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Buddy's Home Furnishings Corporate office Headquarters

Buddy's Home Furnishings Headquarters Address and Contact

Buddy's Home Furnishings Logo
  • Address: 2121 Americana Blvd, Orlando, FL 32839, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 407 857 2172
  • Number of Employees: 1,005
  • Established: 1961
  • Key People: Michael Bennett

Buddy's Home Furnishings Headquarters Location & Directions

Buddy's Home Furnishings Headquarters Executive Team



Michael Bennett


Morris Frost

General Manager

Brock Roberts

Partner and Vice President Operations

Cathy Goodwin


Joe Milligan

General Manager

Calvin Jansen

Director - Controller

Buddy's Home Furnishings, History and Headquarters Information

This company is based in Pensacola in the U.S. and deals in home furnishings and goods rental industry. The company was established in the year 2012 and has grown by far since then to generate revenue of about $137,543 annually managing a total of 5 employees.

The official company address is based at their headquarters that is 4469 Mobile Hwy Pensacola, FL, 32506-8241 United States. The main phone number to reach out to further communication to the company is (850) 462-6992.

Check out their website for more details on the company, http://www.buddyrents.com/.

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  • Chris wood says:

    Your store in tahlequah Oklahoma took some money out of my bank account on some merchandise on a account that has been closed with y’all for about a year now so here is the deal your store manager in tahlequah lied to me to day’s ago and told me that he would refund my money so if my money is not back in my account before the end of next week I’m filling a law suit against your company just as a fyi taking money from someone’s account with authorization is a felony so keep it in mind when this goes to court this seems to be a habit with your company just by looking at the comment section

  • syrai scaife says:

    hello you can contact me 2814259189 or syraiscaife60@gmail.com to reach me becaus ei will like to file against this

  • syrai scaife says:

    hello my name is syrai i had rented furniture from buddys but i could no longer afforded it because i had a stroke and couldnt work because half my body is paralyze. I Then contacted buddys let them know my situation and me and buddys both decided is was best to give the furniture back. SO we set a day for them to pick up the furniture so they cam to my house my husband loaded everything out side for them and help them put the furniture on the truck and after they were done i signed the return papers and i left that was my last day in killeen because i couldnt afford to pay the rent and i wasnt able to walk on my own so i moved back with my mother. Then months down the line i got a call from buddys saying they didnt get the furniture so i contacted the store and they told me the dropped the furniture back off to my old house i no longer stay in the same day but didnt call or inform me they did that and now are trying too sue me for it but i dont have the furniture and im paralyzed so now im contacting corporate for this matter .

  • Maria Galvan says:

    I live Houston Texas I am having alot issues with managers the store on Uvalde rd I am trying resolving the issue try call district manager of store but no answer call him n text him alot time no answer. Can u please call me asap I am Maria Galvan 602)473-9443 I need Walker Asbury ASAP

  • Elvis Guevara says:

    I live Houston Texas I am having alot issues with managers the store on Uvalde rd I am trying resolving the issue try call district manager of store but no answer call him n text him alot time no answer. Can u please call me asap I am Elvis Guevara 602)473-9443 I need Walker Asbury ASAP

  • Minyard says:

    Been trying to log into app to make payment tells me no active account when have 2 dont remember user name pain trying to get logged in

  • Jamie says:

    I have been a loyal perfect paying customer for years. I got a tv and right before it was completely paid for it stopped working properly. It turns on and turns right back off. I paid for the platinum plus program and was told my TV would be covered. This all happened towards the end of March 2022. Here it is July and now I’m being told nothing is getting done about it. I’m getting ready to take this to court as I’ve tried and tried to have someone from corporate or just higher than the store contact me yet no one has. This needs to be resolved. I plan on filing a civil suit next week if I still haven’t heard anything. This is beyond ridiculous.

  • TIFFANY says:

    with our agreement payment not one time did they come by house for the item if i was behind on a payment ”which i agreed to 150 when i spoke to him not 980”. which is part of they policy but they just kept swiping my card and then say its buddys system that automatically does it and thats illegal.

  • TIFFANY says:

    I have called customer service and spoke to them we had agreement plan of 150 and 980 was taken off my called, they said they would help me fix it no calls back its been a week. they always doing unauthorize payments from my card in the passed after i told them plenty of time to remove my card they never did it was times they took money off with a receipt email or text for confirmation, i paid off a washer and dryer set with warranty and they been having it in the shop for almost 8 months they was suppose to deliver it along time ago and they claim they didn’t have any drivers from the shop in san antonio but been charging me for a loaner that was suppose to be free since i just paid it off, talked to a supervisor said he couldn’t refund me my money but can do a credit, when i needed that for other bills but he apologized.i still don’t have my washer that i brought and no one called back to resolve the issue with my money after i talked to a csr and said they will call back with a higher up to confirm my refund.

  • Arthur Vandiver says:

    False advertising. The in Newport News Va. Advertise that they have 85inch smart tv’s. But after you pay your deposit. They tell you that they don’t have any on hand in their store. But they will try to locate you one at another store. That was a week ago. Why Advertise a product when your not sure if you have it. I would really like my television…

  • Lesley Herrera says:

    Buddys inside HEB on Riverside in Austin TX is a joke. The manager Josh is the most unprofessional, unethical person I have ever met. Obviously the Franchisee Tommy keeps him because he’s his children’s uncle. Josh has no business running the store. He takes all the credit for his teams successes, he yells at them and a fre weeks ago Josh acted like a thug slamming his hands on the desk ripping off his shirt, threatening his employee and screaming to take it outside so he can whip this employees ass. My husband worked under Josh until recently, mind you my husband had over 20 yrs experience in management and has been trying to help Josh. My husband’s old boss saw him at work and asked if he needed a better job. My husband is very loyal and dedicated to his position and said he wasn’t interested at that time. My husband told Josh he was wtepping away from the desk Josh said ok. My husband came back 5 min later and Josh gets an attitude and asks what’s you go bro. My husband said I told you I was stepping away he said my ex boss offered me a job. In true Josh fashion he starts demanding my husband start doing all these crazy tasks that he has never been told to do. As my husband is leaving to go run a customer that Josh just told him to take care of. My husband says I’m leaving to run like you asked Josh pumps up his chest like hes really about something and in true Josh fashion acting like a little child and tells my husband [who has not raised his voice and was doing the demeaning tasks Josh told him to do], yells at him that he’s being insubordinate and tells him to go home. This was within 2 hrs starting his shift Tues. Wed closed, Thursday my husband had requested off 3 weeks prior to finalize plans for our daughter’s wedding. Fri my husband goes to work and Josh says you were a no call no show yesterday which my husband reminded him he requested off. Then in front of the other employee fires him tends him he already filled his position and he had nothing for him. Tommy owner when my husband came and told him he had told Josh he wasn’t taking the job but Josh in true fashion threw a hissy fit, acting less than a level 1 manager (read the book Josh 5 Levels of Leadership) Tommy says oh man we don’t want to lose you can I put you at another store? GTFOOH really Tommy? You know my husband cleaned up that mess of a store when Josh was throwing everyone except himself under the bus why didn’t you call my husband (literally 1 of the best employees with an exemplary work ethic) you are just s unethical, unprofessional, no INTEGRITY nor moral compassion or value your employees. As an owner, leader etc. you ask all parties involved the situation 3 sides to a story both his side, their side and somewhere in the middle the TRUTH. I’m a district Manager. I facilitated many 5 levels of leadership workshops. I have been a multi unit manager for 26 yrs. A manager sets the tone, leads by example, gives praise and acknowledgement to their team not take credit for others successes nor talk about other employees to your other employees. You don’t act on emotion. Level 1 managers are those who think having a title gives them authority, they think the title allows them to belittle and talk down to employees. To think they are untouchable, deserve respect and do the bare minimum. Be better Josh and Tommy be a leader not a bully. Through this unprofessional and unethical leadership team[ I use that term very loosely] do the right hing, even when no one is looking FYI that’s the definition of INTEGRITY! Make sure my husband gets paid correctly as you know Josh likes to screw employees over by not adding their PTO which he did to my husband on a day he was sick and requested that. By law TWC you have 5 days after termination/firing of an employee to pay them. PS don’t forget to add the PTO earned because we all know God forgot to give this kid any sort of smarts he can barely write his name or add correctly. Josh even stated he couldn’t pass college his wife earned his credits. Do Better Buddys. If corporate has a mission statement, morals and values, address the situation with the franchise owners Tommy and his father. My husband had been with Buddys for several months and still wasn’t trained to complete his job 100% even asking weekly to complete it. I’m absolutely appalled by the lack of professionalism this company lacks. Josh is one of the faces representing the Buddys name and reputation I guess if you have extremely low standards that’s your prerogative. My husband is more laid back then me and actually asked me to let it go. I will never let it go when I see any company or employee treat others less than. Fun fact… 69% of employees will QUIT their job if they feel unappreciated and not valued! My husband who is much older than Josh and Tommy, was really trying to mentor Josh and help him. Ask yourself why you can’t retain employees. Did you reach out and ever follow up with employee why the quit, what changes they feel could have been implemented for the employee to have stayed and most importantly why were they leaving? I don’t know the statistic but employees leave their position, not because of the job because of the owner or manager. Please address this Josh should have been fired the day he threatened another employee and acted a fool and then begged them not to tell on him. So much more I could point out or CORPORATE: do an exit interview with my husband and ask him what he endured working under a manager who has no experience, MATURITY or common sense to represent Buddys Home Furnishings.

  • Maria galvan says:

    I live Houston Texas I am having alot issues with managers the store on Uvalde rd I am trying resolving the issue try call district manager of store but no answer call him n text him alot time no answer. Can u please call me asap I am Maria galvan 713 256 6631

  • Adrienne Kopp says:

    I’m having major issue with the local store here well the manager at it ive been lied to and now threatened I need to speak to someone asap 9315203949

  • Thomas Gigandet says:

    Never again will i get anything from this place it all trash i.m sueing dont come around my home.

  • Thomas Gigandet says:

    Your product >is.no good

  • Shequita Moore says:

    I have been a customer with the location in Clarksdale ms for to many years I have a 70″ tv that I got from them first of all I feel like I have paid for it twice already I called the store to tell them what happened to the tv they said come in make a payment and pay give us 50 extra dollars for some new insurance that they all of a sudden got but didn’t inform me about but I have some type of insurance that don’t cover mishaps well what I got all these extra hidden fees?why I didn’t have this insurance long time ago?why I can’t get another tv?

  • Corey Stanford says:

    I’m paying 189.00 a month for 16 months for a ebike it will cost me 3,024$ and that was not the agreement I seen the contract and the computer at buddy’s because he left it out and the computer was turned torge me I pointed out to them that it says 149$ a months and they kept changing the subject so I ask for a copy of the contract because they never gave me one and refused my kick stand on my bike wasn’t tighten up so it bent I payed for insurance when I told them they kept yelling at me saying I wrecked and I did they wouldn’t even ship it to get it checked so they stole the insurance money and won’t give it back when I was at buddy’s when I first walk in he had the speaker phone on talking to and elderly lady telling her she still had to payments left and she said no way I only have one then a few mins later talked her into it then he smiled after he got off the phone and when I told them my kickstand messed do to poor labor they wanted the bike told me to drop it off and I still had to pay for it I said no if I’m paying for it it’s mine they just wanted to fix it for themselves and resale and use the insurance money I paid to refix it so now I’m going to the bbb and calling a lawyer and they keep laughing about that why should I it’s my money I work hard for it and there messing me up on work and trying to still my good earned hard working money and I don’t want them doing it to someone eles come these elderly people and veterans live off a small fixed income that’s really sick that people would do that

  • Claire ambrocio says:

    My kids lab tops was stolen n my husband knife nd the couch that was brought in had bugs I have to call a exterminator my number 4237744168

  • Claire ambrocio says:

    I order from buddy’s and my husband knife and by kids school tablets got home from young man I called the office where I rent it I didn’t even take plastic off now I have to get someone to spray because the couch I got had bugs I’ve never had bugs I need someone to call me or I’m going get a lawyer

  • Michael says:

    General Manager in the Lewisville, Texas location needs to be replaced ASAP. This location has changed manager several different times within the past year and this one is even WORSE!. Running my debit card several times a day. Changing my payment, dates or how I make a payment without my authorization, and charging my debit card on my NON-DUE DATE WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION. THE BUDDIES IN THE LEWISVILLE, TEXAS LOCATION NEEDS A DIFFERENT GENERAL MANAGER.

  • Misty Freeman says:

    I’m a customer with the San Marcos location and I have been with them for almost a year. I have recently gotten behind in my payment. The other day one of the employees came by my home. I told him I wouldn’t be able to make a payment til Saturday the 23rd. The guy told his manager the wrong Saturday then he comes to my home while my teen was gone sick banging in the door so hard it was scaring my child to death. He called me crying and my neighbor said the man was banging over and over again harder each time. The reason I’m behind is due to getting Covid and being under doctors care. The hostility is ridiculous and threatening. All I’m asking is for a little more time without hostility.

  • Derrick says:

    I need someone from the company headquarters to contact me.

    I have some items from this company. This past February i was told my pay off was $340.00 I got charged $148.00 3xs in the mont if February and paid another $148.00. Now I’m being to that I still owe $300 when my card was charged. I need someone to contact me ASAP TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE

  • Donna J Hutchinson says:

    I have been dealing with Store 61 in Jacksonville, Florida. I had a chest freezer that was to be delivered to me and after 9 days being lied to by the Manager I cancelled it. She told me before the delivery guy went home I would get the chest freezer. I didn’t. That was last Friday.I was upset and cancelled. A few days later (Wednesday) I apologized and asked if it was still available and Javier said it was still available and I would get it yesterday. It rained so I didn’t get it. I figured today I would get it and the Manager said it would be Monday. I have waited almost 2 weeks now. I have been a long time customer of Buddy’s and I am really upset about this. I love Buddy’s and this is the first time I have been treated this way.
    Donna Hutchinson
    7667 W Beaver St
    Lot 14
    Jacksonville, Florida
    (904) 382-7480

  • Kevin says:

    I had talked to u at headquarters back in Oct 21 and thought there was a resolved issue I am being harassed by the local store very hateful would not except the deal that was giving by your corporate office need this resolved asap

  • Priscilla Taylor says:

    I called Buddy’s concerning making a payment for my friend
    Ronald Brown. When I called Christine answered . I expressed to her that a double payment was taken off my card. I was clearly upset on the phone. Christine from Buddy’s started laughing at me. I asked her why was she laughing. Christine told me it’s not like she can give me a refund and that’s my fault. Christine also invited me to speak to her GM and complain on her if l wanted to. I will not ever purchase anything from Buddy’s. I also want to speak to someone from corporate concerning Christine and her disrespectful behavior.

  • Anthony Udesen says:

    I am not fucking happy. I have told my local location in San Marcos Texas to come to pick up their tv when i get off work. Going on a month now. I was on my way out to work and asked them to come by at 6:30 to which they have not done. In fact they keep adding to my balance.. Then today they tried to charge 3 different dollar amounts to my debit card. It declined for no balance. Duh thats why I told them to come get it. Those charges were not authorized and will be reported as fraud Monday March 21, 2022.

  • Mary Jane Rodriguez says:

    Me and my husband got a bedroom set and a dinette set well when they brought the bedroom set the mattress they brought me was all stained with piss stains it smelled really bad so I told I wanted a new one the kind of brand well let alone they brought me a different one and said when they got the other one they would let me know it’s been 9 months and they haven’t gave me my mattress this they gave me sinks in and then the frame is just like 3 litte thin boards that aren’t strudy at all for a king size mattress and 2 twin box springs and to top it off when the delivery guys dropped it off the fabric on the box springs was torn the mattress on one the corners is torn and the dresser with the mirror has a hole in the back and then they drilled the screws in to tight so the board sticks out in some places and they did the same with the night stand and the tall dresser to and you can’t even take out the drawers because the screws they put are also screwed into to the part that were it’s suppose to slide out and for that tall dresser I’m being charged separately when they told me they don’t sell anything by itself and as far as the dining table I got it used and the manager there for district manager whatever you want to call him you can tell he’s fake his name is Sergio and this is the Walmart at Norwood Park Drive in Austin Texas anyways he said he was going to sell it to me at 400 and something because the table was scratched and it had like a corner of it sticking up and they told me they were going to fix it and shine it up for me the bench that came with it was broke and they had they put screws in it but then of course it broke when we sat on it and I’m still waiting on that bench so anyways and he did not charge me the 400 and something he charged me almost a thousand and he’s still trying to charge me for it if I wouldn’t knew he was going to charge me that much I would have just gotten me a new one and I showed him pictures of everything and you tell me he was just going to take a hundred and something out but until the last payment and that’s it for all the money there charging me and the way that I got my bedroom set when it supposed to be brand new and then they were trying to charge my card without my permission and I didn’t know they charge you $30 if you’re late on a payment and they have to come out and knock on your door 2 weeks ago on my payment that I did it was supposed to be 141 well Sergio charge me $158 after he’s the one that told me that’s how much it was going to be because I told him I should have been done paying for that table so I asked him why was it 158 was it because of tax or something and he said yes so on your next two weeks payment is going to be $140 and they’re charging me almost $200 dollars I don’t recommend going to that store I’ve never had a problem with the Rent-A-Center

  • Christy Smiley says:

    Took my refrigerator to fix it cause I had the ins then the dumb idiots brought it back with black mold in it

  • Charlotte R Lucas says:

    Buddy’s on West Bank expressway marrero la charged my neighbor 328 dollars for 2 months plus what she owed 142 a month . So we told them they took 328 to much and they gave it back . But it keeps happening every month now . And she is a old lady and she needs to pay her bills and rent on the day they take he money . So I have to put up the money until they put it back in the card . An when I ask when it will be they say they don’t know

  • Darlene Sue Loudermilk says:

    Someone Please give me a number to talk to at corporate office or have someone give me call or email me at darleneloudermilk@gmail.com. I hope we can resolve this cause the store in tahlequah Oklahoma does not want to help.

  • Tony. says:

    The one on Airport blvd in Austin Tx. All they care about is how good they look. All about the money too. They don’t care about the people there customers. They need a new staff. I will not recommend no one to y’all. How are they still in busnes. Please people go to Aarons or Some Other rental place. Not Bubby’s.

  • Lorie says:

    Leaving the floor a mess after they do the job very upset 😡will never give any reason to go back i will contact lawyers

  • Deandra says:

    Worst company EVER! I told them to come pick up my bed and living room set. They never showed up. Then they tried to have my husband arrested for grand theft. WE WILL BE GOING TO COURT OVER THIS

  • Demarcus Revels says:

    Hello my name is DeMarcus Revels I would like to fill to HR report against the Buddys store in Texarkana Texas. The manager and employees are calling my phone trying to fight from they person cell phone. One employee number is 903-293-7584 and his manager number is 903-244-1408. This store in Texarkana Texas need to close permanently they are very unprofessional and stealing from customers. You can contact me by email or phone

  • Ashley hayes says:

    I have been renting from buddys in longview tx and the acting manager is super rude very unprofessional we seem to be paying and yet it’s like nothings going down and when we only owe 49 on a payment the next day I get a text saying it’s 86 this place is a joke

  • John says:

    Horrible place of business in Decatur Alabama would not recommend to anyone

  • mike says:

    we purchased a brand new upright freezer and for 3 months been trying to get the key for it since they forgot to bring it when they delivered freezer.we still cant get a key they keep making excuses and never order a key .very poor service

  • Mitch says:

    I attempted to purchase a TV from your branch in the Longview Tx division and as I was in the middle of the holiday season I noticed an unauthorized charge on my wife’s account of $175. I distinctly remember speaking with a rep in the store about a week a go with the intent to pay. I’ve been paying monthly for over a year on the TV and it’s abt 90% paid off.however I can’t believe someone with reckless disregard for someone’s acct wld charge someone’s card no matter what effort they are making. They had no real reason to to believe I wouldn’t come thru with a payment but somehow manages to jack up someone’s holiday plans…forget the agreement tomorrow I’m returning this product….never to do business with buddy’s again..

  • Donna says:

    On the receipt why the total after monthly payment is not on the receipt?

  • Melissa Medina says:

    I have purchased a couch from buddys. In April the manager said I had 4 monthly payments left or 8 semi monthly payments. Come September the new manager now states that I owed 8 more payments. Then called me two weeks later that my total was almost 600 dollars. Which is clearly no where near 8 payments of my 134 est. monthly payment. I had pulled my bank statements out and added up all the payments for this couch and have come to a total of $3098.23 as of August. This was to be the end of my agreement beginning August 22, 2019. According to my agreement the price for complete contract is $2547.30 for semi monthly and $2351.79 for monthly. Since I was paying semi monthly I have went by that amount and a total of 42 payments which I have clearly paid and then some. I have paid over $550.93 over the agreement. And now I’m still getting calls to make a settlement payment of $200. Why am I having to pay more than what was in our agreement? Also I had the platinum plus and according to Anna at their office they paid the four months during covid outbreak. But according to the buddys where I got my couch from it was not paid. However she had called me on different occasions to let me know they had paid. This makes me wonder who is lying?

  • J. Smith says:

    Yes, I have recently purchased a couch and chair from buddy’s. I wish I hadn’t done so. My couch has bed bugs it has just been about 3 week. I looked in between the cushions it has been cleaned old cigarettes butts, and other people hair. I will not be buying anything else

  • Stephen K Britton says:

    My name is Stephen Britton. I am a top customer in malvern ar. Me and my wife are going through a divorce. And I am wondering since the account is in my name. I would like to get some information about return everything that is in my name except for the PlayStation 5. Everything else I would like to return if possible. I can not afford to pay for the products I got from you. My wife has threatened me to destroy the products and say it was me. I am needing help if there is anything that can be done. Please. Thank you so very much. I still plan on being a customer. I love your products. And the staff at your malvern arkansas location is the very best. You could not ask for a better crew.

  • Jonathan Cooler says:

    Hey I have been buying stuff from yall for a while now and now we have run into the biggest problem i had with a manger of one of your store we keep telling them our pay date has changed to tuesday for the past 6 months but each time they keep charging late fee.what can u do?

  • >