Where is Brookshire Brothers Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: 1201 Ellen Trout Dr, Lufkin, TX 75904, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 936-634-8155

  • Fax Number: 936-633-4611

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees:  884

  • Established: 1921

  • Founder: Tom & Austin Brookshire

  • Key People: Jerry Johnson

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Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Operating Officer and Director

About Brookshire Brothers, History and Headquarters Information

The door to the first store of Brookshire Brothers was opened by two brothers, Tom and Austin Brookshire in 1921 and it is based in Lufkin, Texas.

Brookshire Brothers, Inc. is a company that runs grocery and convenience stores. The Company provides an extensive line of products and services such as gasoline and fuel, beer, wine, and tobacco products, automated teller machines, lottery tickets, money orders, and pre-paid calling cards. With the help of more than 7,000 employee-owners, Brookshire Brothers serves customers in the United States. In addition to these stores, it also features specialty departments which include bakeries, delicatessens, floral shops, fresh fish and seafood counters, salad bars, and pharmacies. They sell their products under nine different retail brands such as Brookshire Brothers, Brookshire Brothers Express, Cormie’s Grocery, David’s Supermarkets, David’s Express, Pecan Foods, Polk Pick-It-Up, Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy, and Tobacco Barn.

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  • Ann Kelley says:

    I shop at BB on University almost every day I’ve been with the pharmacy over 15 years they are great people I eat at the deli 3-4 times a week but the cashier’s are not friendly at all lil man James seems to be the only bright spot there my problem is with the tobacco barn I swear they had to reach way down in the barrel in get those people they are very very rude don’t speak don’t say thank you and I dislike them because I’m spending my hard earned money there they should have some common courtesy what happened to good customer service??? The store is only as good as the head if the head don’t do nothing to satisfy the customers that’s sad they make the name Brookshire Brothers look bad. The pharmacy and the deli is what’s making Brookshire Brothers stay open anyway that store has went way down.

  • Randle Brock says:

    I do not like the store in Dayton with self check registors that we have to pay with a credit card only one registor was open with a line 1/2 way through store today I like your stores but I am not your employee 😉

  • cj barrilleaux says:

    I use Western Union to receive money from Canada. it’s about $1400 each time. I have had exactly 5 transactions in a months time. No matter what time of day I go in, they don’t have the money. Tell me to come back. This morning the customer service person told me she couldn’t cash it because it would run her short. This was the 2nd time I had been back for that one. I asked why they were even a Western Union station she told me it was not for customers coming in every day wanting $1400. ???? The reason I am in there everyday is because they couldn’t cash it the day before and tell me to come back. I will lodge a formal complaint with Western Union…if a store the size of Brookshires cannot cash a $1400 Western Union then maybe you should stop being a rep. So I went to walmart….they cashed it. The thing is, if I have to go all the way to Jasper, I might as well do my grocery shopping too…things are way cheaper there anyway. Since I go to cash the Western Unions, it’s not like it’s going to cost extra gas. The thing is, I know you don’t give a crap about the loss of one customer in your store. But I run a dog rescue and besides me, there are 5 other households here…..I took them to Walmart too. I am sure the loss of 6 customers for you Hemphill store doesn’t bother you either judging from the reviews of your store. The deli people are rude, the store is ill stocked, and the manager is never there. And evidently you don’t make any money even with allk your unbelieiveably high prices…because there isn’t enough money to cash a western union $1400 ticket. Will be sure to tell everyone I know….I only moved here 20 years ago, have always received rude service so now it is finally time to cut ties.

  • Nich Maringold says:

    HR department is an absolute joke. Never heard of a department that doesn’t care enough about their employees to make sure they have everything they need to live a sustainable life when they can’t work. Like we aren’t going through enough and then you have to deal with Emily Murry. She should be fired. Her attitude is horrible and she doesn’t care about her employees. Any time she has to be contacted, she is condescending and rude. She needs a reality check. Glad i quit when I did so I never have to deal with her again. This company will lose so many great employees because of her actions, or lack thereof I should say

  • Harold says:

    No good. My prescriptions went up a whopping 400% over 2 months. Pharmacist change and now this. My father who just went through open heart surgery, medication to keep him alive from 40 bucks to 140. I know mine is sinister. 5 years I paid the same price.

  • Jimmy Childress says:

    At the store in Hemphill Texas yesterday we saw a lady in the deli making salads without any gloves on. We attempted to talk to the store supervisor but he was unavailable and had just left the store. Would love to hear from someone about this and who we could notify. Won’t ever buy anything from the deli again until we are sure the food handling safety courses/actions are up to par. Thank you.

  • Debra Watson says:

    I have been a loyal customer for many years. I have found the store in Hearne Texas is a great disappointment!! It is operated by very young people that don’t even know the managers name!! I will stop shopping there if the temperature is not raised!’ I have had to put on a coat the last few times I tried to shop there!! It is redeculus !!!
    The price of items is not going to encourage us!!
    I will be going to social media tomorrow morning about the problems and get people to car pool to H E B !

  • Sam says:

    Yes I’ve been a customer since I was a child going in with my family I’m 51 years old well until today I’m disabled and always a faithful customer but I was approached at my car by the manager and accused as a thief by saying I didn’t pay for my drink of all things because the cashier didn’t scan it which I wasn’t paying attention again I’m not an employee so I didn’t know it’s my job as a customer to watch and make sure she scans everything but long story short I was made to pay for 10 drinks apparently I’m being accused of stealing several drinks mind you and if I didn’t he was going to call P.D. And file criminal trespassing charges and have me banned from the store I’ve shopped at all my life it was a very embarrassing moment and I know all the employees and have a lot of good friends that work and shop their and now I’m to embarrassed to even go in their anymore! Now I feel that I have to go out of town to shop which makes it even harder on me because I’m disabled and it’s hard for me to go out of town to shop ! I hesitated writing you this letter because I know that you will take the managers side of things instead of a life long faithful customer ! Store 51 77575 I left my name out because it’s a small community and I feel shamed enough already! Sincerely yours a faithful customer!

  • Pam says:

    Until Brookshire Brothers values their customers enough to have all employees wearing a mask, we will not set foot in their store. Wearing masks protects your customers. It is something you do for your customers’ healthy. Value your CUSTOMERS.

    • Jimmy Childress says:

      It’s been proven IMO that masks do very little to protect someone but it’s everyone’s free choice and if I felt the way you did I wouldnt go back either. It’s not as bad as making salad with no gloves on like what happened to me but still bad!

  • Eileen Ford says:

    Wal-Mart are now going to supply their employees with mask/gloves. I feel y’all should the same. Thanks for your time in this matter..

  • Crystal Bartlett says:

    Brookshire Brothers Grocery Store should really implement better services to the small communities they are taking advantage of. I live in Onalaska, TX, near Lake Livingston. The store up charges groceries at much higher prices than city prices while giving no product availability or decent service to it’s local residents. I am so over getting off work on Friday night, after I work all week, and cashing my check to buy groceries on Friday evening while spending too much money, and have to stand in the long check out lines at 6 PM with only two clerks working checkout with 20 carts in line. It is very obvious that “weekends at the lake” would be a very critical time for a full checkout staff. This IS the time of day when Brookshire’s has the most traffic flow in the store. I know this because I have to drive by the store every day. I feel that we should have better service for the prices we pay for groceries. I see new clerks all the time at the store. They do not last long. The clerk I spoke to tonight told me that there was a manager present. I know who the manager is, unless she was in the storage rooms (I highly doubt), but I never seen her. I left the store and tried to call customer service but no one answered the phone at the customer service booth either. Unfortunately, for Onalaska, this is our only grocery store. Hopefully one day very soon, Onalaska will actually get a competitor to balance this Brookshire Brothers issue out. Prayers for Onalaska please!

  • Elaine hassmann says:

    I’m a former employee and trying to get my stock, but rebecca Reynolds wont call me back! Help

    • Jimmie says:

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