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  • Address: Buc-ee's Limited, 327 FM 2004, Lake Jackson, Texas 77566, United States
  • Phone Number: + 1 (979) 238-6390
  • Fax Number: +1- (979) 230-2931
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees:  N/A
  • Established: 1982
  • Founder:  Arch "Beaver" Aplin III and Don Wasek
  • Key People: Mr. Don Wasek

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Mr. Don Wasek


Mr. Arch Aplin III


About Buc Ees, History and Headquarters Information

Buc-ee's was incorporated by co-founders Don Wasek and Arch "Beaver" Aplin in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1982. It is headquartered in Lake Jackson, Texas.

Buc-ee's is an American company that owns and runs convenience stores and gas stations. All of them are spread in the Central, North, South, and Southeast regions of Texas and Robertsdale, Alabama. The chain is famous among the people of Texas for its very large-format stores and neat and tidy restrooms plus a logo which depicts a beaver. It offers a wide variety of products at its convenience stores such as fuel, cigarettes, tobacco, chips, drinks, and soft drinks. Its travel centers include exterior tunnel car washes, Texas-themed specialty gifts and food, products catering to hunters and river rafters, coffee shop, and a deli. The best part is that they are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

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  • Goff says:

    We have been trying to get someone to contact us from the Terrell store. Ready to spend some money but apparently no one wants to take it. Hard to believe this large of a chain has no one that answers phones only messages that say email us. Email and get no repsonse. well, there is a few grand you are out of.

  • William T Parker says:

    Buc Ees food and baked good are normally really good at times great. Our Ennis location is outstanding, However while traveling to Terrell we stopped at that location spent $127 dollars on an assortment of items all food. The location has some construction going on but this doesn’t excuse the very poor quality of food we received. I thought I would complain at the company website but its littered with complaints that have not been answered, the best way to create change in a company is to complain in a way that affects income. This location shared a sliced beef BBQ sandwich which should have been called a gristle fatty grease sandwich with a teaspoon of sauce? Who eats this? Chicken salad sandwiches with 1/2 cup of something mysterious on them, it wasn’t chicken…….a lot of well mushy oddness, and mayonnaise lots of this and red onion, they were proud of the red onion! Candied pecans that were wet and soft with half cooked sugar coating and burned bits of rock hard sugar and the scrapings of something older that was unfamiliar? Its concerning because as a former regional manager for Sam’s Club I know many of the managers in this organization that came from the clubs and from Walmart and this type of experience is unheard of. Want to Validate my purchase Buc Ees
    POS: 38 Cashier: Team, Lea
    3/09/2021 16:02:05 TRAN: 73120
    I want a full refund please, I’d like to share how this is handled here on Facebook as I’m sure you’d like me to! This isn’t blackmail this is a learning experience in realist expectations of your customer base and a request to return a quality product to a defective location. Message Heard?

  • Richard Castillo says:

    By the way this the Buc-ee’s in Royse City Texas

  • Richard Castillo says:

    I think it’s a bull of crap when you’re trying to get a corporate office and there’s no way to make a complaint at your local Buc-ee’s my opinion base.

  • henry price says:

    lost and found

  • Deborah Elledge says:

    I need to speak to someone in management there was an accident a couple of weeks ago at your store iin Wharton and I feel like I am being avoided

  • Sharon says:

    I so enjoy going to Bucces. I bragged about it yo my family in NC. As soon as my family came to Texas to visit us in Temple, Buccees was our first stop. Unfortunately we got horrible service from the guy Rian in the deli which was shocking. We spoke to tge manager about it. Just yesterday my husband and i went back to grab some delicious beef Jerry and a sandwich. Low and behold Rian waited on us again and was just a rude as the last time. Once again I brought it to the managers attention. I am baffled why such a great place keeps such a rude employee.

  • Dan Chu says:

    I wanted to apply for a Buc-ees’s Platinum Gas card, but it says I need to be a TDECU member or live in one of 10 counties in Texas? Is that true? My county Jefferson is not among the ones listed. What should I do?

  • alice says:

    just now at new Braunfels location, there was a man without a tshirt and no face mask walking around in the store and no one said anything!!!!for one idiot your store manager neglected everyone else??? terrible experience for a long time customer

  • Mitchell Vink says:

    So I just went into the store on 96 in league city Texas. I was confronted by a manager for not having a mask on. He was black and I am white. I understand the mask policy and had forgotten to put mine on. I compiled with request. My problem is that when I went to get the things that I needed I looked around and there was another black man with no mask on and the manager said nothing to him. There was also another white older man that did not have his mask on and nothing was said to him. The only thing that I can think of was I was wearing an American flag shorts. I will never go to another one of your stores untill he is fired. I will make sure many of my friends that have loved and been loyal to your business will know of this.

  • Jose zavala says:

    I wish some one from bacees administration would look at this im writing . becouse in alvin tx you have a white lady prejudist that becouse im a mexican she called the police to take me to jail for being drunk when i wasent. There is a police record to prove it. This ledy carry works nights .and now that this black man got killed by a white policeman . avery body is reacting so bad . but when she sent the police to me she didnt think how much it would cost me to get out of jail if i was drunk. And after that i could make her pay for what she did . thats why .people dont do gronk to any one even if you think you owen the 🇺🇸 becouse you could end up like that police officer that kill that black dude. God bless you.

  • Jake says:

    I love your concept, but you open in Alabama and my wife is a hard core worker and can work harder than any 16 year old, but your company will not let your employees even sit down and eat for the 5 minutes of lunch that you give them for a 8 hour day, move to Mexico or China if that’s how you treat your employees, I’m a business owner and I’d never ever treat my employees like that!!!

  • Christopher White says:

    I’ve left several emails to your company about you guys efood training i.d. number but no one has responded

  • Teresita Ybarra says:

    Just left the car wah and ended up with a flat tire. My tire was punctured with something from the car wash.

  • James Saunders says:

    Id like to call a specific bucees location that your website states sells ethanol free gasoline to confirm this before i drive over an hour to get there. Im sure you would too.
    I would hate to be set up to fail on this.Im

    • Michelle in SW Missouri says:

      It’s best to call that particular Buc-ee’s location and ask the clerk there. Whether gasoline at the pump has ethanol, (usually 10%), or is Ethanol-free, there will be a sticker on the pump.

      I pray you have found your answer by this time. God bless!

  • Toni Rea says:

    I am trying to get a copy of a receipt for a purchase I made at Buc-ees in Royse City using a company credit card. I filled out the information 1 week ago and have not received a reply. Please tell me how to go about contacting someone for help with this matter.

  • Nick Taylor says:

    I live & work in Melissa Texas just a mile from your location & love the selections.
    I get your fresh made sandwiches for lunch at least 3 times a week.
    Week before last I placed a sandwich order & the lady making the sandwiches had her back to me & was scrubbing the floors with a long wood Handel scrub head & after about 4 minutes she finally noticed my order & she leaned the wood Handel scrub brush against the counter & while covered in cleaning solution & dripping with sweat she put on gloves without washing her hands or face & started making my sandwich.
    I was so grossed about this & walked over to the bbq counter & grabbed a bbq sandwich & went to the front & while I paid for my bbq sandwich I told the cashier what happened & she had a manager take my order slip & she went back to confront the lady making my sandwich but I had to get back to work.
    I have emailed you about this several times with no reply & want Buccees corporate to know about this.
    I guess I need to post this all over Facebook with my 2K plus friends to get a reply ?

  • Loan K Nordquist says:

    I was visiting the Bucees store on 27700 katy freeway on Saturday the 18th around 1:30, the lady at the counter in late 30 or 40 was very unpleasant, i was waiting for at least 5 minutes awhile she was putting her stuff away at the cookies station and muffins, didn’t even say hi or I’ll be right with you as time goes by ,she finally told me now i can help you behind this glass door because i don’t want to catch the virus from you
    WOW…. really????
    I was so uncomfortable as i asked her to get me some oatmeal raisins cookies to go with my BBQ sandwich for my family, don’t give me wrong i do appreciate all the workers out there including grocery and hospital to help us get through this , but we don’t need to treated or talked that way, thanks for listening

  • Penny Corn says:

    I need someone from corporate to call me I want to give you my side of the story why I was kicked out of Buc-ee’s here in Denton Texas my phone number is 940 594-9817 and my name is Penny corn call me as soon as possible

  • Jennifer Kelley says:

    We are in desperate need of a Buc-ee’s near our New Scout camp Strake in Cold Spring, TX. It is a tradition to stop on the way in to camp and after camp, for years now we have stopped at the Buc-ees in Waller Tx. They could tell you every week there are hundreds of scout uniforms in their store. Please consider Conroe, Cleveland or Cold Springs. You would also be right near the Sam Houston Forest. Campers need Buc-ee’s. Love a Buc-ee’s Fan!!!! P.S I love the shirt for the seasons and holiday’s.

  • guest says:

    I live close to the Rpyse City location. My wife works in Dallas and my Son goes to school in Ft Worth. We buy a lot of gas and have become big Bucees fans, UNTIL TODAY! I had a habit of eating Brisket, Pulled Pork, Turkey etc…. The last time I got a brisket sandwich it was terrible, so I told the wife when we stopped by today for gas I’d have them comp it and get us a sandwich, not thinking for a minute that they wouldn’t. When I told the manager he looked at me like I was lying and would NOT comp it. He is a blond headed manger there, I wished I remembered his name. I was so blown away he wouldn’t comp it and the guy was an as***** to boot. This is very wrong and after I do my taxes and have a read out of how many thousands of dollars we spent there last year it should be easy to see what a bad mistake it was to piss me off….and over a purchase of a sandwich!!!!! I will continue to be vocal and UNSUPPORTIVE ACTIVELY until Bucees steps up to the plate for what was a very supportive customer. Your manager there at this location deserves to be FIRED!!!!!!

  • Kerry Stanton says:

    Good afternoon,

    I am writing you to let you know about property we have for sale that would be an excellent location for one of your Buc-Ees Convenience stores. The address is 9837 Almeda Genoa in Houston, Texas. It is on a heavily travelled 4 Lane street in southeast Houston. It is a highly commercialized as well as residential community just 1/2 mile West of Interstate 45. There is a Valero Station across the boulevard from our property but this area definitely needs another source for gas, sundries, and convenient food.

    We also own the property next door, 9827 Almeda Genoa, but 9837 is on a corner and we can sell them separately. We have them listed with a commercial realtor and have included the link for our listing. The price reflects the asking amount for both properties combined. If you are interested in expanding your stores, please take a look at this location. We have an empty warehouse on this corner but it could easily be demolished or built out for use. Please let me know if you would like more information.

    Thank You,

    Kerry Stanton



    This store is my favorite store,I visit it every chance I get. I do have one concern how do you contact the store itself… I am needing to make a big purchase and can’t talk to no one in reference to my purchase… Can some one PLEASE ASSIST ME…

  • Audrey A Rangel says:

    I recently visited Texas for the first time for my Masters of Business Administration graduation from Texas A&M at Commerce. One of my assignments during my last semester was a case study pertaining to your company. I am originally from New York but retired from the Marine Corps in 2015 and now reside in Arizona as it was my last duty station so I was unfamiliar with your company previously. As my husband and I traveled from the airport to our hotel on Dec. 12th, we came across your Royce store. I was so elated after all I learned from my case study and told my husband we must stop. It was better than I imagined and I was thrilled to browse all the merchandise. I saw home goods I would’ve loved for our newly remodeled home as well as some clothing and accessories I intended to bring home as gifts. However, a young man eerily approached me as I was browsing. He was apparently security for your store. I walked over to my husband who told me he no longer wanted to look around. I did convince him to purchase some candied pecans before leaving. When we were outside, he told me he also felt the security guard was suspicious of him so much so that he was made to feel uncomfortable. I too believe that loss prevention is necessary however, I’m curious why we were targeted as suspects of theft. Was it because of my comfortable (and warm) clothing or because of my husband’s racial or ethnic background? I can’t imagine any actions we took that would have appeared suspicious so I conclude we were judged by our appearance alone. If you have a dress code that disallows baggy or cold-weather clothing to avoid being a suspect of theft, please simply be transparent. I typically avoid formal attire while traveling. I will send photos for identification upon request in case you are able to view surveillance and offer an explanation. I look forward to a response.

  • Andy says:

    I enjoy stopping at your store near san Antonio and also the one between Dallas and Waco!! I am from El Paso tx. and travel back and forth visiting family. I believe if you could look into building a store in the area where junction I10 and I20 meet that would be a great location !!! Lots of people coming from the west and east split up at this junction !! Would be a great stop to rest and refuel !!! looking for your grand opening there in the future !!

  • Doris Hurd says:

    Just made a visit to Buc-ees in Bastrop on our way to a football game at Wildcat Stadium. After hearing forever about the cleanliness of your bathrooms, I must admit the stadium bathrooms were cleaner. I was extremely disappointed and this certainly doesn’t measure up to all I have heard about the cleanest bathrooms anywhere.

  • Patricia Ruemke says:

    My husband and I shop frequently at Bucees stores and have always been happy about doing so until today. We were shopping in the Temple Bucees as we have done many times and we found a monocular used to view when target shooting. It and all the monoculars had price stickers of $34.99 on them. When we went to check out, I noticed it rang up at $49.99. I told them the price said $34.99 and they called manager after manager to do something about it and each said they couldn’t do anything. One told us they would make it good for us, but she would have to get the lead supervisor to do it. The lead supervisor then came and told us that it was their mistake and they would remark the merchandise, but she would not sell it to us for $34.99. We think this is very bad business and am very upset with Bucees for not making good on what they did wrong especially after one manager told us they would.

  • Kelly Strack says:

    I just left the Buc-ee’s in Waller TX and couldn’t be more disappointed. It is12:00 on Friday October 4th. The women’s bathroom was disgusting, dirty and no toilet paper even when the holders hold more than one roll. Out of fried chips and were not making more at the time. When trying to check out, my family and I waited due to lane closures due to shift change. I thought Buc-ee’s was known for the cleanest restore around!? Extremely Disappointed!

  • Marie Quizon says:

    Would love the opportunity to work with your company via implementation of smart solutions that can only further elevate your customer experiences. Your concept is very exciting and just awesome.
    My contact and company info has been provided.

  • Francene Miller says:

    Buck on down with a Buck ee’s in Texarkana. Take another look, let it be your idea, cuz, we know from a customer stand point this location is a winner! We welcome thousands of visitors from Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana! Our visitors love our Twice as Nice City…2 States, 2 Cities , and 2 Counties all proud to be in the U.S.A.

  • Jennifer Skelton says:

    I believe you need to put a Buc-Ees in the panhandle. I live in Lubbock and visited a Buc-Ee’s down south this past weekend and think it would be great in this area with the colleges here!

  • LaRue Painter says:

    Please consider placing a Buc-ees in Abilene Texas on I-20 W the largest town between DFW and El Paso. So much available acreage to purchase and would do so well in this area. If you are leaving DFW headed west there is NOTHING other than run down establishments that I wouldn’t let my pet use much less my family. Odessa and Midland are OIL $$ and land is not obtainable on the interstate any longer and what is available is unreasonably priced. Cant get to either destination unless traveling county roads or I-20. Please consider as a possible new destination for my favorite travel spot. Thank you

  • Rachel R says:

    Good Afternoon, this weekend we traveled to Oklahoma… we stopped at the Buc-ee’s at New Braunfels, Temple, Forth Worth and Melissa and we noticed people standing outside / sitting on the curbs eating whatever they had bought to eat… some were sitting on the firewood bundles. so I thought having tables or just chairs would really help, instead of people driving and eating on the highway. hopefully you will concern something in that nature. thanks and have a great day!!

  • Catherine S. says:

    To the owners of Buccee’s and all concerned.
    I am a tremendous fan of Buccee’s, and buy gasoline, sweet tea, snacks, craft beer and many other items from this wonderful chain. I have applied many times to work at Buccee’s, and always I am stopped by the one rule which truly has me stumped as to why this policy is in granite. I have been informed multiple times that anyone that applies to work there, is required to work changing shifts. This I believe is not only a detriment to your business, but makes it seem that the owners are only about money, and that they do not really care about the people that are making them rich. The job opportunity is terrific, but why in the world do you stop some fantastic workers from coming on board with a most intolerable rule?? So many people have varying needs, but one of the biggest needs is to be able to work at a job that will accommodate so very many good workers crazy schedules. Case in point. I am a single woman, older but not old. I have extensive experience working with people, service jobs (e.g. restaurant work), and am also a vet. I help to care for my 93 year old WWII veteran father, and also home educated 7 sons, all of which are today gainfully employed. So my experiences raising 7 sons mostly alone, and working jobs on the side so I could stay home to be there for them and to train them to be honest, reliable and respectful young men, have made me an excellent communicator, service oriented manager type. But my forte and love is making good food for people. Yet I cannot work for Buccee’s unless I agree to work a changing shift. I simply cannot. I have a tutoring job in the afternoons and I also help my father before that. I need just mornings, the earlier the better. But that darn rule stops me, and also stops your company from hiring many needy or bored women, men, and young folks that have high standards of service and honesty, and a strong work ethic, that would love to come on board but can’t because they have other very important obligations; like caring for an elderly parent for part of each day, like me. The thing I think is unfair, is that management always states you have to work a flexible schedule, and that NO ONE works the same days or nights every day. But I have gone in for months to many Buccee’s, and the same people are on the SAME SHIFT EACH DAY or EVENING. Why is this, when they claim EVERYone has to work a changing shift??
    Well, too bad you have missed many fantastic, steady workers that have a plethora of life experience and are fun and enthusiastic in their jobs. And I am one of them.
    Rethink your policy. In the past, businesses were kinder and more caring about their employees. They put people in where it worked best for each person. That’s the way it should be.
    Thank you for your taking the time to read my essay. ; )
    Catherine S.

  • Tommy says:

    Would you please put a Buc Ees at Love Field?
    People would love a Mini Buc Ees and you would make a killing selling munchies that are way better than airport food!!

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