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  • Address: 1600 W SW Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 903-534-3000

  • Fax Number: 903-534-2206

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees:  14000

  • Established: September 1, 1928

  • Founder: Wood T. Brookshire

  • Key People: Brad Brookshire

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Bradley W. Brookshire

Chairman & CEO

Trent Brookshire

COO & Director

John D’Anna

Executive VP & Chief Strategic Officer

Brian Johnson

Senior VP & Division Manager

Rosemary Jones

Executive VP, Chief People Officer & Chief Legal Officer

Dave Krause

Executive VP & Chief Merchant Officer

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  • Carla Edwards says:

    The Brownwood, Texas Brookshires is a total disgrace to your company. I spend thousands of dollars a year there and have finally decided to take my business to United. I am seventy years old and most often have to sack and carry out my own goceries. Today, I was informed I would have to self-check as there were no checkers! I do not receive a paycheck (or bonus you just gave employees) to work at your store. Your prices are not the cheapest in town either. The manager just stood around talking (that’s all you ever see him do if you see him). So long from a long standing customer.

  • J.R. says:

    I just walked out on my job disgusted an couldn’t take any more..it’s in Abbeville La an I worked in seafood dept..but started as cashier..now don’t get me wrong I loved what I did..I actually did the specialty section..been there say about 2 years.I don’t feel like it’s fair …like I had to walk out on my lively hood,For starter been that longer no raise but told I was gona get on 2 weeks after moving up to that dept..Now I worked my a** off, I actually killed my self working so damn hard i have carpel tunnel rhemtiod arthritis..I’d come home at night while sleeping my hands hurt so bad ..but guess what I got up an went to work..they got people coming end behind me making more than me an was not holding there on job shit ..an I never felt appreciated.And oh the employees at that store talk about me behind my back..I mean it was like very mentally messed up..an if anyone sees this please contact me ..I need direct email to corporate

  • Michael Allen says:

    Hello I live in Rayville Louisiana I just want to let you know that the deli in the in the Rayville store is the worst I have ever seen they never have enough food on Sunday I go there after church I get there before noon and there is anything to pick from especially chicken I’m not one to complain but there is a problem somewhere that needs to be checked out. Thanks


    Today I went to the pharmacy on Mansfield Rd in Shreveport, La. While they were checking on my prescription I noticed a piece of paper on the wall with the alphabet on it. When I asked the girl why that was up there, she stated some of the workers didn’t know the alphabet in order. REALLY? I was stunned, that’s something you learn in preschool. I told the girl if they didn’t know the alphabet they didn’t need to be working there.

  • Jessica says:

    Mount Vernon Deli is always understaffed, the employees are always overworked & stressed out. The deli can not keep people over there, hours are being cut too. There are only 4 people working in that deli! As nice as the Deli Manager is, she needs to get her act together or just hand it off to someone who knows what they’re doing. The Deli employees are great but seeing them under so much stress is ridiculous!

  • Ashley says:

    I worked at the super 1 food in rayne Louisiana store 644 I worked in the deli for about a year they work space is just so negative the manager has her one favorite and doesn’t correct her when needed to be which her favorite is the assistant manager/cake decorator ever since she took on tht role her cakes have been so bad almost every week we either have to lower the price on a cake give their money back or give the cake for free and she suffers no Consequences for it when the workers need cleaning supplies we tell the manager and she doesn’t do anything about it we go weeks without getting any there is also lack of communication tht cause the workers to get in trouble with the head director for something tht us workers was properly trained or informed on I left bc ours hours would get cut it was always drama in there we would have to pick up after the assistant manager/cake decorator we would always run out of chicken or any supplies we needed bc they wouldn’t take the time and go look and order it it’s needs better management

  • LISA M SLAGLE says:


  • Mitch says:

    I’m upset. I’ve been working at the Brookside Reasors for over 3 years and have been dairy manager for 2 years. I was out on medical/personal leave for the first three months of 2021. When I came back I found out quickly that the employees were told they didn’t need to worry about rotation. I’ve been struggling to get people to do the job even the average shopper knows-Rotation. A few weeks ago I told the Co-director that if management wasn’t going to enforce checking dates and rotating I was going to
    Corporate; I’m here. Today I was told I couldn’t expect rotation to happen because we are short handed. I was also told that the problem is probably because I’m ordering too much, don’t pay attention to product that comes in with short dates, that I’m not leading and that I need to organize my work load-prioritize. I expect that I won’t have a job now but people have the right to expect that the store they shop cares about giving them the best chance to have fresh food. I found product on the shelf today that by standard needed to be pulled a month ago(Feb 26) but whom ever stocked the shelf didn’t check.

  • Lisa says:

    My name is Lisa Diane St.John and I got chosen for the home town hero of Sulphur Springs.I work as one of the cashiers at #13.

  • Ruth Cahill says:

    I live in Cisco and shop at the local Brookshires. I mostly use the on line shopping and I would like to tell you that the people who work at that store are always very friendly and helpful. I have limited mobility and am very grateful for on line shopping and curb side delivery. Sometimes I only order 3-4 items and nobody ever seems unhappy that that’s all I ordered. If I ever have a problem and need to speak to a manager or assistant manager they are also very friendly and helpful. I just can’t say enough good stuff about the people at the Cisco Brookshires.

  • Mike says:

    We have bought groceries and gas at Brookshires for the last 27 years. Recently I was in your Bullard store trying to use your new E coupons. Even with a manager we could not get it done. Way to complicated for the older generation. I talked with many in parking lot saying the same thing. Even the store manager was apologetic and said it was marketing. I’m sure it was marketing. Some college educated youngster that thinks everyone should be a smart phone expert. Well shame on you for taking advantage of the older generation. After being frustrated at check out we gave up and paid retail price. I guess that’s one way of getting your profits up. Taking advantage of the people that’can afford it the least. Is there a plan B or another option for us not so technically advanced generation? We will still buy groceries and gas there just deeply disappointed and frustrated. Please have marketing respond. Thanks

  • Michelle says:

    Why are the Brookshire’s employees still required to wear masks?! As a regular customer, it upsets me to see the employees being forced to wear a mask that DOES NOT WORK for 8+ hours every shift! The Covid cases are down. Unmask the employees!! Please!!! I want to see their smiling faces!

  • MG says:

    I had an negative interaction between a certified perishable manager by the name of Justin Johns at Super one foods at store Longview #606 that I want to file a complaint about. Very distasteful manner, and choice of resolution.

  • Anthony says:

    Worked at the azle location couple months back. Awful experience with management on my first day.

    Rude and very unclear with directions. Cut my hand pretty bad while working they told me they didn’t want me back ther

  • Patricia Terry says:

    I have been a customer since I move here in 1995.. I don’t go to not other store..people are helpful and grateful with the customers. I do all my medicines with you also..I even buy all our family gas from your store.. my one and only complaint is your points expire so fast..you should not have a Expiration time for loyal customers.. thank you for your time..God bless ya’ll

  • M Moulder says:

    Store location in Farmersville,TX
    Store manager left for another store I think in Greenville..his is the best now with the new manager Randy the store has gone way down hill..some employees have left and some going to leave..because of the new manager the shelves are empty in disarray..employees confused..this is the only store in our town
    A lot of people in out town are.going to boycott the store and go to Walmart thus will decrease profit for this store ..is this what you want?? Bring back the Manager!!!!

  • Summer says:

    We were at your Terrell location gas station wanting to fill up my husband went to the window to ask how to use our points. The clerk yelled at him saying we are closed and we would have to pay at the pump. Very rude attendant!! The one in Canton is ALWAYS helpful!!

  • Pat Townsend says:

    This is like the fourth time trying to shop in the Kaufman; Texas store. I think I’m giving up on trying to get a handicapped cart. There’s usually not one availabile and if there is one the battery is run down. Twice I’ve had to switch groceries from one cart to the other. I have asked customer service to address this problem and they have been very unaccomodating. I get my prescriptions there as well and spend a lot of money at that store but I am seriously considering switching to another pharmacy and getting groceries elsewhere. They had the buy one get one for a penny. Well, on most of the meats there wasn’t anything there, nothing had been put out and no one to ask. Being handicapped, I find all of this very frustrating and tiring. I hope this gets to the right people. Please respond. Thank you, Pat Townsend. Patandgarth@embarqmail.com

  • Don says:

    I was shopping the other day at our local Brookshire’s and all the way through the store not one employee that walked past me said hello or asked if I needed help finding anything. When I checked out the girl didn’t say thank you, there was no one to carry my purchase out so I was on my way out the door with my cart and one of the carry out guys was actually blocking the door leaning on a cart on his phone!!. I finally said excuse me and he didn’t offer to carry my groceries out. Then as I walked out into the parking lot another carry out person walked right past me and didn’t offer to load my groceries. The manager never does anything but stand in the office while everyone’s waiting and backed up at the check out counters. (apparently they don’t offer enough payroll to properly staff the stores, the managers make a bonus if they save on payroll or cant keep help) After all this I stopped to get gas and I’ll be darned if the guy working out there wasn’t on his phone as well. I’ll certainly avoid spending any money at this place as much as possible.

  • Craig Newton says:

    My daughter Farah Nugent got terminated today at Brookshires North Monroe la. Been with them 9 1/2 years she didn’t deserved that been a good worker manager is sorry he needs terminated

  • Richard says:

    I am so disappointed and upset. I saw where Brookshires was open on Easter. They have been closed in the past on Easter
    Shame on you!!
    I have always heard that Brookshires was founded upon Christian or religious principles. You are open on Thanksgiving and now Easter. I guess you care more for Almighty Dollar and not the Almighty Lord.
    You have abandoned your founding father principles.
    So disappointed and sad. Pls reply

  • Mr. Patrick says:

    I went into the Brookshire’s grocery store in Clifton, TX on Sunday August 4, 2019 to turn in my Texas Sale and Tax Exemption Certification that was given to me by a manger. On Sunday August 4, 2019 I went to the customer desk to turn in my form and a young boy by the name of Jolina was working with another young boy by the name of Ethan. I asked for the manager and Jolina said that he was the manager. I gave him the Texas Sale and Tax Exemption form and he looked at it and said he didn’t know what to do with it. I asked for the manager above him and he replied back to me that he was the manager. Finally Ethan got on the intercom and called Thressa White to the front of the store. When she came to the front of the store, I told her that a manager gave me this form to fill out and to turn it in to the manager. Thressa White grabbed the form and looked at it and started raising her voice and cussing me in front of employees and customers. I politely told her to give the form to her supervisor and I walked out of the store. On Monday I called the BGC headquarters and asked to talk to the CEO of BGC and was told that I was not allowed to speak to the CEO. I have told numerous people about my experience with Brookshire’s in Clifton and how their headquarters operates and they agree with me that they will not shop there again. If by any chance the CEO of Brookshire’s is reading this I ask that he contact the Brookshire’s in Clifton Texas. It is rude for a member of management to speak loudly and cuss rudely to a customer, especially in front of other employees and customers. In my business if my employees cuss to a customer they are terminated!

  • Tom Winston says:

    I really have enjoyed shopping with you for many years..I recently tried using your gasoline facility..I was totally confused about how to use your pumps with a credit card…I ended up going to the gas attendant to take my credit card…She asked me how much I wanted…Well normally when I tell a gas clerk clerk say $40, she just puts a limit of 40 for the pump..If I don’t use 40 the pump is suppose to put whatever I actually pumped on the final bill….This did not happen…I got home looked up the final charge, which was only $25, and my bill was $40…So I got ripped of$15 because of your outdated, hard to read,scratched screen…I have no way to prove the final sale, BUT I won’t buy your gas again…This is your store in Shreveport on Pines Road…You would triple your sales by updating and improving your gas facility..It’s a mess..

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