. I had a budget truck rental and a budget car rental set up and paid for weeks in advance of my trip to move. 2 days before they cancelled my budget truck rental and said they didn’t have any other available. Than the day I went to pick up my car rental they can cancelled me at the pick up desk and charged my card a second time. I found the best way to get anywhere is to report it to the BBB And the states attorney general’s office.

  • Michele schusky says:

    Just hit charge 458 over my bill are you Crasy

  • Mike Ellis says:

    I had rented a Cadillac ct4 and it locked keys in the car when I shut the door!?? After half an hour dealing with automated BS then finally get to talk to a real person from Customer service only to be told they can’t help! The story gets worse and is long so I’m just going to say worst experience ever with a “company” highly incompetent people and almost feels like dealing with con artists!! PLEASE SOMEONE WHO CAN ACTUALLY HELP CONTACT ME ASAP!!!

  • Joe Ainslie says:

    Tried to make a one way reservation, online, from Williamstown, NJ to Mooresburg, TN (Deptford, NJ pickup & Knoxville, TN Drop off). My information was changed from a one way to a local rental. This was not acceptable. I had tried to modify rental & it tells me that locations are “sold out”. Tried to cancel the reservation so I could start over, it then tells me that I will be charged $50 for cancellation. Tried to call for assistance and all I get is what sounds like an India call center. When I asked to speak with someone in the USA, I was told only thing I can do is “call back again & see if you can get someone else to help you”
    I will be trying to contact Corporate, which is owned by AVIS, to see if I can get this resolved. Also, my credit card company, I’ll be filing a dispute. As of right now, I recommend that no one use their online service or you may wind up paying for items you don’t want.

  • Cora Lee says:

    Budget will not allow you to delete personal information like credit card and drivers license number from their system.

  • Mildred Allen says:

    A budget agent was very rude to my sister this morning at the Budget Car rental at the Clarion Inn Central in Denver, CO. He wanted her to present a utility bill in order to prove her residence. He yelled at her and asked why she hadn’t brought a utility bill. In all the times I’ve rented a car from Budget, I’ve always presented my driver’s license and credit card. The actions of your employee was very inappropriate and treated her with disrespect. I confronted him about it and he started shouting “are you a customer?” He came from behind the counter as I started to leave and started shouting again. I told him I was going to report him for his rudeness. I would appreciate it if someone could contact me for more details.

  • Kim says:

    We were rented a car with four bald tires and no oil from a dump noted as Budget/Avis near Love Field Dallas. The location was filthy, no one was following any kind of safety protocols they note in their FB page or in regards to the vehicles they rent. My husband drove the car home and we noticed as he pulled into our driveway that the front two tires were bald with virtually NO tread. We called 24 hour roadside assistance and were told by Roxie to go to a Pep Boys to get the tires replaced. We were supposed to leave on our trip today but when my husband got to Pep Boys he was told he needed an auth to get the tires, but the car didn’t need two tires, it needed all four tires and as he was driving to Pep Boys the oil light came on. The mechanic that was helping him said the oil was so dirty that it was virtually unsafe to drive and the engine could burn up at any time. Basically Budget rented us an UNSAFE vehicle. Pep Boys asked my husband to wait there for the replacement vehicle that roadside assistance was bringing over but NO ONE could confirm when the replacement vehicle would be delivered. My husband said he needed to go home to deal with our condo and hotel reservations that would need to be adjusted because of us having NO functioning rental car. My husband is still trying to find out about our rental replacement. Roadside tells him to call customer service and customer service tells him to call roadside assistance. What a joke. We can assure Budget that they have not heard the last from us. The service if you can even call it that SUCKS!!!! Any executive of this worthless organization should be embarrassed about the horrific organization they represent. There is lack of training, individuals that can speak proper English, people that keep throwing our rental agreement in our face and we keep saying there is nothing in our agreement that we signed that says “ we are authorizing Budget to provide us with a death mobile”. We rented a car that should run, have been serviced to ensure our families safety and that is NOT what we received, where is BUDGET’s responsibility in this mess, oh according to customer service they have no responsibility and we need to drive a car, that we have been told is not fit to drive, back down to the location that is truly unfit to be called a location at all, to deal with this. REALLY
    BUDGET you SUCK!!! We will be telling everyone we can about this unbelievable experience we have had. You all don’t know the first thing about service. I hope the 9 or 10 people we have talked to today, been hung up on twice as well, that KARMA finds you ten fold in how you have treated us today. PATHETIC ORGANIZATION!! DO NOT RENT FROM THESE SHYSTERS!!!

  • Darlene evans says:

    I was charged a $200.00 deposit that Julio in Tucson AZ. said would be returned. It was not returned. It was charged to my card as part of the total rental and now nobody knows who can fix this! They just keep lying to me! I’m writing to headquarters because I’m getting nowhere with these people on the phone.

  • Betty Bartlett says:

    I am frustrated with the customer service Budget car rental. I spoke to many different person while trying to resolve a lost key issue which was found after I returned home. I took it to the local Budget rental agency who sent it via courier back to Phoenix, Arizona.
    I was later charged the exact same amount and am unable resolve this issue. I had requested an itemized statement to be sent to my email and have yet to receive any correspondence from anyone.
    I gave several representatives my email and as of today, I have not received any.
    Please contact me via email so that this may be resolved!

  • Mark Preiser says:

    Booked a convertible to be picked up at the Palm Beach Airport.
    • Agent took 10 minutes to help the person ahead of me.
    • Agent took 25 minutes to process my car request. Told me he had a white mustang convertible. Asked for my license and credit card. Asked for it again. After 25 minutes told me he can’t make the reservation go through and to take the shuttle to the rental car location office
    • Got to rental office. Woman there explained that the person at the terminal office was new which was the reason he was having problem with my reservation
    • Woman at office said the problem is you were double booked. I asked what that meant. I was told I rented a car in 2016 and never returned it. I was contacted back then by Budget and sent them the paperwork that shows I did return the car. They told me not an issue and they would adjust the records. Of course, they never did.
    • Rental person said we no longer have any convertibles but you can speak to the manager.
    • Spoke to manger an exceptionally rude person named Robin who said when asked about the convertible I rented ” I don’t make the cars! You have to take something else!”
    • Rented a SUV. The price was significantly higher then the on line prices
    • Tail gate on SUV only partially opened.
    • Two days later check engine return to dealer light comes on.
    • Bring car to nearest Budget office in West Palm Beach. It was in a shopping center. Agent says we have no cars to rent to you to replace the one that doesn’t work. I said ok please tell me which is the closest office that does have cars. She says ” I have no idea.” I said you cant go on line to see which office has cars. She says ‘No!”
    • While this is going on I’m on hold on your customer service line. I’m holding for over 40 minutes.
    Budget is one of the worst managed, least customer friendly, companies I have ever had to misfortune to encounter.

  • Peggy Warren says:

    Writing to complain about long waits and condition of vehicle that we rented. Vehicle was supposed to be nonsmoking but found lighter under seat and grey residue in driver door that looked like ashes. Also inside of windows very dirty.

  • Paulette I Hunter says:

    I am trying to speak with someone in regards to a compliant with mishandling of a customer emergency roadside service and no one seems to be able to help me.


    I’m trying to contact the department in charge of complains, after a recent serious managerial disfunction at the Ben-Gurion Airport Israel. May I have an e-mail to report this problem? Thank you!

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