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  • Address: Buc-ee's Limited, 327 FM 2004, Lake Jackson, Texas 77566, United States
  • Phone Number: + 1 (979) 238-6390
  • Fax Number: +1- (979) 230-2931
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees:  N/A
  • Established: 1982
  • Founder:  Arch "Beaver" Aplin III and Don Wasek
  • Key People: Mr. Don Wasek

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Mr. Don Wasek


Mr. Arch Aplin III


About Buc-ee's, History and Headquarters Information

Buc-ee's was incorporated by co-founders Don Wasek and Arch "Beaver" Aplin in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1982. It is headquartered in Lake Jackson, Texas.

Buc-ee's is an American company that owns and runs convenience stores and gas stations. All of them are spread in the Central, North, South, and Southeast regions of Texas and Robertsdale, Alabama. The chain is famous among the people of Texas for its very large-format stores and neat and tidy restrooms plus a logo which depicts a beaver. It offers a wide variety of products at its convenience stores such as fuel, cigarettes, tobacco, chips, drinks, and soft drinks. Its travel centers include exterior tunnel car washes, Texas-themed specialty gifts and food, products catering to hunters and river rafters, coffee shop, and a deli. The best part is that they are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

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  • Debra says:

    I have heard many times how good your brisket sandwich’s are so today we went to the Daytona Beach location. Purchased 2 sliced brisket sandwiches. WE were very disappointed! There was so much fat and pieces that were to hard to eat. A mouth full of fat isn’t a good experience especially when cold and then pieces that couldn’t be torn apart let alone bite it with teeth. My husband is from TX and knows how to cook brisket and how to trim fat. He says it’s not difficult! I guess it’s better for your pocket book to sell fat. Will not be going back for food!
    12/5/2023-12:01-tran:40843- 23.00

  • Judi Williams says:

    Hello, would you all be untying building one of your stores in N Utah? Please and thank you.

  • Kenneth Garza says:

    How on the hell you want to sell BBQ, and not have onions available to customer’s. Also now you don’t sell grapes either in the fruit cups . Also you don’t carry pickles for the hamburgers or BBQ sandwiches. What kind of cheap move is that ? The s was at your Baytown location.

  • Edward Holsclaw says:

    I have tried for over 10 days to have someone help me to find out if anyone turned in my wallet that contains all of my pertinent information, bank card, Drivers License, Medical Cards, a Credit Card, and several Gift Cards plus other pertinent information. Could you please have some one to at least check your Fort Valley, Georgia store that us where I used my card last on 11/4/2023. Please advise ASAP. Thank you

  • Stringbean says:

    To whom it may concern I will never spend a dime at your stores, reason is for the discrimation to truckers. Have had too many fellow drivers say they been chased off the lot when just going in to grab food or drinks. Till your policies change towards the drivers that keep this country moving yall ain’t worth my money.

  • Lisa Jolly says:

    My husband Dennis Jolly slipped and fell at the Buc-ee’s in Waller, TX on 11/03/2023 and we have not been contacted that the claim was reported.

  • Justin Bolton says:

    My debt card was used at two of your locations without my authorization I was wondering if you could assist me with trying to find out who used my card.

  • Rita says:

    What time is orientation tomorrow for the Kodak Buc-we’d?

  • Darlene Whidby says:

    I was just wondering if y’all would consider building a Buck ees in Jackson GA? PLEASE

  • Kathy Smith says:

    Yes. I was in your establishment in Leeds, Alabama today where I encountered an older man and his wheelchair bound, paralyzed wife at a quandary as what to do about getting his wife to the restroom…they were literally in the hallway between the men’s and women’s restroom. You see you have no family restrooms in your establishment. This is something that should be taken in serious consideration so that you are serving ALL of your customers….back to today’s situation…I told them that I was a nurse and would gladly take her in restroom for him. But he told me they had a system of how it was done and they used the family restroom which you do not have. This is so important for many travelers….opposite sex parents who have young children who need to use the restroom. And for mentally handicapped, a friend of mine told me today that she will not send her 22 year old son with Down’s syndrome in the men’s bathroom alone. Autistic individuals who get easily overstimulated with crowds such crowded, busy restrooms and loud noises such as the fan dryers. So what did I do today….went marching in that bathroom with the man and his wheelchair bound wife, got them a stall right inside the door. And waited until they were done and walked back out with them to make sure no one said anything to this sweet couple who just needed some help.

  • Samantha Spitzer says:

    September 24, 2023

    Dear Buc-ee’s,

    The shiny perfection of your establishment has dulled to a lack-luster failure.

    Last week, my teenage daughter and I left the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia for a 7-hour road trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a volleyball tournament. Even though we weren’t able to leave until later in the afternoon, we made good time and predicted that we would arrive to our hotel before midnight.

    Less than 4 miles before the Sevierville exit off of Route 40, I heard a ding, looked down, and saw the temperature gauge on H. The thermometer icon came on, and I immediately turned on the heater to help pull the heat out of the engine in hopes that we could make it off the interstate. I immediately thought, “If I can just make it to Buc-ee’s…”

    Turning the heater on worked, as I watched the temperature gauge slide back down, but still turned on the hazard lights and took it easy for those last miles. About a half of a mile before the exit, I watched in dismay as the temperature gauge popped right back up on H, then immediately fell to C. The thermometer icon turned into a lightning bolt and the check engine light came on. Now, I don’t know anything about vehicles, but I knew that I had just killed the van.

    At the same time, all this was happening, my brand-new phone died.

    It’s now just a little after 11 p.m. Miraculously, I was able to pull into the front row at Buc-ee’s and I took my phone and charger into store. I was greeted by about a half a dozen Buc-ee employees and picked the one who didn’t have a customer and said,
    “I have an emergency. My van is broken down. May I plug my phone charger in so that I can make a phone call?”
    She replied,

    In my frazzled state, I thought I was hearing things, so I once again tried to explain,
    “Is there a plug in on a wall somewhere where I can plug my phone in. It just died and I am traveling with my daughter and need to call for help.”
    Again, the reply was,
    “I’m sorry, we don’t allow anyone to use any outlets in our store and no employees have their phones either. We do, however, have a charged phone charger here on the rack that you can purchase to charge your phone.”

    Trying to gather my thoughts and not panic, I decided to walk around the store, go to the rest room, (where I saw outlets with the little plastic inserts on them) and made my way to the other side of the store, where I, once again, asked an employee there was anyone who could help me.
    Again, the answer was, “No.”

    Twenty minutes have gone by, I’ve now talked to several employees including managers, and the only thing they continued to do was lead me to the phone charger. So, $18+ later, I purchased said phone charger only for it NOT to work on my brand-new phone. They returned the money to me.

    At this point, it is now about midnight. I was preparing to leave Buc-ee’s on foot, walk down the lane and try to find another establishment that would allow me to plug in my phone so that I could try to reach someone. (Remember, we were there for a volleyball tournament, so a few other families I knew were in the area. I just needed to try to find them.)

    I’m going to stop my story right there for a moment. Let’s recap:

    I was a lone female traveler. Yes, my daughter was with me, and even though she just received her learner’s permit, I was not allowing her to drive at this time.
    It’s midnight.
    I have car trouble and a phone that isn’t working properly.

    If you are reading this and you were in my situation, what would you do?
    If you are reading this and you were a person KNOWING that I’m in this predicament, what would you do?

    Apparently, I know the answer of the Buc-ee’s Corporation.

    I am beyond baffled, disappointed, outraged, perplexed, and saddened by the response of Buc-ee’s employees. I realize they are just repeating what they’ve been told to do, but the simple fact is. They were wrong.

    I am imploring the Buc-ee’s Corporation to MAKE A CHANGE in their POLICY.
    Begin, by placing an emergency phone charging device in your stores.
    This is the VERY LEAST that you can do.
    Second, teach your managers to use COMMON SENSE. They saw my situation. They saw me trying to keep it together and not start crying. They saw me beginning to shake as I realized my options were narrowing.
    One of them could have EASILY plugged in my phone for a few minutes.

    Please, if you read this and agree with the seriousness of this situation, please change this policy. It’s time that Bu-cee’s fixes this so no one else has to go through this ordeal.

  • David Bardwell says:

    You should allow trucks and truckers into your locations. It’s not right that the hard working drivers are not permitted in your location.

  • Melody Kim Scheller says:

    Buc ee”s needs to provide electric scooters for their handicapped customers like walmart ect do !! I cannot shop there because of that !!

  • Patrick says:

    I possibly lost my wallet at your St Augustine FL location. But I have No way to contact the store to ask if it was turned in. This is a horrible customer service practice. Please don’t make your business not peoples friendly.

  • Debra Auclair says:

    A week ago today my husband and I were traveling with our RV and towing a golf cart. We pulled in to get gas and found the truck in front of us with no one it. After waiting for awhile my husband had to back up the RV and towing. Fortunately a gentleman that works for you assisted him in backing up and going to another gas pump. I went in to make a complaint, on my way in I counted 12 car parked at the pumps with no one in them. And was only the first half of all the pumps. I urge you to consider adding sign to begin with and anything else as well to correct this issue.

  • L B says:

    It is ridiculous that you all have no way for customers to contact you all. The manager in Leeds, Alabama are racists and check out receipt every weekend when we go buy ice for our shaved ice truck. We buy it EVERY weekend and he comes stand in the door to watches us. then asks for our feint for a dollar bag of ice! Meanwhile white guys before me loaded about 10 plus bags of deer feeder and the manager was no where to be found. But he pops out when we come. I’m contacting my attorney Monday morning so they can contact them to pull their tapes. Also, this is ridiculous that there is no way to contact anyone. But I’ll have my attorney contact you all. I’m also contacting the local news outlets as well as influencers. You will hear from me!

  • Whitney says:

    How is that you are from Texas and built the biggest Buccees in Tennessee? Man, this is Texas, where everything is bigger and better. Please build your largest one in Texas so I do not have to hear about it from my friends in TN and FL. lol. Who, by the way, hit your stores every chance they get since coming to visit me.

  • Ed Robeson says:

    Why don’t you allow semi trucks on your properties when semi trucks deliver your gas and all your products…do you have something against truck drivers spending their money at your establishment??

  • J. Howard says:


    No trucks allowed but everything they have is store came from trucks, gas, food, merchandise. No notice to truck drivers before they get here. Change this discrimination now! Shame on manager for not honoring his word for nuggets.

  • Howard says:

    Do you have the contact info for the store fixture/Equipment Buyer

  • Daniel says:

    Buc-ee’s I am wondering why you all don’t have an email address, how can I get in contact with the person in charge of donations?

  • Carla Chaplin says:

    I’m trying real hard to get a job or career from buc-ee’s please contact me 817-707-7547 or 817 8011227. I live buc-ee’s the location is fort worth I’ve went 3 times about my appreciation please check my application my email is carlachaplin14@yahoo.com. thanks

    • Carla chaplin says:

      Hi hr or cooperate I’ve been three times to see what’s going on with my application. Please give me a chance to work at your stores 🙏 817-707-7547 or 817 801-1227.please contact me thanks

  • Edward Johnson says:

    Hey Buc-ee’s you really need to come out west to Utah don’t you realize that I-80 and I-15 intersect at Salt Lake City thousands of travelers pass through everyday your missing a goldmine here. Besides I really want to go to one someday 🤪

  • Randy Pewthers says:

    I will NEVER get coffee from any of your locations until you bring International Delight creamers back. The creamers you have now are absolutely horrible. I’m telling everybody I can too. All your corner store is good for now is cheap ice. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. I can promise that. Keep looking at your coffee sales fall until you do.

  • Jason Vigo says:

    Do get me wrong. I LOVE BUCEES But the last brisket sandwich I ordered had 2 slabs of gristle instead of meat. Everyone I saw cut looked good. When I got to my car to take a big mouthwatering bite, all I got was a mouthful of gooey lard. As a regular customer I would estimate this phenomenon afflicts 1 out of 100 sandwiches. I try to select carefully but it seems I have laser precision for picking the bad ones.

    • Suzanne Schiltz says:

      Jason, yesterday I got a bait and switch on a pound of brisket. It was not the just chopped brisket on the cutting table. I saw her spoon some meat out of a bin. What I received was tiny pieces of fat and gristle with a little meat! I paid $25 for inferior brisket. Infuriating! I was a new customer—now I’m a never again customer! Suzanne Schiltz, Liberty Hill TX

  • Ann Marie Piccini says:

    I realize the name comes from a nickname but I love beavers. I have them on my farm. Love them so much I have a tattoo of a beaver. Do you sell tee shirts. I would love to order a tee shirt in a 2 xl. Thank you for your time.

  • Gerard Hill says:

    Who is the point of contact regarding real estate?

  • Linda says:

    I was overcharged while visiting one of you stores. It’s very hard to contact your establishment with out registration. Sorry way to do business. Phone number on your receipt is worthless.

    • Jason Vigo says:

      I agree. I went back to complain about a lard sandwich and the manager looked at me like I was an alien 👽

    • MANDIE says:

      Do you have a good number.. Same thing has happen to me.

    • L B says:

      Exactly! This is ridiculous. The manager in Leeds, Alabama are racists and check out receipt every weekend when we go buy ice for our shaved ice truck. We buy it EVERY weekend and he comes stand in the door to watch us. Meanwhile white guys before me loaded about 10 plus bags of deer feeder. I’m contacting my attorney Monday morning so they can contact them to pull their tapes. This is ridiculous that there is no way to contact anyone.

  • Saul Hernández says:

    En la temporada navideña compré una veladora de $28 que decía que olía al prenderla la prendí cinco minutos 10 minutos y nunca olió quise venir hablar con el manager de una tienda y simple me dijo el que no me la podía cambiar mi teléfono es 979-231-1572 gracias

  • Saul Hernández says:

    Buenas tardes quisiera preguntar que en un Bukis compré una veladora navideña pero al prenderla no huele nada quise ir a regresarlo y no me aceptaron el crédito necesito hablar con un representante mi teléfono es 979-231-1572

  • Dan says:

    I’m glad to see the expansion of the Fort Worth Buc’ees. It’s supposed to be a large car wash. It would be nice if it will accomodate Dually trucks!!! There is only 1 company in DFW that is has one!
    By the way….. I love Buc’ees!!!!!

  • Ernie Bellinger says:

    Why doesn’t buc ee like truck drivers on their property seems to it would make more sense to allow truckers to stop and buy merchandise from your store and spend money there you could double you’re profit margin buy letting trucks to stop for a couple of hours limit of stay and no over night parking

  • Linda says:

    We here down the shore Manchester NJ would love for you to consider opening a store here!!! Thank you Linda

  • Tish Burklund says:

    Hi there I’d like to share a video with y’all my son participated in grand national band event and was wearing a Bucky’s outfit and he was interviewed and did a great job representing Bucees and I just wanted to share it with y’all. Is there an email address that I can send the clip to?

  • Sam says:

    My name is Sam I was at your store in Robertsdale Alabama this morning my purchase was 25 to 26 dollars and $35.00 in gas and for some reason I have a charge for $350.00 . I need this resolved ASAP I’m on a trip and need gas and I have no way of being able to proceed from this gas station. My number 850-384-0628 I am in Mississippi trying to get back home for work Monday morning

  • Karen Durbin says:

    We just left Buc’ees in Calhoun, GA.
    This soy stuff is horrible. I threw out an X-Large…….Did anyone pre-taste this stuff??? Yuck!!

  • Williams says:

    How do I send a email to Buc-res main office?

  • Frank bates says:

    Travel back from Florida to North Georgia would like permission to land my helicopter at your buckeyes and Warner Robins can land on grass or concrete wherever you want me to if you would like not to give me permission but don’t care if I do it don’t answer this email

  • Eric says:

    So tonight at buc-ee’s in Cypress Texas I was getting gas and it went all over me all over my car all over the ground because the safety latch on the gasoline it failed and the two employees came out and told my I couldn’t start my car and that they had to push me well while they’re pushing my car. They broke my spoiler off my car and no manager at night time this is ridiculous for not having a manager on site .

  • K says:

    Your coffee creamer tastes like S***. Get a name brand. I’ll not be going to buccees again.

  • Andrea says:

    I have emailed three time for help and still no response. Why, can’t your company reply back to your customers

  • Brett Provost says:

    Would you be interested in a Colorado location that is surrounded by rafting companies zip lines and the Royal gorge bridge, which has over 1 million tourists every year?

  • John McCurley says:

    I have a health and safety concern after purchasing mispackaged items. The product inside the package is different from what the label says it is. I have tried contacting Buc-ees multiple times with no response. I may have to contact a lawyer next. this is ridiculous that they do not care much about their customers.

  • JD Donahoe says:

    We need one in Ocala Florida and Gainesville Florida

  • Donnie says:

    We love the facilities and make priority to stop when traveling. We stopped at the Fort Worth/Texas motor speed way location to get fuel and a good cup of coffee. This time you no longer have international delight or coffee mate creams. Everything was no name or quarts of milk.
    For coffee drinkers, good cream is the difference between good and bad coffee. The coffee was nasty!
    Please reconsider and provide good cream even if it’s a matter of increasing the price. Again, it’s about good coffee.

  • Julie says:

    I purchased 3 bags of pecans and they are so hard you cannot break them apart to even eat them. Part of the bag is even stuck to them. When I call the phone number for the store it says that the number has restrictions and can’t be connected. By the time we realized that they were like this we were already quite a ways away from the store. I would think that they would care enough about their customers to at least sell products that can be eaten, especially for what the pecans cost. At the end of this survey it tells me to verify my email address with an email that was supposably sent to me. I have not received an email, the email that I typed in was correct.

  • Theopolis Gresham says:

    I have been trying to contact someone at Buc-ee’s since Saturday October 15, 2022. A forklift driver hit my truck while loading a grill I purchased from the New Braunfels store #22. I filled out the online information twice as suggested by Martin Loya, Asst Manager. Mr. Loya said Buc-ee’s will file a claim and contact me. I have not been contacted by anyone at Buc-ee’s! This is unacceptable!!!!! Theo Gresham 210-787-7192

  • Warren wagner says:

    Finally a gas station convenient for someone pulling a camper. Great large everything- bathroom stalls, many, many pumps , bright open space in the store and friendly staff

  • Theopolis Gresham says:

    I have been trying to contact Buc-ee’s store #22 in New Braunfels, TX to file a claim. A forklift driver employed by Buc-ee’s hit the rear driverside corner of my truck on Oct 15, 2022. Martin Loya, Assistant Manager gave me a card to fill out the online information which I did twice! He informed me I would be contacted by Buc-ee’s and I have yet to be contacted. This is getting to be very frustrating!!!

  • Adam says:

    bucees Daytona Beach, FL north louisville,ky october 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 back 3 orlando florida
    road one meet james off work see paper No company Work name tag new clean no name pick up office Adam

  • Peter says:

    I never seen such poor customer service. I brought family from out of town to try the famous bucees until we had poor service from a food server named Wil and as a team leader was trested with no respect all I asked was for a brisket without sauce and he shook his head at me made us wait for the brisket sandwich over 15min then ask for a bag cause I wanted to purchase more and he shook his head again and stared me down like I was not a customer. I would think bucees would train there employees with respect and humble. The rest of the employees were excellent but with the food service team leader Wil should not be a leader with that type of attitude which will loose customer service. Store location 40900 store 18 in houston.

  • Carla williams says:

    I need to speak with an employee at stores including and Gonzales. I have lost my wallet.

  • Mike says:

    I have been trying to get information about a job fair happening in Decatur, Alabama for the store opening in Athens, Alabama. It says you must fill out application and receive a invitation. I have done all and have not received an invitation

  • Loretta says:

    I’m so mad that I cannot call store need to call so aggravating

  • Jamie says:

    Hi I used to work for y’all at the Ennis location I left this year at the Beginning of the year so to issues there I’m just wanting to get my Food handlers Licenses from y’all for my new job so I don’t have to pay $50 for something I already have

  • Pam says:

    We usually visit Buc-ees twice a month. We pick up the Jalapeño Cheddar puffs in bulk. Why is it not on the shelves?
    Yes we are saving $100 a month, but we’d really like to see them offered again!
    FYI- we live in another state.

  • chuck rummler says:

    I’m a fan!… I have had a long list of likes with your operation as i was first introduced a few years ago. Being from the North, I REALLY appreciate the levels of products and services offered, and I totally get it; lure the customer in with cheap gas and watch as they buy a hundred dollars of stuff they weren’t planning to buy. What a great business model. The restrooms, soda fountains , beef jerky bar and brisket sandwiches are TOP SHELF – the whole experience is top shelf, and I have enjoyed MANY times going out of my way to load up. As far as I can tell, you don’t have a competitor. That said, I am just writing to let you know that while I understand that the fundamental business axioms, (- that a business exists primarily to make profit for its owners and shareholders, and – the price of products will rise to the level that the market will keep accepting them) I am pulling back from making my much anticipated added purchases. I have seen your brisket sandwiches price increased to an intolerable level for my sensibilities; (5.99 for a breakfast brisket taco – not for me), I have seen your fruit cups have increased by 1 to 2 dollars a have seen the fire pits increased by 100-150 dollars. It’s very telling to me that you are totally leveraging your success and popularity. Congratulations!!!….I wish I could be a shareholder, but for now I’m backing away from everything BUT your cheap gas and coffee/sodas. Again, congratulations and try not to take it to offense. Kind regards, Chuck

  • Briana b says:

    Hello my name is Briana b. I used to work at store #24 in eagle lake. As of 09/02 I do not work there anymore bc I was wrongfully fired because I come to work “unmotivated”, “I don’t greet people as they walk in the door” as store manager said.Since the beginning I feel like she was racially profiling me.Every time I would speak to her she would look at me in disgust like she didn’t want me to be there.but to other people she would have different type of attitude. On 08/30 I ripped my pants open and I told showed her the rip and she said “it company policy that if you leave you can’t come back” which I understood but she didn’t give me any other option at all to pick from. On 08/31 I worked the 6am-2pm shift I walked in and did everything I was supposed to do & she came to my register and told me that I was greeting people as the walkin which I was. So the after that she brung a cart to my area and shoved it at me like she was trying to hit me with it. Her words where “there you go my friend”. To me that was very insulting for her to say to me. I just want her to be held accountable for the things she had done to me.

  • Rich says:

    Are you planning a new buc-ees in Gainesville Georgia ?

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    The HR woman at the Warner Robins Ga. Location needs to be replaced. She is the rudest person and no one is going to want to work here as long as that’s the first dealings of management they have to encounter. It’s called HUMAN RESOURCES for a reason. We’ll treat people like HUMAN BEINGS!

  • Rob says:

    I was very angry with the manager at the Adairsville GA location. It was my first time there. My wife and I purchased a couple of sliced brisket sandwiches. We were sitting out front eating them when I noticed an elderly lady trying to get her car started. The only person around that was helping had to back his truck over the curb to get close enough to cover get a jump. The manager made him stop helping her because he backed into the curb. Told him he had to move. He can’t park like that. I told him he isn’t parked. He is rendering assistance to that lady. He didn’t care. He wouldn’t let him help her. He didn’t care that that she was stranded. This took place at 4:05 pm ish. On the same date as this comment. What he should have done was whatever it to to exposure the helping of the elderly lady so the man could move his truck back into the parking spot like it belongs. Instead he continued to tell me he didn’t care. Told him he was an ass hole and that he ruined what I had been told about your travel center. At this point in time unless the higher ups in corporate can rectify this. I plan on spreading this like wild fire. I am in the top 10 percent of all reviewers on Google. And a lot of people will read any review I post. I was disgusted with the respond of this manager and will not be returning. That’s a shame. I was planning on spending a lot of money in there. You see… It’s my anniversary and my wife saw a lot of things she wanted. Including the jerky.

  • Tina says:

    One of our favourite shops ever. However I have a complaint. I have lived in Brazoria for over 15 years. When you closed the smaller location it made it a huge chore and extra time on the road. That store was always busy and I can’t understand why you would close a very busy store? Can you please reconsider reopening that location?

  • Kayla Wyatt says:

    My children have loved making our stops here with every single trip, but last night in Crossville Tennessee your employees were absolutely rude when they made the mistake of not putting for coffee mugs into our bags I spent $276 at your store. But they don’t know where the four coffee mugs went but they didn’t put in my bags. That is absolute crazy money that is lost on your employees mistake. I truly hate that this is happened but I also think it’s terrible on your part did not have any form of contract of communication when things like this go wrong. Your Crossville Tennessee location is absolute crap and it makes it terrible Because my children and I loved this place until last night. Have fun stealing from people because you’re Karma will come

  • Chris Cunningham says:

    When planning for the Buc-ees in Sevierville, TN, please, please, please plan for some picnic tables for customers to enjoy their delicious Buc-ees’s sandwiches and treats as they rest from their travels!😊

  • Linda says:

    I went to Bucees on 8/12/2022. For me not to get charged an overdraft in my account I did not pay at the pump. I want inside and paid for my gas which was $25. Almost instantly my whole account was negative I had $86 in my account $25 of it I was gonna pay on gas today account is still -$25. I went inside to pay for my gas and I’m guessing the cashier ran my card credit. Please I need this fixed or I’m going to have to pay a huge amount of overdraft fees.

  • Arval h Wooten says:

    fantastic nothingmore need be said

  • John wad says:

    Terrible attitudes by employees, never have the beef brisket sandwich and the management also have serious attitudes! I will never revisit again!

  • Mrs.Moore says:

    We need a Buc-ee’s in Carthage Ms please. I have a crew that would run it.

  • Billy Robbins says:

    Idea for billboard: Don’t Drink and Drive. Eat Fudge Instead.

  • Dell Avery says:

    Will you please open a store on I-59- I69 corridor? From Houston to Lufkin, TX there is nothing. I travel that East Texas area going to Louisiana and there nothing like a Buc ee’s. Please add some taste to the I-59 corridor.

  • John Lockridge says:

    On 07/17/2022 at 18:55:22 I was at pump #48 to get def fluid and diesel gas, as I usually do once a week at least for diesel gas. I removed a clear bag that looked like an ice bag from the def pump to begin pumping gas, when immediately def fluid began to spill everywhere. My wife ran into the store to have them shut off the pump as I began attempting to call or shut off the pump, looking for an emergency shut off of some kind. The store attendant came out and attempted to assist with shutting off the pump and eventually they got it shut off the charge to the pump was $112.19. We asked the attendant if they would refund the money since there was a pump failure? The attendant stated they would review the view and meet us in the store, we figured that was no problem and so we went ahead and moved over to another pump and filled with def fluid and diesel. We noticed that they were cleaning up the spill and began to put caution tap over the pump and placed it out of service. Once we were done, we went into the store to meet with the attendant, the attendant and another lady were at the register and informed us that we would not be refunded because I removed the clear bag off the pump and that this is what they use to show customers that it’s not in use. I stated to the associate that most pumps have a yellow bag over the pump that state Out Of Service and that I had no clear that the def fluid not in service with a clear bag. She insisted that there would be no refund. I was disappointed in the response and walked out of the store frustrated that my safety and the safety of others who would experience this issue going forward if the pumps that had failure weren’t supplied with clear visuals to indicate the pump was out of service but even more disappointed that the buc-ee’s representatives didn’t find any fault in the problem. Can someone from corporate please contact me via email or cell phone to discuss further? I have used the contacts tab for both the corporate site and the local site to file the complaint.

  • Theresa Dickson says:

    i am very disappointed that you guys discontinued your jalapeño cheddar kolaches. they were delicious and so much better than the larger ones. we made a special trip to bucees Every two weeks just to pick up those kolaches because my husband was. Guess we’ll have to find another place to go.

  • Omar visoso says:

    There should be a buc-ee’s on 288 and 610 with a massive car wash there is so much traffic in that area or around that area even Almeda road by the beltway in Harris county Texas Houston that is

  • Jeannine Terry says:

    I’m curious to know why I had a job lined up in Jan with the Buc-ee’s in Temple Texas (Heather couldn’t wait to hire Me) and then I got denied as soon as She found out I had a small pineapple tattoo on my right hand and quickly rescinded the job offer. I was devastated because I’m a HUGE fan of Buc-ee’s!!!! Then My Husband and I were traveling through Tennessee this week and came upon the NEW Crossville Tennessee Grand Opening and noticed one of Your Cashier’s wearing a glove on one hand and a sleeve on the other covering her tattoos. I have an exemplary work history (Staples DC 12 1/2 yrs & Coca Cola 12 1/2 years) yet I wasn’t given the chance to work for Buc-ee’s part time. What a discrimination. I’m saddened. It actually made Me become hesitant looking for employment here in Texas.

  • Beatrice Ramirez says:

    Hi my name is Beatrice Ramirez I have a case pending about an accident at your store but I need the servalance camera to go forward I would appreciate it you could help me get it. The store location is at Fort Worth texas off of 114 and 35 the town is called Northlake texas if you can call me at 940 5144711 thanks

  • Vicki L Marine says:

    Please open a Bucky’s in Dayton Ohio!

  • George M De Jesus says:

    I don’t know if y’all going to be able to help but I was at the store at Baytown about 3:30 this afternoon and I was in the restroom and I dropped about $440 in in the back in the bathroom and there was a cleaning person there so I don’t know if he was able to get it and maybe turn it in I tried to call the store but there’s no direct number to it so I’m stuck if they found it and it is returned to me I really would appreciate it thank you very much

    • Buck tooth says:

      Ah………sorry George I already spent all your money. Can you drop off some more this weekend? I’ll be there between 9am to 3pm.

  • Lots Gray says:

    I purchased a air conditioner cooler for the temple store one of the salesman put the product in my car he removed it from the box I advised him I was on my way to take this to San Antonio it did not work Like the advertisement said on the box I tried to take it back to the location in new braunfels location I was accused of damaging the product from Europe assistant manager Glen Smith I advised Mr. Smith that a representative of your company place this product in my car so I did not damage it I did not place it in my vehicle he continuously accuse me of damaging the product and refused to refund me my money. I had my receipt I only had the product for two days I’ve never been treated so disrespectfully and being accused of trying to defraud your company I will never shop there again very very unhappy the way it turned out and I still have not received any feedback calls or anything from your company this is very poor customer service that your company has provided

  • Doc says:

    Yesterday, at the Leeds store the team lead, Susan refused to give me a refund for a bad salad. She also told me there was no one else to talk to and that I could look your number up Online. I tried to do that and the number I called is for the store “at home.”

    After over 30 minutes and finally dealing with Lori the assistance store manager, who was also not kind to me, she begrudgingly refunded my money and applied it to the brisket sandwich and nuts I purchased instead. She verified that Susan lied when she said I ate half the salad.

    Sadly, I could tell it was because I am a black woman. When Susan lied and said I ate half the salad, she had refused to give me my money back without even looking at the salad. Please check your videos. You can see me going through every single salad turning them over, trying to find one that didn’t have mushy leaves at the bottom.

    As I said to her, what person who can afford to drive cross country (twice in one month) at over four dollars a gallon comes into a store and tries to get a free salad! She insulted me and neither Lori the manager kind to me.

    They should not be in leadership positions. They give a great place like Buc-cee’s a bad reputation. 30 minutes to return $5.00 a bad salad. Ridiculous!!

  • Blanca says:

    Question. Is there a policy that customer must have shoes to purchase. My son is three I have trouble keep him with shoes because his wide feet. Nothing is posted in the door and the employee single me out as well as the manager. I felt discriminated.

    • Buck tooth says:

      Blanca, it’s not our fault that you have wide, fat feet. Eat some salad, without the whole bottle of dressing next time.

  • Stephanie Miller says:

    Bought a buc-ees mug and it leaks. Brought it back the next day and no compensation. No exchange nothing! Don’t buy their merchandise. If it fails they refuse to give your money back and or to replace it! So fucking pissed! And I ask for a corporate phone number and get this bullshit!

  • Monica Johnson says:

    After several charges and credits for gas on Feb 26, I was charged twice for gas 2 weeks apart from each other. I only was there one time. I can not reach anyone to correct. My bank says it’s on their end. This is in Daytona Beach FL. They have not responded to emails and phone numbers are wrong

    • Doc says:

      Sorry, to hear about all the problems, but glad it was not just me. This is the sad part about companies to get this big. When you have a complaint they make it so that you can’t even contact them. There needs to be a law the companies decide have a responsibility to have a customer service number where you can actually speak to someone.

  • Patricia Roper says:

    Applied for job with your company. Would like to know when hiring process will begin for Crossville Tn. Thank you for your time.

  • Gabrielle Smith says:

    Stopped at bucees in Fort Valley the cashier josie pulled up my pump and still put my gas on the wrong pump. The assistant manager Robert was extremely rude and unhelpful. He lacked customer service, empathy and patience. This was by far my worse bucees experience. i’m out of $40 in gas

  • Orlando Rucci says:

    Poblema con bomba de gasolina siempre dan Poblema a mi me pasó y luego me cobraron por la gasolina que nunca pude obstenela ya que la bomba de CV la gasolina nunca recibir y me la cobraron como quiera

  • Clay Smith says:

    Driving tour buses for 44 years. I don’t care what restaurant or truck stop do we stop at, they always give the driver the free drink. Either coffee or a fountain drink. We just stopped in buc-ee’s and Calhoun Georgia, I was informed that they do not give the driver anything. No drink no ice no cup no coffee. This is my last stop at buc-ee’s.

    • Danny Flora says:

      Certainly a terrible policy and business decision for sure, definable should be reconsidered by Beaver and Mr. Wasek. Not a 18 wheeler but loaded with well paying passengers (40-50) and all for simply fueling the driver that may as well purchase a lot fuel but certainly a bunch of good customers all for a Cup of coffee. 🤔🤔🎂

    • Doc says:

      I don’t blame you. That’s ridiculous on their part. You are bringing them $1,000 worth of business and they do not say thank you. Maybe it not as nice of a place as I thought it was.

    • Buck tooth says:

      They can’t give out free drinks to everyone Clay. How are they going to make money? Don’t be so cheap and shell out the $1.50 for a cup of coffee.

  • Victoria C. says:

    Hello I went to the Daytona location yesterday and the temp posted my transaction for $125 i had only put in $40. The temp transaction never came off. So I was charged $125 plus the actual $40. Cash app says Buccees has to do it. Thanks Buccees for ripping me off. I’m out $125.

    • Rose Rodriguez says:

      My daughter had the exact same problem at the Daytona Beach location. I spoke with the assistant manager face to face, because none of 3 emails written were ever answered, I had to go back into the store. Buc-ees blame it on cash app and cash app blamed it on Buc-ees. My teenage daughter was out whole part-time paycheck, because this happened.

  • Carol A Forcelle says:

    How about a Buc-ees in Corpus Christi? We stopped at a Buc-ees traveling in TX and they had the best muffins I’ve ever had! Need a store in Corpus now!

  • James says:

    They’re letting certain semi trucks get fuel at Waller location but not others! They must only be letting people they know or friends with semi trucks get fuel but not others! I see semi trucks in there every day getting fuel but they wouldn’t let me. And I don’t have truck and trailer. Just truck just like the people they let get fuel

  • Frank Morris says:

    Excited to hear y’all are opening another store in Texas. We travel a lot from San Antonio to Atlanta.
    Even though you have handicap accessible bathrooms. My wife is unable to use them on her own.
    Love your stores and getting fuel,
    Could Beaver please put in some “FAMILY BATHROOMS”
    She needs my assistance and that unavailable at your stores.

    That would make our trips easier and better. Thanks

  • Maggie Aburumman says:

    The best place my favorite, it’s our stop when we come to Texas , very nice and clean

  • Maggie Aburumman says:

    The best my favorite

  • Rhonda says:

    I have a huge unmet need of a newly constructed site. The problem there is no housing for any new hires you need. Plan accordingly. People are homeless in Sevierville, TN and working. The business climate for human decency is gone. The government does not stop to inform companies of these issues in Sevier County. There are too many jobs here now that can’t be filled. Hundreds approaching 1000 in need of positions for hire exsist because of no housing. Dolly Wood is increasing by 500 with no available housing to fill the need today. Please tell every company to supply housing or they will not have employees like most don’t have around here already.

  • Stacey Squire says:

    I have a problem with a Tshirt I purchased when I visited your store in Texas. I live in Utah. I have emailed, but not heard back. I am not sure what to do.

  • Vanessa Hudson says:

    Dear Sir or Madam:
    I hope all is well.
    I am still on cloud nine from visiting Buc-ee’s in Leeds, Alabama traveling from Atlanta, Georgia. What an amazing organized store and atmosphere!! And the signage is top notch! I was in awww… with wanting to buy everything you had to offer! My spouse and I purchased the BBQ brisket sandwiches and they were yummy! The only thing missing were the dill pickles. I was looking for some chocolate covered walnuts which was not available so I purchased the chocolate covered walnuts which were delicious! I am
    looking forward to stopping at Buc- ee’s again! Keep up the good work and what an awesome idea for travelers!

  • Joe says:

    All I was trying to do was find out if you sell kerosene at the pump but my goodness you’ll like the lords of the rings you can’t get in touch with you kind of turns me right off

  • Vicki says:

    2nd message
    I left my purse in the Katy TX store

  • Lisa O`Connor says:

    Good morning i was at Buc-ee`s in Denton Tx. this morning getting gas and when i went to pay for my gas i couldn`t remember which pump it was . So i told the guy it was 15 i thought it was the cameras was not working at the time . When i got back to my car i realized i was on 10 went back in and the guy stopped the pump on 15 someone took $10.00 and the manager said the only thing they could do is put the remaining balance on the back on gift card and it is not on their . i could not believe they would treat customer like that. they took $25.00 from me. …….. I hope and pray someone cares…

  • Frank Ehrhorn says:

    I had this idea today as I pulled into the Buc ee’s in Fort Worth. If you’re lucky stores all had a buckyball drop on New Year’s Eve included some fireworks adage location fire codes pending I think that it would become a thing. The T-shirts alone would be worth going to the event. Please let me know what happens with this idea.
    Frank Ehrhorn Krum,Texas 940300-5436 ehrhornz@yahoo.com

  • Beth says:

    Have emailed multiple times as the website instructs. Need to speak with someone regarding a lost item at one of the stores. Only business I have ever come across that has NO contact number!!!!!

    • JOEL FERGUSON says:

      Correct. They are terrible. and just don’t care about anyone. I lost my wallet at Melissa , TX location yesterday and can’t even get a call back. 757-593-2244

  • angella escareno says:

    Need to speak to someone in corporate office re Accident. Recordings don’t help

  • Kenya Cabell says:

    I visited my first Buc-ees while driving cross country. I must say I fell in love. I wish we had one in NC. I was looking at your future locations and was saddened that you pulled out of Orange county. Maybe that county isn’t ready for you but I am. Please don’t give up on us. Some of them are just bougie and don’t know what goodness is.

  • Pat Stewart says:

    I bought a Columbia vest in Bastrop Texas yesterday and when I got home which is 3 1/2 hrs away -I discovered a hole in the garment.What is your policy on this?

  • Nicole Maris says:

    Good Morning
    I am a Big Buc ee’s fan! I would love to order items OnLine. BUT, I am being told we cannot! In today’s world, on line is the new world!
    Amazing idea, try doing it during this holidays!! What a way to increase your Holiday Sales!
    Let’s do this Buc ee’s, make those holiday numbers rock!! 😉
    Your supporter
    Poth Texas 🥰

  • Roosevelt McKnight says:

    Is there any way to exchange a shirt wrong size, I am over 14 hours away from the store that it was purchased from! So that is not an option!

  • angella escareno says:

    Had an accident in September 2021 and they took a report said they would contact me and to this day No One has made contact and I have serious injuries. Don’t know why they can’t take time to reach out and see if all is ok.

  • Tabitha Hogg says:


    My niece came to visit Fl on leave from Germany (Air force) and I took her to your Daytona location because she had never been and she purchased a small cow print cup to take back with her, she got back to Ga to her moms and tried to use it but the lid is leaking and doesn’t stay on right. Is there anyway for yall to replace it for her without having to go to a store as there isn’t one close to her in Ga?..

  • Beverly Rumley Stallings says:

    My name is Beverly Stallings, I am writing because we need a Buc-ee’s close to Chattanooga Tn.
    My family has 20 acres with sewage and water on the interstate 59 and 24 at the split.
    Interstate 59 goes toward Birmingham Al.
    and Interstate 24 goes toward Nashville Tn.
    This land is 10 minutes from Chattanooga Tn.
    and is in Dade County, Ga.
    Our family loves Buc-ee’s so much,
    we would love for you to come to our county. I hope you can find time to visit our area and look at this location.
    I don’t think you will be disappointed.
    Beverly Stallings
    659 Deer Head Cove Rd.
    Rising Fawn, Ga. 30738
    423 605-2199

  • David Kane says:

    Think I will just file a BBB complaint. Bukees sounds like taco cabana…BBB shows a grade of “F” for every taco cabana. Maybe same owner. Good riddance bukees.

  • David Kane says:

    I read online that your company does not respond to complaints.
    here’s one to try for a response. Regular customer. Went at midnight to my regular store on the way home from work, in uniform. Your night manager in Pearland was rude and disrespectful. Two employees were working that night. My cc has the sale. Cameras recorded me not even saying anything just turning around and walking out.

  • leslie grimes says:

    Please bring a Buc-ee’s to Arkansas…..I just love this store and it’s so far to drive to the closest one.

  • Diane Johle says:

    I am from Taylor,Tx and feel like we really need a Bucees in this area maybe off Toll Road 130 between Pflugerville,Hutto,&Taylor are all really growing.I have a couple places I saw for sell.

  • Dawn Fobbs, katy, Texas says:

    We love Buc-ees so much we made it a part of our Youtube show as a field trip on the Mother Daughter IISH podcast! We love this place and love getting snacks weekly and my swimsuit makes me feel amazing every single time.

  • Josephine Mcdaniels says:

    Really need one in Cullman Alabama

  • Lydia L Martinez says:

    I spend lots of money at Bucees in Ft Worth. Today I experience a bad customer service she was very rude her name is Stacy Lee. She needs to get her customer service training again. I rather wait in long lines then having her ring my stuff up. Hopefully you take care of this or you’ll lose alot of customers.

  • Sonny serna says:

    The people from Bryan College Station Texas are wondering when are y’all going to build a BUC-EE’S in our Area

  • James says:

    Louisiana needs a Buc-ee’s!!!! Building along I-12 at O’Neil Lane helps you reach Baton Rouge, Central, Denham Springs, LSU students and Texas residents on their way to New Orleans and Gulf Coast Beaches. And if you reach Baton Rouge, you will win the entire state.


  • Stuart Waltman says:

    Hi mr. Beaver,
    My name is stuart, my family on my mother’s side haves been living in pass christian ms. since the early 1700″s.
    I most probably going to
    loose my life by writing to you, and telling this to you , because the county and code in harrison county don’t like know one speaking up to them.
    What I’m trying to say is we’re you going to put your business in harrison county is a trap.
    For a moment after you build your business, it’s going to be okay, but later on the county is going to raise phony code fines , and your taxes.
    Yes I know I shouldn’t get involved but your business seems to me and others in harrison county is a great deal, but down the road you going to have problems with the county and code.
    I know you are wondering why I’m doing this is . I have lost a lot from the county and code.
    But I will love to talk to you , and tell you more. I don’t want no money from you I just want to warn you before you start.
    But there is another place and town not far from me , that’s not in harrison county.
    It’s on hwy 603 exit 13 in the kiln,ms. it haves a 4 lane hwy going half way to the town, and the county is hancock .
    This is not to make your arm twist in your back. Since Brett Favre retired, the kiln has not been the same. It needs some one like buc-cee”s to rescue it back to life.
    Your business will bring more businesses in to the town. Buc-cee”s would be like a hero that saved the day. And never know you most probably bump in Brett Favre.
    The property’s are way cheaper then harrison county. That’s good folks over there, and they would give 110 percent are more to help, and buc-cee”s would build the people to come and stay in that town.
    And the county line is next to Louisiana, not far from new Orleans.
    Well I got to go now, it was just a thought , and if you decide to go that route, thanks for listening.
    Take care

  • Mary Lowe says:

    I am trying to get someone to answer my question about locked out of my account. I change password to much and now wont let me back in.

  • Steve Pridgen says:

    Dissatisfied, stopped in Ennis to fuel both vehicle and my stomach, but at 9.45 AM I was told by employee making sausage on a stick I couldn’t purchase till 10.30, confirmed this with the manager on duty so left without purchasing anything. My money is only good for food made 45 minutes in advance I am to gather from this.

  • Goff says:

    We have been trying to get someone to contact us from the Terrell store. Ready to spend some money but apparently no one wants to take it. Hard to believe this large of a chain has no one that answers phones only messages that say email us. Email and get no repsonse. well, there is a few grand you are out of.

  • William T Parker says:

    Buc Ees food and baked good are normally really good at times great. Our Ennis location is outstanding, However while traveling to Terrell we stopped at that location spent $127 dollars on an assortment of items all food. The location has some construction going on but this doesn’t excuse the very poor quality of food we received. I thought I would complain at the company website but its littered with complaints that have not been answered, the best way to create change in a company is to complain in a way that affects income. This location shared a sliced beef BBQ sandwich which should have been called a gristle fatty grease sandwich with a teaspoon of sauce? Who eats this? Chicken salad sandwiches with 1/2 cup of something mysterious on them, it wasn’t chicken…….a lot of well mushy oddness, and mayonnaise lots of this and red onion, they were proud of the red onion! Candied pecans that were wet and soft with half cooked sugar coating and burned bits of rock hard sugar and the scrapings of something older that was unfamiliar? Its concerning because as a former regional manager for Sam’s Club I know many of the managers in this organization that came from the clubs and from Walmart and this type of experience is unheard of. Want to Validate my purchase Buc Ees
    POS: 38 Cashier: Team, Lea
    3/09/2021 16:02:05 TRAN: 73120
    I want a full refund please, I’d like to share how this is handled here on Facebook as I’m sure you’d like me to! This isn’t blackmail this is a learning experience in realist expectations of your customer base and a request to return a quality product to a defective location. Message Heard?

  • Richard Castillo says:

    By the way this the Buc-ee’s in Royse City Texas

  • Richard Castillo says:

    I think it’s a bull of crap when you’re trying to get a corporate office and there’s no way to make a complaint at your local Buc-ee’s my opinion base.

  • henry price says:

    lost and found

  • Deborah Elledge says:

    I need to speak to someone in management there was an accident a couple of weeks ago at your store iin Wharton and I feel like I am being avoided

  • Sharon says:

    I so enjoy going to Bucces. I bragged about it yo my family in NC. As soon as my family came to Texas to visit us in Temple, Buccees was our first stop. Unfortunately we got horrible service from the guy Rian in the deli which was shocking. We spoke to tge manager about it. Just yesterday my husband and i went back to grab some delicious beef Jerry and a sandwich. Low and behold Rian waited on us again and was just a rude as the last time. Once again I brought it to the managers attention. I am baffled why such a great place keeps such a rude employee.

  • Dan Chu says:

    I wanted to apply for a Buc-ees’s Platinum Gas card, but it says I need to be a TDECU member or live in one of 10 counties in Texas? Is that true? My county Jefferson is not among the ones listed. What should I do?

  • alice says:

    just now at new Braunfels location, there was a man without a tshirt and no face mask walking around in the store and no one said anything!!!!for one idiot your store manager neglected everyone else??? terrible experience for a long time customer

  • Mitchell Vink says:

    So I just went into the store on 96 in league city Texas. I was confronted by a manager for not having a mask on. He was black and I am white. I understand the mask policy and had forgotten to put mine on. I compiled with request. My problem is that when I went to get the things that I needed I looked around and there was another black man with no mask on and the manager said nothing to him. There was also another white older man that did not have his mask on and nothing was said to him. The only thing that I can think of was I was wearing an American flag shorts. I will never go to another one of your stores untill he is fired. I will make sure many of my friends that have loved and been loyal to your business will know of this.

  • Jose zavala says:

    I wish some one from bacees administration would look at this im writing . becouse in alvin tx you have a white lady prejudist that becouse im a mexican she called the police to take me to jail for being drunk when i wasent. There is a police record to prove it. This ledy carry works nights .and now that this black man got killed by a white policeman . avery body is reacting so bad . but when she sent the police to me she didnt think how much it would cost me to get out of jail if i was drunk. And after that i could make her pay for what she did . thats why .people dont do gronk to any one even if you think you owen the 🇺🇸 becouse you could end up like that police officer that kill that black dude. God bless you.

  • Jake says:

    I love your concept, but you open in Alabama and my wife is a hard core worker and can work harder than any 16 year old, but your company will not let your employees even sit down and eat for the 5 minutes of lunch that you give them for a 8 hour day, move to Mexico or China if that’s how you treat your employees, I’m a business owner and I’d never ever treat my employees like that!!!

  • Christopher White says:

    I’ve left several emails to your company about you guys efood training i.d. number but no one has responded

  • Teresita Ybarra says:

    Just left the car wah and ended up with a flat tire. My tire was punctured with something from the car wash.

  • James Saunders says:

    Id like to call a specific bucees location that your website states sells ethanol free gasoline to confirm this before i drive over an hour to get there. Im sure you would too.
    I would hate to be set up to fail on this.Im

    • Michelle in SW Missouri says:

      It’s best to call that particular Buc-ee’s location and ask the clerk there. Whether gasoline at the pump has ethanol, (usually 10%), or is Ethanol-free, there will be a sticker on the pump.

      I pray you have found your answer by this time. God bless!

  • Toni Rea says:

    I am trying to get a copy of a receipt for a purchase I made at Buc-ees in Royse City using a company credit card. I filled out the information 1 week ago and have not received a reply. Please tell me how to go about contacting someone for help with this matter.

  • Nick Taylor says:

    I live & work in Melissa Texas just a mile from your location & love the selections.
    I get your fresh made sandwiches for lunch at least 3 times a week.
    Week before last I placed a sandwich order & the lady making the sandwiches had her back to me & was scrubbing the floors with a long wood Handel scrub head & after about 4 minutes she finally noticed my order & she leaned the wood Handel scrub brush against the counter & while covered in cleaning solution & dripping with sweat she put on gloves without washing her hands or face & started making my sandwich.
    I was so grossed about this & walked over to the bbq counter & grabbed a bbq sandwich & went to the front & while I paid for my bbq sandwich I told the cashier what happened & she had a manager take my order slip & she went back to confront the lady making my sandwich but I had to get back to work.
    I have emailed you about this several times with no reply & want Buccees corporate to know about this.
    I guess I need to post this all over Facebook with my 2K plus friends to get a reply ?

  • Loan K Nordquist says:

    I was visiting the Bucees store on 27700 katy freeway on Saturday the 18th around 1:30, the lady at the counter in late 30 or 40 was very unpleasant, i was waiting for at least 5 minutes awhile she was putting her stuff away at the cookies station and muffins, didn’t even say hi or I’ll be right with you as time goes by ,she finally told me now i can help you behind this glass door because i don’t want to catch the virus from you
    WOW…. really????
    I was so uncomfortable as i asked her to get me some oatmeal raisins cookies to go with my BBQ sandwich for my family, don’t give me wrong i do appreciate all the workers out there including grocery and hospital to help us get through this , but we don’t need to treated or talked that way, thanks for listening

  • Penny Corn says:

    I need someone from corporate to call me I want to give you my side of the story why I was kicked out of Buc-ee’s here in Denton Texas my phone number is 940 594-9817 and my name is Penny corn call me as soon as possible

  • Jennifer Kelley says:

    We are in desperate need of a Buc-ee’s near our New Scout camp Strake in Cold Spring, TX. It is a tradition to stop on the way in to camp and after camp, for years now we have stopped at the Buc-ees in Waller Tx. They could tell you every week there are hundreds of scout uniforms in their store. Please consider Conroe, Cleveland or Cold Springs. You would also be right near the Sam Houston Forest. Campers need Buc-ee’s. Love a Buc-ee’s Fan!!!! P.S I love the shirt for the seasons and holiday’s.

  • guest says:

    I live close to the Rpyse City location. My wife works in Dallas and my Son goes to school in Ft Worth. We buy a lot of gas and have become big Bucees fans, UNTIL TODAY! I had a habit of eating Brisket, Pulled Pork, Turkey etc…. The last time I got a brisket sandwich it was terrible, so I told the wife when we stopped by today for gas I’d have them comp it and get us a sandwich, not thinking for a minute that they wouldn’t. When I told the manager he looked at me like I was lying and would NOT comp it. He is a blond headed manger there, I wished I remembered his name. I was so blown away he wouldn’t comp it and the guy was an as***** to boot. This is very wrong and after I do my taxes and have a read out of how many thousands of dollars we spent there last year it should be easy to see what a bad mistake it was to piss me off….and over a purchase of a sandwich!!!!! I will continue to be vocal and UNSUPPORTIVE ACTIVELY until Bucees steps up to the plate for what was a very supportive customer. Your manager there at this location deserves to be FIRED!!!!!!

  • Kerry Stanton says:

    Good afternoon,

    I am writing you to let you know about property we have for sale that would be an excellent location for one of your Buc-Ees Convenience stores. The address is 9837 Almeda Genoa in Houston, Texas. It is on a heavily travelled 4 Lane street in southeast Houston. It is a highly commercialized as well as residential community just 1/2 mile West of Interstate 45. There is a Valero Station across the boulevard from our property but this area definitely needs another source for gas, sundries, and convenient food.

    We also own the property next door, 9827 Almeda Genoa, but 9837 is on a corner and we can sell them separately. We have them listed with a commercial realtor and have included the link for our listing. The price reflects the asking amount for both properties combined. If you are interested in expanding your stores, please take a look at this location. We have an empty warehouse on this corner but it could easily be demolished or built out for use. Please let me know if you would like more information.

    Thank You,

    Kerry Stanton



    This store is my favorite store,I visit it every chance I get. I do have one concern how do you contact the store itself… I am needing to make a big purchase and can’t talk to no one in reference to my purchase… Can some one PLEASE ASSIST ME…

  • Audrey A Rangel says:

    I recently visited Texas for the first time for my Masters of Business Administration graduation from Texas A&M at Commerce. One of my assignments during my last semester was a case study pertaining to your company. I am originally from New York but retired from the Marine Corps in 2015 and now reside in Arizona as it was my last duty station so I was unfamiliar with your company previously. As my husband and I traveled from the airport to our hotel on Dec. 12th, we came across your Royce store. I was so elated after all I learned from my case study and told my husband we must stop. It was better than I imagined and I was thrilled to browse all the merchandise. I saw home goods I would’ve loved for our newly remodeled home as well as some clothing and accessories I intended to bring home as gifts. However, a young man eerily approached me as I was browsing. He was apparently security for your store. I walked over to my husband who told me he no longer wanted to look around. I did convince him to purchase some candied pecans before leaving. When we were outside, he told me he also felt the security guard was suspicious of him so much so that he was made to feel uncomfortable. I too believe that loss prevention is necessary however, I’m curious why we were targeted as suspects of theft. Was it because of my comfortable (and warm) clothing or because of my husband’s racial or ethnic background? I can’t imagine any actions we took that would have appeared suspicious so I conclude we were judged by our appearance alone. If you have a dress code that disallows baggy or cold-weather clothing to avoid being a suspect of theft, please simply be transparent. I typically avoid formal attire while traveling. I will send photos for identification upon request in case you are able to view surveillance and offer an explanation. I look forward to a response.

  • Andy says:

    I enjoy stopping at your store near san Antonio and also the one between Dallas and Waco!! I am from El Paso tx. and travel back and forth visiting family. I believe if you could look into building a store in the area where junction I10 and I20 meet that would be a great location !!! Lots of people coming from the west and east split up at this junction !! Would be a great stop to rest and refuel !!! looking for your grand opening there in the future !!

  • Doris Hurd says:

    Just made a visit to Buc-ees in Bastrop on our way to a football game at Wildcat Stadium. After hearing forever about the cleanliness of your bathrooms, I must admit the stadium bathrooms were cleaner. I was extremely disappointed and this certainly doesn’t measure up to all I have heard about the cleanest bathrooms anywhere.

  • Patricia Ruemke says:

    My husband and I shop frequently at Bucees stores and have always been happy about doing so until today. We were shopping in the Temple Bucees as we have done many times and we found a monocular used to view when target shooting. It and all the monoculars had price stickers of $34.99 on them. When we went to check out, I noticed it rang up at $49.99. I told them the price said $34.99 and they called manager after manager to do something about it and each said they couldn’t do anything. One told us they would make it good for us, but she would have to get the lead supervisor to do it. The lead supervisor then came and told us that it was their mistake and they would remark the merchandise, but she would not sell it to us for $34.99. We think this is very bad business and am very upset with Bucees for not making good on what they did wrong especially after one manager told us they would.

  • Kelly Strack says:

    I just left the Buc-ee’s in Waller TX and couldn’t be more disappointed. It is12:00 on Friday October 4th. The women’s bathroom was disgusting, dirty and no toilet paper even when the holders hold more than one roll. Out of fried chips and were not making more at the time. When trying to check out, my family and I waited due to lane closures due to shift change. I thought Buc-ee’s was known for the cleanest restore around!? Extremely Disappointed!

  • Marie Quizon says:

    Would love the opportunity to work with your company via implementation of smart solutions that can only further elevate your customer experiences. Your concept is very exciting and just awesome.
    My contact and company info has been provided.

  • Francene Miller says:

    Buck on down with a Buck ee’s in Texarkana. Take another look, let it be your idea, cuz, we know from a customer stand point this location is a winner! We welcome thousands of visitors from Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana! Our visitors love our Twice as Nice City…2 States, 2 Cities , and 2 Counties all proud to be in the U.S.A.

  • Jennifer Skelton says:

    I believe you need to put a Buc-Ees in the panhandle. I live in Lubbock and visited a Buc-Ee’s down south this past weekend and think it would be great in this area with the colleges here!

  • LaRue Painter says:

    Please consider placing a Buc-ees in Abilene Texas on I-20 W the largest town between DFW and El Paso. So much available acreage to purchase and would do so well in this area. If you are leaving DFW headed west there is NOTHING other than run down establishments that I wouldn’t let my pet use much less my family. Odessa and Midland are OIL $$ and land is not obtainable on the interstate any longer and what is available is unreasonably priced. Cant get to either destination unless traveling county roads or I-20. Please consider as a possible new destination for my favorite travel spot. Thank you

  • Rachel R says:

    Good Afternoon, this weekend we traveled to Oklahoma… we stopped at the Buc-ee’s at New Braunfels, Temple, Forth Worth and Melissa and we noticed people standing outside / sitting on the curbs eating whatever they had bought to eat… some were sitting on the firewood bundles. so I thought having tables or just chairs would really help, instead of people driving and eating on the highway. hopefully you will concern something in that nature. thanks and have a great day!!

  • Catherine S. says:

    To the owners of Buccee’s and all concerned.
    I am a tremendous fan of Buccee’s, and buy gasoline, sweet tea, snacks, craft beer and many other items from this wonderful chain. I have applied many times to work at Buccee’s, and always I am stopped by the one rule which truly has me stumped as to why this policy is in granite. I have been informed multiple times that anyone that applies to work there, is required to work changing shifts. This I believe is not only a detriment to your business, but makes it seem that the owners are only about money, and that they do not really care about the people that are making them rich. The job opportunity is terrific, but why in the world do you stop some fantastic workers from coming on board with a most intolerable rule?? So many people have varying needs, but one of the biggest needs is to be able to work at a job that will accommodate so very many good workers crazy schedules. Case in point. I am a single woman, older but not old. I have extensive experience working with people, service jobs (e.g. restaurant work), and am also a vet. I help to care for my 93 year old WWII veteran father, and also home educated 7 sons, all of which are today gainfully employed. So my experiences raising 7 sons mostly alone, and working jobs on the side so I could stay home to be there for them and to train them to be honest, reliable and respectful young men, have made me an excellent communicator, service oriented manager type. But my forte and love is making good food for people. Yet I cannot work for Buccee’s unless I agree to work a changing shift. I simply cannot. I have a tutoring job in the afternoons and I also help my father before that. I need just mornings, the earlier the better. But that darn rule stops me, and also stops your company from hiring many needy or bored women, men, and young folks that have high standards of service and honesty, and a strong work ethic, that would love to come on board but can’t because they have other very important obligations; like caring for an elderly parent for part of each day, like me. The thing I think is unfair, is that management always states you have to work a flexible schedule, and that NO ONE works the same days or nights every day. But I have gone in for months to many Buccee’s, and the same people are on the SAME SHIFT EACH DAY or EVENING. Why is this, when they claim EVERYone has to work a changing shift??
    Well, too bad you have missed many fantastic, steady workers that have a plethora of life experience and are fun and enthusiastic in their jobs. And I am one of them.
    Rethink your policy. In the past, businesses were kinder and more caring about their employees. They put people in where it worked best for each person. That’s the way it should be.
    Thank you for your taking the time to read my essay. ; )
    Catherine S.

  • Tommy says:

    Would you please put a Buc Ees at Love Field?
    People would love a Mini Buc Ees and you would make a killing selling munchies that are way better than airport food!!

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