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  • Address: 2407 W 24th St, Kearney, NE 68845, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 308-236-4493

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 5,000

  • Established: 1948

  • Founder: David Hirschfeld

  • Key People: Dennis H. Nelson (President, CEO & Director)

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Buckle Headquarters Executive Team



Dennis H. Nelson

President, CEO & Director

Thomas B. Heacock

Senior VP of Finance, Treasurer, CFO & Director

Robert M. Carlberg

Senior Vice President of Men’s Merchandising

About Buckle, History and Headquarters Information

The Buckle, Inc. was incorporated by David Hirschfeld in 1948 and is based in Kearney, Nebraska. Earlier, the company was known as Mills Clothing, Inc. and was renamed to The Buckle, Inc. in 1991. In 1992, this company was launched as a public corporation on the NASDAQ, where it is traded under the ticker symbol BKLE.

The Buckle, Inc. manages as a retailer of casual apparel for young men and women. The Buckle offers its products and services to its customers throughout the United States. Buckle’s casual apparel products include denim, casual bottoms, tops, fragrances, sportswear, swimwear, sunglasses, bags and purses, wallets and outerwear. Customers can visit the company’s web site (which was introduced in 1999) http://www.buckle.com and buy what they like from their varied line of products. Buckle owns and runs more than 460 stores in 44 different states.

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  • April Lawson says:

    I ordered a pair of jeans, they didn’t fit. I took them to buckle store at college park mall telling her they didn’t fit and I wanted to return them. They were in the shipping bag I recieved them In. That’s the only thing that you can possibly be billing me for. I do not have these jeans. I wish they would have fit. Thank you. April Lawson card no. 5856370838003524.

  • Noelle Porter says:

    Stopped into your Spokane Valley Mall location for the first time. I gained a few pounds after quitting smoking. Miss Kate approached me and made me feel so comfortable. She was amazing! She helped me find the perfect round bottom jeans. She was positively upstanding!! I asked to speak with the manager to provide her a compliment. Wow!

  • Brenda says:

    After reading the comments below I am not expecting anyone to follow up on my complaint. I recently purchased 3 pair of jeans. 1 in store and 2 online. That’s alot of money. My last pair arrived, same style and sz. only in black. I tried them on, yep they fit. I cut the bottom off of each leg as I like the look. I wore them a few days later and within a few hours the material pulled away from the zipper and so standing or sitting my zipper was exposed. Not a pretty look. I contacted guest services and explained the situation. I clearly stated I did not want to return them, I wanted them to repair the flaw or if they didn’t have a seamstress then I would find one and they could reimburse me. They asked for pictures, I provided them, then they said I needed to take into local buckle store because they could’nt see a flaw (so obvious in pics) they also said I couldn’t return them because I cut them. Again I stated I do not want to return them. I took to store and floor leader promptly told me she could see the flaw but no return would be allowed, I repeated I do not want to return them, and they didn’t have a seamstress at their store and the closest store that did was 2 hours away so I could drive there once to drop off and again to pick up when done. That’s 8 hours round trip at $4.00 gal. gas. I said there is a seamstress right here in the mall. She said sorry we can’t help you. That is poor customer service and total lack of regard for after point of sale. One thing Buckle is notorious for is hard selling when you enter the store that’s what is important to the Buckle, NOT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION even though they list this in there advertising. I am furious and will never shop there again and will tell every person I know not to as well. By the way the seamstress charged me $15.00 and I had my pants done in a few hours. She told me the zipper was not sewn into the material far enough so it pulled the fabric away. Hmm just as I thought faulty manufacturing and definitely the Buckles problem and they failed the customer to satisfy and come up with viable solution. Jerks. Transaction number 2798406


    I have attempted to contact headquarters to discuss my disappointment with their store in the mall. I had the first bad experience when worker Marcus told me he could not take my check, yet he took a check from the person in front of me. When I called him out he tried to explain a store policy he said. I was only trying to pay on my account. Just recently I encountered the same person again when someone else was ringing me up and he came to help the employee and asked for my ID ,I had no issues but loudly Marcus in Huntsville Al said we do that just in case her check bounces. The store was packed and I was so mad and embarrassed at his comment. How ironic I happened to be the only black in the store both times. I spend a lot of money at the one in Bridge Street. I yet to get a call back. I have left several messages for the company

  • Disappointed says:

    The manger at your Cedar Falls location is not very nice ! I have been in a management position for many years that being said I know what it’s like to have employees quit – but when hours aren’t consistent and you put them out less than a week in advance for the next week when your schedule doesn’t line up that gives you no right to be rude or tell this said employee you will be working this day then ! No insurance is offered no full time status. Be more proactive make a monthly schedule for all employees. Week by week does NOT make any sense to me. Then to be rude to the employee when they have to change jobs because it’s clear that you can’t live off $8.50 plus 3% commission which is crazy when a pair of jeans is costing almost $100 . Not impressed!!! Better training needs to be offered to the “managers” you have ! I personally have approximately 50 employees that I personally supervise in the medical field I would never yell at or be rude to one of my staff members. That’s not how you keep staff. We loose people everyday – I am just as respectful to these staff that are walking away as the day they came in. Do better!

  • Rhonda Jordan says:

    So I was at the San Tan in Arizona today and I understand all the stuff that is going on however I was in there 20 minutes shopping had purchases in my hand and then after all that time was asked to leave if I didn’t have a mask on now I would think if you would have asked me in the beginning I would have said I don’t have one thank you and left but that’s not the case so I believe my appropriate action would be to cancel my Buckle card

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