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  • Sean Wiesner says:

    Attn; Budget Inn Management

    I would like to bring to your attention a very concerning interaction I had with a member of the staff at the Budget Inn Sanford on the evening of January 12, 2023

    I arrived at 3:30pm January 12 to book into a room for one night. I had a flight out of SFB very early in the morning. I was assisted by a very helpful front desk staff member who booked me into room 117. She advised where it was located in the building and said it would be convenient for me and I could park my vehicle right in front of the room.

    That evening I was in and out of my unit many times, locking and unlocking the door with my supplied electronic key. I had to get to sleep quite early as I had to be up at 3:30am to travel to the airport for my flight.

    Just after midnight, I was awoken by what sounded like someone jiggling the door and trying to enter my room. I went to the door to look out the peep hole and see what was happening. Just then, the door was being rattled and I saw the silhouette of a person outside the door trying to open the door. I banged to the door and yelled to the person to stop and that this room was taken. The figure disappeared into the darkness.

    After that very disturbing event, I went back to bed and tried to get back to sleep although very agitated by this strange threat to my security. I did fall back asleep eventually only to be awoken again by the same sound of the door being jiggled only this time, the door flew open! A lady walked directly into my room and demanded to know why I was in this room. I demanded to know how this person was able to enter my room. I demanded them to leave immediately and that I would call the police. The lady did not leave and then continued yelling at me asking why I was there. I again demanded the person to leave. I asked the person to identify themselves. She said she was from the front desk. I said if you are in fact from the front desk, leave this room immediately and call me on the phone. She then left.

    I sat on the bed in shock and wondered if it was possible for me to get back to sleep. What just happened to me? The bedside phone then rang and I picked up. It was the voice of the same lady again yelling at me telling me I was in the wrong room. I protested and said I have a key to this room and have been entering and exiting multiple times without issue. I referenced the lady who booked me into the room that afternoon. I was then told again that I was in the wrong room. I said this is obviously an issue with your staff and booking system and again threatened to call the police. The staff member said I was free to do that but was told the police wouldn’t do anything as The Police would just see I was in the wrong room.

    This terrifying incident and total violation of my privacy was entirely the responsibility of Budget Inn staff. There are many ways this situation could have been handled differently without terrorizing me and threatening my personal safety. If the issue of me being placed into the wrong room and given a key to it had to be resolved at 12:30am, the staff member could have at least knocked and identified themselves instead of storming into my private room. Some individuals protect themselves with a personal firearm and if I was so protected, this could have been the last thing this Budget Inn employee ever did.

    I was offered no apology by the Budget Inn or its staff members. I was offered no compensation for this violation of my rights and privacy.

    I am escalating this to management and or owners of this facility for explanation and some resolution. I have been consistently staying at this hotel since 2014 as I fly in and out of the Sanford Airport regularly.

    I could just post this horrifying experience on every online review platform leaving scathing reviews but I look to ownership / management for an apology and resolution.

    I encourage you to speak to the staff member that booked me into the room as well as the person working the front desk that night to corroborate this series of events.

    I await a response

  • Odessa Davis says:

    The staff at Conway AR location are rude and didn’t tell us no visitors policy. My son stopped by to see me they called cops and a guy with a pistol that’s supposed to watch the place for free rent came out if us with a pistol

  • Martha Evans says:

    The people that works at the budget Inn in Jasper Ga does not want handicap or disabled people there at the budget Inn

  • Linda Fairchild says:

    We had reservations March 2022 in Calhoun GA. We were traveling with a certified service dog which we put in our reservation. When we got there he said they had no more rooms for pets and refused to give us room. This is illegal by the ADA, which I told the manager but he refused to listen. We ended up having to find another room at 11pm.

  • Tracy Cassaday says:

    Run down, holes in walls, board over door, froze all night, dirty/stained , hairdryer doesn’t work, lights in bedroom not working. Staff is friendly. They didn’t require a deposit, that’s the only reason I stayed.

  • Bob says:

    How do I reach corporate the room I checked into. They had to do drugs it was trashy I couldn’t believe the stuff I find addaw.

  • Bob says:

    I need corprete e mail me the room was gross. There was trash everywhere a cigarette lighter gun bathroom was a mess who can I contact

  • Rodney Wallum says:

    Subject: Disrespect to room tenants
    Hello my name is Rod Wallum & today’s date is 11/21/2021 & I rented a room at your Eagan motel & the lights went out in the room that I had paid $75 for. Now this happened around 1am & I went up to the office to have the power restored & the person behind the desk said that there was nothing she could do,so I asked about getting a different room & was told that they didn’t have any open. Now I went up there 3 times & each time was told the same thing. The lady finally gave me a battery operated lantern. So I fell that I should not only get all my money back along with some kinda confirmation.

  • kim says:

    How does the corporate office not know about a franchise in Stockton, CA off Hammer Lane that is absolutely filthy, unsafe and beyond any film dirt-bag infested place? The one we booked at 3473 W. Hammer Lane,Stockton,USA,95219 does not belong on anyone’s place to be.

  • Yvonne Williams. says:

    On Archdale Drive in Charlotte North Carolina it’s not complying with your online service agreement. It appears that they use of service to get the customers but later do not want to honor the agreement 30 disregard the computer print out and charge their own fees with additional fees for using your charge card. after calling contacting the booking service and they spoke with them they agreed to go to stay in compliance with the agreement that they meet with your company once again when I had to face them they refused and also refused to give me. the gentleman they’re both of them refused to take my card because I would not give them the password to my debit card. So now they will not rent to me

  • Marilyn Agnes Birmingham says:

    I had a very unpleasant stay. The room was full of smoke and would not give me another room. My Grandson asked for me and the answer was no. He charged me twice. $ 68.65 (twice) and now won’t talk to me. My Credit card M/C is handling the matter for me. Sincerely, Marilyn Birmingham Cellphone: 518-860-3044 Email: mb4688eb@gmail.com

  • Gabriela Dominguez says:

    I have contacted the Mayor of Boise and sent this email.

    Good evening Ms. Mc Lean,

    I wanted to may you aware that there bad representations of Boise as a nice place to live. It’s a shame that in talking to other motel managers they heard that I was looking for another place to stay in town that was not Budget INN they looked ashamed and this particular manager has a horrible reputation. Ms. Maleni Pentel is horrible to customers and I reported her to Budget INN corporate. Although most motels are just franchises there is still some responsibility from businesses to not abuse customers/ tourist. Below is what I reported to Corporate offices.

    Good Afternoon,

    My name is Gabriela Dominguez and I stayed at your franchise location in Boise Idaho from July the 09, 2021 until the 28 of July. We were looking for an apartment which why we opted to say at your facility. The staff was great until we met the female manager Ms. Maleni Pentel who rudely told me she is losing money on the room. She was surprised that I agreed to the increase rate up to $621.00 to stay for another week. She said we have to let the housekeeping in every day at 10 am. Unfortunately my sister is very ill and disabled and this was an extreme hardship on her to get dress every morning and to sit outside in the heat in her wheelchair while they cleaned the room. It was very difficult for her and explained this to the manager all she told me is that is her policy and we had to adhere to is. When I request a refund she again stated her policy of no refunds and closed the door the inter office/home without speaking to me as an adult. Upon payment of the weeks stay she refused to give me my receipt for the stay. She stated she didn’t want to waste paper or ink then and would generate it at check out. At check out the housekeeper was left to check me out but unable to generate the receipt and she would email it but it never came.

    If this is the face of Budget then Ms. Pentel is a very poor example of good customer service. I would have rather returned to Red Lion Hotel for the better service there.

    Now I have left reviews on yelp and Facebook, being that I am now a resident of Boise I do not want people like her to bully tourist and abuse disable citizens of the United State. I was born in this county and am a voter and tax payer that feels everyone deserves to be treated with respect. I will be registering to vote in Boise and I expect that bad actors in our city should be reined in.
    I just felt that as Mayor of our fair city you would like to know.


    Gabriela Dominguez
    Employee of the Idaho Department of Finance.

    • Chris says:

      Oh this woman is horrible I stayed there two nights ago and after leaving called to ask a question about things I may have left behind and she screamed that the room is clean and when I tried to tell her what I needed she said she isn’t a housekeeper and hung up on me I callled back three times and she must have caller Id because she hung up every time Is this seriously what this woman thinks is appropriate customer service? I have never been so mad in my life I drove to the hotel and calmly told her there was no need to hang up on me and she needs to treat customers with respect, she then told me it was past 11 , checkout time so I was no longer a guest and she was calling the police rather then settle my inquiry like a business owner she called the police I didn’t even raise my voice She is simply horrible She never even let me finish a sentence Rude rude rude This hotel is dirty and unkempt, but the owner is worse than the nasty rooms

  • Cheryl Norr says:

    When it’s 10pm and the last room within miles, you stay in at Less than a Budget Inn in Caldwell, Idaho. The bathroom door was falling off the hinges, the dresser had a big chunk out of the top, the floor had not been swept (it had dog hair all over it). There was a ice bucket in the fridge with ice in it from a previous guest. The upside, the towels were new and clean. The sheets were clean and no bed bugs(they were scared to stay). We were to tired to leave!

  • A says:

    The information listed above is inaccurate. There is no way to dispute this listing

  • Carolyna Cicarelli says:

    Just stayed at a Budget Inn in Cocoa FL (520 & I-95). Not a real well place. The floor in the room was dirty. Broken chair at the desk and, the desk was also uneven on its top (laptop would not sit flat on the top). The pool was dirty (grates were full of hair, paper, cigarette butts). The water pressure for the shower was not good. Pillows were inadequate. Awakened 3 times by other guests in the early morning hours; had to call the front desk. Not much was done about the issue. Really need to get a refund or a partial amount of money put back on my credit card.

  • A. Garza says:

    I have reached out to you before and was redirected to your legal department and I would now like to add some more information to the open case

  • Helen Millar says:

    Paid for a week at budget inn; too much noise, bed lumpy, dirty sheets & blanket, charged for 2 nights & only stayed one night, hateful clerk, a motel from hell

  • Dennis Hargrave says:

    Stayed at buget inn in gladstone oregon was awaken about 4am to bed bugs , took video’s and used tape to catch a few showed them to the management and asked for a refund .
    They are not willing to refund my money but instead made a comment that maybe they came with me go figure

    • donald mochrie jr says:

      my name is Donald Mochrie Jr. I worked as a property manager for a budget inn in palatine bridge NY and they have the same problem and it is a common thing. I have the reports from department of health in NY state and from 3 exterminators who say they know about this bed bug problem and been dealing with it for years and the owner now is facing closing. also black mold all over and floors falling in. as an ex employee I haven’t been paid for 7 weeks of 72 hours a week of worked. the owners who are from India cry racism when in fact they are the ones doing it. I am currently working with the fbi and other government agencies and they are investigating from fraud to tax fraud. budget inn ceo should look into how bad a lot of their motels are being run.

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