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  • Address: 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail space 1304, Orlando, FL 32809, USA
  • Phone Number: 407-903-5500
  • Fax Number: 407-386-3263
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 2,000
  • Established: 1993
  • Founder: Philip Roberts, Don Hays and Peter Mihajlov
  • Key People: Vittorio Renda (Founding Executive Chef)

Buca Di Beppo Headquarters Location & Directions

Buca Di Beppo Headquarters Executive Team



Trish Giordano

Executive Vice President of Sales Marketing

Alan Ackerberg

Vice President of Construction and Development

Jim Morris

Divisional Vice President of Operations -Northeast Buca di Beppo Restaurants

About Buca Di Beppo, History and Headquarters Information

Buca di Beppo was incorporated by Phil Roberts in 1993 in Minneapolis, northeast United States. They opened their first restaurant in the basement of a building. Five years later, it was renamed from Buca Little Italy to Buca di Beppo. By 1999, they grew steadily and spread over more than 20 locations and Buca, Inc. got up on the NASDAQ stock exchange. In 2008, Planet Hollywood's parent company, Planet Hollywood International, Inc. bought the Buca chain for US$28.5 million.

 Buca di Beppo owns and operates a chain of Italian-American family restaurants. The chain is quite famous for its vintage photographs hung in all its restaurants. The Company has a wide range of food products such as appetizers, salads, pasta, pizzas, desserts, beer, wine, and meat. Along with these, it also offers gift cards, recipes, and catering services. This chain has 77 restaurants in 24 states.

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  • Reginald Jones says:

    I advise no one to eat nor even take your family out to buca they have to worst business customers service and management I ever seen in restaurant business they should be shut down until better business

  • Susan Shoemake says:

    I ordered from the Sacramento, Ca location. The eggplant parmesan was burned and had to be thrown out. The salad was supposed to serve 3 people but was quit small and I was given about a five-six inch of bread when my order was over $100 and for 4 people. The only item worth anything was the lasagna for 3 people. I talked to the manager about the burned food and she said her system was down and she would call me back. Of course she didn’t. Very disappointed and upset. I could have waited and spent my money on a much better restaurant and will in the future. It’s too bad since this used to be a good restaurant.

  • Kathleen Merrick says:

    I was quite disappointed with the Easter Feast I purchased this past weekend. The Caesar salad was wrong. They used ice berg lettuce opposed to romaine. The lettuce was wilted The cheese crotons and dressing was correct but was scarce. The eggplant was extremely mushy and was hard to find a full piece. It was mostly crumbs and sauce. The fettuccini was dried out and hard. There was no Alfredo sauce visible. The garlic bread was hard and flavorless. I paid extra for the Fettuccini Alfredo and garlic Bread. That was a big mistake. There was no Cannoli’s. I was told they ran out at noon. What is the sense of ordering ahead if you do not get what you ordered? I love the food at Buca, but this is the worst food I ever received and will never purchase a Holiday Meal from you again. I am planning on sharing this information with my friends and on sites like yelp. I spent over $138.00 on food that was uneatable. Saying I am disappointed is an understatement. I really was hoping for an enjoyable meal for my family during such dark times. HUGE disappointment!

  • Catherine Donarumo says:

    I had Lunch with family (4) at Buca di Bepp in Bally’s Atlantic City, NJ. The place was empty. I was charged $17.99 for a plate of fried mozzarellas sticks which was not on the menu. When the waitress bought out the food their was no French Fries on the plate just the mozzarellas sticks. Too expensive!
    I did not have any coupons for this meal.

  • Linda Kovich says:

    On 2/6/2020 I called Buca Di Beppo on 7 Mile in Livonia, MI
    to make reservations for 7 on 2/8 @ 4:30. We got there they had no reservations for us. Then they stuck us in a corner very tight table. Had to wait for the salad, the excuse was the computer messed up. Than waited for the meal to come out, 30 minutes later. We had to ask for bread and that always comes first with the oil. The service was BAD from the get-go.
    The purpose for this reservation was for my birthday.

  • Marcella Soohoo says:

    I am sorry to report I will not be returning to the Palo Alto restaurant. This past Monday I walked in with a party of six and was told we couldn’t be seated for the lack of service personal.??? The manager was rude and abrupt. I will be forced to drive out of my way to your S.F. location. I love your foof.

  • D legler says:

    Terrible service etc and food

  • Rachel Santos says:

    MY birthday coupon was deleted by accident, would sure appreciate a replacement Birthday is December 8

  • MCBRIDE says:

    My Husband and I went for dinner to celebrate promotion- we ordered two entrees,salad, bread sticks two drinks.
    ASTONISHED our bill was $130.00 THE MENU pricing is deceiving and deceptive.
    a price is in bold red number, than says serves 3 etc. We thought we were ordering entrees at $9.00 each
    they were $33 EACH 20ish for salad and 20ish for bread… WILL NEVER EAT HERE AGAIN.
    THE MENU should’ve have been explained by the waiter. Two people paying for dinner of 6+ people makes no sense. Our evening ruined.

  • Barbara Harp says:

    My name is Barbara Harp. We live in Huntington Beach Ca. We receive coupons through email. I received a coupon for 20.00 to use before the end of November. I use All my coupons because we go to Bucca’s 4 times a month. I accidentally deleted my 20.00 off coupon. Could you possibly send me another one. We have reservations for Thanksgiving Day. We could really use the coupon. Thank You Happy Holidays.

  • Cindy R. says:

    In the mail we received a plastic card with 3 coupon offerings. 4 eat for $40.00, Bogo Lunch gift and $20.00 gift toward any $40.00 or more purchase. The coupon list the phone number and the address of 1670 South Pacific Coast Highway.
    The coupon is valid Mon-Fri from 11 am -3 pm. I went to the web site and called the phone number listed and the location doesn’t open till 4 pm… Seems like your marketing team would know the area and the customers they are targeting before wasting the time and money to send out bogus promotions.

  • Deborah Jose says:

    So my elderly mother sister and Ivisited Buca Do Beppo in claremont. It took 30 minutes to bring the drinks which was not even the complaint. The waitress was beyond rude it was ridiculous. We asked to speak to manager who shared the same attitude. For customers that spending well over $100 you would expect better service. We contacted corporate and no response no resolution. It has been over a month.

  • Lori says:

    Went to Buca Di Beppo in Peoria, Arizona and it was the worst Italian food that we have ever had. Very expensive, very greasy. My husband ordered eggplant, it was thick with the skin on it and he had to use a steak knife to cut it. I ordered Shrimp and Pasta Florentine and the shrimp was so small, there was no way it wouldn’t be dried out when cooked. Awful!!!!

  • Sandy Van Vlymen says:

    Went to Buca in Castleton, Indiana today for first time. Didn’t know when we ordered we were ordering a meal for three. Perhaps the waitress could have told us that when she went around to each person individually and asked what we wanted. We ordered enough for an army with only 3 adults and it was expensive.

  • Mary Watson says:

    I went to the buca in westlake ohio this past week and found not one but multiple hairs in my food!!! I think your cooks should.not be able to have facial hair!! It is unsanitary.

  • john doe says:

    we had the worst experiene at the southpark mall strongsville at 16677 southpark center…long wait for apptizer…meal…and 35 mins to get bill and 15 more min.s to make it right. i should never had payed. 3lbs of nooodles finally it was over 2hrs for lunch????OMG kept saying computer was down? 1 waiter 20 some people all sad and unhappy,never again will we go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!terrible

  • Pete Falzarano says:

    We go to Buca in Worthington, Ohio store number 3505 every year to celebrate the New Year. We usually have a party of 14 [7 couples] so we keep our table servers moving 🙂 We had this one server named Ariha who was the most pleasant and wonderful server I think we’ve ever had. She ensured our drinks were refreshed, removed the used dishes and was extremely attentive. What struck me the most was that she not only did this with our table but she had four other tables she had to attend too and as I looked around, she handled the other tables in the same manner. I can hear other customers she served acknowledge her service. Her quality service and great personality certainly earned her a nice tip – you need to clone Ariha.

  • Vashly L Hinton says:

    I went to the Buca di beppo in Greenwood Indiana yesterday with my family. This is the 2nd time in a month. I made a reservation for 7 pm but got there at 630. We waited to be seated and it was 650 when we got our table. There were 2 other families in our section and 1 waiter. 720 comes and no word from ANYONE. No, I’ll be right with you or anything. So I go get a manager, wait for her for 7 more minutes and she comes out and says I’ll find your waiter. Turns out our waiter had been back and forth to our section FIVE times giving the two other families outstanding service and he tells us he didnt notice my 4 children my husband and I sitting there for 30 minutes!!!! So the manager sends a new server and he takes our order, we wait 25 more minutes for our food and it all comes out burnt and disgusting. I order the EXACT SAME thing every time. It was a complete disaster. We left at 830 very dissatisfied.

  • Colleen Crownover says:

    I am sorry to have to report that I will never be going back to the restaurant in Huntington Beach again! We a party of 10 had reservations for our Thanksgiving Dinner @ 6:45 pm and after getting there A Manager of the name “Dennis ” was so very rude!!!!! instead of announcing that they are sorry that they ran our of Turkey and apologizing! HE” DENNIS” Rudely said very loudly We Have no more Turkey ! my son in law said” wow” ! & Dennis then looked at him & said you don’t know the business ! ( yes my son in law happen to have 17 yrs in the business) This Manager could have said anything like we are sorry !( never heard those words) !!! If he had just showed anything but anger we would have stayed but feeling such an uncomfortable situation we left!! as other did too!

  • Gayle katz says:

    Last night I ordered on line to Coral Springs location as I have done before.
    My bill was. 98 dollars and I
    Gave them a e mailed coupon for 15.00 the girl had a problem and called a
    Manager. He went to the register and had a problem as well. Came back to me and told me it was to late and said I could not use it.
    I have been a constant customer for many years and he has no customer service skills. There are some very good restaurants here, guess I will be going there from now on. He has no business interacting with the public.

  • Denise Little says:

    My family went to Buca in Orland Park Illinois for my daughter’s birthday on 9/10/18. we spent 154.00 for 3 people. We had appetizers , drinks and bread before the meal came. When the meal came we were not hungry so we took all of the entire home, chicken parmasian and ziti. The next day I attempted to serve the left over for dinner and all of a sudden pulled a finger nail out of my mouth. I called and spoke with the General Manager Matt who called me a liar and told me to bring all of the food back in so he could see it. I told him that I was physically sick from pulling a finger nail that looked like a toe nail out of my mouth. He told me that it was not possible that something was in the food and that he wanted to see it. I told him that I will email him pictures put I was not going to come back over there. After sending Matt pictures of 4 pans of food, Matt told me he don’t believe that I got all that food in 4 pans. Really Matt! This was my first time at this restaurant and we only came because of the coupon that was mailed out. I can see why you all are sending out coupons now.

    Even I pull the toe nail out of my mouth yesterday, I am still feeling sick today just from the thought of it.

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